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50 Ways to Make Money Online Analyzed

Introduction In this day and age, it has become much easier to generate passive income.
The internet, in particular, has given birth to a plethora of opportunities that enable smart and business-minded people to earn significant profits with very limited work.
The lure of generating passive income has never been stronger.

The idea of earning an income while vacationing in the Virgin Islands is a truly attractive prospect. However, things are easier said than done. Just like any form of profit-oriented activity, you have to put in the time and the work before you can see a stream of passive income going your way.

A lot of people make the mistake of equating earning passive income with get-rich-quick schemes. I hope that you don’t make the same mistake.

This is why I’ve put together this guide about the most common ways on how to earn passive income. My intention is to help you decide if an opportunity is right for you or not. I also want to help you debunk the myths and misconceptions surrounding these income-generating methods.

The information and analysis you will find in this book are based on facts and observable trends.I want to make sure that you are on the right direction when you finally decide to find a way to generate passive income.

I also highly recommend that you nurture the attributes of patience and determination when you pursue any of the methods discussed in this book. These are virtues you are going to need because most of the methods here won’t deliver instant income.

Most of the time, you have to build the business from the ground up.
If you don’t have patience, you will give up before you start reaping the rewards
that you deserve.

If you don’t have determination, then one setback can easily break down your spirit.
My suggestion is that you should look into your passive income journey with
long-term goals.


Take your time. Don’t rush things.
If you don’t achieve a goal, just sit back and try to understand what went wrong.
What did you do ?
What didn’t you do ?
Then do things all over again. Sooner or later, things will come into place.

Once you start seeing the earnings roll in, just sit back once again and try to see how you can scale the earnings. This is what successful online entrepreneurs do.
You should do the same. Furthermore, all businesses are not equal.

Some of the business opportunities covered in this book are by their very nature passive while others aren’t – this is why a passivity grade is assigned to them to help you compare and contrast. However, every business can be made more passive by applying certain strategies.

Where necessary, strategies that will help increase the passivity of the business are suggested. Finally, please bare in mind this guide is by no means a comprehensive analysis of 50 business opportunities.

As much as I would have loved to cover every minute detail of each business,
it’ll be difficult to achieve that without making this book unnecessarily long. However, what you’ll find herein is a brief overview of 50 ways you can earn passive income, or at the very least, make money online.

The intention here is to help you quickly compare and contrast each business model, pick out the opportunities that interest you the most and then do further research on them. It’s my sincere hope that what you’ll discover in this book will bring you one step closer to achieving the financial freedom you deserve.

Make Your Life Simple

Without further ado, lets get right into it! What is Passive Income ?
There are various definitions of passive income but the most common one is this:
“It is income that you earn even if you are not actively trying to earn it.”

You are still earning it even if you are mowing your lawn or if you are on vacation in the Bahamas. In short, it’s income that goes to your bank account whether you actively work for it or not. Rental income is one of the most common examples of passive income. You own a piece of land that a farmer rents for $1000 a month.

Whether you do anything or not to the property, you will still receive the $1000 at the end of every month. Passive income has been around since the dawn of civilization.
Tributes that tribesmen bring to their chiefs can be considered as passive income by the nature of the tributes.

These are products or goods that the chiefs themselves didn’t work on.
They simply receive them after every harvest cycle.
With that said, the concept of passive income has been around for centuries.
However, it has evolved with the times.
Economic movements have given birth to dozens of other ways on how to generate
passive income.
Knowledge is Power

For example, the current technological revolution has created online economies
that allow people to earn significant amounts of passive income.
Anyone can start a website, sign up with Amazon, promote Amazon products, and earn commissions from every sale.

These commissions are considered as passive income.
Why Is Passive Income Important ?
Passive income is very important in the sense that it allows people to achieve some sort of financial freedom while getting the chance to indulge in the things that they are passionate about.

For example, with an alternative source of income, you can spend more time doing something you love like going to the beach to surf, going to the mountains to hike or spending quality time with your loved ones. It enables to you to earn money without having to work day in and day out for it.

Of course, the importance of passive income largely depends on where you
are coming from and what your goals are in pursuing it.

But the bottom line here is that passive income offers you an opportunity to earn good money with less work.It is hard work at first but you slowly unburden yourself from the work as your business and passive income stream grows.

That’s the beauty of it.
It gets easier and easier with the passage of time provided that you are doing things the right way and that you are scaling your business with the right strategies.

