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Day One: Clearing Out The Crap
Welcome to Day One, Gorgeous!
Are you ready to get the money manifesting party started?
Me too!

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Day one is all about clearing the unnecessary crap and clutter we don’t realize is interfering with our finances.
Although eventually it’s in your best interest to get organized in every single aspect of your daily life, don’t worry about spring cleaning everything in sight in a single day. That would be too overwhelming and I want this to be an easy and fun process.

Why is today about clearing the crap and the clutter?
Because money is just pieces of paper with energy attached to it.
Energy needs space to flow.

So if your surroundings are cluttered with crap left and right, then it’s no wonder money isn’t finding you! I want you to remember this: Money is just energy and you have the power to direct the energy to you.
By clearing out space, you make room for more energy to flow around you and to you. Makes sense, right?
Alright, I know what you’re thinking.

You may find pretty quickly that this book is filled with a bit of woo-woo and energy talk. Depending on where you are in your manifesting journey, you may either be used to it or think it’s really weird.

Before your eyes roll too far to the back of your head, think of it this way.
I once heard a quote that stuck with me from a book called “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T Harv. Elker.
In his book, that’s highly recommended by the way, he said
(and allow me to paraphrase)
“I’d rather be really weird and really rich, than really cool and really broke!”
I don’t remember precisely word for word the exact quote, but it went something like that. If it works, it freaking works. Just go with it.

You can go back to your old ways in 21 days if that feels better for you.
But after being $1,000 richer, I guarantee you won’t want to.

For today’s money babe action, I want you to completely clear out your wallet, one area where you deal with money (the place where you pay your bills, keep bills, keep receipts, your laptop if you have an online business, etc.),
and pick one extra space you spend the most time in.

Beginning with your wallet, I want you to toss out any old receipts, old used up gift cards, gum wrappers, and other miscellaneous items that serve no purpose in your wallet. If you have any dollar bills in there right now, I want you to make sure they are not crumpled up.

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Straighten them out and sort them by size with the largest bill always facing you first.
I find that when I have my $100 bills facing me first,

I feel way more abundant than looking at a $1 bill first. If you have no bills in there, feel free to put a $100 bill in there for the sake of raising your money vibe. Trust me, it feels really good to open your wallet every time you pay for something and see a crisp Benjamin looking right back at you.

Hey there, fella! Over the time I’ve spent studying money and manifesting an abundance of it, I noticed that really abundant, wealthy, and successful people respect their money.

Not surprisingly at all, money respects them in return. If someone crumpled you up and put you into a tiny space, you wouldn’t be too happy either. Keeping your wallet clean and organized invites in more money.

Do the same with the area where you deal with your money (like possibly your office, kitchen counter, a table in your house, etc.) and that extra space you spend the most time in.

It could be your car, your living room, your bedroom, your closet, or anywhere else. Another way to promote the flow of energy in the areas of your choice is to buy some sage and burn it in these places.

Run the smoke through your wallet, in your office, and wherever else you choose to organize. Sage is known to clear out old, stale, stagnant,
negative energy.
You can find sage in any metaphysical store or even on Amazon! I’m known to have a regular shipment of sage as I am pretty much addicted to the stuff.
Clearing negativity is kinda my thing.

Now that we cleared out the crap, let me mention one more thing.
In order for this 21-day journey to work, you have to believe it will.
Any doubt you feed into your daily money babe actions will cause you to halt your manifesting progress.

Doubt is the easiest way to direct your life straight to mediocrity.
I am here to help you break this life sucking cycle. We’re gonna practice having faith. You know you’ve heard people say “I’ll believe it when I’ll see it” at some point in your life. Well, here’s the truth that I want you to know.

That’s just not how the Universe works. It’s actually when you
BELIEVE it, that you will SEE it.
You are the co-creator of your very own reality.
You have to believe it works first before it works. So just go with it.
Believe with every little bit of you that by the end of the 21 days, you will manifest your $1,000. Start to expect it.

Get excited about it right now. Celebrate it because it’s already on its way to you right now as we speak.
Once you’re done with clearing out the three spaces, answer the following money babe action questions.

Money Babe Action How do you feel about your wallet now that it’s cleaned out and cleared of things that don’t belong in there?
Did you make any discoveries hiding in your wallet?
Many babes have reported forgotten gift cards, hidden cash, and other little goodies hiding under all the mess.

