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General Strategy for Super Social Media Marketing Social media marketing is an ever-growing, ever-changing sector, but there are a number of core elements that will help you ensure a steady foundation to your social media ventures.

5 Easy Ways to Promote Your Social Profiles and Gain Followers Add your social profiles to your email signature Think about how many emails you send per day. Now imagine each email you send is a chance for someone new to find out about your social media profiles.

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Stick your social media URLs in your email signature along with a 'Like Us' call to action, and a reason why people should visit and 'like' your Page,
e.g., "Like us on Facebook for exclusive vouchers and discount codes!" Blog about your social profiles; give reasons to follow If you have a company blog,

why not create a post specifically to promote your social media presence ?
Give your readers five compelling reasons why they should '
Like' your fan pages in a blog post -
e.g., exclusive offers, news to their feeds, sneak peeks at upcoming products.

Don’t beg them to like you; just give reasons why they’ll benefit
and watch the like box numbers trickle upwards.

Promote your social media profiles in the real world
Anywhere you can display your social media URLs is free advertising for you.
Just think how many people would see a car bumper sticker with your Facebook address on, or a sign in the office or store window asking visitors
to follow you on Twitter.

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In addition, combine offline and online by letting the people you meet in real life
know about your social profiles by printing those URLS on your business cards,
letterheads, etc.
Ask different sets of followers to like your other profiles If a person follows you
on one social network,
chances are good that they will want to follow you on another too.

For example, give some compelling reasons to your
Twitter followers as to why they should join your Facebook community, much as in the example for your blog post promotion mentioned above.

A tweet might read, "Great discussion about our newest garden tool offering happening right now - get involved! http://www.facebook.com/yourfacebookpage."

In addition, don’t be afraid to directly promote your social profiles once in a while. Unlike the approach above, here you simply point people to your page with a message along the lines of "Enjoying our tweets ?
Why not join us on Facebook too ?
Click here: http://www.facebook.com/yourfacebookpage".

Create and save three or four different variations of this message,
so that you don’t repeat the same tweet over and over.

Ask your email list to like your social profiles Got an email marketing list ?
Consider sending a dedicated email asking your subscribers to follow or like you on social networks - again with compelling reasons as to why they most definitely should.

Whenever you send out future messages to them include links to your social profiles underneath the main message.

Social Media Marketing FAQs and Miscellaneous Advice Should I keep my social media posts short ?
While many studies will advise you to keep text in your social media posts to a minimum in order to cater to low attention spans and mobile users,
my advice is different.

The reason ?
Studies like these will have covered a spectrum that includes text-heavy posts with low engagement that are often the result of poor writing practices, and short posts like memes that only generate lots of cheap, low quality engagement.

My advice is to put the quality of your written content first and see how
a mixture of lengths affects your engagement rates,
rather than worrying about sticking strictly to a set character limit.

When is the best time to post on social media ?
Depending on which study you read, the "best" time to post on social media to maximize organic reach and engagement will differ wildly.

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Some will offer general guidance: advising you to post at the time of day when most people are likely to be checking social media,

i.e., first thing in the morning and in the evenings.
Others will recommend that you use hard evidence - tools like Facebook Insights and its "When Your Fans Are Online" data,
and Google Analytics' activity -  to determine what time of day your posts receive the most engagement, and stick to posting around those hours.

Alternatively, there's the "late night infomercial effect" school of thought.
This states that you should post content in the twilight hours,
at a time when there will be much less competition in peoples' news feeds,
when an international audience
(if you have one) is most likely to spot your updates, and to boost the chance that your posts might - as a result of being published at night - be the first thing fans see when they wake up in the morning.

As goes the advice on similar issues, there is no "one size fits all" answer,
so the key to finding out when your best time to post on social media
comes down to experimentation.

Use all of the suggestions above to run a few tests,
then tweak your strategy until you find the single method (or a combination)
that works best for you.

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As always, re-evaluate your approach from time to time to ensure your posts
are performing as well as they can be.

Don't post for 'empty' engagement
One of the biggest traps that many businesses fall into is that of posting certain kinds of posts as bait to encourage likes and comments.
The most obvious examples of this are 'Fill in the Blank' and 'Click LIKE if you think X is X..." sort of posts on Facebook.

While these are great for occasional use, they do not give you a very accurate overview of fans and customers who are really engaged with your content and how successful your efforts really are.

Anybody can post an image of a cute kitten to get likes, but what real impact
does it have on your fans' opinion of your brand ?
Search the web for social mentions of your brand While I've touched on the different ways that you can use individual social networks to discover and track mentions of your brand, one popular (and free!) "catch all" solution to see real-time activity,

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understand your content's reach, and get a top-down idea of your brand reputation,
is SocialMention (http://www.socialmention.com).

Type in and search for your brand name and keywords related to your company and experiment with the different filters found in the drop-down menu.

For each mention found, the site provides a set of overall metrics particular to it,
including the sources where it is found and whether people are interacting in a positive or negative fashion.
Hover over each metric with your cursor for a short definition of each.

Free and Premium
Social Media Video Tutorials: 250+ Videos and 8+ Hours of Content Bite-sized YouTube video tutorials To support the content within this book,
I record and post regular social media videos onto YouTube.

No filler, just free, clear and simple information that will help you with your
social media marketing.
The majority of the videos are screen recordings,
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There are over 250 videos so far and that number is growing all the time, so why not head over to check them out ?
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FREE E-book
The very nature of social media means that the tips and tricks in this book will need to be updated and amended often.
To prevent you from being provided with out-of-date information,
500 Social Media Marketing Tips is updated regularly.

To see a summary of all the changes made to the book over time,

E-book version updates
An updated version of 500 Social Media Marketing Tips
is uploaded to the Amazon Kindle store at the beginning of every month, complete with all of the changes made in the four weeks prior.
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Paperback version updates
Updating the paperback version of 500 Social Media Marketing Tips is a little more challenging than its electronic cousin,
so barring the requirement of a lot of important amendments, updates normally occur on quarterly basis - once for every season - spring, summer, fall, and winter.

These updates will include all of the same tips from the electronic version of the book available at the time of printing.

To check that you are buying the latest version, please look for indications of the version in the book's product description, on the front cover, and on the copyright page.

The paperback version of 500 Social Media Marketing
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I Need You: Help Make
This Book Even Better! Outdated, not-working tips As hard as I work to keep the content of 500 Social Media Marketing Tips as fresh and up-to-date as possible, small details and technicalities can fall through the cracks.

If you try out a tip or instruction and notice that it is out of date or no longer working as it should, please, please let me know via the contact details in the “About the Author” section of this book so that I can rectify the issue in the next version.

Typos and grammar
The same as the above goes for typos or grammatical errors.
I do my best to weed them out as often as possible, but as the book is updated so frequently,

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there is always a chance that they will sneak their way in! If you spot any glaring errors that you think need my attention immediately, do get in touch, so I can change them at the first available opportunity.

Thank you very much! Got a tip to share? If you have a tip that you think deserves
a place in any section of 500 Social Media Marketing Tips,
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