Overview and How to Maximize this Book

Hey hey ! So first and foremost,
I would like to congratulate you on your purchase of The Book on Facebook Marketing. It’s a book that can completely change your trajectory by providing you with that one tiny, missing piece that unlocks your inner greatness and gets you and your business to the next level.

Ask me, “How do you know ?”
My mother (a.k.a. Mama Celeste Unsworth) gave me a book in 2008 that completely changed my mindset.
That mindset shift then changed how I think, which changed what showed up in my life, which then changed my business and life forever.

The book was
The Secret, and I highly encourage you to read it as a companion to this book.
I’ve found that the most successful entrepreneurs invest in themselves with
both their time and money.

Reading books to get ahead and hiring mentors and coaches are some of the fastest ways to get where you want to go with far less pain along the way.

It’s the difference between running your first Facebook ad and losing your shirt versus getting the training you need so that you can run your first Facebook ad and earn a positive return on your investment.

One thing that I’ve learned the hard way is that you have to be careful when
it comes to taking advice.
When I was twenty years old, I spent two years of my life with a mentor who turned out to be completely full of BS.

The car he drove, the house he rented … everything was a farce, a fa├žade, a big ol’ pile of BS to entice people to invest their time and their money into his business opportunity.
You can rest assured that this book is based on facts.
We’re going to tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly.
The nice thing is that Facebook offers a lot of benefits for your business when you know how to effectively market on that platform.

Be the Moon of my Night, Be Beautiful, Be Yourself

So to give you a little perspective on me, I’ve been marketing on Facebook for almost five years. In some industries five years isn’t a lot of time, but for Facebook marketing, it means that I’ve been around and learning the advertising platform since its infancy. I’ve coached over 1,750 entrepreneurs on how to leverage Facebook marketing and have consulted for companies like Keller Williams Real Estate,

Safeco Insurance,
and New York Times best-selling authors John Assaraf and Brian Tracy.
I’ve spoken all over the United States and Canada and have been featured in popular Facebook marketing books and industry-leading websites.
My co-author, team member, and dear friend Valerie “The Shoop” Shoop.

Shoopman has a background in teaching and is literally the best in the industry at Facebook advertising.
She has helped my company Life on Fire go from a start-up to a seven-figure business in less than two years by leveraging her talents with Facebook advertising.

Valerie will walk you through everything you need to know to be successful with Facebook marketing and advertising in later chapters.
Now that you’ve had a brief exposure to our background and credentials, let me share the benefits of Facebook marketing.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing:
Create sales and positive cash flow in your business—everything from making your first $100 online all the way to a seven-figure revenue that is directly tracked to Facebook marketing.
Instantly position yourself as an expert within your industry.

Gain exposure and build your brand awareness.
Grow your e-mail list as big as you would like via Facebook ads.
Build a tribe of raving fans, a.k.a. “likes.”
Imagine what your life would look like if you had an abundance of cash flow,
leads, and “likes” on Facebook.

What if you never had to worry about money ever again? Imagine being able to raise your prices because of the brand positioning that Facebook gave you.

Be the Moon of my Night, Be Beautiful, Be Yourself

What if you always had a line out the door or a waiting list for people
to buy your products or services ?
What if you were able to run Facebook ads and go from six figures to seven
figures in annual revenue in less than six months ?
All of this is possible with Facebook marketing when you use our strategies.

How This Book is Written:
These chapters will guide you like a duck chasing breadcrumbs,
and by the end of it, you’ll not only be satisfied, you’ll have everything you
need to crush it with Facebook marketing.
By “crush it” I mean create additional profit in your business so
that you can live a Life on Fire.

In the first six chapters you’ll hear about my journey filled with trials and tribulations.
You’ll also hear how I ultimately discovered exactly how to leverage Facebook marketing to achieve massive business success.

Starting in Chapter 7, Valerie Shoopman will take over to dive deeper into the “how-to” steps of mastering your Facebook marketing to create profits in your business.
How to Maximize This Book: Step 1:I encourage you to take a second to make the decision
to commit to reading the entire book.