The work you have done yesterday will continue to benefit you in the coming days, weeks, months, or even years. This is especially true if you are running a content-based business that’s hosted online.

To cut the story short, passive income is important to those who are looking for a good source of alternative income that requires minimal work. It’s important to those who want to supplement their income from their 9 to 5 jobs.

It’s important to those who want more time to pursue their passions. It’s important to those who want to build businesses that have the potential of completely replacing their income from their ordinary jobs. Finally, having a good passive income base will make you less dependent on your job.

If for any reason you were to lose your job, you’ll still have peace of mind knowing
you have other ways of making money – ways you can easily scale up to replace the income from your job. This means, you’ll not be at the mercy of the economy
(i.e. economic downturn and subsequent job losses) or your boss.

You’ll be in control of your financial life. Success Mindset The two most important virtues that you need to achieve success in generating passive income are patience and determination.

If you have both of these attributes, then you have the ideal mindset required to achieve success. Majority of those who fail in generating passive income do so because they give up too easily or they get discouraged with the slightest setback.

Make no mistakes. The opportunities discussed in this book are by no means get rich quick schemes. If you don’t have patience and determination, then it will be very difficult for you to create a great source of passive income.

In the context of passive income, patience means sticking to your guns for weeks, months, or even years. You have to always remember that it will take time before you get to see meaningful returns on your investments.

For example, let’s say that you built a blog which you monetized with advertisements and affiliate products. You should not expect your blog to generate income right out of the bat. It takes time for the blog to attract and grow readers. Sometimes, for the first months, you are going to earn nothing.

If you don’t have patience and determination, it’s so easy to get discouraged and just give up. Taking Responsibility for Your Success and Failures In your passive income journey, you are going to go through a lot of ups and downs, failures and successes.

You should own up to these failures because it’s the only way to learn from your mistakes. It’s easier to find solutions to problems if you accept the fact that you are responsible in fixing them.

You see, one of the most common reasons why many aspiring online entrepreneurs fail is that they play the blame game when things don’t go their way.
They blame everyone but themselves.

They blame the freelance writers they hired.
They blame the social media marketers running their social media campaigns.
They blame their staff.
They actually spend more time finding someone to blame than finding a solution to the problem that caused the failure.
In a nutshell, success and failure come hand in hand.

It’s not uncommon for beginners to encounter more failures than successes.
What really matters is how you deal with the failures.

Are you going to let them discourage you ?
Or are you going to use them as lessons to be smarter the second time around ?
In my experience, successful and determined entrepreneurs follow the latter route.
You should do the same.

Having this book by your side will give you tremendous leverage and a good head start because you’ll know which business opportunity suits you best and which to avoid.

However, if you wish to further cut down your learning curve and reduce the number of mistakes you’ll make, we advise working with a mentor – someone who has achieved success in what it is you’re trying to do.

Bear in mind, the best mentors tend to be those who are not too far ahead of you as they will be able to better understand the challenges you’re currently going through since it wasn’t too long ago they went through the same challenges themselves.

Adopting an Abundance Mindset When we say you should adopt an abundance mindset, we are urging you to stay optimistic and focus all your attention on the good things and positive things that are happening in your passive income journey.

Everything you do should be geared towards achieving the abundance you envisioned when you started your passive income journey. Having this mindset will keep your efforts glued to your most important goals.

Adopting an abundance mindset also involves dealing with setbacks and learning from them. In most cases, it’s about turning your weaknesses into strengths.
You failed to sell products in your first weeks ?
This happens to almost everyone so don’t let it get to you too much.

A smart entrepreneur would look back at what he did or what he didn’t do and go
from there with renewed passion knowing that he’s not going to make the same
mistakes again.

Mapping Out a Course of Action Goal setting and planning are two of the most important things you should do before you embark on a journey to earn passive income. In goal setting, you identify both your short-term and long-term goals.

There should also be a corresponding time periods for your goals.
For example, where do you envision yourself after six months of pursuing your goals ?
After setting your goals, you then proceed to mapping out a plan on how you are going to achieve them. You can call it the “master plan” or the “blueprint”.

What’s important is that it should contain the course of action you are going to implement in your attempt to get to your goals. To recap things, you are going to need patience and determination if you want to last long as an entrepreneur.

Being patient and determined also means owning up to your failures and successes.
It’s also your responsibility to learn from these failures and ensure that you don’t go through them ever again.

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To help you deal with failures and mistakes, you should adopt the abundance mindset.
This mindset helps you in making the most out of your failures.
This mindset helps you in turning strengths into weaknesses.

