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Introduction Just imagine having $500 to $10K above your other income each month: money that could be used to send your children to college, build a retirement fund, or utilized to pay off your mortgage early.
Imagine that money continuing to come in all time, even when you are on vacation or unwell.

The potential is limitless !
Passive Income is the money that keeps adding to your account even when you are not working. It is defined as: “a regular income that is added to your balance with very little effort required to generate and maintain it; 
it is closely related to the concept of “unearned income.” 

That doesn't mean you get something for nothing - it means that you have provided goods or services in the past that continue to produce income today.

What is it like to have multiple sources from which streams of income are being added to your account each month, each week, each day or even every hour ?
It is definitely not day dreaming. 

Thousands of people have successfully earned decent and luxurious earnings from Passive Income Methods. Reputed newspapers and magazines such as Forbes,

The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and several others, have reported cases of individuals who have successfully utilized smart and innovative ideas in the field of Passive Income.

Passive Income earners are candidly known as “online entrepreneurs”: they invest their time upfront so that they can reap the fruit throughout
the rest of their lives with very little or no effort at all! Hundreds of people have quit their 9-5 conventional jobs.

Some of them are forced to leave, while others opt to quit. Increasing unemployment rates are extremely high throughout the world. In fact, people nowadays understand that they cannot rely upon one single job for their entire life.

Don’t you have responsibilities to fulfill ?
Don’t you want to live a satisfied life ?
Or do you have another life to fulfill to satiate your unmet desires and dreams ?
Don’t you want to have a secure future ?
Do you want to live your life like a celebrity, or a miser ?

You could be a successful online entrepreneur if you decide to quit the antiquated techniques of earning money, and switch to more modern, reliable and cost effective ways to gain Passive Income.

This book contains tried and tested ways of generating Passive Income.
It is however, unique in the sense that it does not brag about “everything Passive Income”. It is aimed to focus on the Top 7 Passive Income Ideas that are tried, tested and fruitful.

Some of the links I use in this book are my recommended affiliate links from which I’ll get a little commission from the vendor if you decide to buy any products. I’ve thoroughly checked all of these products, and found them very interesting and helpful, and even purchased some of them for my own education.

Please use my links to help me keep the price for all my books, including this one, very low, that way I can continue sharing my expertise and experience with as many people as possible. Thank you !

Why You Should Try Passive Income Ideas
There are several reasons: personal, professional, family, love and life, that coerce you to earn, and live a happy and contented life. To give you a better insight, the following are just a few reasons why you should try Passive Income Ideas.

Passive Income, if done correctly, can give you $1000++ of additional income. You can run your business on autopilot; you can outsource your work to others and get the bigger share out of the business.

Risks are minimal. It is cost-effective; you do not need to invest hundreds
of dollars. You can continue your 9-5 job, business, or whatever it is that you are currently doing. The beauty of being an online entrepreneur is that once you are on track, you can put your entire business on autopilot; just keep checking your bank account !

Apart from outsourcing work to a Virtual Assistant and a team of professionals, you can track the progress of your business with the help of sophisticated software and applications; there is no need to manage files and bundles of paper, everything is pre-arranged and automated.

The entire process of Passive Income is however, just a bit tricky in the beginning, but the good news is that anyone with a good dedication, right guidance and diligent hard work can establish at least $500+ consistent income in your bank account, every month. Do you want to know how is it done ? Let us start making money now !


Chapter 1 – How to Make Money by Blogging Do you know, around 77%
of Internet users frequently read blogs ?
Furthermore, around 23% of their total Internet time is spent on reading blogs and surfing social networking sites.

The term “Blog” was first introduced in 1997, when John Barger called his website a “weblog, and was later shortened to the current term, Blog. What Blogging Is Blogging refers to the process of creating, managing, updating and earning, by writing content on a website.

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The entire process of Blogging, however, is not as simple as the above given definition might suggest. Getting Started We all come across articles and posts that tell us that blogging is done for various reasons; most commonly for sharing expertise or gaining recognition etc.

However, by conducting a thorough study we can see that the major reason of blogging is to earn money. Whether a person writes a blog for sharing expertise, gaining recognition, promoting products, introducing a company, or attracting clients, their sole aim is to make money.

For instance, when a person shares expertise, he or she is after earning recognition, and once the public start acknowledging them, they will begin giving out recommendations:

approvals for purchasing products or hiring services from their company or corporation, and so on. Similarly, when a company runs a blog, its main aim is to increase its product sales and ultimately increase its revenue.

A blog is an excellent source of earning money, unless you just want
to keep it as a personal diary, an account of the rambled anecdotes occurring in your life.

So before getting started, we must realize that we are here to earn money, and for that we will need the top most talent to do the job; we will need the most sophisticated tools to run the business (blogging in this case), and the most profitable strategy to operate our Blogs on autopilot.

Type of Bloggers: Basically, there are four types of Bloggers:
The Hobbyists: They blog as a pastime and leisure activity, spending no more than 3-4 hours per week updating their blog. Their blog posts are usually based on short everyday life accounts and rambling anecdotes.

Professional Bloggers:
They take blogging as a full time job, working as a freelance writer.
They may or may not own their blogs, however, they do provide ghost writing services either individually, or through a platform such as
oDesk or Elance.

Corporate Bloggers:
This is a more combative brigade in the blogging community.
This type of blogger is usually associated with small, medium and large companies and corporations. They are responsible for managing company blogs, follow comments, and build up a readership. In some cases, they also work as content marketers. Corporate Bloggers comprise up to 8% of the Blogging community.

The Entrepreneurs:
Entrepreneur bloggers represent up to 13% of the Blogger community.
They run blogs for their own companies. Aside from the Hobbyists,
all the other categories of Bloggers earn a decent living from writing.

There are however, huge differences between their incomes.
This may shock you; so let’s have a look at the ball park annual earnings:
The Entrepreneur Bloggers: up to $100,000
The Corporate Bloggers: up to $50,000

The Professional Bloggers: up to $40,000 The Hobbyists: 
most of them do not earn anything These are just a few numbers collected as an average. Yet, we can see striking dissimilarities when it comes of making money through blogging. Keeping in mind the average income of each type of blogger, now this is the time for you to make your final choice.

Do you want to have your own blog,
earn thousands of dollars, and spend far less time ?
Or Do you want to be a subservient writer,
who gives hours of his or her valuable time just for peanuts ?

You Can Become a Pro Blogger !
This is not a joke, all those who are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars aren’t masterminds, neither they are students of Einstein or Bill Gates. They have made their life, and now my friend, it’s your turn !
Let’s start the journey of success !

Step-By-Step Instruction on How to Set Up a Blog Setting up a blog is considered to be the most technical, time consuming, and difficult,
of the entire blogging process.

But wait a second: is it really such a big issue ?
Definitely not! You can actually set up a blog in no more than 10 minutes,
or even better, outsource the work to a professional through an outsourcing website such as oDesk. Let’s start setting up your own blog.

Step 1: Selecting Niche You cannot set up a concrete plan unless you know your niche. There are a number of ways you can choose the most profitable niche. Most of novice bloggers make the mistake of choosing a niche that they “think” is more profitable.

An excellent way to understand the validity of your niche,
is to ask yourself a few questions; 
Who is going to read my content ?
Define the demographics of your audience (Age, Profession, Interests),
are they experiencing a strong emotional need for my content ?
Pain ? Urgency ? Irrational passion ?
Is my audience proactively looking for the content
I am going to write ?
How many competitors are already producing epic content
On the same niche ?
Do my prospective customers have other options to choose from ?
How can I be different from my competition to guarantee that people will choose to read me? Do these chances apply to me ?

Now, there are two possible solutions:
One way is to choose the niche:
whichever you think is profitable, write the content and wait for the audience to notice it.
(It would be a miracle if your content gets noticed!!) Another way is to choose a niche that represents your expertise: smartly do the marketing and spread the word, earn the share and BINGO !

According to the experts, you must choose a niche in which you are interested and experienced. One of our friends writes blogs on acupuncture.
Cursorily looking, the niche may look less profitable.

You will wonder how many people would be interested in acupuncture ?
Or worse, how many even know there is an ancient Chinese system of treatment called acupuncture? But actually, the blogger is earning a decent income, firstly because he or she is an expert in the field, and secondly because there is less competition.

When All the Good Ideas Are Already Taken !
At this point of selection, the competition matters less than at advanced levels. Now is the time to choose a niche in which you “specialize”. It does not matter if the niche is already taken by hundreds; if you deliver the best content and adopt the right marketing approach, you will get noticed sooner rather than later !

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Step 2:
Choose the Blogging Platform  - Free Vs. Self Hosted
The next step is to choose the blogging platform.

Choosing a free platform such as blogger.com or tumbler.com seems like the most attractive opportunity; however, if you want to get a decent passive income, then you need to shun these free platforms.

Why You Should Shun Free Blogging Platforms
You will not get your own domain name You will not get different themes/layouts and plug-ins You do not have any control over your blog as it is not your property; if the moderator thinks that you are violate their policies, your blog can be deleted without any prior notice.

(This is no joke; just read the agreements given by free blogging platforms)
Your host website will earn 50% of your earned money !
Yes this injustice !
Get Your Own Domain Name
What do you do when someone wants to meet or call you ?
You give them your address or your phone number, right ?
Your Domain Name serves the same purpose.
It is your online address through which people can access you.

Here are a few of the Domain Names: wikipedia.org Harvard.edu facebook.com nytimes.com japantimes.co.jp about.com
What can you spot on these Domain Names ?
They all clearly identify the organization they represent.
When we read them, we instantly know which Domain Name is for which company/organization or website. 

Therefore you must choose a Domain Name that clearly defines your niche.
If you are writing about Martial Arts you cannot choose a Domain Name that runs like www.learnit.com. A good Domain Name must have following qualities: It should be short and easy to memorize.

It is better if your domain name contains target keywords.
This way there are more chances that search engines such as Google will find you when people are searching for your content, for example: CatFood.com, IndiaTravel.com.

