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Chapter 1: Concepts & Principles of Passive
Income One of the easiest ways to gain financial independence is to create a stream of income, which doesn’t require you to work actively.

The idea of creating a passive income is to earn money through implementing processes, which enable you to earn an income with little to no effort once the initial foundations have been laid.

What are Passive, Active, and Residual Incomes ?
‘Passive income’ essentially means earning money automatically, while at the same time, requiring less maintenance and without any of your active personal involvement. ‘Residual income’ is passive income that continues to flow in regularly after investing your time, efforts, and participation during the initial stages of work.

A residual income is one of the keys to time freedom and financial freedom.
It occurs when you no longer earn for your personal efforts alone.
Instead, you earn more on the efforts of others,

as well as on the efforts of your money !
On the contrary, ‘active income’ is earning directly by converting time into money. Regardless of its form—whether it is a pay-per-hour job or a salaried occupation—active income is the sum of money received corresponding directly to your time spent working.

With active income, there is a ‘no work-no pay’ policy.
You cannot earn when you do not work. This is the most common income in today’s society. Generally, people who have an active income can only earn based on the total time they have worked.

In comparison to the general public, a smaller proportion of people usually referred
to as “entrepreneurs” earn a passive income from a broad range of sources like real estate rentals, website advertisements, dividends, interests, royalties, franchise fees, etc.

Chapter 2:
Passive Income through
Affiliate Marketing Often bloggers and website creators or owners focus their efforts on promoting particular products or services. As people purchase items through their recommendation, they earn a commission percentage from the sales of the items without extra costs passed on to the purchaser.

In short, affiliate marketing is a ‘cost-per-sale’ (CPS) marketing. It is a low-risk,
high-profit marketing model of attracting unlimited numbers of new customers and leads to a product or service that pays a commission, if and only if, the leads convert to a sale or purchase.

While other business models directly involve taking in customers or working strictly to meet project deadlines, affiliate marketing rather allows you—as a registered affiliate—to earn by referring or recommending merchant products or services that you sincerely believe in and trust.

Dozens of different affiliate broker sites and services are available online. Collectively, they are the ’affiliate networks’ (i.e., ClickBank, Rakuten, Builderall, FlexOffers, etc.). Affiliate networks provide you, as their affiliate, with an array of products or services to pick and promote.

1st passive income idea…
Niche Affiliate Website Becoming an affiliate marketer allows you to create either your own niche affiliate website or affiliate weblog. A niche affiliate website serves as your online platform that focuses on solving a definite problem, which appeals or responds to all the pressing questions people may have about your topic or niche.

The heart-and-soul of your website is to create pages with quality content
and rank them on the search engine results page (SERP) by targeting a specific class of less-competitive keywords. These keywords should entail specifics of the problem, which you resolve by referring to the use of a certain product or service to your site visitors.

Volumes of visiting traffic ensue with your site’s high SERP and keyword rankings. You earn a commission whenever the merchant website completes a purchase transaction through your recommendation !

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 4 2nd
Passive income idea… Lead Generation Website A lead generation website is generally similar to a niche affiliate website, but with a distinctive twist.

Instead of driving sales for merchant businesses, you deliver them with prospective customers or leads. Earning passive income through sending leads is even much easier than driving sales.

Any site visitor who causes a sales action or conversion only needs to register their interest in order for you to earn! Just imagine a content-rich niche affiliate website that shapes its inquiries into a very high conversion rate.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 4 3rd passive income idea… Coupon | Code Website Who doesn’t love a bargain ?
Whenever possible, people like to know that they have brought something for cheaper than its initial cost. Many local businesses use online coupons to attract new leads and grow customer loyalty to their brands.

A money-saving website provides consumers with direct sales value in the form of rebates or discounts on various products or services. It helps people to find the best and latest promo coupons and codes—either digital discount codes for online use or printable shopping coupons to take to the physical store.

When consumers grab their discount code from your site, stored cookies in the consumers’ browsers convey to the merchant that these consumers were referrals from your coupon website.

Thus, you receive commissions from the merchant once consumers buy something or avail a service. Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 3 4th passive income idea… Price Comparison Website At some point during a purchasing decision, consumers use a price comparison website to compare prices of certain products or services.

You could build your own price comparison site serving a certain niche, which details accurately your descriptions, reviews, and breakdowns of all the pros and cons of specific brands, products, or services. You earn passive income through your site by referring your readers to certain affiliate links, which they will visit and execute a purchase.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 3 5th passive income idea… Affiliate Blogging | Authority Blogging First and foremost, an affiliate blog site is different than a niche affiliate website.

On one hand, a niche affiliate website generally involves focusing on contents about a product or service, particularly, using keywords that are easier to rank in the SERPs to convert directly the site visitors into actual buyers. On the other hand, an affiliate blog site tends to focus more on the quality of the contents that can build trust, influence, authority, and a brand.

It is essentially a communication platform where you publish your blog posts on a regular basis in order to provide fresh contents on the why’s and the ways before people purchase a product/service. Regular updates in the form of articles, reviews, news, podcasts, and videos about a certain niche market, will help you to enjoy better rankings in the SERPs while building your solid base of followers and subscribers.

You earn passive income as an affiliate blogger in three ways: Products or Services – You sell your own brand of product or service to your blog audience. Affiliate Earnings Via Affiliate Links – You promote affiliate offers and refer sales to merchant businesses by writing about them in your blog.

You may also create training courses or tutorials and other paid writing assignments. Some authority bloggers do both. Advertising – You can also source your income for showing ads on your weblog or receiving clicks on these ads. Advertisers pay you through the cost-per-mille (CPM) of the ads,
or the price advertisers pay per 1,000 ad impressions on your blog page.

Advertisers can also pay you through the cost-per-click (CPC) of the ads,
or the price advertisers pay for each click made in their pay-per-click (PPC)
ad campaigns. Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 4 |

Profit Potential- 4 6th passive income idea… Guest Blogging If you have a personal blog site that grows and acquires recognition from many followers, as well as influencers, then you can well afford to perform additional work occasionally as a guest blogger for other sites.

Guest blogging is a content marketing method and search engine optimization (SEO) technique applied by blog owners to increase traffic volume of their sites. As a guest blogger, you offer to write helpful and informative contents on the niche sites of other blog owners.

In exchange, you receive links directed to your own blog site with the opportunities of promoting your own niche blog and authority, as well as drawing in more traffic and attention to your own product or service.


Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 4 | Profit Potential- 4 7th passive income idea… Cost per Acquisition (CPA) Affiliate Marketing

This is the easiest way to earn money online. It does not require any skills
to start. It needs neither running a site nor cash to invest. CPA marketing aims to make consumers take some action (i.e., registering an account, or submitting an email, etc.). Initially, you have to apply as an affiliate marketer for a CPA network (e.g., PeerFly, MaxBounty, Clickbooth, etc.).

The network will pay you for realizing its marketing objective. For instance, you create a Facebook page about a particular game affiliated with the network; you will earn money when people register to play it.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level - 3 | Profit Potential- 5 8th
Passive income idea… Google AdSense®

Income Website Using the affiliate broker service of Google AdSense is more convenient and advantageous due to its compatibility with mobile technology.
Ads or links adapt automatically to various screen sizes, thereby, creating greater user experiences and allowing you to keep on earning revenues when your audiences view your website.

Besides, its ‘AdSense Experiments tool provides ad performance periodic reports that help you to assess what ads work for you and fix those that do not.
Thus, you will know the proper ad format and highest-paying ads to place on your site. Google handles the billing process on the advertisers and affiliate networks.
You earn automatically when people click the ads on your site.

However, you will only receive payments after reaching a minimum threshold amount. Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential

- 4 9th passive income idea…
Selling Guest Posts Similar to guest blogging, you earn by promoting your authority and attracting more traffic to your own blog site or product/service. However, you can earn additional income by selling your posts to other blog sites about your expertise, experience, influence, and authority about your particular niche or market.

Therefore, in order for those highly visible websites and blog sites to purchase your guest posts, you need to have built a reputed name for yourself and your blog site in the blogosphere.

Selling your posts will require you to perform a lot of extensive research targeted to your specific niche industry or area of expertise; however, it will be time well spent.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 4| Profit Potential- 4 10th passive income idea… Selling Text Links Many advertisers shop for link ads in a marketplace like BackLinks and Text-Link-Ads.

You only have to include your site for validation in the directory of a marketplace and the system will automatically edit, add, or remove any links purchased, and deposit money into your account.

As an affiliate publisher in the marketplace, you will earn recurring revenues monthly for each link that an advertiser picks to purchase on the unused ad space of your website(s).

Thereafter, you will continue earning credits for every link each month, for as long as your link(s) are active. The Domain Authority status of your site dictates the number of credits earned per link.

The quality of your site is also instrumental in the growth of your link credits. Hence, the more authority and quality your site possess, the more passive income you will make. Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 3 11th passive income idea… Selling Interactive Widget-ize

Ads This is the newest passive income idea. It is also a smarter method of direct advertising online. A fine example is a travel blog, where you would rather have a travel insurance widget and a booking widget in place of a simple display ad in the sidebar.

Visitors can then start clicking through directly in the sidebar; the transaction progresses over to the site of the advertiser. The beauty of interactive widgets is yielding higher click-through rates. With the prevailing average click-through rate of $1 paid by direct advertisers, you can net over $1000 monthly, especially when your site draws in a lot of traffic.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 4 12th passive income idea… Amazon Affiliate Program | Amazon Associates Known as Amazon Associates, the Amazon Affiliate Program is a marketing partnership between you (the advertiser) and Amazon (the seller).