These strategies dramatically changed my life, Valerie’s life,
and the lives of entrepreneurs all over the world.
Step 2: Take advantage of our video tutorials that will guide you through the exact
step-by-step process on how to set up and optimize Facebook advertising.
Go to
to get instant access to the tutorials.

This book will give you the strategy, and our videos will be incredibly valuable
help when it comes time for you to implement them.
Step 3: Take massive “imperfect” action. It is critically important to implement what you’re learning.
I once had a mentor say that the “speed of implementation” is directly related to success.

Be the Moon of my Night, Be Beautiful, Be Yourself

Read the entire book, roll up your sleeves, and start leveraging what you’ve learned to set your business and Life on Fire! Enjoy!

Chapter 2 Nick’s Journey:
Discovering Facebook Marketing the Hard Way Do you know what it feels like to achieve a major accomplishment in life? You know … maybe you got an A on a term paper, just graduated college, got married, or received a big award.

Well, I was brimming with excitement as my new business—The NU Perks Card—was taking off in 2008.
It took off so fast that almost immediately after launch,
I found myself standing next to the mayor of my town cutting a ribbon,
and my face was in all the local papers and even on TV.

A big reason this business was growing so fast was that it was
all based around a story.

I share my story with you in this book because I want you to truly
understand the power
of storytelling in your Facebook marketing Prior to the NU Perks Card,
I had been on a really bad “fail” streak in business for a couple years, which is what made the success feel so good with the NU Perks Card.

People in my life that had counted me out were starting to say,
“Wow, I think Unsworth is actually going to make it.”
The NU Perks Card was created out of passion and purpose,
which is why I think it worked so well initially.
What is the NU Perks Card ?
The NU Perks Card was a physical card in the shape of a business card that folded
together like an accordion.

The concept was that local businesses would put discounts on the card,
and I would sell the cards to consumers so that they could save money while
shopping and dining out.

Be the Moon of my Night, Be Beautiful, Be Yourself

The kicker was that 50 percent of all revenue went to charity.

So I had pounded the pavement and gone from business to business to business to ultimately get forty-five local businesses to put discounts on the card.
Oh! and by “pounded the pavement” I mean I worked my tail off.
I worked like somebody was chasing me.

I literally got thrown out of restaurants for waiting to speak to a manager that didn’t want to speak to me. (When I say “thrown out,” I mean two bouncers picked me up under the armpits and carried me out.) It was unbelievable.

I felt like I was climbing Mount Everest without a Sherpa to guide me.
The biggest objection I heard was that it sounded too good to be true.
“So, Nick, you’re telling me that all I have to do is put a discount on this card, and you’re going to do all the marketing to get more people into my store ?”
Me: “Yes, sir.”

Then I would face incredible resistance.
It was almost as bad as if I were trying to convince them to change their religious
beliefs. It was just crazy!

I share this because as entrepreneurs we are all going to face huge challenges.
These challenges can take you out of the game and steal your dreams away, or you can leverage them to create an adrenaline rush of true grit to rise above and succeed.

So whether you’re up against a wall in your business, or if Facebook is disapproving every ad you create, you’ve got to think like a winner and find a solution.

There’s always a way.
Finally, after a brutally challenging sales tour around my town to innumerable
businesses, I got it done.
I felt like I ran through the American Gladiators gauntlet about ninety times with a jousting bruise on my face,
BUT I got it done and that tiny piece of progress started to gain me momentum.

Be the Moon of my Night, Be Beautiful, Be Yourself

I had secured some incredible discounts, such as:
Half off the price of a bottle of wine at one of West Hartford’s nicest restaurants Buy one appetizer and get a second appetizer free Get a free desert 15% off dry cleaning 20% off jewelry Consumers could purchase the NU Perks Card for $20 and then save hundreds
of dollars throughout the year by presenting the NU Perks Card where they were shopping.

My brainstorm and the key to success was that when they purchased the card for $20,
there was a dropdown menu that asked where they wanted
their $10 charitable donation to go.

They could select from a menu of some of the most recognizable local nonprofits that I had landed to receive the money that I worked so hard to fundraise.
It was a perfect trifecta of wins.