And last but not the least, always see to it that you are being guided by a map or course of action. Without setting your goals and creating a blueprint on how to reach them, you are going to be blind going in.

So set those goals and write a plan of action before you do anything else.
50 Online Businesses Analyzed Let’s now get into the meat of the matter.
Discussed in the upcoming pages are 50 of the best strategies on how to generate
passive income.

Like I mentioned before, the word “passive” is relative and some of the business opportunities analyzed below are more passive than the other. However, every business can be made more passive by applying certain strategies. Where applicable, these strategies will be discussed.

That being said, in the coming pages, you’ll learn about 50 business opportunities, and how you can increase your chances of being successful with them.

Most of these businesses require minimal monetary investment, which means working hard, and working smart is what you need to get things done.
You should take the time to analyze and understand every strategy and opportunity.

You should also consider testing out the strategies to see which ones will work well for you. Without further ado, let’s get on with the first one! Inspiration #1 "If you can dream it, you can do it." Walt Disney Business #1 Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing If you think you are a good writer or you simply want to make money as a publisher then kindle publishing is an opportunity you might want to explore.

There are thousands of people out there who are making a lot of money from Kindle Publishing. If they can, then you can as well. What’s great about Kindle Publishing is that you have the flexibility to choose what to write.

You can write fiction or non-fiction and short stories or full novels.
Some people even publish magazine-type articles on the platform.


What Kindle Publishing does is connect you with your target readers.
It’s the perfect platform for people who want to independently publish their works. Kindle allows you to publish both ebooks and paperbacks.

What’s great about the platform is that you have control over your rights for the book and you get to set your own list prices. Furthermore, you can make changes on your books any time you want.

As far as earnings are concerned, you can receive up to 70% in royalty from your book sales. For example, if you priced your ebook at $2.99 per download, your royalties will be $2.093 per ebook sold (excluding download fees).

That may not look like much but it quickly adds up once your sales start to pick up.
The 70% royalty applies to numerous countries with huge Amazon markets like the United States, United Kingdom, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, and Australia.

Basically, here’s how you publish your ebook or paperback on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform: Write a book yourself or hire a ghostwriter to write for you.

You can hire ghostwriters from freelance sites like upwork.com or fiverr.com.
Alternatively, you can pay writing companies like EwriterSolutions and
TheUrbanWriters to do the job for you.

Prepare your manuscript and cover.
You can use Amazon’s in-house tools and resources to complete this process.
With regards to cover design, you can hire freelancers from fiverr to take care of this
for as little as $5.

Alternatively, you can design the cover yourself for free using the resources available at Canva.com See to it that your manuscript meets the quality and content guidelines as put forth by Amazon.

If you have the budget for it, try seeking the help of a professional editor and proof reader on upwork.com, fiverr.com or any other suitable website.

Sign up with KDP. If you have an existing Amazon account, you can use it to sign up with KDP. If you don’t have an account, you should create one.
It will only take a few minutes of your time.

Make sure that your internet browser is updated. Sometimes, if your browser is out of date, you can’t access some of the features and functionality within the Kindle Publishing platform.

After completing the sign-up process, go the section that says Bookshelf,
click on the button that says “Create a New Title”, then click on the “Kindle eBook” option. In the new window, you will be required to input your information
and details about your book.

These include Kindle eBook Details, Kindle eBook Content, and Kindle eBook Pricing.
After completing the steps above, just click “Publish Your Kindle eBook” and you’re done. Your book will now go through the Amazon review process, which can take as long as 48 hours or less.

Voila ! Your book is now published and ready to be read by people from all over the world.
Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a great source of passive income for the simple reason that once you published the book, there’s very little work you have to do. You can focus most of your time on promoting and marketing the book.

That in itself is a breeze if you have a marketing plan in place. In fact, you can also automate the marketing campaign so that you don’t have to devote a lot of time on it.

Some writers hire freelance content marketers and social media marketers to do the marketing for them. Ratings Based on Our Criteria Simplicity: As long as your manuscript is up to par with Amazon’s standards, there’s very little barriers along the way. You can have your book published by Amazon in a few days.

9/10 Passivity:
Most of the hard work in Kindle publishing is over once you have finished your book.
After submitting and publishing your book, the majority of the proceeds
are passive in nature.

8/10 Scalability: To scale your publishing business you can either write more books or create bundles using your existing books. The more books you have the more royalties you can earn from sales. If you intend on earning significantly more, you may want to consider promoting your books via your blog, to your email list or simply taking advantage of the Amazon marketing service (AMS).