The program gives you a commission whenever your site visitor clicks on your Amazon link and consummates a purchase. Commissions on Amazon are relatively small, starting at 1-2% and often maxing out at about 8-10%.

These rates, however, depend on the type of products you promote as an Amazon Associate. You should also be aware that the program only has 24-hour affiliate cookies unlike those 365-day cookies of other affiliate programs. This denotes that you can only earn a commission if your site visitor clicks on your link and purchases an item within 24 hours.

The Amazon Affiliate Program sells just about everything, but mostly low-priced products such as office supplies and e-Books. The program approves almost everyone who joins its affiliate side, and you can immediately begin promoting Amazon links on your site.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 4 13th passive income idea… Aggregate Affiliate Review Website The general idea of writing an honest review is to persuade your readers to consider their purchase options upon knowing the various positive/negative factors of certain products/services.

Obviously, you earn through generating your affiliate links for the reviewed products/services. Another added bonus of writing niche-focused reviews is making your site content-rich, which is what search engines favor most.
Over time, search engines prefer picking up your keywords, which will boost your site’s SERP rankings.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 3 14th passive income idea… Affiliate Marketing Business Model Versatile Applications The versatile applications or variations of the business patterns of affiliate marketing can have endless possibilities. Their principal concept is very simple.

These variations apply the versatility of the principle used in a niche affiliate webs

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 1 | Profit Potential- 3 17th
Passive income idea…

Robo-Advisor Investment A typical Robo-Advisor collects data and information from you (the investor) about your current financial situation and future goals via an online survey. It then uses your data to offer financial advice; investment management online; and/or, automatically invests your assets.

They provide these low-cost wealth management services and automated investment opportunities based on mathematical algorithms and rules with minimal to moderate human intervention.

Among the growing selection of the top Robo-Advisors are Betterment, Personal Capital, Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, Sig Fig, and Wealthfront. Operating Costs- 2 | Difficulty Level- 4 | Profit Potential- 3 18th
passive income idea…

Index Funds Investment | Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) Index funds are passively managed funds aimed to track and resemble the benchmark of a stock market index (i.e., Standard & Poor’s 500, Nikkei 225, or Financial Times-Stock Exchange 100).

They do not outperform the market unlike the actively managed mutual funds do. Fund managers of mutual funds buy and sell investments to reach a certain goal, which is to provide a specific return or beat the prevailing performance of the stock market index.

In effect, mutual funds trade much more frequently, and thus, offer higher returns than index funds. However, mutual funds require higher investment and management fees. Therefore, it would be more beneficial for you to purchase index funds instead of investing in mutual funds since index funds are much less costly to own.

Besides, index funds perform better than mutual funds towards the longer term. Prime examples of index funds are exchange-traded funds whose shares trade generally at near net asset value per share on a securities exchange. You use ETFs as a mode to diversify easily your portfolios at relatively low costs.

Operating Costs- Varies depending on your investment capability | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 4 19th

passive income idea… Building Certificate of Deposit (CD) Ladders Laddering Certificates of Deposit—or time deposits that usually have less than five-year terms and pay a fixed interest rate—denotes owning several different CDs, each scheduled to mature at different periods during the year.

Thus, you take your CD investment profits as your annual income. Although CDs might not earn as much of a return as other fund investment vehicles, CDs generally come with little to no risk at all.

This ensures a solid and steady passive income source. Operating Costs- Varies depending on your investment capability | Difficulty Level- 1 | Profit Potential- 2 20th

passive income idea… Treasury Bills | Notes | Bonds Investments The ultimate in secure and guaranteed returns of investment are treasury bills or T-bills, along with treasury notes and treasury bonds. These are short-term securities sold in an auction to investors by the government.

As an investor, you purchase T-bills at a discount from their ‘par value’. You receive your earnings at some specified future period, which is anywhere from four days to 365 days. For instance, you pay $4,990 for a T-bill worth $5,000. After that bill matures, you will collect your full $5,000.

The $10-difference is the pegged interest—your reward for lending your money to the U.S. Department of the Treasury within the specified period. T-bills, notes, and bonds only differ with their time horizons. T-bills have a maximum period of 1-year. Notes have maturities of 2, 3, 5, 7, and 10 years.

Bonds mature longer, from 10- to 30-year terms, and offer the middle ground for investing. Bonds are more stable than stocks and produce higher returns than T-bills and notes. Both T-notes and bonds pay out semi-annually with the backing and trust of the U.S. Government.


Operating Costs- Varies depending on your investment capability | Difficulty Level- 1 | Profit Potential- 2 21st

passive income idea… Annuities | Commercial Insurance Contract Investments
An annuity usually refers to a retirement investment plan offered by an employer
or an insurance company to which you make certain contributions over your entire working life.

The company invests your contributions in other instruments and you immediately or later begin receiving payments—the principal amount plus earnings after your retirement—usually, lasting the rest of your life.

You will have options to purchase from among three common annuity investment models, whichever option suits your needs: qualified deferred annuity plan, nonqualified deferred annuity plan, and an immediate annuity plan. Qualified deferred annuity plans are those 403(b),

traditional 401(k) or Roth 401(k), and tax-deferred annuity (TDA) retirement plans to which you may contribute up to their annual limits and typically start taking income from the annuity after you retire.

A nonqualified deferred annuity is a commercial insurance contract investment that does not have any federal limits on your annual contributions.

However, it does not allow you to withdraw your funds until you turn 59½ years old. An immediate annuity plan is an investment contract you buy in a lump sum, usually when you retire and become ready to start receiving income.

Its payouts start immediately, with the annuity company promising the income to last your lifetime. Nonetheless, watch out for their hidden fees, which can eat into your income value. These fees could be in the form of commissions (when you buy your annuity from a broker), surrender charges (when you withdraw your funds within a lock-up period), and annual fees (to pay for the services of handling your money).

Operating Costs- Varies depending on your investment capability
| Difficulty Level- 1 | Profit Potential- 2 22nd

passive income idea…
Dividend-Paying Stocks When buying stocks, you are actually placing your money and trust into the hands of a lone company or more entities.

Your only hope is for those companies to stay long enough in business to pay your returns. Dividend income is cash paid to shareholders of company stocks. The income you receive is dependent on the number of stocks you own and the total amount of company profit to divide.

Dividend-paying stocks pay out every quarter.
Each payment gives you the option to reinvest your dividends to purchase more shares of stock. For this investment vehicle, ensure to educate yourself about stockholding. Only pick solid or high dividend stocks to invest so that you can rely on cash dividends in years to come.

If you do not own a stock investment account, then you can check out Vanguard or Ally Invest. Vanguard takes higher commissions but offers more opportunities to invest in foreign stocks. Ally Invest takes lower commissions, but it does not provide access to international markets.

Operating Costs- Varies depending on your investment capability | Difficulty Level- 2 | Profit Potential- 2 23rd passive income idea… Passive Trading of Stocks & Commodities | Copy Trading Commodity/stock trading is essentially an active income venture. Yet, you can alter the usual approach into a passive income-generating tool.

Unlike active traders, you just need to fit your passive income around your lifestyle instead of dictating it. Therefore, you need not spend all day in front of your computer tracking down the stock markets and performing trades. You may simply want to relinquish your investment capital to a trusted stockbroker or to invest via the automated trading system.


Auto trading, also known as social trading, mirror trading, or copy trading works on the idea of using digital technology to replicate real-time positions or signals of forex/stock trades from other live investors or forex/stock trading system providers you may want to follow.

So, each time they trade, you can copy their trades in your own trading account. Darwinex, eToro, and Pepperstone are just a few copy-trading brokerages to guide your way into passive trading. In the end, it is all about how the services of a broker fit in the puzzle of your investment portfolio.

Operating Costs- Varies depending on your investment capability | Difficulty Level- 5
| Profit Potential- 4 24th passive income idea… Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending As a debt financing method, P2P lending enables people to lend and borrow money without using a financial institution to act as an intermediary.

The method involves more risks, and it demands more of your time and efforts compared to the usual brick-and-mortar lending. Similar to traditional lending contracts, it could have possibilities that borrowers default on the loan. Often, borrowers do not qualify for traditional loans from credit unions or banks.

As a P2P lender, you offer personal unsecured loans to small businesses or individuals looking to take out real estate and commercial loans, student loans, payday loans, etc. For your security, you might prefer lending a secured loan by taking luxury assets like jewelry, watches, and fine art as collateral.

The interest you gain from lending can be higher than those conventional financing institutions, usually averaging more than 10%. You can also avail the services of P2P lending platforms (i.e., LendingClub and Prosper), which pair lenders and borrowers. These platforms grade the borrowers by evaluating their credit risk and determining a credit rating.

The grade indicates both the appropriate interest rate and origination fees. It also becomes your criteria for deciding whom to loan. Operating Costs- 5 | Difficulty Level- 5 | Profit Potential- 4

Chapter 4: Passive Income through Brick & Mortar Businesses Brick and mortar (B&M) business typically undergo intervals of boom and bust, peak and lean seasons, and long financial lulls to products flying off the shelves.

Operating the appropriate enterprise can ease these inevitable fluctuating periods.
It can even be a great passive income investment vehicle.

However, a B&M business generally involves higher risks, operating costs,
and more components necessitating more efforts. Thus, before making it as your passive income source, you should study and research more about the dynamics of B&M outlets.

25th passive income idea… Local Business Partnership | Silent Shareholding Instead of offering loans to business owners, you take equity stakes in their businesses.
The bottom line, invest in the right business !