Which area do you handle most of your finances in?
How does it feel to have that area organized, cleaned out,
and ready to receive more money?
What was the other area you chose that you spend the most time in?
How do you feel now that it’s cleaned out and all the clutter is gone?
Able to breathe easier?
Did you buy sage and smoke it through these areas?
If so, do you feel like the negative energy has been broken up?

Day Two: The F Word Will Set You Free Congratulations on clearing out physical space in your life for good energy to flow freely and easily into your life. Are you ready to do part two of clearing?
What? More clearing?
Today is about doing some super crucial mental clearing.
Day two may change your life alone.

You could literally stop the challenge after day two and I guarantee you will see some major shifts in your life. However, I know you’re an overachiever and eager to manifest $1,000.

So, let’s continue.
I have seen today’s money babe action be the breakthrough moment for
so many of my students and private clients. For me personally, it was the manifestation game changer, and at the time I didn’t even realize it.

Today is the day to completely forgive yourself, everyone in your past, and everything that has ever happened to you since your birth.
I know it sounds like a huge daunting task ahead of you, and you may be thinking “Forgive everyone?! Kathrin, do you even know what so-and-so did to me in 2004?!”
And I am here to tell you that it doesn’t matter what so-and-so did to you.

What truly matters is that holding onto any grudges from your past is going to prevent you from manifesting money. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean that they never did anything wrong.
Forgiving someone means that you love yourself enough to let go of the shitty situation that no longer serves you. It’s time to allow yourself some relief and open yourself up to more magic in your life.

Holding onto a grudge is the equivalent of intending to poison someone, but ending up drinking the poison yourself. Just like physical junk has been clogging up your wallet and your money spaces, the mental junk is clogging up your precious heart.
Even if you think you let go of past negative situations, they may still live within you in your precious heart space.

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The way to release it all is to forgive it all.
Today’s money babe action is a powerful one. I want you to create a list of situations, people, and events that you know deep inside you must forgive.
This list should contain anything that has had a negative impact on your life in one way or another.

Be sure to look for situations that tie to money, but feel free to go beyond that. In the end, as I’ve mentioned before, money is just energy.
Doing anything to unblock the flow of energy will attract more money into
your life.
This is something that a lot of other money gurus won’t tell you because they want you to believe that there are specific money manifesting secrets you have to follow or you’ll manifest anything but money.

Just know that the more positivity you add into your life, the more good
energy you attract, resulting in more money.
Law of attraction works the same way whether you are manifesting a cup of coffee or a million dollars. Got it? Good!

We’ll get into plenty of money specific strategies later, but you’ll also learn that money specific manifestations will also help you increase other manifestations as well. It’s all intertwined. It’s all just energy.

To give you an idea of what I’m looking for, allow me to share with you a sample of my personal forgiveness list that I wrote down when I first started my journey. Kathrin’s Money Forgiveness List:

The time when I really wanted to buy a certain Barbie, and my mom told me that we couldn’t afford it. The time when I told my friends I was going to start a business and they laughed at me and told me that it wasn’t a great idea because I’d surely fail. The one time my boyfriend emotionally cheated on me with one of his coworkers. That one time I cheated on my boyfriend because I was bored with our relationship.

The time when my best friend ruined one of my favorite t shirts and didn’t tell me about it until I found out myself. The one time at the grocery store when my credit card maxed out and I couldn’t afford my groceries and had to put everything back. SO embarrassing.

The one time that I asked for a raise and didn’t get one. The goal here is to keep going and going until you can’t think of anything else. I want you to try and find at least 20-25 situations that you remember from your past that involved a negative experience of some sort. No matter how small and silly some of them may seem, write it down. As you have noticed reading some of my own examples, some of the situations are laughable.

The Barbie seems so unimportant in my life today as an adult, but taking a closer look, that was the first time in my life I heard the phrase “we can’t afford it.” This led to me growing up thinking that money was a limited resource
and hard to come around.
Even though I now know that money is abundant and there are trillions of dollars flowing around me at any point in time, I wouldn’t have believed
it if I didn’t first release and forgive the source of my opposing limiting belief.

Once you have written out your list, I want you to go back, reread each
situation and really feel the feelings you have felt at the time it happened.
Feeling is a powerful way to quickly discover what you need to release,
and you will certainly find that there is a lot more negative energy tied to each situation than you initially thought. This is why we are doing this work.