Finally, it’ll be wise to have paperback and audio versions of your book in order to increase your chance of making a sale. 8/10 Competitiveness: You have to understand that the book business is one of the most competitive fields out there.

To put things into perspective,
Amazon alone publishes dozens of books every single day.
To minimize competition, you’ll have to do a number of things right
e.g. effective niche/keyword research (find profitable niches with great demand but little competition), great cover design for your book, compelling book description, book metadata optimized for relevant keywords etc.
2/10 Tips for Success Do your research.

Make Your Life Simple

There are a lot of questions that you need answers to before you sit down and write your book. What niches and topics are the most profitable ?
Do non-fiction books sell more than fiction books ?
How much should you price your book ?
These are just some of the important questions you need to research on.
Hire a professional book cover designer to create the cover for your book.

A lot of the people browsing through Amazon’s book section judge books by their covers. Everyone is guilty of this habit whether you like it or not.
We often buy books for the simple reason that we liked the cover. In the same light, we don’t buy books because of how ugly the covers are. So set aside a little bit of your budget to hire a good cover designer.

Offer a few chapters of your book for free.
This is a very common strategy for first-time authors.
If you are confident about the quality of your content, then you shouldn’t worry too much about providing some chapters for free.

This strategy allows potential readers to get a taste of what you’re offering.
Send out free copies of your book to reviewers and bloggers in your niche.
This is a great way to start your word-of-mouth marketing.
Bloggers and digital influencers love getting free stuff and if they enjoyed your book, there’s the likelihood that they’ll write a glowing review about it.

However, never ask for a review in exchange for giving out free copies.
This is against Amazons terms and conditions.
Create a blog around your book.

There will be readers of your book who will like your book enough to want to learn more about you, what you do, or maybe other content you wrote that’s related to the topics in the book. You can fulfill this need by writing a blog.
Create a Facebook page for your book.

This is free and easy to do so there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t do it. Treat your Facebook page as a portal where you get to connect with those who have read your book and those who might be interested in reading it.

Think about writing a series. Many of modern publishing’s most successful writers made a name for themselves by writing book series. Just think of JK Rowling, Robert Ludlum, Clive Cussler, etc.

These are authors who wrote numerous books featuring the same characters.
It’s a powerful strategy. You should try it and see where it goes.
Collaborate with other writers.

Beautiful Young Ladies Store
As much as possible, you should only work with writers who are your equals or your betters. Always remember that you are collaborating with them so that you can use their clout and influence as leverage to promote your book.
Advertise your book.

To make money, you have to spend money.
A good place to start advertising your book is Google Adsense.
Make sure to use relevant keywords in your ads so that the ads will appear in websites and blogs that are relevant to your book’s content.
Run contests and giveaways.
You can run these contests and giveaways on a variety of platforms (i.e. blog, website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

You can also leverage book promotion sites to help bring exposure to your book.
Here are 127 of the top free and paid book promotion sites you can use for this purpose. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Is it free to publish a book on
Amazon Kindle?
- Yes, publishing your book through
Amazon Direct Kindle Publishing is absolutely free.
This applies to both ebook and paperback versions of your book.
You don’t have to pay a penny to get your book published.

How long does it take for the book to be published and become available for sale ?
- After uploading your manuscript and all the necessary sections of the book, it usually takes between 24 and 48 hours for your book to officially appear on Amazon’s listings.

What is the process in publishing a book on Amazon?
- The process is quite simple.
One, create an Amazon account.
Two, log into Amazon Kindle Publishing.
Three, add your address, personal information, bank information, and tax information. Four, upload the final manuscript for your book.
And five, hit the publish button.

What do I do if I encounter a problem during the publication of my book ?
- The first thing you should do is contact Amazon support immediately.

There’s a specific customer support for writers using Amazon Direct Kindle
Publishing so you should approach them first.
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What do I do if I encounter a problem during the publication of my book ?
-The first thing you should do is contact Amazon support immediately.
There’s a specific customer support for writers using Amazon Direct Kindle Publishing so you should approach them first.

You should also consider seeking help from other authors through
Amazon’s Author Central page.
Those authors who have encountered the same problem as yours may be able
to help you out.

How much should I price a book I publish on Amazon ?
-It’s up to you.
There’s no floor or ceiling on how much you want customers to pay for your book.
You can price it at 99 cents or $10. How much money can I earn from my book ?
-It depends on several factors.