The Domain Name must not be on the name of the organization or owner unless the organization is a well-known multinational, or the person is a celebrity. If you choose your first and last name as the domain name for your blog, it could be very difficult to sell, should you decide to.

Do not use dashes '-' in your domain name.
Even though it is allowed, it is not a recommended practice.
In my experience, a search engine will give a better preference to a domain name with no dashes. For example: MyDomainName.com will rank higher than my-domain-name.com.

Do not use numbers in your domain name because people may not be very sure how to write it correctly. eg: jokes4u.com or JokeFourYou.com
Where and How to Get a Domain Name ?
You can get your Domain Name in two ways:

Yourself: You can register a domain name together with a blog hosting plan in under 4 minutes with GoDaddy or BlueHost. The process is highly automated, and in 5-6 clicks you will have your domain name purchased and your blog up and running !

Outsource: This is the easiest way to obtain a Domain Name.
Fivver.com is an excellent platform from which you can hire an individual to arrange both a web hosting service and a Domain Name for your blog all for $5 only.

Get Reliable Webhosting Services When you want to set up a brick and mortar shop, what is the first thing you do ?
You rent a shop or space where you can settle down and put the products on display.  Webhosting Servers do the same thing. Webhosting Servers provide you virtual space to set up your website.

Without a Webhosting service, your Doman Name will be like a phone number without a telephone connection, an address without a house,
and a name without a person.

Before going forward, you must know that there are some webhosting providers that do not facilitate WordPress
(the best platform for creating a blog).

Similarly, there are others who do it in very few clicks, BlueHost is a good example. With BlueHost you can laterally create and publish your first blog post in just 4 minutes !

Don’t you want to have a virtual space of your own ?
Get optimized hosting for your WordPress blog so that it is fast, secure and simple, by going to this discounted link on Bluehost..

Bluehost is a great place to host your website, and you will also get following benefits: Unlimited hosting Unlimited file transfer
Unlimited email accounts Free domain name Free site builder with templates Free instant set-up WordPress is Your BFF For a new blogger,
nothing surpasses WordPress.

Do you know that the majority of novice and pro bloggers choose WordPress for their blogging platform ?

This is because WordPress is simple for beginners, and in the case of advanced bloggers, it provides sophisticated tools, new and advanced
plug-ins, sales statistics, and hundreds of thousands of themes.

Create Customized and Responsive Design for your WordPress Blog
To have a customized and responsive design, I highly recommend you use the DIYThemes.com tool.

With the unique set of tools on DIYThemes.com you can control every last detail of your site, with options galore for serious online publishers. Click here to learn more about DIYThemes. Writing Content Content is the king of the blogging world.

No matter how cleverly you choose your Domain, Webhosting Service, Blogging platform, and all other accessories, if you haven’t got killer content you aren’t doing it right. According to the latest data, approximately 6.7 million people blog on websites in US alone.
With such a huge quantity, how will you make your impact if you do not adopt the right strategy ?

Remember that in Blogging, there are no “black-hat tricks”, you can hire help, but you cannot deceive people. Let’s start with what you should not
do while blogging. Never write content that contains fluff and filler words or ideas. If you can say something in three words, don’t waste an entire paragraph on it.

Example: Last night I went to a restaurant.
Its name was “Black’s Chicken Corner”.
It was named after the owner of the restaurant.
The restaurant has some great food on its menu.
I tried one dish, Chicken with lemon.
I will try the rest of the dishes some other time.

Correction: “Black’s Chicken Corner”,
The restaurant named after its owner, offers some great food.
Last night I tried Chicken with Lemon, I’ll try other dishes as well.
Never ever, try to copy-paste or plagiarize another person's work.

This is an unpardonable sin; not just for the readers, as the search engines will also penalize you. Google has a serious punishment waiting for plagiarizers called “Penguin” and “Panda” (Discussed later in this chapter).

Do not post irrelevant content.
Do not post irrelevant back links.
Do not advertise irrelevant ads.

For example, you cannot post ads of Viagra on an educational website.
Now let’s have a look at what you should do on your blog. Regularly update; at least three times a week. Provide fresh, authentic and well-researched content. Introduce new and innovative ideas. Apply SEO techniques and integrate with Social Media Marketing.

Keep checking stats with the help of Google Analytics, WordPress Stats,
and other tools. Qualities of a Super Star Blog Post It will instantly get the reader's attention with a killer headline. The content and the headline are logically related and the reader can connect with it. It does not propagate any kind of hate, bigotry, violence, discrimination or hatred; nor does it present lies or biased opinions.

Remember that post - the one you read and instantly decided never to visit the blog or website it was on, again ?
Don’t let your blog suffer the same fate. Invite guest bloggers; pay them if this is how they work. This will increase the credibility of your blog. How to Find New Topics This is a dilemma for most novices as well as pro bloggers. Coming up with new topics every week is not an easy task.

Here are few tips, use them and you will get hundreds of ideas; in fact you will get so many ideas that you will not have enough time to cover all of them. You are very welcome !

Type the keyword in the Google search tab. For example, if your niche is “Passive income”, type it in the bar. There is a list of topics in the dropdown suggestion menu.

Visit online discussion forums.
Browse through different categories and note down the most and least discussed topics.
This will give you enough ideas for a few months, at least.
Adopt the same strategy with Yahoo Answers.

Be aware however, that there are some silly questions on Yahoo Answers; so for your own sanity, ensure you avoid them! Visit blogs related to your topic, for example, for Passive Income, you can visit blogs covering: Blogging, SEO, SMM, Video Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and so on.
You will get more than enough ideas on these blogs.

Do not however, use any posts that are the same, or you may get sued
by the author on the grounds of copyright infringement.
Why You Should Outsource Writing Believe it or not, the majority of high ranking politicians, diplomats, film stars, established authors, social workers, and businessmen hire ghost writers. Ghostwriters are professional writers who sell their writing services.

They will search and write the content, you will pay them, and it will be published under your name; the original writer cannot claim that he or she is the writer of the work. Agreements are signed to keep the business confidential. Websites such as oDesk, Elance, and Freelancer, provide you with a platform to contact top class ghostwriters.

You should hire a ghostwriter because: There are some topics that require extra work and effort, and you can save your own time and effort simply by outsourcing them.

You can hire a full time Virtual Assistant who will look after your entire blog. Ghost Writers and Virtual Assistants are really cost effective; they
will easily fall within your budget. oDesk offers you hundreds of thousands of professional ghost writers; you just need to start a contract, which is pretty simple to do. Top 4 Tips to Get the Best oDesk Ghost Writer Minimize your search, i.e.

oDesk allows you to customize your search by choosing the number of hours to be worked, the rate that the ghostwriter charges, and their freelance experience. You can for example, choose a contractor with an experience of 500 oDesk hours, which will cost you less than $20/hour. 

Choose a contractor who has received great feedback. You can view this in the “Successfully Completed Jobs” section under the contractor’s profile.

Choose a contractor who communicates frequently. Send an “Invitation
for Interview”, and see how long the contractor takes to reply. A professional will contact you within 24 hours.

Be sure to check that the ghostwriter has experience in writing on your niche.  For example, not all writers who specialize in fiction books can write on money saving or technical topics.

Also, you can even schedule a Skype call and talk in person if you are looking for long-term relationships. Steps to Build a Popular Blog Now
you have all the essentials that are needed to build a blog.

However, there is still much to do; remember your aim is to earn more
out of the blog, and for this you need to construct one that stands out
in the millions.


Step: 1 Write Headlines that Attract Instant Attraction We all click on the links that promise something new and different. Similarly, we just skip the ones that do not attract us.

Hence, we need to make the headlines keys that instantly open up the way to our great blog posts. Here is how you can do this. The headline should not be more than 12-15 words long.It should summarize what you are offering in the main body of the article.

The headline must be intriguing: it should compel the viewer to read further. Dull, boring and monotonous headlines can repel the reader.

A little tinge of controversy sometimes works wonders;
however, DO NOT overdo it! Numbers do wonders; for instance:
top five ways, top three ideas, etc.

Step 2: Follow 4 Effective Steps to Increase In-Flow of Traffic Set Backlinks. Backlinks are the hyper links that divert traffic from one page to another.

Here is a great article on how you can successfully convert back links into sales: Click here to see an amazing free guide, Backlinking Strategy that Works. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an effective way to optimize your blog’s content in such a way that it appears higher on search engines.

Using relevant keywords and key phrases can help you a lot. Social Media Marketing is currently the most effective tool. More than half the world’s population uses one or more Social Media platforms.

You can link your blog to one or more platforms including: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Reddit, which are great sources of
getting more visitors.

Build a mutually cooperative relationship with other blogs that are either centered on the same niche as yours, or based on related niches, that way, you will be able to share readers and customers.

What to know more about it ?
Here is a beneficial link: A Simple Traffic Generation Strategy
You’re Probably Not Using – Take It !

Email marketing along with newsletters can help you expand your followers. You can ask all random visitors to leave their email address; however, you must keep in mind that the visitor will only be willing to stay in touch with your blog if it offers something valuable in terms of content.

So basically, everything is back to square one: the content.
How to Retain Readers for a Long Time:
The art of attracting and retaining readers requires smart thinking.
Here are the top four ways to retain a loyal readership.
Make a schedule of posting new blog posts.

When a reader is enticed by one of your posts he or she will be eager
to read more from you. Thus, they will start waiting for the next masterpiece coming from your side; again, content is the kingmaker !
Communicate with your readers. That does not mean talking or chatting with them; instead, send them regular newsletters and respond to the comments they post.

Indulge with the readers on social media; especially on Facebook and Twitter. Attract readers with a “Special Day” post. Make sure the post is different from routine posts; it should be attractive to the followers of your niche, and you must deliver what you have promised. 

For example, you can ask your readers to send you limited length articles, and the top five posts could be published on your blog under the visitor's/author's name.

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Top Three Ways of Making Money through your Blog Affiliate Marketing:
With this type of marketing, you will get a share for each visitor that you send to the client’s website if they buy something.

