#1 Ultimate Guide to YouTube for Business

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Using YouTube as a Promotional and Marketing Tool IN THIS CHAPTER
■ An introduction to YouTube and how businesses can leverage it
■ Developing a YouTube strategy and integrating it into your overall online marketing strategy
■ Identifying your audience and its needs
■ Developing realistic expectations and goals
■ What you need to get started To be competitive, it’s virtually mandatory for a business in almost any industry to tap the power of the internet and online social media.

YouTube, the popular video-streaming service and world’s second most frequently used search engine, can and should be a powerful part of your overall marketing
and promotional strategy.

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It can be implemented using almost any computer or internet-enabled device, from almost anywhere, 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year.
In 2011, YouTube videos received more than 1 trillion views, which is equivalent to 140 separate video views for every person living on the planet.

More than 72 hours’ worth of new and original video content is uploaded every minute
of every day, attracting a truly global audience.
At least 70 percent of YouTube users are from outside the United States.

Every week, more than 100 million people click on a “Share” button and tell their online friends about a YouTube video via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media.

Every day, the equivalent of more than 500 years’ worth of YouTube videos are watched on Facebook alone; every minute, more than 700 individual videos are shared via Twitter.

Businesses utilize YouTube in myriad ways, including simply buying ads—from text-based and display ads that link to websites, to video messages that resemble
10-, 15-, 30-, and 60-second TV commercials.

In many instances, paid advertising on YouTube is one of the most affordable
and effective advertising options available on the internet.

Many businesses also produce and publish their own YouTube videos as part of their overall online marketing and promotional strategy,
either by hiring a video production company or doing it themselves.

As a YouTube content provider,
you’re encouraged to create and maintain your own YouTube channel, which can give you the opportunity to share in advertising revenue that’s generated when optional ads are shown in conjunction with your original video content on your YouTube channel.

In fact, many people have actually developed a paying career producing videos for YouTube, which then generate revenue by attracting large audiences of viewers.

These people are often referred to as “online personalities” or YouTubers.
When it comes to producing YouTube content, take an extremely creative approach in order to set yourself apart from your competition, capture your target audience’s attention,
and build their loyalty.
Using original video to do this is the focus of Ultimate Guide to YouTube for Business.

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YouTube’s launch in early 2005 changed forever how people use the internet.
YouTube allows for everyday people, entertainers, business operators, and entrepreneurs from all walks of life to produce, upload, and share original videos, for free, and build a potentially global audience for them.

YouTube can also be used effectively to target a regionalized audience.
Now, anyone with even the most basic of video cameras can participate
as a content producer.
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YouTube makes it extremely easy for non-technologically-savvy web surfers to use their computer or most other internet-enabled devices to quickly find and watch videos.
Today, YouTube attracts more than 800 million unique users per month.
Since 2005, these people have watched more than 4 billion hours’ worth of YouTube videos.

These days, content you’ll find on YouTube is as diverse as the people who create the videos. Virtually every topic imaginable is covered.

When people want to find information on the web, they often turn directly to YouTube’s search feature, as opposed to a search engine such as Yahoo! or Google,
to find exactly what they’re looking for.

As a small-business operator, you have vast opportunities with YouTube, limited by your ingenuity, creativity, the time you invest, and to a much lesser extent, your video production and promotional budget.

Later in this book, we’ll explore just some of the ways small-business operators are utilizing YouTube as a cost-effective sales, marketing, promotions, and advertising tool.

Just about any entrepreneur or business can benefit from utilizing YouTube as a cost-effective way to entertain, inform, educate,
or rally your audience/customers (or potential customers) to action.

To use this online-based marketing and promotional tool to its utmost potential, however,
you need to determine:
■ What YouTube is capable of and how it can be used
■ Your core message and how YouTube videos can be utilized with your other online marketing and promotional efforts
■ Your target audience and what they’re interested in
■ The best way to use video to present your core message

Exploring YouTube Before you begin developing, shooting, editing, and uploading videos, however, start by establishing a YouTube account for yourself or your business—it’s free.

