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Passive income playbook.

Imagine Yourself Making an Extra $2000/month (in the next 30 days)
What if you could check your phone, at any time of day, and see that you’ve
made money - without actively doing anything ?
I’m talking $500 to $2500 per month in the next 30 days..
What if you could do this easily, day in and day out, and keep making more
and more money ?
What if you could work once, and reap the benefits week
after week, month after month? Sound too good to be true ? It’s not.

And I’m going to prove it later in this book.
With real life examples of people that I know. People like you and me. Lawyers. IT professionals. Busy fathers. Busy stay at home moms. Musicians. People with MBA degrees and six-figure jobs. College students. People from other countries like Poland and India. I’ll reveal their names. How they got started.

And the amazing lives they’re living because of the passive income they’ve earned.
But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Right now, I want YOU to imagine you’re making passive income. I want YOU to imagine building a business that runs on autopilot. I want YOU to imagine making thousands and thousands of dollars.

Because before I show you HOW to do it, I need you to believe that it can be done.
I need you to feel the confidence, the motivation, and the desire to make this actually happen for you. Because once you believe it’s possible, you’ll take action.


So I want you to just imagine yourself making passive income.
What would your life look like? How would it feel to be making money,
whether it’s an extra $500/month,
Or an extra $5,000 per month ?
What would you do with your money ?
Would you pay down debt from college, or car loans maybe ?
Would you travel to places you’ve always wanted to visit ?
Would you use the extra money to take care of a needy relative ?
Or would invest in learning a new talent or skill like a new language,
Or maybe a musical instrument ?
Trust me, the extra money is amazing.
But just imagine what you’d do with the extra time ?
What if you got to a point where you could quit your job ?
Yes, it’ll take consistent effort (all great things do).

But it’s possible. And like I said, I promise to show how other people just like you have done the same thing later in this book. Just imagine what your life would look like if you didn’t have to go to a job. No more bosses . No more deadlines . No more daily commute . No more fear of being downsized . But it gets better. Because building a passive income usually means that you earn money off of a product.
Whether it’s book royalties.

Or rental income from property.
Or dividends from shares of a company you own.
Or licenses of software you sell.

Building passive income usually means that you don’t have to deal with people.
No selling, pitching, or presenting to clients. No angry customers. No hunting investors. No employees to recruit, hire, or manage. Just pure profit from a product that sells itself. That’s the beauty of building a passive income. It’s the ultimate form of freedom. Now there are TONS of ways to earn passive income.

And there are lots of books that merely list out all the ways you can earn passive income. But they are very generic. And don’t list detailed steps. And besides, you probably already know about them. But in this book, I’m going to reveal the #1 way to build a passive income.

With the exact steps I used to make over $25,000. It’s fast . It’s simple . And it requires minimal time and money. Especially when you do it the way I show you. But here’s the thing about passive income…

Unlike actively making money, you have to be patient. You have to work intelligently. You have to plan. But if you do it right, you can go from zero to making thousands and thousands of dollars a month relatively quickly. And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you in this book.

Chapter 2: Popular Passive Income Strategies (and why I DON’T recommend them for beginners) There are lots of generic articles, and even books on Amazon that talk about making passive income. Some of the most popular books are very generic, very high-level, and lack a detailed, step by step plan.

They also go over some of the most common passive income strategies.
But I don’t recommend them. Why ?
Because they usually require a large capital investment.

Usually $5,000 or more. No, that isn’t a lot of money in the grand scheme of things.
But it’s more than most people want to put down when they’re starting off.
My recommendation is to look at this like a business. Passive income is NOT a game.
It’s NOT a scam. It’s a business and it takes work, and planning, and commitment.
That said, there are TONS of passive income activities out there.
But I DON’T recommend them.

Why ?
They take too much money.
Or they take too much time.
And if you’re a beginner with a full-time job, you probably don’t have very much of either one. So before I go into the best way to make passive income, I want to go over the pros and cons of the most popular methods. Real Estate Investing : One of the most surefire ways to make money is to invest in real estate (as the old saying goes, invest in land, God is not making anymore)

The most common way to invest in real estate is to buy a property, remodel it, and
then sell it at a profit.Obviously, there is a high barrier to entry, as even properties
in an awful state of disrepair still cost a lot of money. Also, you have to know what you’re doing and have lots of time to and money to invest in the upgrade process. Verdict : You can make a lot of money, but it takes a LOT of time, money, and expertise to become good at it.

Trading Stocks : Stock trading is another good way of building a passive income, assuming you have some capital to start with. The logic behind trading stocks is not all that different from real estate investing, buy low, sell high. It gets more complicated, and entire books can be written about the topic, so I will not say anymore.

Verdict : You can make a lot of money, but it takes very specialized knowledge, large amounts of capital, and time to research the market. Blogging : I’ve had multiple blogs that made $500 to $1000 per month. So they do work and you can make a good passive income through blogging, it just takes a lot of time and effort.