ClickBank is one of the most successful platforms that offer high quality affiliate products you can promote on your blog. Another great place you can find products to promote and earn affiliate commission is Amazon.com.

With Amazon, you can promote books or products relevant to your business.
And the beauty is that: if people go to Amazon from your website, not only do you get a commission if they buy one of your promoted products, you also get a commission if they buy different products as well.

For example, instead of buying a book you are promoting, they might buy a video camera, which will make your commission even higher! PPC: Google AdSense offers you Pay pe Click profits.

You have to register with Google AdSense, and then post a code with your article. Google will suggest suitable posts that are relevant to the ad content. In no time at all you will start earning commission beginning from a few cents, up to several hundred dollars. Sell ad space on your blog to other companies.

Sell Your Time: Once you have established your reputation as a blogger, you can sell your time as well as your posts to other blogs and clients. You can do this yourself or hire a ghostwriter. Successful Blogger who Makes Lots of Money by Blogging There are many examples of great bloggers, but one of the most successful is John Chow.

Take a look at the video below for more information and secrets on exactly how he took his blog from zero to over $40K per month in two years. To watch a video presentation of John Chow click here. Bonus Tips ! What is Google Panda and Google Penguin and How They Can Affect your Blog ?

In February 2011, Google introduced Google Panda, an algorithm update that was aimed at targeting second-rate websites and improving the rank of websites with high quality content. Google Penguin is the most lethal algorithm of Google.

It was first launched in August 2012, and was updated in August 2014.
This update has completely changed the way Search Engine spiders work.

For the beginners, search engine spiders are used to rank websites on Google Search Engines. Since its introduction, Penguin has brutally killed off many high placed websites; and the websites that once claimed permanent position on Google’s first two pages on the bases of spam content, are now on the lowest ranks. See ?

This is why content is the king of Blogging, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Solution: There are three basic solutions to fix Google Panda and Penguin Damages: Write original and authentic content.

Use relevant keywords and key phrases and never abuse them.
The content should not be copied from any source, it should not be repeated and it must add value to your website

Chapter 2 – How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Pat Flynn, owner and author
of Smart Passive Income blog, defines Affiliate Marketing as: “Affiliate Marketing is
the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products” Thus, Affiliate Marketing is just like building partnerships.

There are three stakeholders in the overall process, the company or person whose product is being promoted, the seller (You!) and the consumer. The deal is equally beneficial to all three stakeholders: the company gets exposure, the seller earns money and the consumer is referred to the product that he or she needs. Affiliate Marketing is one of the most lucrative Internet marketing opportunities.

Besides, it is considered the most paid passive income technique by many veteran Internet entrepreneurs. Why You Should Choose Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing started almost two decades ago in 1997, when Amazon launched its first affiliate program (which is still working). Currently, global Affiliate Marketing offers a lucrative $6.5 billion industry. This sum was calculated back in 2011, when it was predicted that the industry would add up to $4 billion in the pool of already burgeoning money.

Don’t you want to earn while someone else makes a purchase ?
Does a little more profit hurt you ?
Affiliate Marketing is for you if you want to earn commission on product purchases.
The internet has literally exploded with ways to earn money; Affiliate Marketing is definitely one of the highest paying platforms.

You must however, understand that Affiliate Marketing is not an easy job. No doubt hundreds of thousands of passive income seekers choose Affiliate Marketing because of the promising commissions and reliability of a steady income. Nevertheless, nearly half of them fail miserably.

Why Do People Fail in Affiliate Marketing ?
They fail because they do not choose right strategy; they do not show perseverance,
and just dream of earning big profits overnight. We will not, however, let your Affiliate Marketing business suffer the same fate. Here are a few starting points; remember, at this stage we are talking about keeping your feet firmly on the ground, we'll talk about the money later in the chapter.

First of all, clear your mind; in Affiliate Marketing there is no instant success.
This tree offers fruit to those who remain patient, have perseverance, are realistic, and dream big. Affiliate Marketing is a not a haphazard approach; i.e. you just choose any products, put them on your blog, and starting earning money.

I mean seriously ? Is it possible ?
Affiliate Marketing is a serious business; any field that gives you thousands of dollars
as a steady income couldn’t be this non-serious and abrupt, could it ?
Successful and profitable Affiliate Marketing works on a properly planned strategy. While doing Affiliate Marketing remember one Golden Rule; do not let your words, ads, or actions, reveal that you are trying to promote or sell a product

(of course we know that we are here to sell the product, but if this is blatantly thrown
at the customer’s face in any way, it can literally piss them off, and beware, it does not take more than 3 seconds to leave your blog and never return!) For the sake of profit, don’t be too pushy, and never act like a salesman/saleswoman.

Before beginning, you need to learn all about Affiliate Marketing;
So let’s get started !

Three Important Parts of Affiliate Marketing:
The Advertiser:
The owner of the business, product or service that needs advertisements is
The Advertiser. He/she is the one who wants to publicize something.
The Publisher:
The Publisher is the owner of the blog or website on which ads of
The Advertiser are placed. He rents his place to
The Advertiser and gets commission on the links that he sends to the product
or website of The Advertiser.

The Consumer:
The Consumer is the person who comes as a visitor to the website/blog of
The Publisher, clicks on a link, and gets on the landing page of
The Advertiser’s product or service.

Whether he or she decides to purchase the product, or leave the Publisher’s page without taking any action, depends on the consumer.

Thus the chain of affiliate marketing starts. In this overall process, you are
The Publisher. Affiliate Marketing is all about selling the products of one party to another party, while the publisher plays the role of a third party.

Do you know that Affiliate Marketing is done in different ways ?
Types of Affiliate Marketing PPC/CPC Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Click (CPC) are two important Affiliate Marketing Techniques, however, they are not the only ones used by affiliate marketers.

The difference between CPC and PPC is clearly shown in the full names: in PPC you earn whenever someone clicks on the ad that you have posted, whereas, in CPC your commission is set by the advertiser; thus the advertiser will decide on what you earn.

Some beginners confuse PPC with CPC; although generally speaking, there isn’t much difference between them. PPC is however, more profitable than CPC. To sum up the whole process: CPC is used by the advertisers to monetize their products, whereas PPC is used by the publisher to attract more visitors, so they can earn more.

Remember that PPC ads are generally placed on other websites such as: Facebook, online forums, and pop up pages. So whenever you click an ad of a well-known or comparatively newer brand, on the right side of your Facebook profile, you have actually helped someone earn a little commission through Affiliate marketing.

Google, Yahoo and MSN were considered the big guns of PPC marketing; and Google was on the lead. According to Hitwise (Research: June 2008), the stats of paid search marketing were as follows: Google -70% Yahoo - 20% MSN (Bing) - 6% Ask - 4% However, the glory of search marketing has now been snatched by PPC ads on Social Media Marketing and Blogging, need I say more ?

Related Affiliate Marketing This is another type of affiliate marketing.
Remember the links, poster ads, and small 125 x 125 inch ads on particular websites and blogs? These are affiliate links placed by the owner of the blog/website, also known as the publisher. In this type of Affiliate Marketing, the products are generally related to the niche of the publisher’s blog/website.

Podcasts, product reviews, product descriptions, links placed at the end of a blog post, links placed on article directories (HubPages, Ezine etc.), are a few of the techniques used for Related Affiliate Marketing. This type of affiliate marketing works better than PPC and CPC. This is because you, the publisher, have control on placing the links.

Besides, when the product that you recommend is related to your niche, a common visitor will trust your recommendation more than a random user who does not know you and accidentally falls on your PPC ad on a social media platform or online forum. Involved Affiliate Marketing This is a more intimate type of Affiliate Marketing.

Involved Affiliate Marketing is more than just recommending products. Normally, established bloggers and online entrepreneurs indulge in this type of Affiliate Marketing; and let me say honestly, this is the most successful type.

Here are a few reasons why Involved Affiliate Marketing is the most successful type of Affiliate Marketing: The author (Publisher) has already established his reputation in the niche. The author (Publisher) has used the product and is already fond of it.

The product that is being promoted is a really good product; there is no exaggeration or bragging about it. The product is promoted in such a way that the entire process looks like an integrated whole.

For example, if you are promoting a hair care product on your beauty tips blog, you should introduce the product by disclosing that you have used it, and that it has done wonders on your rough, dry and damaged hair. It is generally done by writing articles on the website and doing blog posts.

The most important part of Involved
Affiliate Marketing is that the publisher must have the experience of using the product.
You cannot falsely promote a product, as it can ruin your reputation as well as dry the pool of your profit. Affiliate Marketing is all about earning steady income, and this is only possible when the task is done with full dedication.

Remember this is something quite serious:
if it is done incorrectly, it can jeopardize your established reputation, but if it is done correctly, it is the best way to earn $1000+ every month, aren’t you interested in adding this amount to your income, every month ?
How Much Money Can You Actually Make with Your Affiliate Marketing Program ?
Affiliate Marketing is a fairy tale; in order to start making a passive income, you don’t need
to have your own products, you don’t need to hire a group of people to do the job, and the investment is super low.


On the flip side: if done incorrectly, Affiliate Marketing can prove to be your worst passive income experience. There are hundreds of people earning full time income from Affiliate Marketing, and according to these people, the only way to make the highest profit is to work with full dedication.

If each time you open your computer, you end up at Facebook or Twitter, then you won’t be able to make much out of your affiliate program. However, if you pledge to use your entire time with total dedication, then I assure you, you will make at least $1000+ per month.
What would you do with an additional income of $1000+ per month ?

How to Set Up Your Affiliate Marketing Business in 7 Simple Steps Affiliate Marketing
is an integrated program; you start from choosing a niche through to earning a steady income. The following is a step-by-step guide to set up your own Affiliate Marketing Business.

Step: 1 Choose a Niche Like blogging,
Affiliate Marketing is also niche marketing; unless you excel in your chosen niche, you won’t be able to leave a lasting impact. How to Choose a Niche ?

There are different ways to choose a niche.
The procedure that we shared in the blogging chapter can be used to search the niche for your Affiliate Marketing program. Experts however, state that an individual can do fairly well with any niche if he/she has command over it.