At the same time, you should also begin exploring the service and seeing firsthand what’s possible. When you begin exploring YouTube, seek out videos that are of interest to you and that relate to your business or industry.

Beyond just watching free videos, invest the time to become an active part of the YouTube community by “liking” videos, posting comments, and sharing videos with your online friends. Find videos already available on YouTube that cater to your target audience,

and then consider ways you can create content that will further benefit your intended audience (your potential or existing customers).

All of the videos published on YouTube are easily searchable using keywords
and search phrases.

You can also seek out videos by category, the channel on which they’re offered, and by using the popularity charts and “trending topics” that YouTube publishes,
and that are continuously updated.

It’s also possible to link your Facebook, Google+, and Twitter accounts to your YouTube account and discover what your online friends are watching on YouTube.

As you begin to consider who your target audience will be for your YouTube videos, consider that traffic on YouTube from mobile device users tripled in 2011.

Thus, more than 20 percent of the people who access YouTube to watch videos
now do it from some type of wireless mobile device.
So when you start producing and sharing your own videos, you’ll want to avoid production elements that will be hard to read on a small screen, such as a lot of text.

Download the official YouTube app for your tablet and smartphone to experience small-screen viewing. Then, when you’re ready, follow the directions offered within Chapter 4, “How to Start Your Own YouTube Channel,”
in order to establish a YouTube channel for you or your business.

This is the online-based forum you’ll use to upload, showcase,
and share your own video productions via YouTube.

If you’re an entrepreneur or business operator, as you explore the YouTube service and check out how your competition is already tapping the power and capabilities of this service,
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you’ll discover it’s possible to create, produce, and publish videos that can help to:
■ Boost your company’s brand awareness and enhance its credibility
■ Introduce details about a new product or service
■ Advertise an existing product or service
■ Share details about your company and what it offers with a local, regional, national or international audience
■ Generate new leads for your sales team
■ Teach potential customers about the benefits of your product(s) or service(s), and explain how to best use them through demonstrations, thus helping to remove buyer objections
■ Share customer endorsements or testimonials with potential customers
■ Compare your product/service with what the competition offers
■ Tell your company’s story—its history, philosophy, and goals
■ Provide support for real-world or online-based retail promotions or contests
■ Share highlights of a particular event with customers/clients
or others who couldn’t attend in person
■ Increase direct sales for whatever your business sells. Someone could watch a video, click on an embedded link, and then place an order from your ecommerce website or call a toll-free order line, for example.
■ Expand and enhance your company’s product or customer support
■ Enhance your company’s internal employee training As you consider how other businesses like your own are already using YouTube, consider some of the ways you can begin using this service to share original video

content with your intended audience.
Remember, you’ll want to study what’s already offered on YouTube carefully, pinpoint a niche, and then figure out who your target audience will be.

Only then can you begin writing, producing, and publishing videos that have the potential of going viral and gaining the popularity you’ll need to generate the online audience you desire.

Later in Part III, you’ll read interviews with small-business operators and online marketing experts who discuss how YouTube can be used by all sorts of small businesses and entrepreneurs, whether you’re promoting a product, service, company, or an individual.

Develop Your Core Message With a specific goal or set of goals in mind,
the next step is to draft a core message that you want to consistently convey through your videos to your audience.

This message should be consistent with the existing marketing and advertising messages that you’ve already developed for other forms of media.

The message you develop should be carefully crafted for its intended audience,
short, memorable, and easily understandable.

Now, once you have brainstormed your core message and the goal(s) for your YouTube online presence, start thinking about all of the ways you can present that message, via your individual YouTube videos, again focusing on originality, memorability, and consistency.

Depending on the approach you take with your videos, you’ll want to keep them short (between one and three minutes in length), and stay on-point with your messaging.

YouTube viewers have very short attention spans, so it’s important to capture someone’s attention quickly and only expect to hold it for a short period of time.

Determine how you want your audience to react as they watch your video(s),
or after watching them.
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For example, do you want people watching your videos to visit your company’s website and place an order, or do you want them to share your message with their own online friends ? Think about how you’ll rally your viewers to do whatever it is you’d like them to do.
This will be your call to action.