Win – for local consumers because they could get deep discounts by marching into any business in West Hartford, Connecticut, that displayed the diamond-shaped seal of approval that stated:

“We Proudly Support the NU Perks Card of West Hartford.”
Win – for local businesses because this crazy entrepreneur Nick Unsworth was going to get it in the hands of everyone in town, and this would increase their foot traffic.

Win – for local charities that would receive monetary donations without
having to do anything.
So … what was in it for me ? I’m glad you asked because that’s exactly what everyone asks. “What’s in it for me ?” asked the consumers.
They bought the NU Perks Card and reaped the perks.

“What’s in it for me ?” asked the business owner.
They got to be on the NU Perks Card to advertise and increase traffic and sales.
“What’s in it for me ?” asked the nonprofits.
They got the money with zero effort.

WIIFM is something I want you to highlight,
circle, underline, and retain as a mental picture.

Yep, it’s that important.
Later in this book I’ll teach you how you can take these five teeny words and leverage them to figure out EXACTLY what’s going
on in your prospects’ minds.
The gold in marketing lies in the answer to WIIFM.

So what was in it for Nick Unsworth on the NU Perks Card ?
The benefit to me was to feel dang proud each day knowing that I was slowly, silently, infecting every person that bought the card with self-gratification by doing good.
I also had the benefit of growing my brand in my local market.

At the time I was also a REALTOR, and I knew that if I built up my authority and presence,
I would be able to sell many more homes.
Here’s a problem I encountered: People would be purchasing the card because they wanted to save money and then … bam! The dropdown menu.

Three things would happen when they saw the dropdown menu:
Confusion – At first, they were confused and sometimes angry.
“A $10 donation ? I’m not paying an EXTRA $10 for this card!”
Realization – “Oh! It’s part of my $20, and then I choose where my donation goes. …
I get it. Oh, wow! That’s actually really cool.

And dang … I get to even choose the nonprofit that’s meaningful to me! ?
I’m starting to like this thing a lot!”
Moment of higher consciousness – Upon realizing the good intent in
the dropdown menu, there would come the nanosecond when the consumer would think about someone they knew that had an awful disease or disorder
and then think about the positive impact of their $10.

Be the Moon of my Night, Be Beautiful, Be Yourself

From then on, this good feeling that the card imbued in the consumer
had a lasting and multiplying effect.

People began sharing it with friends, the word started to get out and spread,
and sales began to dramatically increase.
This leads me into one of the most important concepts in Facebook marketing …
earned media.
You see, earned media is simply media that you earn.

OK, someone once told me that I shouldn’t use the same words in the definition, so let me define it this way: earned media is word of mouth. It’s people telling people.
The best part of earned media ?
You don’t have to pay for it. That’s why it’s earned.

Are you wondering why “traditional” advertising doesn’t work anymore ?
One of the gazillion reasons is that we live in a world where nobody trusts anyone anymore.
We just don’t trust it.
BUT, guess who we do trust ?
The Geico Lizard!! Nope.
Flo the Progressive lady.
Wrong again.
The fifth razor on Gillette’s new Mach 5 ? Sorry. We trust friends.
We trust family members.
We trust people that we love and love us.
I’ll dive into specific strategies as you move along in this book.
(Yep, you’re going to have to read the whole dang thing! Sorry, but to be super successful you can’t take shortcuts.

You have to become one of the 10 percent of people that purchase the book who actually make it to the end.)
Be the Moon of my Night, Be Beautiful, Be Yourself
OK, so, Nick, weren’t we talking about your NU Perks Card ?
What happened! ??
Really glad you asked! So there I was, basking in the glory of good
old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing that some expert recently
named “earned media.”
Being the optimist that I am, I decided to print 10,000 cards.
(The town of West Hartford had at the time a population of about 65,000 people.)
Yes … someone once said go big or go home, and I guess I really took it to heart because at the time I thought one out of six people would be walking around town with my NU Perks Card in their hand (including children).

I may not have gotten it to one in six people, but I ended up in all the local papers and on TV on a local show called Better Connecticut.
Seeing myself on that TV segment is one of the most embarrassing things to watch.

