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Introduction If you don’t know where you are going, How will you know when you are lost ? Over the past two decades,
Successful Business Plan: Secrets & Strategies has been used by entrepreneurs to launch hundreds of thousands of businesses.
I am incredibly proud of helping entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams — and, as importantly, create new jobs.
It is my life’s work. It’s led to some wonderful moments in my life. Like the time I was speaking at a conference in Pittsburgh and a man, surrounded by a gaggle of his employees, told me that he had been homeless, found this book in his local library, and used it to help start a small business, which eventually grew to having more than 100 employees.
Or the time a woman came rushing out of a store in Boise, Idaho. She had somehow recognized me, and pulled me into her beautiful home goods store. “I built this store following your book — just look arou…