Verdict : You can make a good money, especially if you think of it like a business and scale up, build relationships with other bloggers in your niche, write for other blogs in your niche, and invest the time and energy to be a thought-leader. You also have to learn SEO, copywriting, build an email list, and learn to promote with social media.

I definitely recommend it, but it’s not the best way for beginners to make passive income. E-commerce Store : E-commerce refers to the process of selling things on Ebay, Shopify, or even on Amazon. E-commerce, much like blogging, requires a lot of time and effort at the beginning. You need to find reliable suppliers, pick a product to sell, create listings, etc.

But, once you have the business going, you can sit back and collect your passive income. A well run e-commerce business can generate a lot of money per month;
some people even make upwards of $100,000 a year (many make that much per month) Verdict : You can make a good money, especially if you sell a hot product.

But finding the product is the tricky part. Also, you need to invest considerable amounts of money in paying for ads (Facebook ads are really popular) and split-testing them Membership Sites : The idea behind membership sites is to create a site that offers great free content, but that also offers great content to premium members.

You want to convince visitors to your site that it is worth signing up for a premium membership. This can be done by offering special guides or articles for premium members, or making special functions available to premium members.
After that, they pay you monthly to be part of a private group.

I’m seeing lots of people create paid membership groups on Facebook around topics like online marketing, fat loss, dating, etc. Verdict : This works, but it typically works once you’ve already established yourself as an expert, be it through your blog, or via a large email list.

Membership sites are not recommended for beginners with no audience and no track record. Mobile Apps : If you are skilled with programming, you can build a good passive income by creating mobile apps. You can either offer ads within the app itself, or create a premium version of the app, and convince people to upgrade.

Either way, mobile apps are extremely popular, and you can build quite an impressive passive income off of mobile apps. Verdict : Just look at the apps you have downloaded on your phone… someone is making money off of them, so this clearly works. Some people make over $50k/month from their mobile apps.

Of course, creating an app is the first issue. Creating an app that people actually want to download is an even bigger issue. Paid Traffic to Affiliate Offers : Paid traffic is essentially another word for paid ads. So, the idea here is to use paid ads to drive sales to your website, or to a link where the customer can buy whatever product it is that you are selling.

If they buy, you get a commission. Sites like have TONS of affiliate offers in any niche you can think of from relationships, to fitness, to investing, to horse back riding. They mostly have ebooks that sell for $27 to $47.

And they offer you a 75% commission if someone buys the book from your link. Verdict :This DOES work, but it’s getting harder and harder. First, Google and Facebook will penalize you if you buy ads from them and send the traffic straight to the sales page. Second , users don’t like it either because you’re clearly selling to something to them.

This strategy works much better if you build an email list and sell via email after you’ve built a relationship with your audience. Rather than sending ads straight to a sales page, you send them to your landing page. The landing page offers a free report or video that the user can download by submitting their email address.

Over time, you can sell them affiliate products that you recommend - but again - it works way better once you have an actual relationship with them. Photography : Plenty of sites out there allow you to sell your photos. So, if you are skilled at photography, you can build a great passive income by taking quality “stock” photos. Take generic photos, which would be useful to online business who may be looking for some stock photos to throw on their website

Verdict :You’d need to have a great camera and take high-quality pictures.
If you’re not a photographer already, this is really hard to pull off. Multi-Level Marketing :
I once had a college marketing professor who got his PhD from Harvard. He was a little guy from Texas and had a ton of personality.

He used to tell us that if you work hard, you can earn six-figures in 3 years if you work hard with an MLM company. In fact, he did his PhD dissertation on multi-level marketing, so he knew what he was talking about. So yes, some people make a lot of money with MLM.

A good friend of mine was making $5000/month from a MLM company. In fact, it was so impressive that he recruited me! Sadly, I didn’t make any money but I DID learn a lot. If you’re good with people, and aggressive at selling, and willing to follow their system and invest time and money in their trainings and events, you can make money.
Verdict : I really didn’t like MLM and was happy to get out.


The people who make money in MLM are the ones that follow their system which includes contacting two people per day, inviting friends and family to events, and basically dedicating your life to the organization.
On top of that, you make money when you recruit people.

So not only do you have to sell their product (which in most cases is really good),
you have to convince other people to start selling the product too.
And that just wasn’t for me. So again, people DO make money this way. And I know people that are making money from all of these methods. But they take quite a bit of specialized knowledge, or time, or a significant investment. That’s why I don’t think they’re the best way for beginners to make passive income.

You should definitely branch out into these - and I may even write a book on how I’ve used some of these methods to make money in the future. But my goal here is to help you start making your first $100 passively. Because once you do, you’ll be hooked. And you’ll have the belief and self-confidence to keep doing it over and over again so that your first $100 turns into $1000 and then $10,000 and beyond.

The good news is that once you do master this, you can use the methods
I mentioned above. But my goal is to make you passive income
- FAST so that you can scale it up and then diversify.

The Emotional Roller Coaster Ride That (finally) Led Me to Making $25,000 in Passive Income In this book, I’m going to show you the FASTEST way to get started making a passive income. And believe me, I’ve tried a LOT of methods. I got recruited into an MLM company when I was in my early 20’s because a friend of mine was making $5,000 per month passively. Sadly, I made nothing. Then I got into real estate investing. I read and read and read about it.