For PPC/CPC, you can choose any niche and start posting ads.
For the other two types of Affiliate Marketing however, you must have a strong online presence. Affiliate marketing networks (Click Bank, Peerfly, and Amazon) can also help you choose the best niche.

Just register and log on to the website, and you will see which product is earning maximum commission. Keep in mind that higher paying products ask for PR3 or PR4 blogs. PR is PageRank issued by Google, and used to rank the websites; there is also a PR 1-10 Google grading.

Step: 2 Tools For Affiliate Marketing
Once you have decided on your target niche, the next step is to create a strategy of earning more and more through your affiliate marketing program, but wait! Have you decided which ways you will achieve your goals ?
Do you know which tools to use to get as much as a pro affiliate marketer earns ? According to researchers, the majority of pro affiliate marketers decide on their niche, and then instantly begin searching and analyzing the tools they can use to gain maximum profit.

You don’t need to waste your time searching for tools though; here are some helpful affiliate marketing tools that you can use to double, triple and quadruple your affiliate marketing passive income.

Affiliate Marketing Tools Used by Successful Online Entrepreneurs:
Niche Websites, Blogs, YouTube, Podcasts and eBooks, are a few of the most popular tools which are used successfully by a number of online entrepreneurs.
Let’s have a look at each of these independently.

Niche Website: A niche website strictly targets one keyword/key-phrase.
While using a niche website, you have to make sure that the keyword is supplemented
with LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) and a Secondary Keyword. For Instance, if your primary keyword is Personal Development, a secondary keyword could be Linguistic Development, Personal Growth, Confidence Building, etc.

A Niche website can be anything from totally content oriented, to an online store with all the shopping, paying, and analyzing tools. A Niche website may or may not contain a blog, although the rest of the website marketing is done according to internet marketing rules,
for example, through SEO or Social Media Marketing.

Blog: A Blog is a webpage usually associated with a website, or operated independently by an individual. It is also niche oriented. In affiliate marketing, a blog may or may not be used as a Landing Page. A landing page is the entry point that diverts traffic to the marketer’s ads. In some cases, the ads are posted directly on the landing page. Blogging is comprehensively described in Chapter 1 (Blogging).

YouTube: YouTube is a directory of hundreds of thousands of videos. It is one of the most effective online tools. Affiliate Marketing at YouTube can be done in two ways: either by submitting videos and leaving affiliate links, or by writing reviews on the videos.
Besides, it is essential to have a YouTube connection tab on your website or blog,
so that the people can easily link with your YouTube channel, if you have one.

This is just like placing your Facebook or Twitter connection link on your website/blog. Podcasts: The majority of successful online entrepreneurs use podcasts as a way of communicating with their target audience. Podcasts can be outsourced: you can hire an individual, sign a Non-disclosure, work-for-hire agreement, and then sell the podcasts. EBooks: No one can deny the popularity of eBooks.

In the past, they soared to popularity in native English countries including America, Britain, Australia and Europe, with the US and Australia topping the list. However, it is now a fact that the readership of eBooks has grown from North America to Asia, the Pacific, Australasia, and the Middle East. Thus, eBooks are considered a most lucrative affiliate marketing tool.
E-Books could be sold as well as could be given away.

The best approach is to ask the visitor to take an action, and in turn issue a free eBook.
It is however, essential that the eBooks that you give away or sell, are of high quality,
and they must add value to the reader’s knowledge base.

Step: 3 How to Establish Online Presence ?
It is in the nature of human beings; that we trust those whom we know well.
If you get a chance of purchasing a Gucci product from a roadside wander (provided that you have the money to afford Gucci or other high class brand), which one would you choose ?

Of course you will go for an established brand rather than trade on an uncertain and unreliable roadside stall. This is also the case in the online world.
Why would people trust you and purchase your recommended products ?
Do they know you personally ?

The people will only trust you when you have proven yourself. According to research, customers believe in Affiliate Marketers who have an established online presence.
That means, they are not new in the market, they stay online, they update their blog/website regularly, and they maintain their online reputation.

A website or blog is the fundamental part of Affiliate Marketing, since it is the platform on which you are going to advertise your products, and earn a big chunk of money. Usually,
I encounter two scenarios: You have an inactive and unprofitable website/blog; you want to revive this website/blog and start an affiliate marketing program on it.
You do not have a website/blog and you want to start it from scratch.
This is how you should deal with either situation.

Step: 4 Setting up a Website/Blog I have a Blog/Website that I want to Revive
Well that’s good news; you already have a platform to start your affiliate marketing business. Next step is to revive your dead website/blog. In order to attract regular traffic to your blog/website, you should do following steps: Write at least 3-5 blog posts daily. It can cover anything from articles to short product descriptions, product reviews, general how-to articles, lengthy guides, etc.

You can outsource writing content. oDesk is an excellent platform to search for freelance writers within a reasonable price range. Make your blog/website Search Engine Optimized, popularly known as SEO. SEO helps to improve search engine ranking of your website/blog. Keywords and Key-phrases should be searched according to the requirement of the niche.

Besides, they should be placed appropriately within the body of the articles as well as in the content published on the website/blog. (Note: There is a separate, detailed chapter on SEO, read it if you are not familiar with the process) Connect your blog/website with your Social Media accounts. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the best platforms for any type of niche.

However, for visual appeal, you can also use Reddit and Pinterest.
I Do Not Have a Blog/Website In this case you need to start from scratch. WordPress is a great platform to get your own blog/website, you get hundreds of layout themes and plug-ins, and besides, it is very user-friendly. Furthermore, you can control your entire writing and promotion through your WordPress Dashboard and Control Panel. Here is how you can get you website/blog up and running in a few simple steps.

Go to Fiverr and hire a freelance; this freelance will do the entire job of setting up a website/blog and installing WordPress, for no more than $5! Once you have the log-in details of your website, you can go and change it through WordPress Dashboard.
(See “How to Set Up Your Blog” for more details) Follow all the steps given in
“I Have a Blog/Website that I Want to Revive” section.

Step: 5 Choose a Third Party Website
There are third party websites, also known as affiliate networks that offer you Affiliate Marketing Programs. Amazon is the oldest of all, followed by ClickBank, Max Bounty, Peerfly, and probably hundreds of more. These websites have lists of products placed under different categories. How To Work with Click Bank, Amazon, Max Bounty and Peerfly The initial process of joining all these websites is simple and similar.

You need to sign in as a Publisher, choose the products, and start selling them.
However, as every single user is different from the other, you will need to get detailed procedures, so visit these websites and choose the one that is the best fit. Which one is the Best Affiliate Network ?

ClickBank: ClickBank offers the best technical products.
However, over a period of time it has evolved for better; the website is now more user friendly, and apart from technical products, it is the best place to get real deals on products such as: eBooks, Software, and apps.

Click Bank works in four different languages, provides diverse payment options with 13+ currencies to choose from, and operates throughout the world. ClickBank’s financial accounts are easy to use; even a beginner can work with them without losing their head. ClickBank has a CB University program that will teach you how to build your own successful affiliate program.

To watch the free video presentation, and learn everything to make you first money online click here. PeerFly: PMI declared Peerfly the number #1 Affiliate Marketing Network in 2012. This is primarily because of the high profit opportunities provided by the network. Peerfly offers you the largest community of the publishers and professionals. It has the biggest CPA (Cost per Action) database.

It has a very active administration, and great news for the beginners; most of the queries are instantly solved. MaxBounty: MaxBounty is the elite club of CPA marketing with the most tempting offers. Many seasoned professionals are making $10k+ profit with the help of this network.

Amazon: Amazon provides access to different online platforms and channels. It is the founder of affiliate marketing and offers good commissions. Amazon has a huge online store; a huge plus if you want to monetize an Amazon store.

Another beauty that Amazon offers is that even if a visitor from your web site does not end up buying a product you advertised, and buys something else, you still get paid! They might buy an expensive watch or a video camera and you will get a pretty decent commission.

Step: 6 Choose a Product
Choosing a product is another important step towards a stable affiliate passive income. The benefit of joining affiliate marketing websites is that they will give you plenty of suggestions when it comes of choosing products. ClickBank and Amazon etc., have a number of products; besides, many brands and celebrities are associated with them as advertisers. When you join these networks it is quite easy to choose a product.

However, we recommend that you keep in mind a few essential factors:
The product that you choose should be related to your field/niche. Affiliate networks do not assign products to you that do not match with your website/blogs niche. Therefore, it is recommended to check which products pay the best commission, and then establish your blog/websites niche.

However, if you already have a website/blog up and running, you can choose the products that fit in best with your niche, instead of the ones that pay more. In this way you will be able to get the attention of the right kind of customers, and besides, the profit prospect also increases.

Step: 7 Promote Your Website/Blog
This is the last and the most important step of the overall process of Affiliate Marketing. Success of your Affiliate Marketing depends on how well you can attract the attention of the target audience.

Top Three Tools for Successful Affiliate Marketing Social Media Marketing,
SEO and WordPress are the top three tools that can boost your affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing and Social Media Marketing Social Media is the power tool of the 21st Century. Social Media can boost your affiliate marketing like nothing else. Here is how you can use this powerful tool to soar up your earnings.

Things that You Should Remember Affiliate Marketing with Social Media is NOT posting random links here and there in the comments of posts, groups, tweets etc. Facebook does not allow sales pages to appear on the news-feed; if you post direct links they will get sidelined. Twitter does not like direct posting of sales links either; you might get temporary exposure, but the link will be lost in the long run.

What You Should Do Do not post bare links, as these are conspicuous and do not attract the attention of the target audience. Instead, use embedded links. Use images and videos to attract the users’ attention. Identify the target audience for your products and create your posts accordingly.

Drive traffic to the blog/website and welcome your visitors with valuable content. WordPress and Affiliate Marketing I wanted to post “Website/Blog and Affiliate Marketing”, but owing to the tremendous and unequivocal contribution that WordPress had made to Internet marketing, I chose to use WordPress instead of Blog/website.