Always remember, however, that your videos should help to convey your core message,
be synergistic with your company’s other online activity, and be aimed at achieving
your overall goals or objectives.

When it comes to your online activity as a business operator or entrepreneur, everything you do in cyberspace should be synergistic, focused on the same core message,
and be fully integrated.

In other words, use your Facebook page and Twitter feed, for example, to promote your YouTube videos, while using your YouTube videos to drive traffic to your website, blog, Facebook page, or Twitter feed.

At the same time, your videos should drive home your core message and call to action.

How you approach this online synergy can be blatant and in your face, or you can take an extremely subtle approach, based on your audience makeup and overall objectives.

We’ll explore this concept in greater detail within Chapter 6, “Promoting Your YouTube Videos.” For now, however, as you learn more about what’s possible using YouTube, consider what you’re already doing in cyberspace and in the real world,

and also figure out what you could be doing using services like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and others in conjunction with what you plan
to do on YouTube.

Think synergy! Synergy also refers to how you communicate your message.
Fonts, color schemes, specific wording, music, sound effects, logos,
the use of slogans, and other elements that appear within your YouTube videos should also be consistent with what your audience will see on your website,

within your blog, on your Facebook page, by reading your Twitter feed,
and as they explore your online presence on other social networking services.

Identify with Your Audience and Discover What It Wants or Needs Using YouTube requires that you take a dual approach when writing, developing, producing, editing, publishing, and then promoting your videos.

First, focus on your own wants, needs, and objectives.
Figure out how to use your YouTube Channel, your individual videos, and your overall online activity to achieve those objectives.
Then, put yourself in your intended audience’s shoes and consider absolutely every aspect of your video productions and the focus of your overall YouTube Channel,
as well as your other online activity, from their perspective.

As someone who is a member of your target audience, from their perspective, ask yourself:
■ Why should they watch your video(s) ?
■ What is it within your video(s) that will appeal directly to them ?
■ What will they get out of watching your videos ?
■ How will watching your videos address their wants and/or needs ?
■ How will your videos solve their problems, help them overcome their challenges, save them time, save them money,
and/or provide them with information that they deem valuable or important ?
■ Why should they watch your video, as opposed to one of the countless others on YouTube that cover the same material ?
How is your approach different and more beneficial to your audience ?
■ What will inspire the viewer to take whatever call to action you include within your videos? Only by truly defining your audience and then understanding it can you answer the questions posed in this section.
Do your market research.

Understand your product/ service.
Learn as much as you possibly can about your intended audience, and then use your videos to reach it with what you deem to be the perfect message.
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Choose the Best Type of Video Content to Appeal to Your Audience
There are very few limitations when it comes to producing and presenting original video content on YouTube.
It’s your job to tap your creativity and present your message and call to action in a way that works toward achieving your goals using what’s at your disposal.

As you brainstorm the concepts for your videos, keep in mind, you can utilize:
■ Live-action video (video of people, places, or things)
■ Graphic titles (text) that can be stationary on the screen or animated
■ Voice-overs (a voice from someone who isn’t seen, but who can be heard speaking)
■ Music and sound effects
■ Animated graphic sequences
■ Animated or still charts and graphs
■ Visual special effects
■ Interactive hyperlinks embedded in videos (called Annotations)
With this in mind, what is the best way to present your message to your intended
(target) audience ?
What approach will they understand and relate to the best ?
Remember, your YouTube audience’s attention span will be short. It’s essential that you capture someone’s attention very quickly (within the first few seconds of your video),
and then present your video and your message in the shortest time possible
(within just a few minutes).

In addition to competing with all of the other videos available on YouTube,
which for your audience are always just a mouse click or screen tap away,
the content and quality of your videos need to meet or exceed your audience’s expectations from a production standpoint.

Thus, if you’re planning to produce your own videos inhouse,
but don’t have the resources and know-how to produce a slick, animated sequence that you envision including in your videos,
don’t instead settle and use an amateurish or cheesy-looking animated sequence.