The idea is looking for business owners who already carved a niche in their industry through their existing business systems but are planning for ways to expand their operations. In short, these business owners simply need the extra cash flow in order for their businesses to grow.

In a local business partnership or silent shareholding setup, the business owner handles the day-to-day affairs of the business while you act as a silent partner, collaborating ‘silently’ by putting in your money for the expansion plans of the business. In return, you receive ‘equity’—an ownership interest being a shareholder of the business—and earn shares of the profits.

Operating Costs- 4/5 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 3 26th
Passive income idea…

Venture Capitalism | Risk Capital Venture capitalism, also called risk capital, usually invests in startup companies and innovative enterprises
(i.e., high technology, software development, etc.)

with huge potentials for raking in massive profits. As a venture capitalist, you should also look for businesses with a large potential market, a sound management team, and a unique product/service that has a strong competitive advantage. Additionally, look for opportunities in industries that you are more familiar with the business operations.

Similar to being a silent shareholder, you will have chances of owning large equity positions in your selected companies. Hence, your role can be either as a consultant or as a seating member of the board or as a silent partner who can influence their directions.

Compensation to the fund managers of the venture capital ranges from 18% to 20% of the company profits while the remaining goes to all limited partners investing in the fund. General partners are due to an additional 2% fee.

Operating Costs- 5 | Difficulty Level- 5 | Profit Potential- 5 27th passive income idea… Buying/Selling a Local Business Buying an already established business or an existing local business that has its own fluid operations and processes in place has proven histories of making profits.

You can find such businesses for sale at, OLX, LinkBusiness, and AngelInvestorsNetwork. Make sure that the business you pick suits your passions or hobbies. It is also crucial for you to understand how the purchased business works since you always expect the worst circumstances to happen when having your own business.

One reason why you would like to buy an existing business is that the startup costs are high. It makes more financial sense purchasing an already established business than starting from scratch. In order for this business idea to create passive income, ensure that you have someone to run the day-to-day operations of the business.

You also have the option of selling the business after making it more profitable and seek for other more promising opportunities.

Operating Costs- 5 | Difficulty Level- 5 | Profit Potential- 5 28th passive income idea…

Purchasing a Franchise Similar to buying an established local business, purchasing
a franchise business is a bright investment that offers you a built-in process. As a franchise, you pay a start-up fee and annual licensing fees for the right to sell or rent the franchisor’s products and maintain using its name.

The franchisor helps you out in getting started with the operations and even in looking for a good location for the business; thus, giving you more free time
as a business owner.

Operating Costs- Varies depending on cost of the franchise| Difficulty Level- 4 |
Profit Potential- 5 29th passive income idea…

Purchasing a Vending Machine Business Obviously, vending machines come with higher up-front costs. Yet, maintaining a successful vending machine business helps you to earn passive income over time. Your key is finding the strategic locations to install the machines. You can check out and contact those B&M businesses having more than 100 daily workers in their building.

Ask those workers what preferable items to have in your machines, and then, stock accordingly. If you wish to reduce your involvement in the business, then you can hire someone who will stock your machines.

Operating Costs- 3 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 2/3 30th
Passive income idea...

Launching a Local/Micro-Business & Outsourcing It Starting a business from scratch can take tons of your time, efforts, and resources.

Besides, many B&M businesses can barely scratch the surface of their potential, especially in driving sales. However, once you have ironed out the details of your small business and lined up a few clients, you can outsource everything—from management to marketing to operations, and even to customer support.

The idea is to have the right and reliable people who can take over and run the business for you. Outsourcing also denotes the divergence of your operations with online services to dig deeper on the marketing possibilities of your B&M business.
In its entirety, you only need to check your business occasionally and spend the rest of your time building your next businesses.


Operating Costs- 4/5 | Difficulty Level- 4 | Profit Potential- 5

Chapter 5: Passive Income through Bricks & Clicks Businesses Bricks & clicks (B&C) businesses or the combination of traditional business operations carried out on physical premises and digital technology applications have increasingly expanded since the 2000s.

More and more established companies and entrepreneurs have been creating profitable products such as web apps, mobile apps, and other software apps
for digital distribution to customers online. These innovative technological applications offer more value to all B&C businesses without delivering physical products or direct services.

They eliminate directly the need for manufacturing the products, stocking or warehousing them, as well as distributing them through a network of delivery services, shipping, and physical retail outlets. More importantly, they enhance
user experiences or the buying processes of the customers.

In effect, B&C businesses have become the ideal mode of doing business nowadays. 31st passive income idea... Drop Shipping Store | e-Commerce Website With the booming growth of e-Commerce, drop shipping has become a very popular retailing concept.

It is a revolutionary concept, which essentially rids out most of the frustrations involved in operating a retail store and the entailing risks of selling physical products. You create an online retail store (drop-shipper) that offers products from third-party suppliers or manufacturers.

When your costumers visit your store to order and pay for a product, your drop-shipping system collects your sales profits and sends the orders to your specific supplier.

Your supplier will then complete the orders by shipping the items directly to your customers (refer to Image-2). It is as simple as that! Its principal benefits include the following: Low Operating and Launching Costs – You do not invest up front in your product inventory.

No Stocking of Product Inventories and Handling of Shipping and Product
Returns – Your suppliers carry your inventory levels, handle shipping/delivery, and item returns. Less Risky – It does not necessitate you to purchase in bulk stocks, which might not sell.

Mobile- and Location-Independent – You may run your business from anywhere else, for as long as you have a strong internet connection. Your site has the potential to earn from $10,000+ per month in net profit. Similar to most drop shipping sites, your traffic originates mostly from Facebook ads.

Running a strong and sustainable drop shipping business only takes less
of your time. The bulk and vital cog of your work are generally implementing effective marketing strategies, fulfilling orders, customer support service,
and maintenance.

However, you can readily outsource each of these scopes of work. Additionally, it is important to look for those reliable suppliers with competitive products. You should collaborate with suppliers on AliExpress.

To power your site, you may use Shopify (the leading e-Commerce site solution for drop shippers).

Operating Costs- 5 | Difficulty Level- 5 | Profit Potential- 5 32nd
Passive income idea…

Launching an Online Storefront at Shopify® Whether you intend selling creative stuff you made or reselling items you bought, expand your market base by launching an online storefront.

The difficulty level only depends on what you sell. It could be more difficult to sell personal creations than reselling items that already exist. Either way, e-Commerce websites like Shopify can make it easier than ever to earn passive income by selling items online. Shopify has ready-made templates to make it easier for you to create, design, and manage your online store.

Besides, its built-in tools help you to create promotions/coupons, handle returns, process payments, and share your store on Facebook, Google Shopping, eBay, and on price comparison sites like Bizrate, Nextag, and PriceGrabber.

Operating Costs- 4 | Difficulty Level- 4 | Profit Potential- 4 33rd passive income idea… Selling Items in an Auction | Creating an e-Bay® Business Store “One’s garbage is another person’s treasure.” If you have a trove of valuable items that you do not use anymore, then you can sell them in an auction on e-Bay.

Antiques and rare collectibles sell better on e-Bay than other e-Commerce sites.
E-Bay also accepts other things that Amazon stores do not sell such as used baby items and used clothing. The site even performs selling better with larger items such as furniture and auto vehicles.

However, listing items on e-Bay does involve more work and it can take longer to sell your things on e-Bay than to sell them on Amazon. Alternatively, you can create your e-Bay business by buying products at thrift stores and reselling them at a higher margin.

Your key to this income stream is sharpening your ability to choose the right items to sell—either too overpriced or not easily available locally.
An example of this is buying items in bulk at lower prices that are only available in one location. You then sell them on e-Bay internationally at premium prices that include high foreign rates.

Operating Costs- 1/2 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 3 34th
Passive income idea…

3rd Party Selling on Amazon® Store Be a third-party seller on Amazon stores worldwide and earn money by importing cheaper, refurbished, used, new, and collectible merchandise, and then, selling it for a larger profit. Nearly half of Amazon sales come from items sold by individual third-party sellers.

You can also exploit a temporary discrepancy in prices by setting your own prices for the items you sell on the site. Therefore, prices can vary for identical or similar items from other sellers. The bottom line though for all third-party sellers is buying low and selling high.

With Amazon, you will have more tools to reach and capture a broader market with your products. However, you need to learn how to build your profitable Amazon affiliate store that functions as a powerful e-Commerce site.

You must also know which bestselling products on Amazon are before you sell. Otherwise, you will only be tying up your money on items that carry much stiffer competition among fellow sellers on the site. As a third-party seller, you receive orders just as customers place their orders on

After the customers added the items to their carts and completed these orders via the Amazon checkout process, Amazon disburses their funds to you without passing along any payment information of the customers.

Operating Costs- 3 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 4 35th
Passive income idea…

Selling Digital Artworks on Etsy® Store The Etsy e-Commerce store has initially built its reputation as the ultimate marketplace for handmade products and gift items. However, during the recent years, it has also carved its niche for selling all types of printable items. Its Instant Digital Download™ feature allows you as a crafter to upload your printable products directly into your listing on the website for only a minimal fee.

You can create your passive income from these printable items by selling them repeatedly for a profit. These items can range from creative templates, which buyers can fill in themselves such as greeting cards, coloring pages,
party signs and the likes;

art and wall decor prints such as inspirational wall quotes, bible verses, nursery artworks, funny quotes, and others; and, printable planners such as budget planners, meal planners, monthly calendars, etc.