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform; here is how it can help you build up your affiliate marketing program: Install WordPress themes that represent your niche. For example, there are visual themes for websites that promote beauty, lifestyle, furniture, and other aesthetic products. Install plug-ins that manage, track and update your RSS feed and web content.

For example, social media icons that lead blog visitors to your Twitter/Facebook page. Place affiliate marketing banners/ads on your website. Post links to the products within the content or at the end of the post. SEO and Affiliate Marketing There are two types of Search Engine Optimization that can help you speed up your affiliate marketing program: SEO: Search Engine Optimization used for Search Engines

(Yahoo, Google, etc.) SMO: Social Media Optimization (Optimize your social media posts in order to attract more traffic and generate more leads). In the broader sense, both these terms are different from one another. However, they are readily used to get more leads. Keywords and key-phrases play an important role in attracting more traffic.

For example, if you are promoting furniture, the keywords that you can use include: Coffee tables Under $100 furniture DIY furniture d├ęcor Wood furniture Plastic furniture Garden furniture Key-phrases that you can use include: Get the best furniture deals Affordable wood furniture How to fix your furniture Thus the traffic that comes to your website is then diverted to the product/s that you are promoting.


Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Definitions Bounce Rate
This is the number of visitors/traffic that leaves the website without taking any action.
Click Through Rate (CTR) This is a way to calculate the success ratio of your PPC campaign. It is calculated by dividing visitors who clicked on the ad by the number of times the impression (ad) was generated. Content Network This allows an advertiser to share content on other blogs, websites, and campaigns collaborating with Google.

It is available with three major search engines. Conversion This refers to visitors that actually take an action such as: make a purchase or download a file. Cost Per Lead (CPL) This refers to the amount paid by the advertiser to the publisher on a per lead basis. Cost Per Thousand Impressions This is the maximum amount paid by the advertiser when the publisher has completed a thousand impressions. Impressions This is the number of views, or number of people viewinyour page.

Google Checkout This is the service provided by Google; it makes buying and selling swift and easy. If a seller provides the Google Checkout service, there is a little icon placed next to the product. Long Tail Keywords This is a specific keyword that contains more than one word, usually used at the climax, when a visitor is about to make a purchase. Placement Targeting This allows the advertisers from Google to place the ads on the spots chosen by the advertiser.

5 Tips for a Killer Affiliate Marketing Program
Choose the products that are relevant instead of the ones that you think pay more commission. Choose high quality products. If possible, use a product before writing
a review or recommendation. Outsourcing your writing assignments is good, but it is better to write some of the posts yourself. Track the progress of your affiliate program with Google Analytics, Adsense and Click Bank Analytics.
This will help you keep track of your income.

4 Affiliate Marketing Myths Busted
It is Easy to Manage an Affiliate Marketing Program with Minimal Work According
to Forbes, most novice affiliate marketers believe they can manage their affiliate marketing program without putting in much effort. Remember, I told you that with affiliate marketing you can earn as much as $10k+ ?
But do you think it is possible to earn this big chunk without putting serious effort ? Affiliate marketing is all about working smart and having the right strategy.

But you must keep track, as running it on autopilot does not mean that you don't have to check it! After all, you should be prepared to show a valid and legal account of all those extra dollars coming into your bank account when your partner asks! Success in Affiliate Marketing is Associated with Black Hat Tricks This is the most ridiculous myth.

Black hat tricks cannot guarantee long term success; no matter how promising
the initial results are. Affiliate Marketing is Dead Well, it is very much alive, proof:
it is still discussed and featured in magazines such as Forbes, The Washington Post,
The New York Times, and affiliate networks including: Google Adsense, Amazon, and Click Bank. Next please !

You Should Operate Only One Website at a Time if You Want More Profit You can have as many websites/blogs as you like; however, there are a few strict conditions: you have to pay equal attention to all, you have a dedicated team running and managing them, and you must not waste your time and resources.

Bonus Tips !
Wanna know how successful affiliate marketers are doing business ?
There is an online affiliate marketing community named Affilorama that is a dreamland for anyone who wants to start their own affiliate program. With their free account you can easily start promoting other people's products and make money for yourself.

Affilorama also provide you with a step-by-step guide, and a bunch of educational videos to help you get started and lead you in the right direction. To join the largest affiliate marketing community and training website, and to start making money online right away click here to go on Affilorama’s website. How to Deal with Negative Reviews and Manage Your Online Reputation I know that Online Reputation Management is a separate process that demands an entire book in itself.

Yet, we cannot deny the fact that negative reviews are part of any online business, especially when you are buying or selling something. It does not matter what people say about you, the important point is how you deal with it.

Here are a few tricks to deal with negative reviews and keep you reputation intact: Negative reviews are mostly given on social media platforms. In affiliate marketing, people do not blame you directly, instead they may make fun of the product that you are promoting, or ridicule the service that you are acknowledging as the best.

In this case, simply avoid the comment. If you choose to answer, stay as polite as possible. Offer you help if needed, and stay true to your words.

Chapter 3 – Making Money With Podcast According to a recent study conducted by Edison Research on Podcast consumers, there has been an estimated 105% increase in the number of Podcast listeners between 2006 and 2012. Simultaneously, around 45% of US citizens listened to a podcast in 2013, compared to 43% in 2013. So podcasting has definitely caught the attention of both online consumers and time-pass surfers.


Are you one of those wise geeks who have often read about podcasting but have never heard or tried it? Do you think “oh crap, how is it possible that a silly podcast can give me a stable passive income” ?
Do you think podcasts are for time-pass surfers and that serious Internet users do not pay attention to them ?
Change your thinking immediately !
According to Edison Research, one in four podcast consumers plug their MP3 players or smart phones into their car audio system “nearly EVERY DAY”!

This means, that on average, each individual listens to podcasts for around 3-4 hours daily, depending on the distance they commute. The word “Podcast” is a portmanteau of two words; “iPod” and “Broadcasting”. Like Sony’s Walkman, Apple’s iPod coined a new technological word which is used every second among pro Internet entrepreneurs and countless devoted listeners.

Thus, the Apple iTunes Store defines Podcasts as:
Podcasts are episodes of a program available on the Internet. Podcasts are usually original audio or video recordings, but can also be recorded broadcasts of a television or radio program, a lecture, a performance, or other event.

Characteristics of a Podcast: A Podcast can be in audio or video format.
Podcasts are used for storytelling, training, education, music, talk shows, entertainment etc. Podcasts are usually published in episodes: a podcast usually follows the same format in each episode, i.e. each episode of a video podcast is always produced in video format, and this is true for an audio podcast.

Some types of podcasts such as education podcasts may be in all formats,
i.e. video, audio and document (usually pdf file). These types of programs are aimed at providing a comprehensive viewpoint. Podcasts can help the producer (you!) reach a wide audience scattered throughout the world. The most popular format of Podcasts is the
MP3 audio file format.

Podcast borrowed its name from iPod because in the beginning people downloaded podcasts on iPods. IPods are still one of the most popular tools used to enjoy podcasts. Niche content is the power of podcasts; those who avoid vigorous editing lose many valuable followers.
Do You Know ?

Popular podcast stars/channels have a fan following in the millions; e.g. BBC Podcasts.
A popular podcast star can reach three times the audience in a year as a radio personality can. Are you still confused ?

Podcast Vs. Radio Listening Radio is a medium of communication that has never lost its audience. Be it the era of television or Internet, none has ever been able to surpass the popularity of radio. Modern day Internet users have adapted and revolutionized regular radio into Internet Radio. According to Google Analytics, the popularity of Internet Radio has either remained constant or has shot up.

The only other medium that has been competing or even surpassing Internet radio is Podcast. The popularity of podcasts can be gauged from the fact that many radio superstars are now providing episodic podcasts of their broadcasts.

This is mainly because the podcasts allow the audience to listen to the broadcast at any time at the audience’s convenience. Besides, the broadcaster can establish a more lasting relationship with the audience, as he or she will always remain connected with them. Let’s have a look at some of the most recognized factors of Podcasts that make them better than a regular or Internet radio broadcast.

With the help of podcasts you can have an entire segment all by yourself. This is a liberty that radio does not offer. Podcast allows the producer to control the amount of advertisements, unlike radio where you have to obey certain rules regarding advertising. There is no line up of shows in a podcast, whereas in radio, you have to leave space for your competitors.

As the podcasts are episodic, they allow a great chance of building a larger fan base with the help of strong, persuasive and original content. If a podcast hits the right cord, a listener will stay connected to the particular producer.

For example, if you produce podcasts on Better Writing, and one of your podcasts becomes a super star podcast; the chances are that all of the listeners will definitely stay connected with your website/blog or from wherever you are publishing podcasts.

Your fans will also act as word-of-mouth; spreading information among friends and on forums. So it would become a win-win situation. How is Podcasting Different to Other Passive Income Ideas ?

Podcasting is different to all other Passive Income ideas because it allows the target audience to connect with you and your product in a unique way. With the help of a podcast, you penetrate into the personal space of an individual. According to research, people listen to podcasts on their laptops, mobile phones, iPods, car stereo systems and MP3 devices.

Just imagine how powerful the magical spell of the podcast is, plus, when you launch your own Podcasting app you will stay in touch with your prospective audience, even when they are not reading your blog, watching your YouTube video, or clicking on your affiliate marketing links.

Let’s have a look at the comparisons below:
Podcasts vs. YouTube: I am a successful YouTuber, can I become a successful Podcaster ? Yes you can! Podcasting is certainly different to YouTube. Besides, we rarely hear or study cases of  individuals who are doing both things right.
This is why: Podcasting is completely different to YouTube.

Although podcasts are sometimes made in a video format which looks and sounds similar to YouTube, the strategy used for podcast promotion and ranking is very different to YouTube. On YouTube you have to open and operate your own channel.

You will get clear cut statistics of how many views you are getting, as well as where the traffic originated. Podcasts, however, are published on apps and websites
(e.g. iTunes, RSS, and Android apps). You can convert your YouTube videos into audio/video podcasts. Podcasts costs less than YouTube videos, and they are created easier and quicker than the same length YouTube videos.