Is it your first book ?
Do you already have an established following ?
How good is your book ?
What niche does it belong to ?
How much budget do you have for your marketing campaign ?
These are just some of the factors that will ultimately determine how much you are going to earn from your book.
How many books can I publish on Amazon Kindle ?
-You can publish as many books as you like as long as these adhere to
Kindle’s rules and standards.
How do I promote my book on Amazon Kindle ?

-There are a lot of ways.
These include blogging, social media marketing, advertising, running contests, and giving away copies of your book to reviewers and digital influencers.
Will Amazon ever remove my book from its listings ?
-Yes, that is definitely a possibility. But you have nothing to worry about if your book hasn’t broken any of the platform’s rules and regulations.

Will my book be available to anyone from around the world ?
-Yes, if you choose to.
As the author, you have the option to decide whether your book is going to be available worldwide or on a select locations/countries only. Myth Busters About Kindle Direct Publishing Self-publishing ebooks on Kindle is easy and instantly profitable. No, it’s not.

A huge percentage of self-publishers on Amazon make very little from their work.
You need to do things the right way to succeed
i.e. effective niche/keyword research (profitable niches with great demand and little competition), good cover design, compelling book description, metadata optimized for keywords etc.
You need an original idea.

Not necessarily.
You can use the works of others as inspiration (That being said, do not copy other people’s work. This can potentially get your KDP account suspended).
You need a big launch party to sell your book.
If your book is good enough and if you market it enough, people will come to you.
There are too many ebooks already.
Knowledge is Power

Yes, indeed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own book to the pool.
Infact, with effective niche research,
You can minimize competition and still make a healthy profit !
You need an agent. Nope, there’s a reason why it’s called self-publishing.
You do it without an agent.
Amazon will own your ebook if you publish it on Kindle. Not true.
You still have all the rights to your book.
You’re only using Amazon as your selling platform.
You need at least 20 reviews to appear in Amazon’s “Also Bought” feature.

Not true. Books with less than 20 reviews also appear on “Also Bought” lists.
The more reviews your book gets, the higher it will appear in Amazon’s search results.

Not true. Doing a quick search on the site can easily disprove this.
Furthermore, other factors like sales, relevance and keyword optimization
(in the title, subtitle, book description etc.) affect how well your book will rank.
Reviews affect your book’s sales rank.

It has some effect but it’s not substantial. The biggest factors in determining sales rank are purchased and number of downloads. Kindle Select’s 90-day exclusivity also applies to paperback versions of your book.
Not true. The 90-day exclusivity only applies to ebooks.

Potentially Useful Resources If Kindle publishing interests you, the below articles/discount offer may be helpful Working with virtual assistants Online Marketing on a budget Get 5% OFF with TheUrbanWriters using discount code MICHAEL5 Congratulations !
The second character of the password required to unlock the business scorecard is letter i. Inspiration #2 “Opportunities don’t happen.

You create them" Chris Grosser Business #2 Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) Fulfilled by Amazon or FBA is an e-commerce program by the online retail giant.
The program’s business model is very similar to that of dropshipping.
If you are familiar with dropshipping or if you have experience with it, you will find it easy to understand Amazon FBA’s business model.

This opportunity can be very lucrative if you can think of a product that has very little competition within the Amazon network.
The whole process can be simplified in the following steps:
You apply for the Amazon FBA program.

If you are accepted, you ship your products to one of their distribution centers.
The company refers to these distribution centers as fulfilment centers.
You list your products for sale in Amazon.

If someone buys your product, Amazon ships the product to the customer. Looking at the business model of the program, it’s easy to recognize obvious benefits.
For one, Amazon handles the sales and shipping process.
The company receives the orders, process them, and ship the products.
They are literally running the business for you.

Your main responsibility is to keep on sending more of your products to Amazon’s fulfilment centers before these run out of stock. Earlier, we’ve mentioned how the business model is very similar to dropshipping.

This is because you can turn it into a real dropshipping business.
You can enter into a contract with a manufacturer or a supplier who makes the products then ship these on your behalf to Amazon’s fulfilment centers. In this setup, your role is to make sure that the supplier keeps making and shipping the products.
Beautiful Young Ladies Store

You can also choose to have the supplier send the products to you so that you will be the one shipping the products to Amazon.

This is a good idea if you want to make sure that the products you are selling are of the highest quality possible.
Ratings Based on Our Criteria Simplicity:
Starting a business with Amazon FBA can be very complicated because there are a lot of hoops you have to go through.