Operating Costs- 1/2 | Difficulty Level- 2/3 | Profit Potential- 3 36th
Passive income idea…

Selling Creative Designs (CafĂ© Press® | Teespring®) If you are the artistic type who always has funny ideas and cute designs for just about everything, earn money off them by uploading and selling your designs to CafePress, Teespring, or Redbubble.

These sites will pair your designs with products such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, and laptop covers, etc., and sell them directly to customers. When shoppers visit these sites and purchase your design to pair with a product item, the site pays you a portion of the proceeds. All these sites will handle both the costs of the production and shipping/delivery of the products.


Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 3 37th Passive income idea…

Selling Stock Photography If you are an avid photographer, whether a hobbyist, aficionado, or professional, selling stock photography can be a fulfilling way to make extra bucks monthly.

Speaking of stock images, this implies that you must have professional photography gears and equipment, which actually jacks up your operating costs.

Never expect earning a living from selling stock photos since money from this business idea does not flow steadily. Nonetheless, if you persist to earn more with
a steady income, you ought to build your portfolio of professional-shot images. Stocksy, Shutterstock, and Getty Images are the prominent stock photography sites that pay attractive royalties whenever clients download and purchase your submitted and approved photos.

Stocksy pays the highest, reaching up to 50% for each photo !
The only work you do is to submit your photos, and this only requires you performing just once! Therefore, once your photos go live, they are up for repeated purchases, netting you a royalty each time.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 3 38th
Passive income idea…

Online Niche Marketplace Airbnb—an online marketplace and hospitality service for people to lease short-term accommodations—has revolutionized the ways people book their accommodation. This similar concept is applicable to various niches online.

Online marketplaces cater to the huge demands of people across the globe with certain shared interests. These sites enable both businesses and individuals to list their products or services for the consumption of their target markets.

Contrary to beliefs that it requires a team of developers to construct your own online marketplace website, you can actually create it within a matter of hours.

You can use promotion platforms like Craigslist,
Twitter, and Product Hunt to create
a buzz for the official launching of your online marketplace. Once you completed your website design and launch, you can start receiving your first few sign-ups.
You earn passive income by charging customers a monthly subscription fee to your chosen niche.

Operating Costs- 2 | Difficulty Level- 4 | Profit Potential- 4 39th
Passive income idea…

Online Business Investment Planning to operate your own online business can take you more time and efforts during its startup phase. Fast track your plans by buying an existing online business that already generates steady income.

Check out the listings of Biz Buy Sell, Empire Flippers, and Flippa for hundreds of passive income-generating online businesses up for sale. For only a few thousand bucks, you can grab a bargain that earns profits ranging anything from $1,000 to $5,000 per month. A word of advice, make sure to do your own diligent research prior to purchasing an online business.

Additionally, you should learn some fundamentals of online marketing so that you will be able to grow and maintain the business from the time of your purchase.
You may render some minor tweaks of your online business by implementing a conversion rate optimization process—a method of growing your sales by or from the volume of your traffic.

The process further involves installing some basic strategies as follows:
Squeeze Page—a landing page designed to capture and squeeze opt-in email addresses of your site visitors or potential subscribers Email Autoresponder—a program that automatically generates sets of responses to all messages sent to certain email addresses Lead Magnets—are incentives or opt-in ‘bribe’ you offer to potential buyers in return for having their contact information such as name, email address, phone number, etc.

By implementing these simple tweaks, you can take your business to another level.
It is common for online businesses to double their profits just by simply optimizing some sections of their site.

Compared to buying a B&M business, the risks in buying an online business are lower. Online businesses are cheaper and do not have much overhead cost and physical assets to deal with.

Operating Costs- Varies depending on your investment capability/cost of the business | Difficulty Level- 4 | Profit Potential- 4/5 40th
Passive income idea…

Website | Blogsite Flipping
You may also flip the online business or blog site you have just bought.
If your intent is to make a quick profit without going through all the hassles of operating the business further, you can try to sell it for more than you have invested in to it.

Many blog owners sell their sites because they no longer have the time to run them. Some burn out because their blog site no longer makes enough money, others just cannot refuse a good offer. It will take further research to look for a blog site worth buying.

At the very least, the blog site must be a year old and receive 10,000 visits per month. Half of these monthly visits must come from search engines; meaning, the blog site has sound SEO fundamentals. It should also be under-monetized, which denotes that the owner has not exploited optimally its potentials.

Operating Costs- 2/3 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 3 41st
Passive income idea…

Buying/Selling Domain Names Internet domain names can be priceless. Search engines provide value to a domain name as an indication of a site topic. What then could be the domain names to look for, buy, and sell ?

The short answer to this is; it could be just about anything you can imagine an entrepreneur might come across and start a business using. Some of these entreprenours will be willing to pay anything from $500 to $2,000+ to secure
the right domain name.

Choosing a good domain name to purchase does involve some luck. However,
there are also ways of researching names, which could be classified as ‘better’.

Exact match domains (EMDs) are great because they match precisely a targeted search engine query and can obtain high rankings in the SERPs for such query; but Google has started penalizing the use of EMDs, especially for a low-quality content site using the domain.

You could also try those alternate top-level domains (i.e., .info, .tv, .me, etc.), but 80% of the market still remains looking for the

Thus, your safest bet would be looking for strong keywords, which can receive at least 800 monthly searches globally. Alternatively, you can readily buy domain names at Flippa. Once you register your domain names, simply hook them up to GoDaddy auctions.

You just set a reserve price, and then, wait.
Although much of these names never sell, the 20% that do make the holding periods of all your domains worthwhile.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 2 | Profit Potential- 3 42nd
Passive income idea…

Website Rental Business The website rental business is actually a more stable and profitable type of online passive income generation. It enables you to earn money now and onwards through residual earnings. Think about this: When buying and selling a site, you have to shell out a substantial amount upfront.

At the same time, you need to improve the site for SEO, quality contents, etc.
Besides, you will have to look for a willing buyer who will be paying you more than your original purchase price of the site, as well as compensating for your time and efforts in improving it.

With a website rental, you can simply build your site from the ground up. In short,
you can build it much cheaper. As soon as you find renters, you just plug in their businesses while charging them a monthly or yearly fee.

From thereon, you only have to develop contents occasionally and perform routine site maintenance, regular tasks that any site owner does responsibly.

Operating Costs- 2 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 3

Chapter 6: Passive Income through.
Real Estate Investment During the olden days, you needed huge sums of money so that you can invest in real estate. Thanks to major advances in modern technology, investing in real estate has now become liberalized.

You can now get started to invest in real estate even if you only have $1,000
or $500 in your pocket. If you really do not have any but your credibility and an honest repute, then you can be creative by using other people’s money (OPM).

43rd passive income idea…
Using Other People’s Money (OPM) in Real Estate Investment Deals Many seasoned entrepreneurs rely on real estate investment deals as their prime investment strategy because the risks involved are only minimal. Thus, it can also be your safest sanctuaries to invest or hedge your funds into and earn a steady stream of passive income.

Investing in real estate deals is particularly about buying rental properties.
If you would be investing by your own, success in real estate investments would rather require you to be completely proficient and skilled with:

Leveraging your bank funds or loans Looking for the best rental properties Searching for the appropriate tenants With only little cash in your pocket, your best route to investing in property deals is to leverage bank funds or using other people’s money (OPM).

This helps you to optimize and augment your cash flow.
Try figuring out this example: You have an opportunity for investing in a rental property but do not have the cold cash to purchase and invest in it. You will then use a favorable loan from your bank to mortgage the property and pay
for a down payment.

You rent out the purchased property monthly using the loan pay down scheme.
This implies that after obtaining a loan to buy your property, your tenant will actually be paying off part of your monthly loan payments.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 5 | Profit Potential- 5 44th passive income idea…
Real Estate Investments Trust (REIT) A REIT is a professionally managed investment scheme modeled after the mutual fund program where shareholders fund the business and trade in their diversified holdings. It owns, operates, and finances income-generating real properties.

The trust program provides you with so many opportunities for acquiring ownership of residential houses, apartment complexes, and commercial properties in two principal ways:

Equity REIT—lets you own properties while earning money by leasing them out. Mortgage REIT—lets you own mortgages by purchasing them from moneylenders for mortgages.

You earn from the interests gained on the mortgage loans.
A REIT is a safe and reliable choice to invest your funds since it involves
the following: Regular Dividends for Shareholders:

As mandated by law, it maintains a dividend payout ratio or the amount earned by shareholders relative to 90% of taxed profits of the company. Lesser Capital Costs:
It only requires a minimum of $500 to start investing and no work at all. Reduced Taxation: It does not pay taxes on the dividends.

Lower Volatility:
It has a stable and strong market record for shielding the investment from inflations and appreciating long-term shares.
Mostly, a REIT pays monthly dividends to the shareholders with a typical ROI ranging from 4% to 7%; so, for your minimum $500-investment on a 6% ROI,
it translates to a $2.50-monthly earning.

So, you will need to think about investing a larger sum of money if you want to enjoy something that approximates to decent returns.

Operating Costs- Varies depending on your investment capability | Difficulty Level- 2 | Profit Potential- 3 45th passive income idea…

Crowdfunded Real Estate Investment Platforms (Fundrise®) Real Estate may be a great way to earn while you are asleep, but it somehow requires steeper costs to purchase one. Hence, for a less costly option, you can join and use a crowdfunding platform.

The Fundrise crowdfunded Real Estate investment platform is an easy and low-cost investment program that only requires you to pay out $500 as your initial investment. The program offers three major online REIT options:
Income e-REIT™—focuses on investments in high quality and debt-ridden properties. Growth e-REIT™—a buy-and-hold strategy when demand exceeds supply, stressing on value investment in low-cost housing units.