Instead, choose an alternative way to communicate your message that will look professional and help you build, protect, and maintain your company’s online image and reputation.

There is a wide range of software and online-based tools that can help you create and produce extremely professional-looking graphics, animations, and other production elements that can then be incorporated into your videos.

Most of these tools, however, require some level of knowledge and skill to use properly.
You’ll learn about just some of these tools, such as Apple’s iMovie
Apple’s Final Cut Pro X (www.apple.com/finalcutpro),
Microsoft Movie Maker
Adobe’s Creative Suite 6 Production Premium (www.adobe.com/products/creativesuite/production.html) package and Microsoft PowerPoint
(http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/powerpoint), from Chapter 10, “Filming YouTube Videos,” and Chapter 11, “Editing Your YouTube Videos.”

However, it’s up to you to invest the time needed to learn how to effectively use these and other tools, and not simply clutter your videos with an overload of eye candy or bells and whistles that will wind up distracting or annoying your target audience.

It’s very rare that your content will be so compelling or perceived as so important or valuable to your audience that they’ll forgive amateurish production quality and sit through
a poorly produced video.

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Instead, they’ll simply watch another video or exit out of YouTube altogether and seek out
the information they are looking for elsewhere—from your competition’s website or
Facebook page, for example.

At least initially, as your company begins to develop its online marketing and promotional strategy—especially if you want to include video in that plan—consider hiring an independent video production company that can help you write, produce, edit, and promote YouTube videos that will cater to your intended audience and achieve your goals.

Hiring professionals can help you avoid costly and potentially embarrassing mistakes,
plus help you generate the desired results much faster and with the least amount
of confusion or frustration.

publishing videos on YouTube is free, but it will require a financial investment to produce
the videos, whether you do it yourself or hire someone else to do it.

And even if you produce an absolutely amazing video, that’s worthy of an Academy Award, simply putting it on YouTube won’t guarantee you an audience.

If all you do is publish your videos on YouTube and then let them sit there,
nobody is going to actually see your productions.

It is necessary for you to heavily promote them.
Keep in mind, having your video go viral and be seen by millions of people would be nice,
but to realistically achieve your company’s online goals, this probably isn’t necessary. Instead,

if you carefully target your videos to a specific niche audience—your potential or current customers—you can achieve the desired results even if your videos receive just a few hundred or a few thousand views.

With more than 1 billion views as of January 2013, the official Gangnam
Style music video by Psy is an example of a video that’s gone truly viral—with no paid advertising support whatsoever.
It’s an example of a quirky and original video that has captured the attention of a grass-roots audience.

For a video to ultimately go vital, it must begin to get traction online via word-of-mouth,
and then somehow pique the interest of a major traditional media outlet so that it gets mainstream attention.

This attention then drives more traffic to the video, fueling its popularity until it ultimately skyrockets.

If you have visions of producing videos that go viral or that attract vast audiences,
that will require you to make a significant time and financial investment in order to promote your videos and your YouTube Channel on an ongoing basis, after the videos are produced and published online.

What you’ll soon discover is that videos that have gone viral are often a result of an accident, pure luck, or a fluke, not careful planning.

Realistically, for videos produced and published by mainstream companies,
the popularity of these videos is typically driven by extensive promotional efforts by the company itself, using both online and real-world resources.

With this fact in mind, it’s important to develop very realistic expectations.
Whatever time, money, and resources you invest in the production of your videos,
this is only the beginning.
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In order to gain viewers for your videos and generate a consistently growing audience,
you will need to invest time, effort, and potentially money to promote your productions and your YouTube Channel on an ongoing basis.

Only if you achieve your objectives within the content of the videos themselves, and then promote them properly and consistently to the right target audience,
will you achieve your overall goals related to using YouTube as a marketing and promotional tool for yourself, your company, and/or its products or services.

Figure Out What You’ll Need to Get Started Based on your objectives, it’s possible to begin producing quality YouTube videos on a tight budget, and then, over time, upgrade your equipment and tools in order to achieve more professional-quality production results.