But unfortunately I didn’t have any money to put into it. So again, I didn’t make anything.
Then I got into online marketing by taking a free program called “The 30 Day Challenge” by an Australian marketer named Ed Dale. The premise of the course was to help people make their first dollar online by the end of the free 30 day program.

And it started to work. I made a site about the Palm Pre cell phone for testing
purposes. And though that site didn’t make any money, I learned how to buy a domain name, setup web hosting, install Wordpress, create content, and do onsite and offsite search engine optimization.

After learning the process on that site, I created another site about isometric exercises.
I called it And within a few weeks, it started ranking highly in Google for terms like “isometric exercises” and “plyometric exercises” along with a bunch of other related terms. I was getting like 150-500 visitors to that site per month.
Passively. Then I put a link in the sidebar recommending a fitness ebook.

If someone clicked that link and bought the fitness ebook,
I would get a 60% commission.
I still remember my first sale. And it was an awesome feeling.
I couldn’t believe that I was actually making money online.
I remember making my first $100 online in 2009.
I was shocked.
I couldn't believe that I've actually made money online.
I got addicted to it.
Over the next few months,
I kept making more and more money until I started making $500/month consistently.
It was such a liberating feeling.

But then, Google made some changes and I lost my website rankings. And when I lost my search rankings in Google, my income completely tanked. Back to the drawing board... But since I had learned about SEO, I decided to offer SEO services to local businesses in Chicago. So I found someone on Craigslist that had a website about the raw food diet. He needed me to do his SEO so that he could get high rankings and sell ebooks from his site. Unfortunately that never worked out.

I wasn’t able to manage his expectations and failed to deliver what he was asking of me.
So then, I decided to focus on my own site again. I had seen that lots of people search for coffee makers online, so I decided to create a website to sell coffee makers. So I got to work. After about 6 months I was able to rank my site ( on the first page of Google for the word “coffee makers” and a bunch of other terms.

The only problem is that I was dropshipping - meaning I didn’t own the inventory.
was simply using pictures and descriptions on my website, and then when someone bought,
I would purchase the coffee maker from the supplier and have them deliver it to the customer. Although I was able to market the website and get decent traffic to it,

Beautiful Young Ladies Store

I completely failed at actually delivering the coffee makers because the warehouse
often times didn’t even have the inventory that I was displaying on my website.
What a hassle! Not to mention the headaches of dealing with credit card processing. Needless to say, despite me marketing the site really well, it never made any money.
So then I decided to start doing video marketing and ranking YouTube videos high in
YouTube and Google.

The YouTube videos were fitness related and simply linked to a
fitness ebook that was a competitor to P90X. Now this was really good, and I ended up making hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month.

This is a great strategy and I highly recommend it, but you have to be comfortable
on camera. Then, after a few months, YouTube changed their algorithm, and I lost
all of my traffic from YouTube.

Once again, my income tanked. So then I decided to create yet ANOTHER fitnes website.
I used my SEO skills to get it to rank in Google and within a few months,
I was making $500/month again. All was good. Until it wasn’t. See, Google made two big algorithm updates that caused my sites to go down in the rankings again. And once again, my passive income vanished.


t this point I hit a crossroads.
I had been burned by Google twice and by YouTube once.
o then I was contacted by a guy that told me I should write my OWN book and sell it on my own website. He had done the same and had made thousands of dollars per month.
He helped me come up with the hook and title of the book.
I called it “ The Science of Getting Ripped ”. I liked the idea so I paid him $800 to help me write the sales letter for the book.

So to write the book, I created an outline with bullet points, and then I literally dictated my book using an app called You download their app, record your voice, and then upload it to them so they transcribe your voice into text.
Best of all they only charged $1 per minute and transcribe it within 24 hours.
So I was able to write my book that way within about 2 months.

By the time I was ready to sell, I launched it to my email list. My email list was about 2500 people at the time. When I launched it, I made about $1000. Now it was a great feeling, but
I didn’t make much more than that. Then someone told me to try Facebook ads. So I set up Facebook ads to point to my website. The goal was to have people from Facebook come to my site and buy my book. Sadly, it never worked.

I spent hundreds of dollars getting people to my site. Then, I got my Facebook ads account banned because they are very strict with fitness related offers, and apparently I broke one of their rules related to the images I was using in my ads. If you know anything about Facebook, once they ban you from advertising on their site, it’s final.

So there I was, with a book that I had spend over $1000 to create and market.
But I barely broke even. I was so frustrated because I thought this was going to be it.
I thought my book would sell and I’d be making tons of passive income again.
But I didn’t. So I gave up for a while.