You have to apply with the program.
You need to make sure that the products pass certain standards,
(e.g. packaging and safety requirements) etc.
And you have to be communicating with your manufacturer/supplier, inspectors etc.

to make sure products are manufactured to specification. If they happen to be in China,
The language barrier and time zone difference could present challenges.

6/10 Passivity:
Managing an Amazon FBA business can take a lot of your time and resources.
Some of your time will be spent communicating with your suppliers, optimizing your listings, running promotions/giveaways, Optimizing your Amazon sponsored ads etc.
However, passivity can be improved by outsourcing some of these tasks to virtual assistants who will take care of them for you.

Virtual assistants can be hired from fiverr.com or upwork.com.
6/10 Scalability: It’s easy to scale your Amazon FBA business.
Once you are accepted into the program and you have successfully launched your first product and familiarized yourself with the process, scaling is as simple as adding more products to your inventory or expanding your product offerings
(i.e. offering your customers complementary products as part of a bundle).

9/10 Competitiveness: Expect a lot of other merchants selling similar products as you.
You might even be getting your products from the same suppliers.
Furthermore, it’s not unusual to compete directly with suppliers from China.
4/10 Tips For Success Do your research before you jump into the bandwagon.
As I’ve mentioned earlier, competition within Amazon is fierce.

So what you need to do is research for products that have good demand but little competition. A good market research software for this is Jungle Scout or Viral Launch Watch and observe your most successful competitors.

What are they doing ?
What tools are they using ?
What marketing strategies are they implementing ?
Learn about these and maybe apply them on your own business.
Encourage your customers to leave reviews.

The more reviews you get on Amazon, the greater the social proof and likelihood of it selling. However, do not offer incentives in exchange for review as this is against Amazon’s terms of service. Optimize your product listings with the right keywords and descriptions.

A good keyword research tool to consider is Merchant Words Use high-quality photos of your products. Ugly and unprofessional product photos can easily turn off customers.
Only deal with reliable manufacturers and suppliers.

If they screw up, then your business is equally screwed. Always check with Amazon to ensure that your products are in stock. Running out of stock can negatively affect your product rankings and once lost its difficult to regain.

Personalize/brand your products to make them stand out from the others.
This is important if you are getting your products from a supplier who is probably sending the same products to other merchants. Offer discounts and incentives to those who are buying in bulk. This is a great way to build loyalty among your customers.

Always follow the rules, regulations, and standards as set forth by Amazon.
Amazon can easily terminate your account if you break a rule or two.
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:
What are the requirements in joining Amazon FBA ?
-You are going to need the following: email address, standard mailing address, phone number, social security number, tax identification number, credit or debit card, bank account, and bank routing number.

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What are the costs of using Amazon FBA ?
-When using FBA, you should expect to be paying for three specific types of fees: storage fees, fulfilment fees, and inventory placement fees.

These are not fixed fees.
They depend on the types of products you are sending them for storage.
They will inform you about the amount of fees you are going to pay after finalizing your shipments. How do I get products ready for Amazon FBA ?
-Every product you have must be individually packaged, properly labelled, and ready to be sold. You should also strictly follow the company’s product stickering requirements.
Can I sell products overseas through Amazon FBA ?
-Yes, you absolutely can.

Amazon is flexible when it comes to importing or exporting your products.
However, you should keep in mind that selling your products overseas has additional fees, requirements, and other complications.

Make sure that you take this into account and look into your financials to see if it’s worth it to offer your products to overseas customers.
How do I ship my products to any of Amazon’s fulfilment centers ?
-The full procedure is detailed in Amazon FBA’s help section.

You have to log into your Amazon FBA account, go to Manage Inventory and choose the
Send and Replenish Inventory option.
You have to completely and properly label your products before you ship them to Amazon’s fulfilment centers. Improperly packaged products will cause a lot of problems which can be very costly on your part.

What kind of products can I sell through Amazon FBA ?
- Amazon FBA has a long list of restricted products so I highly suggest that you check it out. Here’s the list of products that you can’t sell on Amazon FBA as an independent seller:
Knowledge is Power

Alcohol Warranties, service plans, contracts and guarantees,
Tobacco and tobacco-related products,
Throwable personal flotation devices Surveillance equipment,
Subscriptions and periodicals,
String lights Stolen property and lock picking devices,
Squishy toys Sex and sensuality products,
Recycled electronics Recalled products

FBA prohibited products exceptions,
Postage meters and stamps Plants, seeds, and other plant products,
Pesticides Personal electronic mobility devices or PEMs Organic products,
Offensive and controversial materials,
Medical devices and accessories,
Lighting products Laser products Jewelry and precious gems Invisible ink pens Infant sleep positioners Infant car seats Human parts and burial artefacts.
Make Your Life Simple

Amazon devices: Fair Use and Compatibility Guidelines
Amazon Device Accessories How safe are my products when I ship them to Amazon?
- There is always the possibility that your products can get lost during transit and storage. However, these problems are rare.