However, step one is to create a YouTube Channel for your company, customize the look of the channel’s page, and then populate the channel with original video content.

It all starts by visiting www.YouTube.com, clicking on the “Sign In” button, and then clicking on the “Create An Account” button.

In later chapters, you’ll learn how to pinpoint some of the key video production equipment you’ll need, which will include a video camera that’s capable
of shooting 1080p HD resolution video.

You’ll also need to contend with lighting and sound quality considerations in order to ensure good enough production quality that will satisfy your audience’s expectations.

What you’ll need to consider during the pre-production (brainstorming and preparation), production (filming), and post production (editing) phases of the process will all be covered within Chapter 10, “Filming YouTube Videos.”

Once again, the key to success during each of these phases is to stay on message as you cater to the wants, needs, and expectations of your intended audience,
while also staying within your budgetary limitations.

Specialized Skills That May Be Required
As you read each chapter of Ultimate Guide to YouTube for Business, the focus will be on one or more aspects relating to the pre-production, production, post production, publishing, and promotional phases of creating YouTube videos.

While you’ll no doubt face many challenges as you embark on this project, you also have the opportunity to be creative and have fun as you discover cutting-edge and innovative ways of growing and/ or promoting your business.

Like so many things, producing semi-professional or professional quality videos requires that you learn a handful of different skills, all of which will ultimately be used together during the pre-production, production, post-production, and publishing phases.

For starters, you’ll need to become proficient at brainstorming unique ideas for videos, and then figure out how you’ll take your raw ideas and transform them into video productions that achieve their goals.

To do this, you’ll need to master skills such as:
■ Storyboarding and scripting (writing the scripts) for your productions
■ Video camera operation
■ Set design or location scouting
■ Lighting
■ Sound recording and mixing
■ Managing a cast (people who will appear in your videos) and crew (people who will help shoot and edit your videos)
■ Dealing with hair, makeup, and wardrobe considerations for your “cast” (the people appearing in your videos), if applicable
■ Video editing
■ Managing production resources and budgets
■ Creating and incorporating special effects and titles into your videos
■ Incorporating music and sound effects in your videos during post production
■ Using YouTube’s tools for uploading and publishing your videos, and then managing your YouTube Channel
■ Promoting your videos in the real world and in cyberspace to build an audience
for your videos
■ Interacting with your audience on an ongoing basis At least initially, you probably won’t have all of the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to juggle all of the responsibilities that will be required of you as a YouTube video producer.

Thus, you have several options.
First, seek out friends, coworkers, employees, or relatives who might be able to somehow contribute to your productions and lend their expertise.
Another option is to hire freelance professionals to help you.

You can also utilize the free online tutorials offered by YouTube by clicking on the Help option that’s constantly displayed near the bottom of the page when using the YouTube service.

Professional writers, camera operators, production crew, hair stylists, makeup artists,
lighting experts,
sound engineers, musicians, animators, illustrators, video editors,
and people who are experts when it comes to using online social networking sites for marketing and promotional purposes,
for example, can all be hired on a freelance, per-hour or per-project basis.

Use Craigslist.org, or a service like Elance.com, to help you find people with the experience and skill set you need to round out your production crew.

If you need specialized on-camera or voice-over talent for your productions, you should also contact local talent agencies or modeling agencies, or hold an open casting call by publishing an audition notice on Craigslist.org or another show-business-related website that caters to your geographic area.

Another excellent and low-cost (sometimes free) resource when it comes to putting together
a video production crew that has specialized and needed skills is to seek out college interns from a local college or university.

College students who are majoring in video production, writing, video editing, computer animation, lighting, sound engineering, fashion, cosmetology or marketing,
for example, will jump at the opportunity to intern for your company and get real-world,
hands-on experience working on a project that they can later showcase on a resume,
within a portfolio, or as part of a demo reel.

What’s great about using college interns with specialized majors is that they’re typically very familiar with the latest trends, technologies, and tools for producing semi-professional or professional quality videos, and they’re willing to work for little or no money.