(I had a major fear of public speaking that stemmed from high school.)
Even though my performance on TV was embarrassing, I’m proud that I stepped outside my comfort zone to do it.
All growth occurs outside our comfort zone.

Be the Moon of my Night, Be Beautiful, Be Yourself
Anyway, people were using the cards, business owners were happy,
money was being raised, and it was growing.
That’s when I got a phone call that would completely change the course of my life forever. Isn’t it funny to look back and realize that something as simple as a phone call would actually change your entire life direction ?
My phone rang. It was an unknown number, so I timidly answered, “Hi, this is Nick Unsworth, home of the NU Perks Card of West Hartford.
How can I help you today !?” Just kidding.

I answered simply, “Hi, this is Nick.”
On the line was a prominent businessman in West Hartford whom I respected because everyone else seemed to. “Nick, this is Paul Stevens (not his real name) from Creeps R Us (not real name), and I’ve been watcing what you’re doing.

It looks like your business is really taking off, and I have someone you should talk to.” Me: “Hey, that sounds good! Who ?” Paul Stevens: “
The company is called Plummeting Profits (not real name), and they specialize in marketing and advertising.
They have over 100 years of experience in the West Hartford market, and many of us local business owners use them.” Me: “Wow! Wowee! Thanks, mister!”
OK, so I was a bit of a young pup that trusted everyone.

I swear I sounded cooler than that though. Looking back, the really interesting thing to see here is that it was actually earned media (a.k.a. word of mouth) that gave me the instant sense of trust to talk to Plummeting Profits.

BUT … since I didn’t directly know Paul Stevens, the local business owner,
and he wasn’t on my NU Perks Card, I went out to seek further validation that Plummeting Profits was the best company in town.

Be the Moon of my Night, Be Beautiful, Be Yourself
I spoke to about ten other local business owners, and they all said, “Yep. Plummeting Profits is the best at what they do.”
I didn’t ask them to define “best.” I should have.
In my young entrepreneur’s head I was thinking that if everyone was recommending them via earned media, then they must be good.

And by “good,” I thought that it would mean they would help me make profits.
“Profits” being defined as more money than I would pay them.
So … I headed over to good ol’ Plummeting Profits and entered the boardroom.

Be the Moon of my Night, Be Beautiful, Be Yourself

There were four advertising guys that each had twenty-five years of experience.
One guy was like Face, the character from the TV show and movie The A-Team.

With dark black hair blown back and a nice watch, I could tell he was the main sales guy. One guy was like Gordon Gecko, a.k.a.

Michael Douglas from the movie Wall Street, the guy who seemed to get flushed with anger so easily it seemed like they left the majority of the client interactions to Face.

The creative guy was strikingly similar to George Costanza from Seinfeld,
rotund in shape and with that anxious humor.
The silent guy looked like Mr. Bean.
I’m not sure what he did besides give me weird looks—not funny weird looks like Mr.
Bean … mean weird looks.
So, after shaking hands aggressively, I sat down with the cast of characters.
Me: “Hey, guys, so here’s my marketing plan.

I want to show you how I’m bootstrapping this thing and why it’s working.”
(Picture a ten-page Word document printed on regular white copy paper being passed from Face, to the NU Perks Card ?
Well, I was still licking my wounds from the real estate crash in 2007.
You see, I got into the industry in 2006 with just enough time to learn the industry, get my license, and work my tail off only to get completely annihilated
in the market crash of 2007.
So … I didn’t have a whole lot of funds to invest.
BUT a true entrepreneur will always find a way despite the challenges in front of him. Since I had already spent a ton of money to start the NU Perks Card, I was personally tapped out. So I decided to use credit cards.

After exhaustive conversations with Plummeting Profits,
I was sure that this was merely for cash flow.
I would have the money back within thirty days, and then I could just simply pay off the credit cards. (Can you guess what happened next? “Plummeting Profits” is fairly obvious foreshadowing, yes?)

As I looked over the media-buying schedule, I noticed we were advertising to the entire state of Connecticut, which seemed odd.
I argued that the marketing was un-targeted because my NU Perks Card worked only in West Hartford, Connecticut, but they said … Face, Gordon, Costanza, and Mr. Bean: “You don’t understand! If you want to sell cards, you have to advertise here.”