But then, I read a blog post by a guy named David that renewed my hope again.
He had been making money writing and selling fitness books on Amazon Kindle.
I had heard about Amazon Kindle publishing before, but I didn’t have the time or energy to think about it. But now I was intrigued.

e even had a Kindle book called “ Write Book, Make Money ” where he explained his entire process. I read and reread it. I put myself in his shoes. I imagined I was him. Then I started taking the steps he laid out in the book. It took me a few weeks to format my book for Kindle. I could have paid someone on Fiverr to do it, but since it was my first time, I wanted to do it myself. After that, I launched my book for 99 cents.

First to my email list. It sold over 100 copies. “Awesome” I thought to myself.
Amazon only offers a 35% royalty for books that are sold for less than $2.99, so I only made $35 from that promotion to my email list. But that’s ok because those initial sales helped me climb up in the rankings within my categories. Then I scheduled a bunch of promotions on websites that promote Kindle books.

I’ll reveal those sites later in this book, but I staggered them, one day at a time.
By the end of that week, I was a bestseller in multiple categories. I was so excited! I was making 15-20 sales per day. That’s when I decided to increase my price to $1.99.

Then to $2.99. At that point I was eligible to receive 70% royalties on my book.
It kept selling and selling and selling despite the price increase.
So then I increased it to $3.99 and eventually up to $4.99.


t was an AMAZING feeling to be making nearly $2,000 per month from this book. A book that I had worked so hard on. And it was pure passive income. A few months after, I released a paperback version of the book, which I sell for $19.99.

I was hooked to the process, and from that point on, I was DETERMINED to scale this up and write more books and increase my passive income. So that’s my crazy, emotional roller coaster of a story on the way to making passive income.

The beauty of this is that once you sell one book, not only can you replicate the process for other books, you can build a backend business. I’m talking video courses, mastermind groups, coaching, seminars, and live events. This is how millionaires are born. And it ALL starts from one book. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I want to walk you through the process in this book. So, if you're looking for the easiest, fastest, most reliable way to make a passive income, I would have to say that there's been nothing nearly as effective as writing a book and publishing it on Amazon Kindle.

Publishing on Kindle allows you to make money very fast and does NOT require you to
know anything about email marketing, web hosting, Wordpress setup, split-testing,
SEO, or conversion optimization.
That’s all good to know, but it’s pretty advanced and beyond the reach of most beginners.
The first thing I'm going to tell you is that if you have not written an ebook, the most important thing to do is just to get the book out there.

Why Kindle Books Are the EASIEST
Way to Make Passive Income World renowned copywriter
Gary Halbert once asked his students: “ If you and I both owned a hamburger stand and we were in a contest to see who would sell the most hamburgers, what advantages would you most like to have on your side ?
" The answers varied. Some said they wanted the advantage of better meat to make better tasting hamburgers. Others said they wanted sesame seed buns. Others said they wanted a better location. Others said they’d offer lower prices. Etc.

After all of his students finished giving their answers, he said, “ O.K., I'll give you every single advantage you asked for. I, myself, only want one advantage and, if you will give it to me, I will whip the pants off of all of you when it comes to selling burgers! "
" What advantage do you want ? " they asked him.

” The only advantage I want, " he said " is A STARVING CROWD! " That right there summarizes why Kindle publishing is such a great opportunity. You have a built-in market that goes there to BUY. I’ve had a business before. And I know how hard it is to get new customers. In fact my crazy-Texan-Harvard-PhD marketing professor in college said it’s 3 to 5 to 7 times harder to get a new customer than to sell to an existing one.

In college I started a software development company with a friend. It ended up making $30k/month. Which was great. What was not so great is the amount of time it took to actually do the work. And the fact that we had to hire employees overseas. At the end of the day, I was bringing home $2k per month. We were making $360,000 in revenue and I was making about $25,000 in take home pay.

It’s embarrassing even saying that. But I was young and it was a great learning lesson. Eventually we went out of business when the economy tanked in 2008. But, that’s a story for another day. Like I mentioned earlier, I started making money from a fitness blog and was thrilled. I still remember my first sale. I couldn’t believe it. But it did take some time to think about a niche that I wanted to create a site about.

I knew I liked fitness, and wanted to create a niche fitness concept, so I wrote about isometric exercises. Then I had to create the site. And buy a domain name .And setup web hosting. And learn about installing Wordpress.

Then I had to create write the articles and create content that would appeal to my audience. That meant I needed to research keywords. And analyze the search engine results pages for the keywords that I wanted to rank for.

So I had to learn the different keyword tools.
Then once my site was up and had content on it, I had to learn about ranking it so that people found it on Google. And that was a whole nother process. Imagine This... What if there was a website with 300 million monthly visitors. Unlike Google where people go to search for information. Or YouTube where people go to watch entertaining videos. Or Facebook where they go to share videos and pictures with their friends.

Or Linkedin where they go to look for a job.
What if they came to this website to BUY ?
What if they stored their credit card with this website ?
What if they were so eager to spend their money on this website that they could literally click one button and instantly have what they want? Wouldn’t you want to figure out how to sell your stuff there? Well that’s exactly why publishing on Amazon Kindle is so popular. Because people on Amazon are there to spend money.