To find college interns, contact the career counselor or internship coordinator at a local college or university and discuss your needs.

With permission, you can also post “help wanted” fliers on bulletin boards on college campuses, or publish internship opportunities online (on The Monster Board, http://hiring.monster.com, for example).

To achieve the best results right from the start, don’t try to cut corners and just “wing it” when it comes to producing your videos, especially if your productions will represent your company and/or its products/services and will have the ability to enhance or tarnish your company’s overall image and reputation.

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Instead, gather a production crew that together has the skills, knowledge, experience, and creative talent you and your company will need to achieve your overall objectives.

Ten Ways People, Companies, and Organizations Are Successfully Using YouTube IN THIS CHAPTER
■ Learning from popular videos
■ What it costs to get started
■ Ten ways businesses use YouTube

This chapter offers a general overview of ten ways your business or organization can use YouTube as a sales, marketing, and/or promotional tool.

One important concept to understand right from the start is that there are millions upon millions of individual videos already posted on YouTube, with many more being added each and every day.

Making your video(s) stand out and get attention will probably be the biggest challenge you face. Just because you post a video on YouTube, this does not guarantee it will quickly go viral and be seen by millions of viewers.

It’s important to have realistic expectations, but know that there is a wide range of things you can do, either for free or inexpensively, to promote your videos and build an audience for them.

You’ll learn about several of these techniques within Chapter 5, “Interacting With Viewers and Subscribers,” as well as Chapter 6, “

Promoting Your YouTube Videos.”
While some YouTubers have established a large audience on YouTube and are able
to generate a respectable and ongoing income as a YouTube Partner—by displaying other company’s ads in conjunction with their videos—many traditional businesses, entrepreneurs, and online business operators, for example,

have discovered other ways to use YouTube as a powerful, low-cost marketing, advertising, and promotional tool that can generate new customers and sales in other direct and indirect ways.

YouTube videos can also be used effectively to demonstrate products, provide how-to or educational information pertaining to a product or service, showcase customer testimonials, and/or to help establish and build a company’s brand
and online reputation.

One way small businesses are able to use YouTube videos very effectively
is to “personalize” their business by introducing key personnel, and to tell the company’s story in a way that captures the attention of their potential
and existing customers.
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Regardless of how you decide to use YouTube videos, make sure the videos you create are well produced, short, to the point, and highly engaging.

The content needs to be easy to understand and well organized.
Consider taking advantage of YouTube Annotations, for example, to add subtitles, links, and other interactive elements to your videos, as appropriate.

YouTube Annotations are online tools you can use after uploading a video to incorporate active hyperlinks to lead viewers to your company’s website, blog, Facebook page, or to other YouTube videos.

YouTube constantly monitors what videos people are watching, and maintains ever-changing charts of top videos in various categories.

As you prepare to create your own videos for YouTube, invest some time in watching other videos to see what works and what’s popular.

To view YouTube’s current most-watched videos, visit www.youtube.com/charts.
From these charts, you can view what’s popular today, this week, or this month, plus see a listing of the all-time most popular videos based on a variety of criteria.

You can see charts compiled based on the “Most Viewed” videos (in standard or HD), as well as the “Most Discussed,” “Most Liked” or “Most Favorited” videos.

It’s possible to view charts based on videos from “All Categories,” or see popular videos from a particular category, such as “Comedy,” “How To & Style,”
“People & Blogs,” “Sports,” or “Travel & Events,” for example.

Many of the all-time most viewed videos on YouTube are actually music videos from well-known recording artists and bands, such as Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Eminem, and Lady Gaga. Some of these videos have received more than 776 million views each.

However, there are many other types of popular videos that use humor or some type of original content in order to capture the attention of viewers.
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Depending on what your goals are for using YouTube and the type(s) of videos you plan to produce, focus on watching similar videos that have already become popular to discover what works well and what YouTube audiences are responding favorably to.

In addition to studying the content of other videos, focus on their production quality, use of music or sound, as well as how special effects and YouTube Annotations are being utilized in a positive way.