Me: “But why would we advertise to the entire state when we could just advertise on cable and advertise TV commercials just to West Hartford?”
Face, Gordon, Costanza,

Be the Moon of my Night, Be Beautiful, Be Yourself

and Mr. Bean: “This is where we know people take action and buy.
They are less targeted, but this is more effective.”
The logic here didn’t make sense, but again I figured that maybe I should get out of my own way and trust them. They had my best interest in mind.
So here we are … the big moment.

I triple-checked that the DVR was set to record the six o’clock news because that was where my commercial would air multiple times.
I turned off all other distractions and waited for my big moment.
Just imagine if you had a commercial that aired during the Super Bowl and you put your entire life savings on it.
Shoot—just imagine that you had your life savings on it PLUS a total of $30,000
in credit card debt on it.

I was literally on the edge of my seat and then bam! The NU Perks Card of West Hartford danced across the screen! Woo-hoo!! There it was, my big moment.

It went by a little faster than I thought it would, but I guess that’s what happens when it’s only fifteen seconds long.

Then, as we were watching a bit later … BOOM!
We saw that little card dance past us again on TV! Woo-hoo! I was picturing all the money that we would be bringing in for charity.
I was fantasizing about which charity would be the most popular, wondering how many thousands would be in the merchant account.

I was also picturing paying off the credit cards and some of the start-up expenses
with the other half of the revenue that came in.
I whistled and skipped over to my computer and pulled up my merchant processor
that showed the money that came in from NU Perks Card sales.
I was totally sure that there must have been an error.
It showed zero sales.

There had to have been a mistake.
I just spent $10,000 on production and fees, then another straight $10,000 in advertising for seven days.
I was thinking I would have made at least a couple thousand in card sales per day.

So I kept refreshing, thinking that it must be slow to report.
Then I tried to call them, but they weren’t open.
As soon as I woke up the next day, I ran to my computer again and refreshed the display. Still nothing.
“This is so freaking weird,” I thought.

Be the Moon of my Night, Be Beautiful, Be Yourself
I called up the merchant processor to ask them about the sales.
“Nope, nothing has been processed in the last twenty-four hours, sir.”
“What do you mean ?”
I asked. “How could that be!?” “Umm … well, it’s pretty clear,” said the merchant. “Nothing has been processed since yesterday morning.”

I hung up. Nothing was making sense, so I called Plummeting Profits.
Me: “Hey Face, what’s happening ?
Did something go wrong! ?
Did we not air as much as we were supposed to or something?” Face: “Nothing is wrong. It hasn’t even been a day yet. You need to relax and give the advertising time to work. We’ve never received a frantic call like this this early.”

Me: “What do you mean, ‘this early’?
Do other people call you frantically like me that are in this position?”
Face: “No. And I’m not going to entertain this conversation.

I’ll talk to you after the results from week one are in.
So for a minute I thought maybe, just maybe there was still hope.
Days go by with no sales, and I’m totally sweating bullets.
We’re approaching the seventh day, which means I’ve burned through $10,000
with no results—no money back, no money for charity.

The day before my call with Plummeting Profits, I went to the mailbox and saw a handwritten note, which was odd.
“Who still does that ?” I thought.
I opened it up, and to my surprise it was an NU Perks Card sale! It was a sweet old woman out in Cheshire, Connecticut, which was about an hour drive from West Hartford.

I have no idea how she found my address or why she didn’t use the website, but it was a sale. Imagine the feeling of spending $10,000 and holding a $20 check in your hand—of which half goes to charity.

My return on investment was exactly negative 990 percent.
Receiving that check was a wake-up call.
I realized that there wasn’t some major malfunction in the website
or delivery of the ads.
I called Plummeting Profits the next day for my one-week anniversary of losing $10,000 in ad spending plus $10,000 in production costs and fees. It was World War III on the line. I was freaking out because I had financed it all with credit cards,
and they didn’t seem to care about it.