Podcasting covers a broader spectrum of audience because it is on iTunes, is distributed through RSS, and is heard on the iOS (Operating system) as well as  the Android App.
You can sell your Podcasts. Audio podcasts are more popular than video podcasts and YouTube videos, simply because they can be heard while on the go, carrying out a chore,
and  surfing the internet.

Podcasts vs. Blogging Do You Know ?
The majority of people simply do not read your content beyond the topic
and headlines. (Scary isn’t it?)
How will you get to these people ?
How will you convey your message to this faction of customers ?
The main difference between blogging and podcasting, is that in blogging, people read your content, whereas, in podcasting, they hear what you want to convey. In both these Passive income ideas, content plays an important role.

Here is how podcasts are different to blogging, and how you can earn more and get higher exposure with podcasts: To write a persuasive blog post you need a talent for writing. Whereas, nearly all of us can verbally express our emotions with the rise and fall of our voices, which makes podcasting a win-win situation.

While writing, you can sometimes cross that fine line, and your post becomes embedded with too much advertising, without you even realizing it. Conversely, in podcasting you can control what you say, and you can deliver a verbal message in a highly persuasive way.

You can post your podcast as a blog post. With blogging, you can get the reader's attention for around 3-5 minutes, and if the content is super cool, they can stay as long as 8-10 minutes and read a post of 1000+ words. On podcasts however, you get the attention of your listeners for an average of 10 – 15 minutes, and if the listener really connects with your content, he or she can stay as long as 25 – 40 minutes (the average length of a podcast).
Is Podcasting the Best Passive Income Idea ?

There is no such thing as the sole and best passive income idea.
Passive income is a strategy that comprises different tactics and techniques; and podcasting is definitely one of the best. Here is why you should choose podcasting along with other passive income ideas: Podcasting allows you to distribute your content on various platforms; you can use it on iTunes, mobile devices, websites, blogs; and as recorded radio broadcasts. Hence, they allow you to connect with your audience on a whole new extended level.

Your connection with your customers will not end right after they are have come
off their laptop. With podcasts on Android and iOS, you will become an integral part
of their everyday life. You can use podcasts as a strong and effective marketing tool, especially when you are building your own brand. Podcasts could become your best friends while you are branding your Passive Income business.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Podcasts
as a Passive Income Source Whether you want to connect with the public or want to build a cyber home base for marketing another person's business, product or service; or you are working on a greater plan of branding your own online business, podcasts can be the right tool to achieve the target/s.

As for as passive income is concerned, anyone who is seriously thinking of utilizing a reliable source of generating hundreds of dollars of steady income, will never overlook the importance of Podcasting.

Determination, enthusiasm, and the right strategy are imperative for success.
Here are the top five reasons why you must include podcasting in your list of passive income sources: Get the Unexpected Visibility With the help of Podcasts, you are able to enter a completely new world of passive income.


Remember that blogs and affiliate and social media marketing are all content oriented, and that they require the target audience to “read” the content. On the other hand, podcasts are easier to understand as they are heard, and do not require a lot of visual effort. When you upload a podcast on iTunes, you will get the attention of a completely new class of audience.

If they like or believe in what you say, they will willingly following you on other platforms, for example on your blog or social media accounts. And from there you can direct the traffic to your affiliate marketing campaign. See ?

This is how a comprehensive, inclusive and well-integrated Passive Income Strategy
is implemented ! Learn about the Popularity of Your Business/Niche Some people prefer reading blogs while others do not like spending hours hurting their eyes.
Just open any of the podcasting apps, particularly those that belong to your niche,
and you can see comments that are appreciating or depreciating.

This is a sign that the business or the entrepreneur is making right connections
and is attracting the attention of his or her target audience. Furthermore, the number of downloads also indicate how successful the podcast is with the target audience.

Let’s put it like this: podcasting helps you realize two important things:
Your popularity with your target audience The opportunity of attracting more of your target audience. Build an Intimate Relation with Your Target Audience People listen to podcasts with earphones, so with the help of a podcast you directly whisper into their ears; could it get better than this ?

None of the other marketing techniques build a more intimate relationship with the target audience than a podcast. Those who become regular listeners will make you a permanent part of their life; they will listen to you while doing work as well as while sitting idle, they will listen to you when they want advice, and even when they seek a companion. Now it all depends on you how you plan to utilize such a precious space.

Re-Purpose Your Content Being a blogger myself, I know that there are always some blog posts that we want to expand and re-purpose in a different way.

For example, you may want to expand a Self Development blog post into a more comprehensive account with some historical background and practical suggestions to overcome common personality flaws. Thus, a podcast is an excellent way to expand some of your old blog posts. We do not suggest that you to take all your blog posts and then read them out aloud like a school lesson.

Instead, the content for re-purposing should be carefully chosen, some additional trimmings and additions should be made, and the recording should be excellent quality. Make Money Out of Your Podcasts Pat Flynn of Passive Income Ideas, and
John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire, are literally earning a four to five zero figure income from podcasting alone.

You can earn your share by doing affiliate marketing, promoting your products and services, and following other strategies defined in detail later in this chapter.

4 Reasons Why Podcasting is Considered a Super Start Passive Income Source
Because it Allows You to Interact with the Audience for a Long Period of Time Podcasts are normally 35 minutes to 1 hour in length. Nothing else: not a blog or social media post, nor an affiliate marketing link, will allow you to stay connected with your audience this long.
Even YouTube videos cannot keep a listener/viewer stay connected with episodes
as long as a Podcast.
Beautiful Ladies Store
Health and Personal Care
eLife age

This long time is an opportunity to both deliver great content in your mesmerizing voice, and to monetize your podcast by recommending affiliate links or promoting
your own services. Besides, many of your listeners might turn into regular clients !

Do You Know ?
Pat Flynn of Passive Income Ideas landed a Hollywood project just because
of his awesome Podcasts. Yes!! It can get this cool
! You can Turn Podcast into eBooks !
You can collect your top ten podcasts and turn them into an eBook.

You can either sell this eBook or use it as an affiliate program. As if earning directly from Podcasts isn’t enough ! It Does Not Create a Dent in Your Budget Myth: You need a sophisticated system to create a podcast or else it won’t get accepted by iTunes, neither will it attract attention of the listeners.

Reality: To make a podcast you do need a modern microphone and recording system; however, you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars or get a sophisticated system like an FM radio station !

The product should convey clean signals, and that is all you need.
You can Sell Your Podcast If you can promote other people's products and services through your podcast, why not promote and sell your own podcasts ?

Apart from earning money, this will also help you establish your own brand.
Is Podcasting an Expensive Endeavor ?

Whenever an online novice entrepreneur thinks of making his or her own podcasts, several myths and discouragements are issued to scare and disappoint.
But just consider this: if podcasting was as expensive as propagated by some apologists, it wouldn’t have been one of the most popular features of Passive Incomes. Let us show you some of the myths associated with Podcasting and their reality check.

1. Myth: Podcasting is very expensive; you need to invest $1000+ Reality Check:
Today, making a podcast is as easy as creating a video or audio recording on your mobile phone. Smart phones, computer software and podcast hosting websites have made the life of a novice podcaster much easier.

2. Myth: You have to spend 20+ hours to make a professiona Plodcast Reality Check:
Time is the most expensive commodity, and we will never suggest you spend an entire day
on making, producing, recording, editing and distributing your podcast.
All this is now done in just one click: log on to a website, register your account, upload your podcast, and there you go !

3. Myth: Only amateur and inexperienced Podcasters use Podcast Hosting websites Reality Check: This is simply absurd. You need to realize that today the chances of success are higher for those who work smart; hard work is nothing without smart thinking, pardon me for this !

Veteran internet entrepreneurs use these smart and quick tools for making and uploading podcasts. In fact, they are smarter than the rest of the propaganda machinery, which is why they are already making thousands of dollars; and trust me
on this; soon you are going to be one of them !

4. Myth: You have to pay more $$s as the number of your listeners grows.
This is because of the increased bandwidth and storage space that your podcasts will occupy on hosting websites. Reality Check: I mean seriously ?
This one myth makes my mind dizzy.

In this age when everything is on cloud, and the competition between the service providers is cut throat, will the host website risk its reputation and lose out to the competition just because of bandwidth and storage space ?
You have got better options than this; trust me and keep reading.

5. Myth: You can only make big in Podcasting if you have got reliable Sponsors Reality Check: You are very lucky if you are able to attract some good sponsors; however, it is definitely not a sign of success.

Neither is it mandatory to do in order to achieve it. And who knows, some day you might get the attention of sponsors if the quality of your podcasts is impressive enough !

Be positive my friend. Why Podcasting is Not Expensive:
Podcasting is not very expensive; actually it may cost you nothing if you have registered your account on a good website. Mostly, new podcasters are worried about the sound quality of their podcasts, and for this reason, they try to choose the best sound recording equipment.

However, in reality you can get the best quality sound equipment for under $250.
The good news is that you can use your smart phone to record, edit and upload your podcast. Websites like Talkcast allow you to podcast anywhere, anytime.

Therefore, there is no need to create a separate recording room.
You can do fairly well while on the go, why waste time and space ?
Can I Outsource Podcast Creation ?

Outsourcing is less doing, more living; therefore, I have always been too eager on outsourcing some of my tasks while doing the most challenging parts myself. In the case of making Podcasts, YES you can outsource the work to a freelancer on oDesk.

However, before jumping to the happy conclusion of someone else doing your work, you must keep in mind the following: Podcasting is not a one-step endeavor; it’s a gradual process involving many steps and many technical details.

Therefore, before you outsource your work to someone else, you must do all the research yourself. Remember, if you are not a master of the field, you might not be able to pinpoint alleged mistakes present in the work submitted by the freelancer.

Discuss the project in detail with the freelancer that you choose. Tell him or her your vision about the niche; also, you must suggest tools and equipment that should be used in creating it. Indulge in detailed discussion sessions with the freelancer; ask him or her to do SEO keyword research before writing the content.