Equity e-REIT™—a liquidity redemption plan offered quarterly.
As most property deals require at least $5,000, you can also reckon with RealtyShares, which requires a $1,000 minimum initial investment.

With RealtyShares, the platform allows you to choose a particular property of your choice to invest. While it caters mostly to solutions for common equity debts and commercial senior debts (high-priority debts), RealtyShares also increases leveraging your finances by providing financing solutions for subordinated debts or junior debts.

This means that your debt, as an unsecured creditor, can be up for payment
in the event of insolvency, but only after the platform settles completely the claims
of secured creditors and senior debts.

In other words, a subordinated debt carries higher risks for the platform since it incurs a lower priority for repayments. For this reason, the interest rates and repayment terms are less favorable than senior debts. Put in mind that certain levels of risks are common in investing.

Operating Costs- 3 | Difficulty Level- 4 | Profit Potential- 3 46th
Passive income idea…

Storage Space Rental (STOW-IT®) Host your extra, vacant, or idle spaces since other people would always be thinking whether there exists a sort of service like Airbnb for storing or warehousing their huge possessions like a recreation vehicle (RV), boat, etc.

Fact is that STOW-IT is altering the storage sector by networking people who have vacant storage spaces with others who badly need it! Its services offer clients a wide array of storage space types to choose from and rent. You may list your extra spaces on their marketplace for a quicker and more convenient booking for their occupancies.

The listing cost is free and the process only takes you a few minutes by logging on to their site. Unlike other traditional storage rental or warehousing companies, STOW-IT does not have lock-in contract agreements with you for listing your storage spaces with them.

Operating Costs- 3 | Difficulty Level- 2 | Profit Potential- 3 47th
Passive income idea…

Short-Term Accommodation Rental (Airbnb®) Similar to the idea of renting out your storage spaces, you can also lease out your guest room or vacation home that has been unoccupied or only used a couple of times a year.

Space rental marketplaces and travel hospitality websites such as Airbnb, VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner), and HomeAway enable you to list your properties and vacant lodging spaces on their respective marketplaces.
Your income depends on the terms of tenure.

A shorter-term rental of your space earns you more compared to a traditional lease. Although there are pros and cons in listing and leasing out your space on each marketplace, you can systemize them. Verify first with your local laws whether offering short-term rents are legal in your area. The risks involved are just usually those horrible stories from irresponsible tenants.

Operating Costs- 1/2 | Difficulty Level- 1 | Profit Potential- 3 48th
Passive income idea…

Garage Space Rental (JustPark®) List your garage space for lease on JustPark and ensure your advert describes your garage/parking space, price, location, and other extra facilities offered like lighting, electricity, etc.

You only need a neat and organized garage and permission from your property owner (if necessary) to lease out your parking space or garage. JustPark provides you and the renter with a parking agreement contract after completing a booking.

The contract stipulates the terms of payment, fees, and rental duration (this can vary from daily, weekly to monthly basis). JustPark will collect the first monthly rental fee, and thereafter, set up the continuous payments on your behalf.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 2 | Profit Potential- 3 49th
Passive income idea…

Airport Parking Space Investment Due to the limited time and effort needed to handle assets while yielding high returns, investing in airport parking spaces becomes the new path for traditional investment vehicles.

The industry generates ROI of up to 12% more compared to the usual investment methods. The aviation industry, particularly in the U.K., continues to grow and gain momentum without showing signs of slowing down.

dapting to this business environment is to invest in the high demand for new parking spots across multiple airports, which are busy hives and prime real estate properties. For this type of investment, it only involves taking an airport car parking spot that requires you performing a few easy tasks.

Thereafter, you just add value to the real property or your car park services by maintaining it regularly or implementing a redevelopment. Typically, your initial investment for one parking spot would be roughly $30,000.

Similar to investing in real estate property deals, you will have to use OPM or acquire a loan from your bank so you will fully own the parking spot(s) and have a title deed, which guarantees your absolute property ownership.

On 12% ROI, you will surely earn at least $300 monthly doing nothing !
What more if you take more spots ?
For the first few years, you will receive fixed returns as an investor.
After which, you can shift into a business scheme where you will earn an equal share of the profits from the entire car parking area.


Operating Costs- 5 | Difficulty Level- 2 | Profit Potential- 5 50th Passive income idea…

Digital Real Estate:
Paid Content Models (Subscription DNA®) In terms of digital real estate, recall your niche affiliate website. Monetizing its content or marketing instruments is another desirable source of earning passive income from it.

This does not mean installing banner ads on your site using Google AdSense. Instead, you apply for a paid content model that sells your digital real estate
for advertising.

A paid content model could be either a one-time subscription mode or a regular membership. With this model, when a visitor-customer goes to your site, you go simultaneously behind your installed paywall—your website feature thatallows exclusive access to paid-up subscribers for exclusive pages or premium contents; and then, you start charging the customer for accessing all of your articles.

Essentially, your site presents some of your contents free while it pegs a
price for those more compelling and valuable informative articles or exclusive contents (i.e., eBook, graphics, definitive guide, white paper, podcast, etc.).


Chapter 8:
Passive Income through Consultancy & Instructional Services Consultancy is the practice of giving your professional advice or providing your expertise to a business or an individual consumer.

As a consultant, you are acting in an advisory capacity of helping to bring about people and business entities from their current circumstances to their desired situation. The best business consultants typically perform their trade by asking the important questions.

They mostly derive these questions from their skills and knowledge accumulated through the years of direct participation in specific activities.

In short, people and business hire consultants for their experiences to facilitate demands like: Skills and Knowledge—to equip people or businesses on achieving their goals.

Acceleration—to achieve their goals and aspirations faster. Tested System—to enable following a proven system. However, you do not need formal qualifications or special certificates to create a flourishing coaching business.

Often, we are just not aware that most of the obstacles we hurdled in the past are truly valuable lessons of experience, which other people badly need in overcoming theirs in the same way we did! 62nd passive income idea…

Consulting/Coaching Agency Business Fulfill your dream of becoming a consultant or coach by taking your life experiences as your passion for helping out people to overcome the same issues.

This is a chance to transform your passion cleverly into a viable business.
Most successful consulting/coaching businesses have only one or two people running the entire show.

They often work on a simple template of evaluating and identifying personal issues, implementing transformational strategy sessions, and engaging clients to life transformation programs. You can easily duplicate their operations and working template for your own coaching venture. Although the business is not entirely passive, it is an ideal business concept of sharing your current experience and expertise with the world.

Operating Costs- 2 | Difficulty Level- 4/5 | Profit Potential- 5 63rd
Passive income idea…

Counseling Center ( People will always seek assistance in certain areas of their life and daily affairs. If you are sure that you can help people, then create a Skype account and join a consulting service website, to begin your counseling center. The site enlists you and your expertise in their service page alongside experts in various fields (i.e., psychology, finance, taxation, dating or relationships, etc.).
Customers request for a paid call at your hourly rate.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 2 | Profit Potential- 4 64th
Passive income idea…

Digital Marketing Agency Services Some businesses do not have proven systems in place to acquire their new customers or leads. They simply depend on referrals and word-of-mouth advertising. This poses a big problem in most industries like forcing businesses to close due to a lack of customers.

However, if you can offer solutions to such issues, then you can possibly hit a goldmine through the digital marketing consulting business model.

Typically, a digital marketing consulting agency helps certain tradesmen (from plumbers to electricians) and professionals (from therapists to dentists) to gain more clients through Facebook ads or Google’s pay-per-click advertising.

Therefore, your consulting agency will be an online business that provides your clients with various digital marketing services. You should specialize in a specific niche or selected field so that you can establish your expertise and authority, as well as to charge higher fees.

This is not solely a passive income idea, especially right from the start; but after you established your specialization in your niche, you can already outsource most of the tasks like setting up your reliable and proven digital systems for helping professionals acquire more customers.

Operating Costs- 2 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 5 65th
Passive income idea…

Marketing for Local Businesses Many local businesses struggle to cope with the rapid pace of the World Wide Web. They experience declining levels of customers as more and more people discover better deals online. Social media marketing is full of opportunities.

However, these local businesses find themselves clueless on how to improve their presence online or even create new leads. Most of them do not even have the time to handle and expand their social media presence.

Yet, these local businesses are inclined to pay for someone who can manage their activities and presence on social media. This is a huge opportunity for creating an online marketing consulting business while earning passive income.

As a marketing consultant, you should have the proper social media marketing and management skills for these local businesses. With your services, you can charge a monthly retainer fee. This business consultancy type also enables you to scale your operations. It only requires a couple of people at the most to manage easily twenty or so clients or sites, especially when you outsource some of the tasks to inexpensive freelancers.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 2/3 | Profit Potential- 4 66th
Passive income idea…

Backseat Recruitment Business Job recruitment consultants are those who look for ideal and qualified candidates for specific job vacancies. They focus their search on senior managerial or high profile job vacancies since they earn more commission in the process.

A recruiter can bring home commission earnings between 15% and 30% of the annual salary of each candidate landing the job. Hence, for a $150,000 annual income of an IT cyber-security director, that translates to $45,000 yearly at 30% or $3,750 monthly for only a single person !

Operating and launching expenses are insignificant for this type of business.
To get started, you only need a stable internet connection service, a laptop, a smartphone, and a regular LinkedIn Recruiter subscription account so you can
recruit passive or active talents.