They kept saying the money had been spent.
I needed to sit tight because it had only been a week, and we needed to keep going.
If this wasn’t crazy enough, they wanted me to invest MORE money into TV commercials to increase my “frequency.”
Face, Gordon, Costanza, and Mr. Bean: “Nick, we warned you.

Your budget is too small.
You need to invest more.” Me: “Face, are you freaking nuts?
I’m into this for $20,000 after seven days, and I got one $20 card sale of which $10 goes to me and $10 goes to charity.

Be the Moon of my Night, Be Beautiful, Be Yourself
You’re seriously telling me to invest more?”
It was a disaster, and I couldn’t get back my last $10,000 for the ads
that were airing on week two.
I had to sit back and watch another $10,000 dwindle away as the advertisement for my dream business that was designed to help others danced across the TV screen.

In week two, I sold thirteen cards for a grand total of fourteen cards sold in two weeks—off a total $30,000 budget.

That’s $280 in gross revenue of which $140 went to charity.
Is that what those goons were talking about when they said “frequency” ? Unbelievable! So what went wrong?
Did my website not convert well enough? Was it the offer? Was it me? Nope.

It was the medium. The TV commercials were simply NOT targeted.
Why on earth would someone in a different town buy my card ?
Not only were the TV commercials not targeted, but they also did not appeal to
a specific target market either—any person sitting in front of the TV watching the nightly news anywhere in Connecticut is not a targeted prospect.

My intended target market was moms aged twenty-seven to fifty that lived in West Hartford and were the ones making the household buying decisions
and shopping in local West Hartford stores.

It did not happen as I intended, but I had to move on.
I’m the kind of guy who always tries to find the positives behind adverse impacts.
The silver lining.
The blessings in disguise.
If you’re an entrepreneur, having this attitude is absolutely imperative;

otherwise, you’ll get taken out after your first knockdown.
You have to get good at getting up faster and faster every time your face hits the canvas after taking a big mean right hook.

So even though I was now sweating bullets about my new 30,000-pound friend I called “Jonny Debt,” I couldn’t let it stop me.

I had to put a smile on my face and keep this dirty little secret to myself. Nobody knew—not my parents, not my girlfriend at the time, not my friends.

Nobody! I kept it all in and put a smile on my face and continued with nothing more than blind faith that I would figure it out and that I would discover the hidden blessing.

That’s all you can do. What’s done is done. Playing the victim right there would have conceded defeat, destroyed my drive,
and inevitably led to an even faster downward spiral.

So I went back to my grass-roots marketing plan using earned media or word of mouth. It fit my dire financial straits. Word of mouth sure was cost-effective.

People were telling people about it, and it didn’t cost me anything—quite the contrast from Plummeting Profit’s approach.

So as I was doing my thing, I met with my web developer, who was freaking out because the hosting costs were coming out of his end. “Weird Al” the web developer: “Nick, how much money are you spending on your ads? Your traffic is in the tens and tens of thousands. I haven’t seen anything like it.” Me: “Well, I spent $20,000 in direct media buying.”

Weird Al: “Yeah, and you told me that you ended it, right?” Me: “Yes.”
My mind was racing. Why was the traffic so high ?
Were the ads still showing? Was Plummeting Profits still charging me for more ads ?
I hoped and prayed that wasn’t the case. I demanded that they stop, and they didn’t have my permission to spend on my credit card.

I quickly called Plummeting Profits, freaking out that they were still advertising,
but they assured me that they weren’t.
I told Weird Al, and we were totally perplexed.
Why on earth was I getting all this traffic? For all of you thinking, “Duh … look at Google Analytics,” keep in mind that this was in early 2008, it was my first website, and my web developer wasn’t too helpful if you know what I mean.

What I did learn from Google Analytics, though, was I was receiving a tremendous number of daily visitors to the site because I ranked on the first page of Google. Then I got a package in the mail.

Have you ever received one of those fancy overnight packages that you
have to sign for ? Well, at this point in my life, it was a rarity, and I thought it could be something exciting.
So there I was, tearing open this big official package as if it was Christmas …
and I pulled

out this big, fat stack of papers.
As if things couldn’t get worse, it was a cease-and-desist order for trademark infringement along with a threat of a huge lawsuit because my name was similar to another company’s.