All you have to do is understand what they want - and give it to them !
The amazing news, is that out of all of the ebook publishing platforms like Nook, Kobo, and iBooks, Amazon Kindle has roughly 75% market share. So they’re literally the juggernaut in the industry. That’s why I truly believe that Kindle publishing is the best, fastest, most reliable way for beginners to start making money online.

And publishing it on Kindle makes it so incredibly easy. Because you can focus on blogging and podcasting later, but writing a book is what makes all of that much, much easier. Speaking from experience, Amazon Kindle is the way to make passive income, it’s because I’ve tried a lot of different methods. You don’t have to market very hard because there’s already a built-in market! And you know what they’re buying.

How cool is that? You don’t have to create something and hope that someone buys. You can literally see what’s already selling, read the negative reviews, and then create an even better book. I just gave away a very valuable secret right there. Go where the market already is. Go where they’re spending money. Research what they’re spending money on. And most importantly, research what they love and hate about it.

Because if you can do this, you’ll get inside the heads of your customer, you’ll understand what the problems they’re facing, and you’ll understand their deepest desires. Armed with that knowledge, you can quickly create a book that taps into those emotions and almost forces them to buy from you. Not because of any sneaky tricks or sleazy sales tactics,
but because you took the time to understand your audience and give them what they want.

That’s why publishing on Amazon is an amazing way to generate passive income.
Publishing a book on Amazon Kindle is way easier than starting a blog, creating content, marketing that content, getting high rankings in the search engines, and eventually, hopefully, making a sale from either your own product or an affiliate product.

That’s why I say out of all the methods that you could use, writing a book on Amazon Kindle is the easiest way because at the end of the day, if you know enough about a certain topic, whether it's weight loss, or parenting, or cooking, or whatever you’re interested in, you can write a book about it.

And it doesn’t need to be a 300 page, 150,000 word book. In fact, some of the most successful books on Amazon Kindle are between 10,000 and 20,000 words. Using the techniques I reveal later in this book, you can do that in as little as 7 days - assuming you’re committed and ruthless with your time.

If you can do that in Microsoft Word or in a word processor document, all you really have
to do is doa little bit of basic formatting, submit it to Kindle, put it in the right categories,
and then promote it. That’s really the way to get your Amazon Kindle book out there in the market so you can start making money from it. Add that to the fact that is probably the world's most trusted e-commerce site, they have hundreds of millions of people's credit cards on file.

Most people on Amazon, after they read a couple positive reviews, they just hit that buy now button, or that 1 click buy button. There's a very low amount of friction, meaning it's not very hard to sell something on Kindle if you have good reviews and a compelling description of your product. That’s why it’s so important to understand your market.

Because once you do, you can tailor your title, subtitle, description, and cover to address the needs, wants, and desires of your market. Then the book basically sells itself. Also, another interesting statistic is Amazon is selling so many Kindle books that digital books and ebooks are being sold way more than physical, paperback and hardcover books. So the market is only growing. And Amazon knows this.

They're making it really easy for authors to write and publish and market books, but at the same time, it's a really good opportunity and the timing is really critical for you right now. That’s because there are a lot of low quality books entering the market. What's going to happen, I predict in the next 6 to 12 months, Amazon will likely become more stringent in the type of books that they allow people to write.

This is really why it's your opportunity to write a good quality book and publish it on Amazon Kindle, so that you can really start making passive income. If you already have a book or an idea written, or an idea for a book that at you plan on writing, that's great, but if you don't that's okay. Just keep reading, because I’m going to prove that you’re already an expert. I'm going to show you how to come up with ideas for a book if you don't have one right now.


I’ll also show you how to get the book written really fast.
Because I'll tell you, writing the book and completing it is the easy part.
It's actually marketing it, promoting it, and making money from it that most people
don't know how to do, but that's okay because you're in the right spot and I'm going to show you exactly how to do that. Let me assure you, once you start doing well, passive income becomes a very active endeavor.

Because you want to keep doing more and more of it so you make more and more money. At some point, you’ll start making more money than you do at your job. And that’s when things get really fun.But as much fun as passive income is, understand
that a majority of your time will be spent marketing.

And I’m not talking about promoting.
Yes, I’ll show you where to promote your book and how specifically advertise
it so it makes the most money. But promoting your book won’t help you sell it
unless you understand your target audience.

It’s kind of like going into a swanky five-star restaurant with an internationally renowned chef in the most expensivepart of town and yelling: “ Hey everyone, McDonald’s is selling Big Macs for 99 cents! ” Will you make a scene ? Yes.
Will everyone notice you ? Yes.

Will anyone even think of getting up and following your crazy butt to the
nearest McDonald’s ? I’ll let you answer that. That’s why I tell people that marketing does NOT only mean promoting. It means understanding the needs of your market, digging down to research their deepest desires and most intimate emotions.

It means looking at the topics, titles, subtitles, descriptions, and covers of bestselling
books. Because the only way to make real money in any business is to understand what
your market is looking for - and then give it to them. And Amazon makes that SO incredibly easy, you can literally understand your market by reading reviews and immediately create something that they want.