The process involves identifying job vacancies and looking for suitable matches via LinkedIn. Thereafter, you will reach out to prospects and start the ball rolling.

Perhaps, the most crucial part of this passive income endeavor is having exceptional soft skills—desirable qualities inherent in certain professions, which do not necessarily depend on acquired knowledge.

These traits include a positive and flexible attitude; sound practical judgment; common sense; and, the ability to deal with people, especially in building rapport and forging new connections. You may also incorporate a business and come up with tested processes of scouring job vacancy leads and reaching agreements with employers.

By working these out by yourself, you will know what works for you and what does not. Furthermore, you can hire and train other people to do all the works for you. Ideally, when employing recruitment consultants, offer them a lower pay, but provide them with an attractive incentive package.

■Hear the Text instead of Reading■

Transfer text to speech

Operating Costs- 1/2 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 5 67th
Passive income idea…

Problem Solving Through Products or Services Most business ideas crop up unexpectedly. However, conceiving a bright business idea should be a direct response to a particular need in the market.

The question is how would you find or identify a hungry market ?
The answer; you can find one by performing research about the prevailing issues and obstacles within the market you are based in.

When you are a problem solver in a business and you are able to identify these issues, you should gain unlimited opportunities for developing various types of businesses and unexploited business concepts. Not only these ideas provide you with greater chances of success in pursuing and realizing your newly discovered business concept but also, generating a flow of passive income.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 3 68th
Passive income idea…

Remote Tutorials on Language Teaching a language, particularly English, is a big and fulfilling business. Just think about the population of China and its government, which has recently hinted the nation’s willingness to learn English.

If you love teaching or had experiences teaching language, then you can be a remote English language tutor. Remote tutors are highly in demand and earn good money since more people turn to the conveniences and positive advantages of learning remotely through the digital classroom !

The best way to redirect this course into your own remote English language tutorial business that earns residual income is to follow the similar route taken by the white-label services business concept. Whereas anyone can be a remote language tutor, anyone can also outsource the scopes of work. You simply hire freelancers who will be comprising your tutorial staff.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 1 | Profit Potential- 3 69th
Passive income idea…

Building an Online Course | Class (Teachable®) A digital course and membership website is one business concept suitable for the more experienced and seasoned digital entrepreneur. It works by creating a value-packed online course that helps
to solve a problem or fills a need.

The course can include videos, e-books, and emails with pertinent information. Customers sign up to purchase the course, and your system automatically emails them everything they need to access the materials. This will not be easy to accomplish, as it will take you some time to set up your site, record the training, and write out the manuals and whatever else will be needed to make a good course.

Nevertheless, when you complete these preliminary works, everything is massively passive from thereon. It will be worth breaking your back creating video courses and volumes of written content if they will be the best of their kind. Customers will be more than happy to pay you at least a thousand bucks or more.

Joining the Teachable online platform may also help you to do all the heavy lifting for you. If you have the expertise in any specific niche, then you can never go wrong with creating your own digital course. It will be your greatest source of passive income. You will earn money for the price of the course you created.


Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 5 70th Passive income idea…

Creating a YouTube® Channel People make a lot of money on YouTube every single day and there are many ways to monetize your channel. The key to your success with YouTube is to build and grow a large viewership and subscriber base.

It may consume your time initially, but once your videos are live, you can always rely on their potentials to make passive income. Given the fact that you might not make a living out of a few videos, be ready to create more than a hundred videos if you really want to pull this off.

Statistics show that instructional types are more viable and earn better for you.
You are also able to earn through ads on your videos as well as affiliate links, which you can promote through the videos.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 2/3 | Profit Potential- 5 71st
Passive income idea…

Conducting Webinars | Workshops | Conferences You might as well package your expertise. People are more than willing to pay for your services as long as they are
of a good quality. One way to get into conducting webinars or workshops is to book yourself a free speaking engagement where you can share your knowledge about your niche, whatever that may be.

Apart from your speech, you can also ask your audience to sign up for your newsletter so that you can sell your print-on-demand resource books, video series,
or product to interested entities.

Although this idea is not entirely passive, the potential of developing a product and selling it to thousands of people at one time will definitely make you money. It does not even require you to create a new product for every sale.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 2 | Profit Potential- 4

Chapter 9: Passive Income through Mobile Applications
Mobile apps produce a passive income in two ways: Either you create your own mobile app so you can monetize from it or you can simply earn money by just using
a mobile niche app.

Seeing free apps tending to outmaneuver paid ones, your most crucial factor in monetization is finding out how to capitalize on those new app users. You have an option though to monetize your app do nothing by just signing up with the marketing platform, Leadbolt, and get $50 instantly.

The site helps you to maximize your app revenues through their premium monetization solutions. Among their valuable solutions is instantly connecting your created app with the best-suited premium ad partners in their ‘Direct Deals Marketplace’ technology.

This matches pertinent ad messages and inventory that will deliver an optimized campaign performance for the advertiser and your app. The creation of free apps provides you with so many advantages.

One is making the most out of its monetization strategies, which include affiliate income and referral marketing, advertising, Amazon Underground™, collecting and selling data, email marketing, Freemium™ upsell, in-app purchases, physical purchases and merchandise, sponsorship, and subscriptions.

For earning money through using a specific smartphone app, you simply capitalize on their offers of cash, discounts, coupons or gift cards by doing activities you mostly do anyway.

With lots of these mobile apps, you only have to pick the best that will let you earn while not wasting your time. 72nd passive income idea…
App Design & Development During the past few years, the growth of the mobile market has drastically skyrocketed.

Industry experts predict its steady rise to continue without any letdown over the years to come. Recent statistics show 80% of Web users own smartphones and mobile app usage has already surpassed desktop usage since 2014.

With projected global revenues of $190 billion in 2020, mobile app use is truly a digital gold mine ! This only prompts you to create your own app to satisfy people’s needs or for your business to engage further with your customers while charging only a small amount upfront.

People buy and use apps for almost about everything from gaming to dating to business, and even to dinner deliveries—you name it, there’s an app for it.
If you are not a mobile app developer, you don’t need to worry.

CodementorX is a risk-free hiring site that can link you up to the top 2%
of freelance mobile app developers to do the job for you. As your initial investment, you will pay an hourly rate of about $80-$100 to an expert developer who will create your app in a relatively short period of time.

When selling your app and making it available, focus only on two platforms—Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Both feature a 70-30 split of the revenues, where the platform takes 30% while your 70%.

Operating Costs- 4 | Difficulty Level- 5| Profit Potential- 5 73rd
Passive income idea…

Using a Money-Saving Bot (Trim®)
Some people say that the best way to make money is simply to save money. Your paid subscriptions, particularly those that go unused,
will surely add up over time.

Trim is a free money-saving bot mobile app that will analyze your accounts to find recurring subscriptions and determine where you can save more money.
It allows you to know how much you are paying for all of your subscriptions every month and recommends canceling unwanted ones with
a simple text message .

The bot will not only keep track of all your subscriptions but also, it can find your better car insurance policy and negotiate your monthly utility bills like Internet and cable services so that you can keep more money in your pocket.
In addition, you can grow your money with the app’s Simple Savings™.

You just set it and forget it with automated weekly transfers into a high-yield savings account. This mobile app may not directly qualify as a passive income venture, but it will greatly help you in plugging the holes of your passive income cash flow bucket.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 1 | Profit Potential- 2 74th
Passive income idea…

Getting Paid for Installing an App (Cash for Apps®)
The Cash for Apps is a free mobile app that pays you to install apps advertised on their offerwalls. You can then delete those downloaded apps after you are credited points. You can also earn bonus points by referring your friends.

It is also your fastest way to earn gift cards and in-app purchases free. So here is how it works: Action: install selected apps Payment: 300 points=$1.00 Redemption: cash or gift cards Cash threshold before cashing out: $1.00 Store: iOS and Android

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 1 | Profit Potential- 1 75th
Passive income idea…

Getting Paid for Viewing/Interacting with Ads (Fronto®)
The Fronto app displays ads and news on your Android's lock screen.
View and interact with each ad and earn points, which you can exchange for cash,
gift cards, or coupons. While the free app offers low earnings, efforts to accumulate points are almost non-existent.

The only downside is that the app drains your battery fast. How to get started: Action: view ads on the lock screen Payment: $0.01 to $2 per interaction; $0.20 per day for checking into the app Redemption: cash or gift cards Cash threshold before cashing out: $1.00 Store: Android

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 1 | Profit Potential- 1 76th
Passive income idea…

Getting Paid for Playing Lottery-Inspired Games (Lucktastic®)
The Lucktastic free app fills you with the thrills of playing games similar to scratching off lottery tickets. Akin to lotto tickets, you earn random rewards like winning instantly up to $10,000. Here is how it works: Action: view ads and play games Payment: $0.0002 to $0.01 per scratch off Redemption: check or gift cards Cash threshold before cashing out: $10 Store: iOS and Android

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 1 | Profit Potential- 1 77th
passive income idea…

Earning Rebates from Shopping (Ibotta®) Think of the free Ibotta app as a rebate or coupon system that offers rewards for shopping purchases you made. In the app, you can unlock offers for particular products at specific stores by simply clicking on them, answering a question, or watching an ad.

You will then take a photo of your receipt as proof of purchase and upload it
to the app. Adding Ibotta to your shopping routine requires you with minimal efforts, especially if you have already been used to clipping coupons. Depending on your shopping habits, your point earnings can add up relatively quickly.