My heart sank. I felt the worst feeling in the world, like I was going to instantly lose everything in my life along with the sense that I was going to go to jail and would be shamed out of my community and family.

I will never forget that feeling. I was freaking out and called them up immediately. “Excuse me, sir,” they said, “we need to speak to your legal team.”

Me: “Legal team? What? Dude, I’m twenty-six years old and just lost everything in this little business where all I’m trying to do is raise money for charity. Why are you doing this to me? There’s nothing to take.

I’m negative $30,000 on this project, and it now doesn’t look like it’s going to make it.” Larry the Lawyer: “Well, you see, your little company is stealing all our traffic,
and it’s costing us money … lots of it.”
Me: “What on earth do you mean?” Larry the Lawyer: “On Google … your site is outranking us and stealing our traffic.” I was thinking, “Ooh, holy moly !

So THAT’S why I’m still getting all that traffic to the website?” Me: “OK, cool. So how can I make it stop? How do I get off the first page of Google? I’m not selling many cards anyway, and it’s all through word of mouth.”

Larry the Lawyer: “I don’t know, but if you continue to sell or use these cards,
you will find yourself in court.”
I ended up acting as my own lawyer, which was not a good idea at all.
The problem was that the NU Perks Card was taking away their traffic.
I must have been the only entrepreneur in history that was trying to get OFF
the first page of Google.

After a while, their attorney ended up feeling pretty bad for me and the situation.
I wasn’t a threat to them.
I wasn’t even doing anything even close to what they were doing, but I was still infringing on their trademark.
I had no choice but to take down the website and stop the business.

The crazy part is that when I first started the business, I had an attorney help me set up the LLC and do the name search.
I inquired about trademarking it, and he said, “Nope. Wait until you prove the concept. It’s expensive.” That same attorney did me a “favor” by setting up the LLC and name search for free.

It turned out that free work isn’t the best work because I had NO recourse on him.
I used him specifically to prevent something like this from happening,
but because I used to be in real estate and we did some business.

together, he did me a favor.
I even asked Plummeting Profits about trademarking, and they had the same reply—wait until you prove your concept. Bad advice all around. And so at this point,
I found myself with a business that just failed.

There was no way to claw the cards back from people, so at least some money was raised for charity through my earned media approach, and consumers and business owners were happy. As for me, I was stuck with my new friend Jonny Debt and his $30,000 price tag.

Also, let’s not forget that in 2008 the bottom fell out of the economy, and credit card interest rates quickly doubled, as did the minimum payments.

So there I was … totally screwed. It was the moment of truth.
I had a conversation with a bankruptcy attorney, and she said that I would be absolutely crazy to try and come out of this.

I had no income, no job, and no way to get a job because I had been doing all of these entrepreneurial adventures. I looked her in the eye and said, “Winners always find a way to win. I’ll figure it out.”

So there I went, off to my next adventure. Remember what I said about finding the blessings in disguise ? Well, after that conversation, I found it.
My epiphany was two-fold:

Number 1: Traditional Ads I realized that “traditional” marketing was completely broken. It obviously was a disaster for me, but how many other aspiring entrepreneurs were having their dreams taken away because they used traditional advertising agencies ?
I kept thinking … there has to be a better way. How could business owners accept that losing money in advertising was “normal ?”
They called it good for “branding” and apparently accepted that this type of advertising was going to lose money.
They simply budgeted how much they wanted to lose. I couldn’t even fathom that business would be conducted that way.

Number 2: Online Marketing Once I had the epiphany that traditional advertising was a losing proposition, I pulled the plug on the wasteful TV commercials and still got as much—if not more—traffic by being on the first page of Google.

The traffic and volume were so high that it caught the attention of the other company who then threatened a lawsuit.
What would have happened if I had gotten on the first page of Google for
a relevant offer ?
My new mission was to embark on an intense pursuit to find the answer to these questions.

My goal was to find a better way—to find the solution to the problem
of traditional advertising.
I knew that since the economy was in the toilet, there would be lots of people and companies that would love to pay for the solution.