And after you become successful selling books on Amazon Kindle, you can start building a website, create a course, or launch a membership site online that allows
you to scale up your income. That’s how you build a long-term business that can
make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Just imagine the opportunities you could have from writing a bestselling book.
Imagine getting invited to popular podcasts, and being interviewed by popular bloggers,
and even being featured in the media. Imagine people reading your
book and then contacting your for coaching, or mentorship, or for consulting.
That’s the power of writing a bestselling book.

You ALREADY Are An Expert (and I can prove it)
Writing a book is hard.
Or is it ? I want you to think about that for a second.
Because even though I don’t personally know you, I think you have a book in you.
Doubt me ?
Well consider this…Writing a book isn’t as hard as you might think.

And if you’ve been alive for longer than 15 years, you probably have enough expertise in something to show others how to do it. I’ll go into examples below, but consider this. Most non-fiction books revolve around solving some kind of problem, or helping people get to some kind of desired state. The classic adage is that if you talk about health, wealth, or relationships, you’ll never go broke.

That’s why diet and weight loss books, magazines, pills, potions, gadgets, surgeries,
and articles sell so well. To the tune of billions of dollars per year. Because people have a visceral desire to look and feel better. It’s the same reason why people that talk about real estate investing, investing stocks, social media marketing, SEO, sales, how to create business plans, etc. do so well.

They are teaching people how to make more money and become more wealthy.
And that stuff sells. So like I said, you ARE an expert in something. And if you can spin your expertise and link it to health, wealth, or relationships, you’re golden. I’ll show you what I mean later in this chapter. Keep in mind, you don’t need to be a professional.

For example, I’m not a bodybuilder, or a certified personal trainer, or a health coach. But I did write a bestselling fitness book. Why ?
Because I’m a normal guy and I was still able to get in shape despite a busy job, a growing family, and a long daily commute.

Rather than being viewed as an “impostor”, I was viewed as someone who was able to “figure it out”. And if you look at the reviews from my book “The Science of Getting Ripped”, you’ll see that it’s helped a lot of people. So stop thinking you’re an impostor, or a fake, or not worthy to write. If you’ve solved a specific problem, then you ARE qualified to write. And people will be willing to pay you to learn how you did it.

So be sure to include your personal story. Share your struggles.
Share your breakthroughs and “aha” moments. Share the resources you used to achieve your goal and get the results you got. Because THAT’S what people want
to know. Like the popular phrase goes “ facts tell, stories sell ”.

But as far as you being an expert, think about the following list of topics because I’m sure you know quite a bit about at least ONE of these topics.
Remember, you don’t need to be an “expert”.

You DO need to either have real life experience solving a real problem that people face OR you should interview experts that have done something and compile their stories and put it in a book. That’s what an unknown author named Napolean Hill did in 1937.
He interviewed the multi-millionaire businessmen of his time and distilled their advice into easy to digest points and called it “Think and Grow Rich”.

As you may know, the book has been a bestseller for the past 81 years.
So the key is to focus on a problem or question that your potential readers could have, and to solve that problem or answer that question in the form of an e-book, either with your own experience, or with someone else’s. But remember, it has to be a real problem that people care about and are willing to spend money on.

If you don’t solve a real need, then you likely won’t make much income.
If you’re already in a high-skilled field like real estate, law, medicine, accounting, computer programming, project management, human resources, copywriting, public speaking, finance, architecture, sales, human resources, organizational change, online marketing, social media expert, or any other highly skilled field, you’re GOLDEN.

You have the technical knowledge and experience that you can easily monetize via
a book. Like I’ve said before, you have to sell your story. Your personal experiences.
How you overcame your struggles. Because that’s what people buy. But what if you don’t have a professional background? No problem.

Bestselling author Hal Elrod wrote a book called “
The Miracle Morning Routine ” after getting in a car accident. And he’s built a multi-million dollar business from it. Amazing, right? So you don’t need to be an expert in a profession.
You just need to have a great story to tell that solves a problem. Here are a few examples: House training a puppy : Puppies are often bought on a whim.

Someone is walking by a pet store, or sees an ad from a breeder, and suddenly they just have to have the cute little puppy. This often leads to people having pets that they are not ready to care for properly. These people get frazzled very easily and tend to go looking for house training tips and strategies online. Now, I know what you are thinking, “I can’t write a book about house training a puppy.

I’m not a professional dog trainer.” But the truth is that if you’ve successfully trained
a dog before, or better yet, grew up around dogs, then you can write a very good ebook about house training a puppy. Personal experience counts for a lot. Your readers want to know about your struggles of coming home to a mess on the carpet.

They want to hear how you solved that problem if you recommend a certain training strategy or tip, then follow it up with a quick story about what happened when you tried it on your own dog. Getting in Shape : Everyone wants to get in shape at some point in their life.
Sure, there are popular weight loss programs and fitness routines, but do you know why they sell? Because of the results they achieve. In other words, the before and after transformation pictures is what convinces people to buy those programs.