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As to security, Amazon has a payment fraud protection system that protects you from fraudulent orders and transactions.

How much does it cost to sell on Amazon ?
-Amazon offers two types of plans.
The Professional Selling Plan costs $39.99 a month plus per item selling fees.
The Individual Selling Plan is for sellers who only sells 40 items or less a month.
This plan doesn’t have a monthly fee.

Instead, you pay a $0.99 fee for every item you sell.
Who handles customer support on my Amazon FBA products ?
-Customer support is the responsibility of Amazon.
This is one of the biggest advantages of the Amazon FBA program.

Once you shipped your products to their fulfilment centers, the company will handle the rest. They will manage customer inquiries, refunds, and returns.
It’s worth mentioning here that Amazon’s customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Where can I get products to sell on Amazon FBA ?
-There are several avenues that you can explore here.

One, you can create your own products.
Two, you can enter a deal with a supplier who provides you with products which you then label and package as your own.
Three, you can explore retail arbitrage.

That is you purchase products from other stores in bulk then sell them for a profit on Amazon. And four, you can consider private labelling or white labelling.
Myth Busters About Amazon FBA That it’s very hard to sell products on Amazon.

Yes, the system seems complicated but it’s actually easy once you get the hang of it. That you can’t be successful selling on Amazon because of the immense competition. Sure, the competition is tough but the market is also growing.

In short, Amazon is still a very profitable side business.
That you can just list your product and it will start selling like hotcakes.
If you are to achieve success on Amazon, you don’t just list a product, you have to market it like crazy. That you need your own website to sell on Amazon.

Amazon itself serves as your online store.
List your product and the company does the rest.
That you need to invest a lot of money into Amazon.
You can start a business on Amazon with just a few hundred dollars.
In short, it’s not that expensive.
That inventory management is a pain in the head.

Yes, it can be confusing at first but just like everything else, you will get used to it.
That you need to give a lot of discounts to attract customers. Offering discounts surely helps but you don’t have to if you are confident about the demand for your products. That Amazon doesn’t care about you.

The fact that the company welcomes independent sellers tells a very different story. That Amazon is losing its influence.
This myth is perpetrated by competitors who want to steal sellers from Amazon and bring them into their own platforms.

That you can get rich quick on Amazon.
Don’t entertain such an exaggerated idea.
Of course, it’s possible but you should be realistic with your goals.
Potentially Useful Resources If Amazon FBA interests you, the below articles may be helpful How To Find An Alibaba Supplier

The Million Dollar Case Study Inspiration #3 "There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed."

Ray Goforth Business #3 Blogging The basics of earning money from a blog are quite simple. You create a blog, publish valuable content in it, then monetize it using any of various monetization methods like affiliate marketing, direct advertising, third-party advertising, etc.

If you write the content yourself, the income you earn can still be considered as partly passive. But if you want to truly turn a blog into a source of real passive income, what you should do is outsource the content-creation process to freelance writers.

You are going to pay other people to write the content that you are going to publish in your blog. With that said, you are not the one actively performing the difficult work of creating content. Finding freelance content creators is not that hard.

There are dozens of job sites and classified ads sites out there where you can find good writers offering affordable rates. These sites include Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Craigslist, and even LinkedIn.

What you do is hire a qualified writer then send him a list of keywords that will be the topics of his articles. It’s as simple as that. Have the articles written, hone them to perfection, and then publish them on your blog. Then rinse and repeat.

The more quality content you put in your blog, the more visitors it will attract.
More traffic means more passive income (only if the affiliate products you promote on your blog are relevant to your visitors) Ratings Based on Our Criteria Simplicity: Starting a blog is rather easy.

In fact you can create one in just a few minutes.
9/10 Passivity: Even if you outsource most of your content-creation process, the earnings you make won’t be 100% passive.

You still have to perform tasks like reading and replying to comments, brainstorming for new ideas, and communicating with advertisers and partners.

