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2 Book Bundle: About Marketing for Dummies

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Understanding Consumers Today and What Matters Most IN THIS CHAPTER
Fighting through consumer distraction Marketing to different generations Building trust Creating great customer experiences. Having fun with guerilla marketing
There’s never been a more exciting time to be in business, especially in marketing. With all the communications channels and technology available today, you can truly learn about and communicate with customers one to one while marketing to millions.
You can know with certainty how customers spend their leisure time, what media channels they use and how often they use them, what their interests are, their brand attitudes, shopping patterns, preferences, likes and dislikes, and what their precise value is to you over their lifetime of purchasing.
With all this knowledge, you can determine when and what they’re likely to buy, how much and how often, and you can communicate specifically to their needs and relationship…

Starting A Successful Businesses & Canadian Legal Guide

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Do You Have the Right Stuff ? In This Chapter Knowing the pros and cons of becoming a small business owner
Finding the right business opportunity Assessing your entrepreneurial spirit Looking at timing and resources Deciding if you should keep your day job So you’re thinking of starting your own business! Every year, lots of people get the entrepreneurial urge and start businesses.
Some of those businesses become very successful. But every year lots of new businesses fail. Business success or failure isn’t the result of fate, or random chance, or (usually) acts of God.
A business does well for good reasons — like a great product or service, a solid marketing plan, and the owner’s good management skills.
Likewise, when a business goes under, you can often identify the reasons — lack of money to get properly started, poor timing or location for entering the market, or a wipeout on the customer service front. Whatever the reason for a busi…