So if you’ve gotten in shape, and you have before and after pics, you can simply write a book documenting how you did it, what you ate, how long it took, and what you felt during the process. And believe me, people will buy it because you’re a real person just like them. How to Put a Baby to Sleep : When we had our first child, getting him to go and stay asleep was so hard. We expected that in the beginning.

But not six months into it. So out of desperation, my wife bought 3 books on Amazon about putting a baby to sleep. She read about the different methods and philosophies. She even hired a baby sleep consultant after reading one of her books that she bought from Amazon. We now have 3 kids so my wife has a ton of experience. I joke that if my wife wanted to, she could write her own book on the subject - and people would buy it.

Solving a Specific Health Issue (acne, back pain, etc.): I used to have weird
shoulder pain due a weight lifting injury. So I started looking for remedies on
YouTube and Google. Luckily it was a minor issue and the advice I learned in
a few YouTube videos solved the problem, but if it was a more complicated issue,
I would have bought a book about it.


Just to be clear, I’m not talking about writing a guide on how to cure cancer or deal with life threatening injuries; but rather health issues like acne, back pain, neck pain, stuffy noses, etc. Health issues like that can usually be managed through home remedies, and thus many people do not go to the doctor for them.

This is where your ebook comes in. Lots of people have solutions or tips for dealing with managing chronic pains, bad cases of acne, and clogged nasal passages (just to name a few health issues); usually because they themselves have dealt with these issues before.
So, if you have some home remedies, passed down through your family for generations, that helps deal with acne, then you can compile them into an ebook.

You can include strategies for reducing acne and managing acne in addition
to your own home remedies. The same goes for chronic pain; everyone has their
own stretches, exercises, etc., that they use to help remedy chronic back and neck pain; someone who is currently suffering from chronic pain would most likely love
to learn about them in an easy to read ebook.

Using a Specific Social Media Platform to Grow Your Business :
Now here’s a real money maker, especially if you sell to the right audience.
Imagine you’re a small business person with a struggling floral shop.

You’ve tried different ways to advertise and none of them has really worked for you.
You know about Instagram, and Facebook, and Twitter, and Snapchat, but you don’t knowhow to use them to promote your business. What if someone wrote a book showing you exactly how to use those platforms to grow your business. What if they included screenshots, and detailed explanations, and results of other businesses like you that used these platforms to grow their business.

Wouldn’t you buy it ?
Of course you would! And people ARE making money writing about using LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat, so if you know how to use these platforms to grow a business, you can too. Dealing with Stress : Chronic stress is a public health issue. It is the root cause of so many diseases and disorders that there is a billion dollar industry around stress relief, from books to expensive seminars.

If you’ve discovered how to conquer stress and tension in your life, the peoples
want to know. It’s even better if you have a high-stress life like being a busy parent,
or a business owner, or a corporate executive, or a grief counselor.

Your advice will ring true because of your background and struggles. If you have personal experience dealing with stress, and have developed a unique way of dealing with it, then compile your expertise into an ebook.

Because if your story resonates with your audience, the book will sell quite well. Creating a Business Plan That Generates Money : It may sound odd, but you would be surprised by the amount of people who rush into a business without having a clear, concise idea of what they want their business to accomplish in the next few years.

If you have experience running or creating a small business, then you can write a very good ebook detailing how to create a clear business plan. Obviously, this ebook would not be targeted at high level CEOs, but at small business owners. So be sure to tailor the book to the specific field you have experience with.
Have you started a floral shop ?
Are you a dentist that has grown your practice ?
Are you a marketing expert that has shown small businesses how to grow ?
If so, document it.

Photography Tips :
If you have ever bought a camera for someone as a present before, then you
know that buying someone a quality camera almost instantly turns them into an amateur photographer for a couple weeks. Most people eventually settle down
and only use the camera for special occasions, but some others develop an actual passion for photography.

My former boss was obsessed with his camera, always reading about it, researching it, and taking photos during his family vacation. If you’re like him, you could easily write a book about photography for beginners. Since schooling or workshops hosted by professionals can be expensive, would be amateur photographers will often search online for helpful EBooks, guides, blogs, etc.

A quality ebook written by someone with experience in amateur photography can focus on a wide array of topics; including what accessories to get, how to properly photograph landscapes and people, how to set up a shot, the topics
are endless.

Wedding Planning :
Expecting parents are some of the most stressed people in the world, but brides
and grooms to-be aren’t far behind. I know I was stressed when
I planned my wedding ! Since most people do not know the first thing about wedding planning, they will inevitably turn to the internet for information, inspiration, and ideas.

If you have experience planning weddings, then making a clear, easy to follow EBook detailing how to properly plan for a wedding (as well as detailing tips and tricks for how to get the best deals, save money, etc.) would be a great idea.

Not only will it sell well, but because people are always getting married, you’ll never have to worry that your book becoming obsolete.
How to Better at Public Speaking : Not everyone is born to speak to crowds, but unfortunately for those people, giving speeches to an audience is a talent that
is quite helpful in many different business sectors.