Simply studying other popular YouTube videos can be highly educational and useful when
it comes to creating your own videos.

You can also discover how other people, bands, artists, performers, entrepreneurs, traditional business operators, and online business operators,

for example, are using YouTube to their advantage, and how they’re integrating YouTube videos into their overall online presence and marketing strategy.

As you’re brainstorming concepts for your own videos, planning and then producing them, keep in mind your audience’s short attention span. Most people do not access YouTube to watch long-form programming.

Even if your video is highly entertaining and engaging, keep it short (between 30 seconds and five minutes) and to the point.

If you believe your video concept needs to be longer, consider breaking it up into
a series of short videos that appear on the same YouTube Channel and that can be linked together using the tools available with YouTube Annotations.

Keep in mind, producing multiple short videos, as opposed to one long one, will also work to your advantage when it comes to search engine rankings and optimization (SEO), because each video will be listed separately when someone uses YouTube’s search feature or Google.

Remember, simply producing and publishing a video on your custom YouTube channel
is only the first step.

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If you want your video to achieve its objectives, attract an audience,
and be seen by the masses,
you’ll need to invest considerable time and resources to promote your videos and your YouTube channel.

While you’ll learn more about promoting your videos later, as you’re brainstorming ideas for your videos, consider what your target audience will want and appreciate, and then stay focused.

Also, as you’re brainstorming ideas for your own YouTube videos,
especially if you’re a small-business operator, focus on three primary objectives: entertain, educate, and/or inform.

The YouTube “Trends” blog is written by Google and focuses on what videos are currently trending (the most popular) on the YouTube service.
To read this insightful blog, visit http://youtube-trends.blogspot.com.

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YouTube itself is a free service, but, depending on the production quality you’re striving for, there are costs associated with producing and editing professional
quality videos,

and there can be costs associated with marketing and promoting your videos—both online and in the real world. Chapter 6,
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“Promoting Your YouTube Videos,” discusses some of the potential costs you may encounter when promoting your videos and building an audience for them. Chapter 8, “

The Equipment You’ll Need,” and Chapter 9, “Selecting the Right Video Camera,”
both explore some of the costs associated with producing
and editing professional-quality videos.

That being said, plenty of individuals have used nothing more than the camera that’s built into their computer or smartphone to film videos that they upload to YouTube,
and some of these videos have become as popular, if not more popular, than videos that cost hundreds or even tens of thousands of dollars to produce.

The quality of your videos—both from a content and production quality standpoint-should cater to your target audience’s expectations and demands.

For example, if your business is using YouTube to promote a product, your audience will expect a professional-quality video that’s in focus, shot in HD,
and that’s well lit and has good quality sound.

Achieving these results will mean investing in higher-end equipment and editing tools.
So, while actually using YouTube will cost you nothing, to achieve professional-quality results, you will most likely need to pay for video equipment,
lighting, sound equipment,

editing tools, props, sets (backgrounds), license music and/or sound effects, and acquire other necessary equipment related to the production
and editing of your videos.

How to develop a realistic budget, based on your unique needs, will be covered within Chapter 8, “The Equipment You’ll Need,” and within Chapter 10,
“Filming YouTube Videos.”

TEN WAYS YOU CAN UTILIZE YOUTUBE TO REACH YOUR INTENDED AUDIENCE Everyone who uses YouTube to somehow promote themselves, their company,
a band, product, service, or organization; to share information;
or just provide entertainment to their audience has their own goals.

The following is information about ten popular ways YouTube can be used as part of your overall online strategy to achieve your company’s particular goals.

Based on your own creativity, as well as the new features and functionality that are constantly being added to YouTube and the ever-more advanced tools available for shooting
and editing video,

you’ll probably come up with many ways YouTube can help you reach your intended audience in a cost-effective way.
Promote Yourself as an Online Personality and Entertain Your Audience.

YouTube offers the ultimate platform that allows you to turn a video camera or webcam onto yourself and to say or do just about anything that you believe will capture an audience’s attention. While there are a few limits, on YouTube, few topics are taboo.


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