So off I went in search of my Holy Grail.
I started Googling marketing and found myself going down about a million rabbit holes.
It was the Wild West … a totally new frontier.
The more I Googled on the topic, the more self-proclaimed “gurus” I found.
Everyone was talking about making millions online.

Be the Moon of my Night, Be Beautiful, Be Yourself

After wading through freight trains of BS and bologna, trying to find out how to market real, legitimate products and services online, I came to the realization that I had to undergo an intense self-education process to truly understand everything about online marketing. I went significantly further into debt to pay for it.

I figured that if I could learn a skill, I would never be upside down like this again.
As Maimonides’ saying goes, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
Unfortunately, after purchasing numerous courses and spending endless hours of study over the course of the next year, I still had not found the solution.

I found myself completely overwhelmed and even more broke than when I started since my only income was working part-time selling homes as a REALTOR to keep the lights on. I eventually hit rock bottom.

I was completely down and out and owed $47,500 in credit card debt. I weighed 213 pounds (I’m 170 today) and started having heart issues—including palpitations and chest pain—and I whad high cholesterol. I was still taking it all with a smile, but on the inside it was a complete nuclear meltdown. Nobody in my life knew this was happening except for me—not my parents, my brother, or my groomsmen in my wedding.

I was too embarrassed and didn’t want people to try to talk me out of my dreams even further. So there I was, awake at three in the morning because I could never sleep, and as usual I was watching a webinar about how to market online.

Then I saw Eben Pagan’s sales video about his mastermind event in Los Angeles. Eben Pagan is a sought-after thought leader in the online marketing industry who holds mastermind events where like-minded individuals come together to learn and network together.
I was totally captivated by his ninety-minute video. He made me feel like he knew everything about me.
He was describing my life and challenges better than I could! He clearly understood WIIFM—what’s in it for me.

As I was watching his video, now fully alert and excited, I felt a connection
and I knew that I had to be there.
I didn’t know how I would get there, but I knew that I needed what he offered.

As entrepreneurs, we have to trust our guts at times and have faith—faith to know that once we figure out our purpose in life, the “how” will always reveal itself.

Since I’m the guy who refuses to quit, I called up Eben’s support team and finagled a way to put half on my Discover card—literally the last $2,500 of my credit limit.
I was now officially 100 percent maxed out on all my cards.

The tough part was that I was still $2,500 shy of the total $5,000 ticket price.
I reached out to my good friend Laura, who agreed to go half on it with me since
I could bring a guest.

Be the Moon of my Night, Be Beautiful, Be Yourself

The cost of the course was now covered, but I had absolutely no idea how I was going to find the money to fly from Connecticut to California once every other month as required by the program, but I knew I would figure it out.

I had to. I intensified my real estate focus, and I got a major break when I miraculously sold a home enabling me to pay rent, bills, and have enough left over to get me to LA.

The remaining problem? I didn’t have any money for food.
So, I figured, screw it! I was going anyway.

I brought a few sandwich bags filled with protein powder.
I figured that everyone attending this event had paid $5,000 to be there, so the networking was going to be incredible.
I had to play it cool.

So when we would break for lunch and everyone would go to the hotel restaurant,
I would tell folks that I had to make a couple calls.

But instead of making calls, I would be mixing up a warm vanilla protein shake in the sink in one of those little hotel glass cups.

It was absolutely disgusting, but I would choke down the lumpy mixture and get back downstairs with a smile.
It worked, and all the sacrifice was worth it because this event changed my life in so many ways it’s absolutely incredible.

I was surrounded by top-level entrepreneurs and learned by observing
and networking among them.
I learned about how to “narrow my niche” and how to develop my “ideal target market.” I learned enhanced networking skills.

But most importantly, this event offered me a much-needed glimmer of hope. Unfortunately, that glimmer of hope then met with epic financial disaster.
For the first time in my life, I had no way to cover my bills.

Be the Moon of my Night, Be Beautiful, Be Yourself

All my credit cards were maxed out, and I had no cash left and no real estate closings at all in the future. It was my moment of truth—default for the first time and file bankruptcy or trust my gut and live for my purpose. i


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