7/10 Scalability:
Blogging is highly scalable in the sense that you can duplicate your success in a specific niche by applying the same tactics in another niche.
In addition, the same blog that serves 100 people can also serve 100,000 people without any significant increase in your fixed costs.

If you’re interested in learning how to set up a six figure blog/website, this article on my website will help you.
7/10 Competitiveness: The blogging sphere is very competitive in the sense that there are literally millions of blogs out there on just about every subject.
Simplicity can be a double-edged sword because the easier the business opportunity, the lower the barrier to entry.

2/10 Tips for Success Focus your attention on a specific niche. It’s much easier to attract a following online if you keep on writing articles that revolve around a specific topic. It encourages people to return to your blog because they know the type of content you publish. Focus on quality, not quantity.

One good article will earn you more money than ten bad articles.
Optimize your articles for search engines.
This is a no-brainer when it comes to blogging and content marketing.
If you want people to find your blog posts, you should optimize them with the right keywords. Promote your blog on social media. For example, you should create a Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page that links directly to your blog.

Enable comments in your blog posts.
Readers who want to say something should be allowed to chime in.
This encourages interaction. Make your blog as simple as possible.

Readers hate cluttered websites.
You should get rid of unnecessary widgets, buttons, etc.
Follow a posting schedule. This is very important if you want to build a legion of followers. Nothing turns off a reader more than a stagnant blog.

Knowledge is Power
You can follow a daily posting schedule, a three times a week posting schedule,
or a weekly schedule. What’s important is that you stick to it so that readers will know when to expect new content from you.
Turn reader comments into content.

This is why it’s good to turn on the comments in every blog post you make.
Feedback by readers is a great source for ideas for upcoming posts.
Use images, videos, and infographics in your blog posts.

Articles can become boring at times so make it a point to spice things up by adding other types of media into your content.

Make it easy for readers to share your blog posts.
At the end of every article you post, there should be buttons there that allow readers to share the article on social media
or through email.
You can attract a lot of new readers from this strategy alone.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers How do I start a blog?
-You have two options.
If you have web development skills, you can build one from scratch.
If not, you can start with a blogging platform like Wordpress and Blogger.
How much do I need to spend to create and build a blog ?
-It depends.
Your main expenses would be composed of the amounts you pay for domain registration
and hosting.

How often do I need to update my blog ?
-It depends on your target audience and your topic.
If you are talking about current news and events, you probably need to update the blog every day. How do I monetize a blog ?
-There are several monetization methods that you can explore.
These include direct advertising, affiliate marketing (Amazon, ClickBank, and eBay), sponsored posts, and advertising programs (Adsense).

I’m not very tech-savvy. Can I still make money from a blog ?
- Of course, you can.
There are a lot of simple tools and resources that you can use to start a blog even if you can’t write a single line of code.
How do I drive traffic to my blog ?
-There are so many ways.
These include social media marketing, search engine optimization, advertising, and content marketing.

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What is a niche ?
- A niche is a specific topic or theme which becomes the focus of your blog.
If your blog is about basketball news and updates, then you are in the “basketball niche”.
Can I really make money from blogging ?
-Yes. Hundreds of thousands of bloggers are currently doing it.
If they can, then you can as well.

Should I get my own domain name for my blog ?
-Although it’s possible to make money from a free-hosted blog on Blogger or Wordpress, it’s highly recommended that you register your own domain name.

It makes you look more professional and readers are more likely to take you serious.
Should I learn search engine optimization ?
-Yes, it’s absolutely necessary that you learn at least the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) and apply these on your blog.

It’s one of the most effective ways on how to attract more people to your blog.
Alternatively, you can partner with someone who is very tech savvy. Myth Busters About Blogging If you build it, they will come.

Nope, they won’t.
Building a blog is just one aspect of blogging.
With thousands of blogs being created and published every single day, yours can easily be lost in the immense stream. So don’t just build it, you should also market and promote it like your life depends on it. You can easily make money blogging.

Nope, you can’t and you won’t unless you are Stephen King or JK Rowling.
Earning money from a blog requires hard work and patience.
For most bloggers, it can take months or even years before you get a significant amount
of income coming your way.

Knowledge is Power
Blogging is just a fad. If blogging is just a fad, then it should be dead in the water
by now. Blogging started gaining traction more than a decade ago but it’s still going strong. In fact, more and more people are starting blogs these days given the ease
of building one.

If you can’t write well, you can’t have your own blog. Newsflash, freelance content creators exist. If you can’t write, you can always hire an army of freelance writers
to do the dirty work for you.


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