Given how important public speaking is, many people will turn to the internet to learn how to do it properly. If you consider yourself a natural speaker, or you overcame poor public speaking skills, then you have the ability to write a bestselling book. Give people exercises that they can do in front of family to improve their speaking skills, give them tips to help get their nerves under control while speaking, etc.

Mentoring Troubled Youth:
I recently heard that “school refusal” is becoming a thing with teenagers.
They aren’t quite dropping out, but they’re refusing to go to school due to a variety of reasons (bullying, anxiety, substance abuse, etc.) Then there’s the issue of kids with domestic problems that affect their performance and behavior in school.

Lastly, there’s the issue of kids that just don’t apply themselves academically. Mentoring troubled youth probably has some of the greatest social impact on society. Mentoring troubled youth, putting them on the right path, and actually connecting
with them is a very high-yield activity for society.

And any stories, techniques, or results you can share would likely do very well.
Just imagine writing a book on how
to prevent bullying, a little book you write could turn into major media coverage if the book really produces results, or shares your “in the trenches” story of how you
solved it at your school.

Building Money-Making Websites :
Remember how I talked about social media ebooks and how they can be useful for businesses and marketers who need to use social media, but don’t know how
?Well, the same principle applies for website building.
Plenty of small business owners and internet marketers need to create websites.
Often times the technical part isn’t hard, it’s the messaging.

Writing the copy. Creating “words that sell”. That speak to a certain market.
That address a major problem. That promise an end result. So even if you aren’t technical,
if you know how to write, you can STILL show people how to make money with their website. Selling Products Online: There are a LOT of people making a full-time income selling products on EBay, Amazon, Craigslist, etc.

For others, it’s a nice source of income on the side. Either way, more and more people are starting to experiment with selling products online. Because of that, online courses and ebooks detailing how to get into selling online are very popular.

It is not surprising, the process may seem simple, but actually getting into selling online is very complicated. You have to know the rules of the site you are selling on, you have to know what type of products sell best, and you have to know where to get products at cheap prices. If you have ever sold products online successfully, then compiling your experiences and knowledge into a book is really a no brainer.

There are always new people getting into online retail for the first time, and they are always looking for guides, courses, and ebooks to help them out. Saving Money and Personal Finance : Not everyone is great when it comes to managing their money.

Some people cannot seem to live within their means, and spend money like it never runs out. If you have any tips or strategies for saving money and budgeting properly, then putting them into an book is a great idea. You don’t even need to say anything
new or novel. You can simply share your experiences with using the
“envelope system” like Dave Ramsey talks about.

Or you could write about how you went for 6 months without eating out. Or how you got out of debt in 12 months by selling unwanted stuff in your house. I know people that have done stuff like that and their stories are really, really interesting.

If they compiled it into a book I’d definitely want to buy it.
Grooming/Beauty/Personal Care :
Do you know about men’s grooming ?
Or looking good in your 40’s ?
Or do you have an eclectic sense of style by shopping solely at thrift stores ?
If so, I’m willing to bet that people will pay for it.

Looking good and being accepted are basic human emotions, and if you tap into that, you can start to build a very nice passive income. You don’t have to work at a beauty salon or be a professional stylist to write a book about personal grooming. If you feel you have a good sense of style, or your friends and family are constantly complimenting your grooming, then you can write a quality book about the topic

Travel Advice :
Let’s say you were (or currently are) a backpacker, travelling around the world,
staying in hostels and Airbnbs in exotic countries.
What if you finance your travels from credit card airline points ?
Don’t you think people would want to know about that ?
What if you compiled a list of the best hotels, best credit cards,
and best restaurants you’ve discovered in your years of travelling.
Wouldn’t people want to buy that ?
Or let’s say you’re a corporate road warrior, travelling 5 days a week and you’ve figured out how to stay in shape while on the road. Don’t you think people similar to you would want to know that knowledge ?
This list barely scratches the surface of what you could write about.
But you can probably see that the most popular topics address a core human emotion. Whether that’s the emotion to make more money.

Or the emotion to be liked and loved and desired by other people.
Or the emotion of being freedom and peace of mind.
You already ARE an expert in something.
Even if you don’t think you are, your life experiences
and unique perspective gives you credibility.
Your job is to figure out how to link your expertise to a basic emotion.

I can’t stress that enough.
So if you can tie your topic into health, wealth, or relationships, you’ll be golden.
So if you write about gardening, you could write about how to create a stunning backyard that boosts your property value by $25,000.
Or if you write a cookbook, you can focus on how your recipes save money,
or help lose weight, or can save a busy family precious time
because they’re so quick and easy to cook.

Or what if you’re a swim instructor and have built a side business
teaching kids how to swim on the weekends.
You could write a book showing how you’ve helped mentor kids
through swimming, and share the life lessons you’ve learned.
Or you could explain how you’ve built a profitable side hustle
by teaching kids how to swim.

So spend some time thinking about what you’re good at and what you want to share.

Because as long as you know how to relate that to core human emotions and desires,
you can make a very sustainable passive income.

To be continued Soon.


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