Discuss in advance which part will be done by the freelancer, and which part you will be doing yourself. Ask for revisions if needed. How to Make Money with the Help of Podcast Podcasting has become a lucrative business; just look at how celebrities are using it to connect with their fans.

Buy now let us introduce you to some of the tried and tested ways of making money with Podcasts. Most of the podcasters mention special products, services and companies in their podcasts.

For example, in a Learn English Language podcast, you might hear about an app that can help you increase your spoken language fluency.

The Podcasters then charge the respective company mentioned in the podcast and make money from it. Podcasts often contain affiliate links and product recommendations. In fact, podcast is an excellent tool to promote Blogging and Affiliate Marketing.

As a podcaster, you can also promote your own services and products in your podcast. The Business Out of Podcast Directories We already know that podcasting is an amazing way to attract the attention of an audience that you will not find anywhere else. However, the phrase “Podcast Directories” may be new for some readers.

Let’s put it like this:
You have created your podcast, and now you are searching for a place where you can get the attention of your target audience, what will you do ?

One possible solution is to post the podcast on your blog/website, follow all the SEO, social media, and other Internet marketing techniques, and get the attention of the listeners. But, what if I tell you that you can actually get the attention of millions of enthusiast podcast listeners without investing much of your time ?

Beautiful Young Ladies Store
Health and Personal Care
eLife age
What are Podcast Directories ?
Podcast Directories are just like articles directories (Ezine, HubPages etc.).
They contain podcasts on almost all niches, whereas other directories put emphasize on particular niches, while restricting others. How Podcast Directories Charge All Podcast Directories charge differently, however, the following give a lump sum plan.

Charge for Storage and Bandwidth Charge only for Storage Charge only for
Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage on Monthly Payment Model Unlimited Hosting Opportunities Pros/Cons of Podcast Directories Let’s have a look at how these Podcast Directories are helpful for a beginner and why you should use them.

When the podcasts refer the visitor back to your website/blog you will get extra attention. The traffic that comes to Podcast Directories is completely different from the traffic that you attract through other platforms.

There are greater chances of the visitor noticing other content present on your website; this could be blog posts, videos, affiliate links etc. Con: There are hundreds of podcasts uploaded on websites every hour, so it might be a little tricky to get the attention of visitors.

However, helpful, authentic podcasts with good content always get their due share. Podcast Directories rank higher on search engines. Therefore, the website that is linked with these directories will also go up on the page rankings.

The results could be amazing if you get your podcast launched on a website with a Google page ranking ranging between 6-4 ! Con: In order to achieve this you need to do accurate keyword research. Otherwise, inappropriate keywords will not do any good.

Getting your podcast listed on a directory such as iTunes, seriously impresses new visitors, and earns you a good rank on search engines. Con: You might have to fulfill certain criteria before submitting your podcast with one of the big podcast directories.

Some Directories ask you to have at least 2 – 7 podcasts already up on your blog,
and so on. Self Publishing Podcasts: Pros and Cons Self published podcasts allow
you to bring your podcasts out in the market yourself, without messing your head up with any third parties.

Here are some of the features; pros and cons of self-publishing your podcasts.
You get full control of the writing, production, recording, editing, publishing and royalty package; you don’t need to contact any third party and amend your plans and actions according to them. Con: As a beginner you might get confused at various stages.

Therefore, it is sometimes a good idea to get help from specialized people to keep the process smoothly flowing. You can outsource work to a freelancer and get your podcast published. You can use WordPress for publishing your podcasts.

Con: As a beginner you might face difficulties in getting registered on a prestigious website like iTunes. This can jeopardize your reputation, as association with iTunes
and all the other similar web directories does not just promise new traffic and extra exposure, it also ensures you secure a place on top of the search engine rankings.

The Future of Podcast as a Passive Income Source Since 2004, podcasts have covered an exponentially bright journey; they have risen from a time-pass listen, to a more productive, useful and lucrative online business. As the value of podcasting has increased, both from the profit and usability perspective, so has the speculation of people waiting for the podcasts to die their own death, sooner rather than later !

But time has shown that the podcasts are here to stay, and they are surpassing all the audio and video forms of marketing. Gone are the days when podcasting was only used for topics such as: writing, sharing statistics, and providing episodes of broadcast radio programs. Podcasting is now used in more creative ways.

Some Creative Ways to Use a Podcast A podcast is an excellent way of conveying
your thoughts, emotions, experience, and life happenings. Here are some of the creative ways people have been using podcasting. Podcasts are successfully used to share health and fitness related content and information.

Audio as well as video podcasts are used to show lessons of Yoga, Aerobics, Gymnastics and other exercises. Podcasts are used as a tool to share educational lessons and courses. Podcasts are also used as a great story telling platform.
Apart from children’s stories, they are also used as a source of inspirational stories
for grownups and telling historical epic legends.

There are some great satire and humor podcasts out there. These are just a few of the possibilities. Given the great scope of mediums that could be promoted through podcasts, experts do not see podcasts vanishing or decreasing in usability in near future. What Types of Podcasts are the Most Successful ?

Just as in blogging and social media marketing, there is no  format or niche in podcasting that can be deemed the most successful. All in all, it depends on the strategy that you apply.

Like all other online businesses, the most successful podcast mediums are those which are done in the most professional manner. Remember that although Podcasting is an easy to-do task; when it is done professionally, it turns out far better than a hurried amateur production.

By saying this I do not mean you have to invest in super cool technology and sophisticated tools; however, to be professional, it must have following characteristics: It gives answer to the questions present in the listener's mind; however, it leaves a few things hidden within
the content. At the end of the podcast the listener must develop a longing for knowing more about the topic.

In this way you will be able to retain your listeners for a long time.
The podcast must be of medium length; neither too long nor too short.
There must be no grammatical mistakes, and the information that you include
should be authentic and verified.

The content must not leave the listener in ambiguity.
It must target a particular niche. Provide the listener with as much valuable information on the topic as possible. The more value your listener gets, the better it is for you, as they will surely return to hear your other podcasts, and may recommend your podcast to their friends on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and publish a positive review to your podcast on iTunes.

How to Choose a Niche for Podcasting Like all the other types of Passive Income; i.e. blogging, affiliate marketing etc., podcasts are also niche oriented. In fact, it is with the help of right kind of niche that your podcasts are ranked on iTunes and search engines.

Choose the niche in which you are most experienced.
It is preferable to choose the niche on which you are already running an online business (blog, social media page, affiliate program etc.) You can also choose a sub-field that can help your already running business grow and prosper.

For example, for your beauty and self grooming blog, you can do podcasts on maintaining mental health, personal development, personality, grooming, sexual health, etc. Can I Choose More than One Niche ?

Some online entrepreneurs pursue more than one niche at a time (e.g. Pat Flynn and Adam Short). However, this is more of a personal choice, and if you are a beginner it is recommended that you start with a single niche at a time.
As you progress with the profit, and better understand the world of podcasting, you can expand it and cover more than one niche at a time.

How to Choose a Topic When it Seems like All the Ideas
Have Already Been Taken ? Running out of topics ?
Confused with what to podcast ?
Making a podcast is as easy as doing everyday tasks.

No, we are not oversimplified things; you can actually do wonderful podcasts on things that you are adept at. For instance, you like horse riding and do it regularly. Now, as a regular and staunch rider, you must have discovered a few hacks that are useful and original. How about making a series of podcasts on it ?

Similarly, if you love gardening, you can choose this as your next series of podcasts. The list can go on. This practice is even more helpful when done on comparatively generalized topics. For example, for a lifestyle blog, you can do podcasts on various aspects of your life.

Starting from home to kitchen decoration, patio renovation, creative garden ideas, healthy living, beauty hacks, bathroom renovation, and so on; the list is never ending. All you need is a passion and a little creative thinking; the rest will come as naturally
as breathing.

Podcasting: A Tool to Market the Rest of Your Passive Income Businesses Podcasting is marketing at the speed of light; you can convey your message to a broader, newer and unique block of audience. As a shrewd businessman or woman, you must not miss this great opportunity of making more profit. If we closely observe the marketing techniques of pro Internet entrepreneurs, we can see one common practice.

Each and every pro Internet entrepreneur uses Podcast, not just as a source of connecting with the target audience, but also to promote their business. In light of all those successful marketing designs, here are a few tips on how you can use podcasts as a tool to market the rest of your passive income businesses.

You can add links with the podcasts submitted on iTunes and other Podcast directories that lead directly back to your blog or social media page. Your affiliate marketing programs will be more successful if there are free podcasts given with each click.
You can market your YouTube channel with a sample video podcast.

You can promote your service or business with the help of podcasts.
The plan works perfectly if the first few podcasts are given for free, and the rest of the program is reasonably priced. To understand this model of podcast marketing, you can visit: BBC Language Learning Podcasts. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has several apps related to learning English language.

These Podcasts are interconnected; in a podcast for spoken English the listener can see and purchase an in-app podcast for learning grammar and so on.

5 Tips to Create a Killer Podcast
You Have the Perfect Mic This does not mean that you need to have a super-cool and expensive microphone; a good one under $100 can do the job.

However, when you are recording the podcast, you must cut out all the extra noise
(e.g. turn off the fan, keep your pet out of the recording room, etc.) as most of the cheap microphones are quite strong at picking up sound signals in the surroundings.

Get the Perfect Program to Record Your Podcast “Audacity” is the program that can become your best friend. Just install it, and hit the record button; and the best feature is that it comes for free!! Add a Podcast Category to Your WordPress Blog Simply go to your WordPress Dashboard, click on:

Add New Category, and give it the name Podcasts. It will also help you arrange your Podcasts in a separate category which will be easy to navigate. Besides, iTunes use your RSS feed to link to your blog/website, and a separate category of Podcasts will make it easier to connect your RSS feed with iTunes. Write a Killer Title The title of the podcast is the very first introduction.

True, you have done a great job within the podcast; however, its title will be the first impression of your work. It needs to be short, crisp, and representative of the content. Make sure that the keyword is appropriately fitted within the title. The title should not exceed 12-14 words. Include a Relevant Photo Podcasts that have an appropriate photo, are noticed twice as quickly as ones without an image.