If unlocking Ibotta's rebates cause you much of a hassle, then you can try other similar free apps like Receipt Hog, Paribus, or Shopkick. Here is how it works: Action: shop for products Payment: $0.25 to $10.00 per purchase Redemption: cash or gift cards from partners Cash threshold before cashing out: $20 Store: iOS, and Android

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 1 | Profit Potential- 1 78th
Passive income idea…

Getting Paid for Sharing Your Opinions (Surveys on the Go®)
Earn cash for your opinions! The free app Surveys on the Go allows you to answer anonymously survey questions across a variety of topics for market research. The upside of the app over other survey systems is that it lists and pays your completed surveys in cash instead of points.

However, its only disadvantage, like any other surveys, is that you will sometimes consume a lot of your time for only a minimal reward. Worse, there are times that you have already gone through answering many questions but suddenly told that you do not qualify for the survey.


Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 1 | Profit Potential- 1 79th
Passive income idea…

Getting Paid to Play/Review Video Games Getting paid by doing something you really enjoy is never work at all; so, you can treat it as passive income. With the countless video games produced yearly, a growing number of video game companies are in need looking for daily gamers not only to play but also, to review their products. You only have to join and begin working with their unique job system.

The site pays you when you:
Play new and upcoming games. Take online surveys and earn from $5 to $75 each or even more. Participate in focus groups and earn up to $150 per hour. Try out new gaming consoles and controllers or other video game products with a chance of having them free !

Preview new game or movie trailers and make from $4 to $25 per hour Review new games and make up to $30 an hour These are only some of the ways you can earn money with the site’s video game testing jobs!

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 2 | Profit Potential- 2 80th
Passive income idea…

Getting Paid for Doing Your Usual Online Activities (Swagbucks®)
The most advantageous of all cash-paying mobile apps is the free Swagbucks app due to the many ways it allows you to earn points. Almost all of the daily activities you have already been doing online can earn you points such as shopping, searching (using the app’s browser), taking market surveys, playing games, watching videos, and many more.

As a member, you earn bonus values in the form of points or SB, where 1,000 SB is equivalent to $10. Swagbucks carries a variety of eight apps for iOS and two for Android. It also has other activities on the browser toolbar of its website.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 1 | Profit Potential- 1 81st
Passive income idea…

Making $1,000 for Playing Trivia (Swag IQ®)
The free app, Swag IQ, is the fun live trivia game show where you test your general knowledge to win huge cash prizes, especially if you answer all the questions correctly within 10 seconds. When multiple players win along with you, all of you will split evenly the grand prize.

Even if you are out of the running for the grand prize, you will earn Swag IQ’s digital currency for questions you answer correctly. Use this currency to gain chances of winning the grand prize or redeem them for cash or gift cards.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 5 | Profit Potential- 5 82nd
Passive income idea…

Getting Paid for Saving Energy (OhmConnect®)
OhmConnect is a free service app that rewards you for saving energy when it matters most to the environment and your federal state grid.
You get $10-bonus for signing up and completing your enrollment and another $10 after downloading and connecting with the app.
You will receive a notification once a week to save energy for an hour.
You receive cash if you save energy.
You can actually make more than $100 per year just by consuming less energy.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 1 | Profit Potential- 1
83rd passive income idea…

Earning by Booking a Restaurant Reservation (Seated®)
Seated is a new restaurant discovery app that actually pays you a $5-bonus for downloading the app and for simply dining out. You only have to book for a restaurant reservation through the free app and earn from $10 to $50 worth of Lyft, Starbucks, or Amazon gift cards.

However, these restaurants are only available to selected states, as for now.
This mode of rewarding has become possible since restaurants recognize that the lifetime value of repeat customers could equal to thousands of dollars. Hence, these dining outlets are more than willing to share rewards with new customers in the hopes that they become lifelong patrons.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 1 | Profit Potential- 1 84th
Passive income idea…

Getting Paid for Gas Station Purchase Receipts (Trunow®) Trunow is the only free app that gives you a 1%- cash back on gas station purchase receipts. It also offers a 2%-cash back on purchase receipts from other Trunow partners.

You just snap a picture of your gas station purchase receipt and upload it on the app. If you drive a lot, or even if you do not, then your earnings from this app can accumulate to a more decent chunk of change!

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 1 | Profit Potential- 1 Chapter 10: Miscellaneous Passive Income Ideas Business concepts for earning passive income can be wacky, wild, and weird, but their bottom line is, they will always be wonderful. Several of these ideas developed into the fulfillment of creating businesses, albeit, unfamiliar and unconventional.

These enterprises continuously rake in a fortune by simply manipulating or exploiting certain needs and gaps in the market. Most of these businesses benefit from having low overhead costs while achieving high-profit margins, which is essentially the inclination of business using digital technologies! 85th passive income idea…

Refunding Bank & Credit Card Fees (Cushion®)
The Cushion website focuses on safeguarding the hard-earned money of people.
It is a consumer-centric technology business, which aims to not only rectify financial errors but also, to prevent such mistakes from occurring again in the future.

Cushion created Fee Fighter™, the Facebook Messenger bot, which has the negotiating capability to tackle banking charges and dispute those fees on your behalf. Fee Fighter can discover and refund erroneous fees, which include ATM fees, credit card interest charges, foreign transaction fees, late fees, minimum balance fees, monthly service fees, overdraft fees, and wire transfer fees.

The discovery and refunding services of Fee Fighter are free. Once Fee Fighter waives successfully your fees, Cushion takes a 25%-cut of the refunded money.
This concept may not really typify a passive income endeavor per se.

However, it can be an opportunity for you to improve your net worth somewhat passively. Cushion applies the highest security standards to safeguard your information. Apart from its 256-bit encryption, it has invested in security experts
and partnerships to build a secure infrastructure to keep your sensitive data safe at all times.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 1 | Profit Potential- 1 86th
Passive income idea…

Earning from Social Media Managing social media accounts requires little effort and there are many useful tools online, which can further aid the process. Among these valuable online tools is the mobile app, If This Then That (IFTTT)—an online service for creating chains of applets or simple conditional statements.

Another helpful tool is HootSuite—the online platform for social media management that supports integrations of social media network for YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.

These free and web-based tools allow you to monitor all the activities of your sites and schedule your posts while responding automatically to every update. Both of these tools are user-friendly and allow scheduling a week’s worth of posting your contents in less than an hour’s time. At the outset, the bulk of your work is to reach out to new prospects and conduct consultations with them. Hence, as you grow your clients on a retainer basis, everything can be passive, including earning huge revenues.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 3 87th
Passive income idea…

Licensing an Idea/Patent A patent is your crucial document that grants ownership to your invention. Yet, simply owning a one can hardly generate money for you. To profit from your idea, you must sell the patent, license usage rights, or market the product yourself. However, before you sell your product, ensure to ask your contacts or agents for the wholesale price that a company-buyer intends to charge and the sales projections of your invention.

In addition, find out whether the company-buyer wants a non-exclusive or an exclusive license on your invention. For a non-exclusive license, you would still be able to ask other companies and seal licensing deals with them too, but usually offering a lower payout. On the contrary, an exclusive license will not allow you to license out your idea or invention to anybody else for a specified period of time.
This licensing type rather pays you a higher royalty.

Once a company-buyer has become your licensee, expect your passive income royalty checks to arrive on a much later date (usually, months, or even years) before the company has developed, manufactured, and sold your invented product.

Nevertheless, if you are able to license a number of invention ideas every year and earn 3% to 5% in royalties from them, you will be right on your tracks to generate a stream of a passive income.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 5 | Profit Potential- 5 88th
Passive income idea…

Purchasing Royalties (Royalty Exchange®) Managing music ownership usually works through owning royalties. Having ownership of these rights denotes that the owner earns money from the earnings of that music. Neither fluctuating nor stable financial markets do not affect royalty rights. Instead, they provide a steady flow of passive income to the royalty owners.

You can bid on various royalties on the Royalty Exchange site. It operates an auction platform and online marketplace where both royalty owners and investors can buy and sell all kinds of royalty assets, mostly music-based.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 1 | Profit Potential- 2/3 89th
Passive income idea…

Renting Out Your Car (HiyaCar®)
If you find your car relaxing idly most of the time in your garage, rev it up by leasing it out hourly or daily, or even weekly. Renting out your car is a quick and easy way to get extra cash on the side. However, unless you have a fleet in your driveway, don’t expect to earn a huge amount from it !

Although earning is typically passive, you still need to communicate with the customer-drivers and do the actual hand-overs. HiyaCar, however, provides a more hands-off option, allowing you to enjoy remote management experiences.

HiyaCar operates a people-to-people car-sharing marketplace, allowing drivers to rent vehicles from private car owners who peg their own pricing schemes and earn commissions as high as 80% from the car-sharing revenues. You can list your vehicles on these sites to facilitate finding your customers quickly.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 1 | Profit Potential- 2 90th
Passive income idea…

Rent Your Vehicle for Ad Space (Wrapify®)
An alternative to renting out your car while you still sit in the driver’s seat without having to share a ride or to pick up passengers is to make your vehicle available
for ad space. Allow companies to place their ads on your car—on its windows, hood, sides of its doors, etc.—quite similar to a sponsored F1 racecar.


You will earn a few hundred dollars monthly, of course not by racing your car around, but by simply driving around town while displaying conspicuously the ads. You can check out the Wrapify site to figure out how you might be able to earn passive income by wrapping your car with ads.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 1 | Profit Potential- 2 91st
Passive income idea…

Renting Out Owned Equipment (Craigslist®)
Every day, there are legions of people who are looking to rent a variety of items.
The online classified advertisements website, Craigslist, would be a great marketplace to advertise your items, including tools and equipment, for lease.