We need to clear up any negative energy so that we stop attracting similar experiences into our lives.
After you dwell for like 2 seconds on the feelings you had in the moment of each of those situations, I want you to say
out loud to each situation:
“I forgive you. I’m sorry. Thank you. I love you.”
And I want you to truly mean it. At the time I started to do this, I didn’t realize that what I was doing is actually an ancient Hawaiian practice for healing called “Ho’oponopono”.

It’s super effective and works magic in forgiveness.

The meaning behind each phrase is this: “I forgive you”
= I will release this from myself and it is no longer my problem.
I will no longer allow this situation to affect me and block my money vibe. “I’m sorry”
= I acknowledge the situation and I am sorry for holding onto it for so long. It will no longer be allowed to bother me. “Thank you”
= Thank you for all the lessons that this situation taught me “I love you”
= Sending love to the situation will allow you to heal and get through it.
Everything is accomplished with love.
After doing this money babe action, you may discover that you will feel much lighter. You will feel like you have literally cleared out space in your heart for more good energy to flow in.
Continue to practice forgiveness on a daily basis.
Forgiveness alone will completely revolutionize your life and daily behaviors in general. Next time someone hurts you or cuts you off in traffic, you can forgive them right away instead of holding onto a grudge for the rest of the day. Say it with me:

The more I forgive, the more at peace I will be.
The more at peace I am, the more of my divine abundance freely flows to me.
Money Babe Action In your journal, create your forgiveness list:  
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. And continue until you have 20-25 things on your list.

Make sure you use the Ho’oponopono technique on each of the things on your list. After going through the forgiveness process, how do you now feel?
Report your feelings to prove to yourself the effect of this exercise.

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Don’t worry if you initially end up feeling worse.
We are detoxing negative energy that has been backed up in your system for years. Honor yourself! Be patient. Healing takes time.

And most importantly, please don’t forget to forgive yourself. You deserve relief, babe.

Day Three: Feel Your Way To Money Hello again,
Beautiful! Can I just tell you how proud I am of you for creating your forgiveness list and actually going through and forgiving everyone and everything that’s been taking up precious space in your heart?

That alone deserves a delicious bubbly champagne toast. We ain’t got time for resentment. We got money to manifest, baby!

I am betting $1,000 that you feel like a million bucks today after doing some serious clutter and crap clearing over the last 48 hours.

The last 48 hours alone will cause major positive shifts to occur, but we still have
19 amazing days ahead of us!
Today I want to talk about your feelings.
Yes, your feelings babe. Us women get so much slack for being overly emotional touchy feely creatures. If only the men knew that our feelings make us powerful manifestors.
Take that, #GirlPower!
Why are feelings important?
How you feel about your future including everything you’re manifesting is the
biggest predeterminant of what your future will actually end up looking and feeling like.
Take a quick second to get in touch with your feelings and assess how you feel today.

Human beings are unique creatures with a wide array of feelings.
I like to see feelings as a way to gauge what we are manifesting.

This isn’t to say that if you come across stress, worry, and fear, that you will automatically manifest those feelings.

However, stress, worry and fear are telling you something about your belief in manifesting something you want.
Creating more money in your life feels really good to you, doesn’t it?
The ironic thing here is that more money in itself isn’t what’s going to make you
happy. It’s the feeling of having more money that you are actually after.
Check in right now to see why you want more money. How would having an extra $1,000 in your bank account or wallet feel to you?
Freeing? Joyful?
Exciting? Fun?
Close your eyes and visualize the $1,000 in your hand right now.
Now that you have the money, what is it that you’re going to do with it?
It’s important to note that it’s what we do with the money that will bring us the
feelings that we are after.

You know the quote, “money doesn’t buy happiness?”
Well, the quote exists because having a million dollars in the bank account
alone will not bring you happiness.
Money alone can’t do anything. Money alone makes us feel indifferent.
Doing things with the money, the freedom it brings in our lives, the limitless possibilities because of the million dollars in the bank is what brings us happiness. Does that make sense?

We’re always after the feelings of what money will bring us, not really the money
itself. Money alone is just paper. It doesn’t do anything sitting on its own.

This is something to be aware of when manifesting money.
Money is energy.

In order to attract more money, you have to match its energy.

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