Use a vivid and relevant image with your podcast. Make sure that the image does not contain any watermark. How to Make a Podcast: Step-by-Step Process Let’s start making your own podcast with the help of an easy step-by-step tutorial.

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Health and Personal Care
eLife age
Step 1: Preparations before Starting Before you start making a podcast make sure that you have done following things: You have smartly chosen a title for your podcast.
You have chosen your Host Name:

i.e. Johns Waters, Writer, Self-Publisher and Online Entrepreneur.
This will be used in Podcast Directories. A summary of your podcast. Remember that major Podcast Directories will ask you to submit a summary along with your podcasts. Besides, this summary will appear on search engines as well as iTunes. Therefore, the summary should convey the gist of the podcast, and be short and to the point.

Step 2: The Equipment Get a Microphone to record your Podcast.
You can use Amazon to purchase ones under $100. Download “Audacity”; the software used for recording podcasts without complicated processes. Download a LAME file to convert your podcast to a MP3 file.

Step 3: Produce Content for the Podcast
The content for the podcast must be original and unique. It must be SEO optimized.
You can outsource writing tasks to an oDesk freelancer.

Step 4: Upload Podcast on a Hosting Website Libsyn is a great platform to upload your podcast. To have a look at the services offered click here.

Step 5: Adding Podcast to iTunes Here is the link with the process of adding your podcast on iTunes. Note that iTunes cannot be used to create Podcasts;
However, you can use it to convert podcasts into the file format for all Apple devices.

Audio Analyzing
Your Podcasts Here are a few of the tips that will help you analyze the audio quality of your podcast. Audible Distortion With Audacity, when you hear the podcast in simple waveform, you can analyze your podcast's audio. If the waveform has a vertical red line between the otherwise blue waves, it indicates Audible Distortion.

Audible Distortion is the change in the original sound of Podcast tunes; it does not sound good on most devices, and jeopardizes the quality. Loudness Analysis EBU R128 and ITU-R BS 1770-1 complaint loudness analyzer from Melda Production can be used to analyze the loudness of the podcast.

Digital Distortion and Clipping A good quality podcast must not have Digital Distortion and Clipping. Bonus tips! Podcast Success Tool Kit Do you have the spirit to DIY a podcast? Does the prospect of earning $$$s every week increase the adrenaline rush in your blood? Are you enthusiastic, ambitious and audacious ?

Then the “Passive Income Ideas” is definitely designed for you !
To keep our promise intact, here is the Bonus Tip from the Podcasting Chapter, and a few of the tips on making your podcast polished and sophisticated, cheer up! Length of Each Episode You know that Podcasts are published in episodes, but do you know how many words are needed per episode ?
Or how long the episode should run ?

Well, your introductory episode must be between 35-45 minutes. It is shorter than the average podcast, but will definitely intrigue the listener, and besides, there will be this killer content that will leave them wanting more. So the next podcast will be a little longer; probably 50-60 minutes.

How Often Would You Air Your Podcast Episodes ?
So now you know the length of each podcast, but have you any idea of how often
to publish each episode? For new comers, experts suggest a monthly or bi-monthly schedule. This will allow you ample time to create a blockbuster podcast along with maintaining your other Passive Income businesses.

What About the Breathing Sound that Interrupts Recording Caused by Continuous Speaking? You can decrease explosive breathing sound by using pop filters that do not cost more than $5-$30. Genric and Nedy are both recommended.

Reach New Audience, Build Huge Lists and Generate Income
Some of the podcasting platforms, such as Audello, can actually help you succeed at building engaged audiences, targeted mailing lists, and fans that turn into customers.

Audello also provides you with hundreds of skin combinations, extensive audio analytics, other tools to create an engaged following, bigger mailing lists,
and targeted customers.
To see more about the most powerful podcasting platform Audello click here.

Chapter 4 - How to Write and Sell Your Own eBooks Are you ready to be the J.K Rowling
or Paulo Coelho of online publishing ?
Let’s admit this; the business of eBook publishing has gone beyond the wildest expectations of anyone.

The business that was once thought to be confined within two countries, i.e.
Australia and the US, has now gripped the rest of the world. Just imagine, had our ancestors ever thought of reading books that they could not hold in their hands ?

Health care
ELife age
You're in eLife age
Amazon Books
Press on the picture to Purchase,
Or to Know More Click the link Above 

Congratulations on purchasing Passive Income:
How to Say Goodbye to Your Boss in Less Than 6 Months and Travel the World While the Money Flows In and thank you for doing so. Purchasing this book is the first step to creating a better life for yourself, but unfortunately, it is also the easiest step which means the journey to successfully generate a viable passive income stream is uphill from here.

There is no reason to fret, however, as the following chapters will discuss everything you need to know in order to start reliably generating passive income successfully. First, you will learn all about the how to get started generating passive income streams successfully.

Next, you will learn about several of the most reliable means of investing to generate passive income, stocks, real estate and cryptocurrency. From there, you will learn about a few options if you are starting from a more modest point including affiliate marketing and generating evergreen content.

There are plenty of books on this subject on the market, thanks again for choosing this one! Every effort was made to ensure it is full of as much useful information as possible, please enjoy !

Chapter 1: Getting Started Despite the fact that everyone has dreamed of walking out of their job at one point or another, relatively few ever take the plunge as they fear that everything they have ever heard about passive income is little more than smoke and mirrors from people trying to sell something.

This is to their own detriment, of course, as not only are passive income streams real, when used properly they can allow you to say goodbye to your job in six months’ time.

While there are a wide variety of ways to earn passive income, if you ever want to earn enough to leave your job behind, you are going to need to have capital available to invest, as investing will help your money work for you.

The sooner you are ready to invest, the sooner you can get ready to kiss your job goodbye. The power of investing Investing successfully is all about working smarter as opposed to harder.

Rather than working long hours and sacrificing personal happiness to sock money away in a savings account, it is about taking that money and using it
to potentially build a better life in the long run through a maximization of
profits earned.

Investing successfully is also about setting priorities for your money and the returns it will generate. Spending is easy to do and provides instant gratification and short-term satisfaction. On the other hand, investing is all about delayed gratification and making life better in the long-term. Increased returns:

One of the most important aspects of investing is what is known as compounding which is the process of generating larger returns in the long-term by reinvesting initial returns both early and often. In order for it to work out in your favor, it requires both time and initial earnings for you to reinvest.

If given enough of both factors, compounding can help an initial investment grow exponentially over time. If you are lucky enough to still be 20 or more years away from retirement then compounding should be thought of as the most important investment tool in your arsenal.

Compounding is the process of generating larger returns in the long-term by reinvesting your profits early on into investments that are proving to be a good choice. In order to take advantage of this concept, you are going to need to have a significant investment timeframe and the ability to choose good investment targets early on.

If you manage to meet both of these criteria then compounding can help you see practically exponential investment growth by the time you are ready to put that money to use. To understand why this is the case, take a look at the average 25-year-old.

If their goal is to make $1,000,000 through investment by the time they retire
(35 years in the future) they would want to save an average of $880 per month, assuming they were able to see a slightly below average return of 5 percent each year.

On the contrary, if that same individual were to wait to start their investment plan until they were 35 then they would need to invest about $1,700 each month in order to see the same eventual results.

What’s worse, if they waited until they were 45 to start investing then they would need to save $3,200 per month if they still hoped to retire at age 60.

There are a million different investing strategies out there because there are a million different ways to invest successful. No strategy is going to be right for everyone and in order to find the one that suits you best you are going to need to understand how comfortable you are with risk.

As you are investing in cryptocurrency then you are obviously going to be somewhat comfortable with it, but there are still varying degrees of acceptance, which will affect your ideal investing strategy significantly.

Additionally, it is important that you have clear goals in place when it comes
to your investing strategy. This could be something like keeping your initial investment going strong, or it could involve taking maximum risk in order to grow your pile of bitcoins as quickly as possible.

Based on your goals, you may even want to split your investment fund and invest differently to reach differing goals. It doesn’t matter what your specific plans are, as long as you take the time to clearly identify what those plans are.

It is important that you also keep in mind that your goals are not going to exist in a vacuum which means it is helpful to factor in external factors when determining what they are as well.

In order to ensure that your money has the greatest amount of time to mature as possible, your goal should be to start creating passive income streams as soon as you possibly can.

If you are one of those who are smart enough to look ahead while still in college or grad school, there are a number of easy things you can do to get start practically right away. Sell your study materials:

If you take detailed notes or create impeccable flash cards, use them to turn a profit.
Offer copies of your study materials to classmates — for a price. You also can resell intellectual work you create for assignments.

For example, you can put pictures you took for a photography class on a stock photo site and earn passive income if they’re used.

Or if you’re a computer science major, you can offer an online tool you built for a subscription fee.There is a fine line, however, between ethically charging for study materials and letting people cheat off your work (or encouraging it).

Review your college’s honor code and make sure you know where the line is so you stay on the safe side of it. Rent your stuff: Another source of passive income is renting out items you own.

Here are a few ideas:
Your apartment or dorm room: If you’re heading home for a weekend, rent your room or bed for cash. A student with a significant other or friend visiting might be looking for a place for their guest to stay.

Your car: Transportation can be a hot commodity on campus, and many students will pay for it. If the idea of handing over your keys makes you squeamish, look for ways to get paid as a chauffeur.

A girl in my college dorm made extra cash by charging $5 to tag along when she went to the grocery store. And when I drove out of town for long weekends,
I often would cover my gas costs and then some by offering rides.

Your stuff: What else do you have that could be in demand ?
Hot rental items could include a musical instrument, bike, video game console, laptop, snowboard, or skis. List items for rent on the campus bulletin board.
Be sure to consider your costs too.

Your items likely will experience some wear and tear. If you rent out your car, you’ll also need to make sure it’s in safe working order and has sufficient insurance to cover drivers besides yourself. Find and sell stuff for a profit:
If renting out items isn’t your style, you might be able to build a profitable side hustle by selling items instead.

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