Only, ensure to have a proper lease agreement signed by the parties concerned.
To give yourself extra peace of mind, you ought to consider requests for a security deposit, a current photo ID, and proof of address from your renters.
These documents will safeguard the assets you are renting out.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 1 | Profit Potential- 1 92nd
Passive income idea…

Job Board Website
There are huge opportunities for passive income earnings to engage in a job board website since only a few sites have devoted to helping job seekers land their dream jobs. You can test the earning potentials of this investment idea by applying digital content marketing and SEO strategies to create and grow your niche site from scratch, even on a shoestring budget.

You just have to exercise tons of patience and perseverance when starting your bespoke job board site. Helping these job applicants implies providing services for improving their resumes, scheduling more interviews, and facilitating them to land better-paying jobs.

Once your job board website gains traction (i.e., ranking in the SERPs for relevant keywords, receiving substantial traffic, etc.), introduce a section exclusively for job listings. As your site accumulates many potential job applicants, you can then convince companies and job recruiters to post
jobs on your site.

Generally, job board websites charge by the hundreds of dollars for every job listing. You may begin with lower rates and increase later their prices gradually relative to your site’s traffic performance or popularity. When you grow your audience you can employ someone to do all the work for you while you earn a passive income.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 4 | Profit Potential- 3 93rd
Passive income idea…

Viral Content Sharing Website
These viral content sharing websites have been popping up out of nowhere.
You see most of these sites on your social media accounts, especially Facebook. Typically, the articles shared have click-baiting headlines, which tempt viewers to read their entire contents.

Essentially, your viral content sharing website will be engaging in content curation sourced from all over the Web. What you need most is to have an eye and a good intuition for shareable contents. Look for interesting and intriguing stories, which
you will curate and turn them into an extremely compelling content. For your earning purposes, integrate cleverly your native ads or those traditional banner ads within your site’s pages.

This passive income idea does not require you a whole lot of work when creating
your interesting or informative contents. As you share them, and they end up in
rapid circulation or even go viral, your niche site will be gaining likes, subscribers,
and followers that convert to cash earnings.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 2 | Profit Potential- 4 94th
Passive income idea…

Online Directory Website
An online directory website engages to submit online its inclusion to an appropriate service category or listing in searchable online directories. This submission enhances the SERP ranking or visibility of the website and creates relevant and quality inbound links for it.

Therefore, your online directory website is a cost-effective way of gaining links, establishing a foundation for digital marketing, and building traction in an increasingly competitive and crowded marketplace.

If you are skilled at marketing and you know how to develop complex websites,
then owning and developing an online directory site will be your easiest way to make money online. For instance, you owned a local online directory site named, Chicago Your site ranks highly in the SERPs for all the pertinent keywords searchable for its niche.

As a result, many real estate agents will be happy putting up their web pages on your site and paying you a monthly fee since they can benefit more from your site’s search engine ranking and the huge volumes of traffic it generates.

If you only have at least 10 real estate brokers or agencies paying you $100 monthly to represent them in your site, then you will easily have $1,000 of residual earnings from your real estate directory. Even if you do not have the technical skills to build your online directory site, you can still succeed by outsourcing the relevant tasks
for its creation, and even its maintenance.

Operating Costs-1 | Difficulty Level- 2 | Profit Potential- 3

Beautiful Young Ladies Store
Health and Personal Care
ELife age
You're in eLife age

95th passive income idea…
Operating a Business Using a Foreign Language
By far, English is the language most used among the major languages of the world in highly competitive keywords for search ranking purposes. You can capitalize on this fact by accommodating the use of other foreign languages on your website.

Operating your online business using a foreign language is a wise proposition,
only if you are hoping to rank highly your website across the principal search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

It would be an advantage on your part if you can speak or understand a language other than English. You can easily replicate any of the aforementioned passive income concepts in your foreign tongue. Remember, the higher your site ranks in the SERPs, the more passive income opportunities you will gain.

However, assuming that you already have an idea about the nature of specific search terms you want to target, compare first their competitiveness for both languages prior to making your decision. It comes as a no-brainer if you are able to exert less work and gain the same results.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 3 96th
Passive income idea…

Backseat Translation
Services Since the majority of online contents are in the English language, translation services have high demands. However, judging from the current competition of translation services, only a few of these entities are meeting the steep demand! If you have the proficiencies of reading and writing in a language other than English, then this can be your valuable asset to put in good use.

You can start as a freelancer by offering your translation services.
Doing the preliminary and routine works personally will help you to get a good grasp of the business operations right from its core. Once you established the working processes of acquiring your customers, you can then proceed to a backseat approach.

A backseat translation services operation is to outsource your principal work responsibilities to other competent translators. Alternatively, you can even branch out by building your authority niche website. This would require you to create contents on translation services so your site can generate leads from its organic search.

In this way, your contents will help you to establish your brand while charging premium fees. Based on cost-per-clicks, keywords for translation services tally an average cost of $9.70! This indicates that advertisers are willing to pay your niche site more than $9 for a single click as people search and avail for your translation services !

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 1 | Profit Potential- 4 97th
Passive income idea…

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Business SaaS is a software distribution and subscription-powered business model, where a third-party provider hosts the software’s applications and makes them available online for customers, who pay a monthly subscription fee for the service.

SaaS, along with infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as0-a-service (PaaS), is among the principal components of cloud computing—or using a network of remote servers hosted on the Web to store, manage, and process data instead of a personal computer or local server.

In this regard, creating your SaaS business is one of the toughest passive income concepts to fulfill. A SaaS business necessitates a larger start-up capital and substantial time to engage with it.

However, investing your expertise and money in it always beats the angel investor or a private investor who measly gains 1% shareholding in a business. SaaS businesses take on all shapes and sizes within various industries. ConvertKit is one good example.

The software business specializes in email marketing for bloggers and site owners. It provides them with user-friendly software, like an email autoresponder, to create and operate their own email marketing campaigns.

Its payment plans range from $29 to $79 or more monthly, depending on the number of subscribers a blogger has. Think about the earnings you will gain with your SaaS business if you have 1,000 customers paying you $29 per month. That equates to a whopping $29,000 in monthly recurring revenues (MRR) !

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 2 | Profit Potential- 3/4 98th
Passive income idea…

Tweaked SaaS Business A tweaked SaaS business closely resembles a regular SaaS business; only, it brings into the mix the affiliate niche marketing business model. Actually, most of the typical SaaS companies apply or integrate other business models to optimize their profits.

It also charges a monthly subscription fee from customers using its service.
To illustrate, take the DomCop software for example. The helpful software has a very powerful search feature that enables people to look for the expired domains they badly need.

In other words, it functions like a human serialized information organizer.
When you search for DomCop, its site is full of conspicuous buttons that will
be taking you to the various domain registrars so you can bid for or purchase an expired domain. For all you know, each of these buttons is actually an affiliate link !

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 3 99th
Passive income idea…

Direct Mailing:
Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS) Business Model Many online entrepreneurs no longer indulge with direct mailing because most people hardly know how to capitalize it. Besides, direct mailing is a bit expensive since it entails the massive use of postage.

However, the SRDS is a clever business idea. Its business model exploits the optimum usage and efficacies of the currently underused strategy of direct mailing. In their media platform, it carries volumes of direct mailing list information, which people access and use to identify large groups of individuals who share a common interest.

The mailing list serves as a consumer base for business enterprises to offer their brands or products/services. Rely on the trusted old school of direct mailing. While email boxes of people keep on flooding, their drop boxes are constantly empty !

Like printing newsletters, direct mailing touches more on marketing
your brand through a personal level. The entire direct mailing concept
initiates you, as a business enterprise, to take the following steps:
Identify your dynamic market base in the SRDS platform, as well as the purchasing histories of your prospects.

Research and read informative materials pertaining to your identified market. Redefine the useful information from your research to outline the content of your product information letter. Ensure writing a compelling sales letter; otherwise, you will be unable to convert. Contact the SRDS list broker and order to rent your required contacts.

Deliver your physical sales letter via direct mail to half of your rented contacts to gauge their interest. If you receive some decent response, which is essentially a few sales, then rent the entire list of contacts and mail them your sales letter. If you follow these steps, then buckle yourself down to rake in enormous amounts of money within 45 to 60 days.

Say, you decided to sell your product for $100 and sent your sales letter via direct mail to 1,000 people. If a measly 3% of the recipients bought your product, then pat your back as you just earned $3,000 !

The SRDS business model does not generate passive income for you.
Only use its strong potentials to create huge sums of cash in a short period. Just do not forget to hire a few hands to help you in writing out the addresses for your recipients.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 2 | Profit Potential- 3 100th
Passive income idea…

Reseller Website Hosting Business
A web hosting business is a form of online hosting service, which allows both organizations and individuals to get their site accessible on the Internet.

You have nothing to worry if you have plans to create your own web hosting business without its essential infrastructures. You can leverage the computing power from the biggest hosting companies in the world by being an official reseller.

Reseller website hosting is a type of web hosting, where you have the capability of using your allotted hard drive space and bandwidth as an account owner to host certain websites on behalf of third parties.

This method allows you to offer a hosting service, equipped with complete features under your brand name. At the same time, this rids out any financial risks you will have to take if you were to purchase your own infrastructure.

Essentially, you first purchase the services of the host company; and then, sell the hosting service for a subscription to your customers. It requires you no extra work except to set up the account of your customers.

Operating Costs- 1 | Difficulty Level- 3 | Profit Potential- 3

To be continued ,,


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