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Sell Some of Your Stuff
One easy way to earn money by tomorrow or sooner is to sell some of the things you own. When someone buys your things today, you will instantly receive the payment on the same day or the next day. If you are the type of person who owns a lot of things that other people may want or need, you can surely part with some of them so that you can sell them to other people and earn instant cash.

Selling stuff is a great idea, especially for those who need cash but do not have extra money to buy products to sell or materials for making products that they can sell. You need to learn some important tips and ideas for selling some of your stuff to earn fast cash. What to sell You can sell almost anything if you want to earn fast cash. Here are some things that you can sell.

● Books. If you are a book lover, you probably have a lot of books at home. This is a great way to organize your book collection by selling those books that you do not really like. Just leave those books that have affected you in some way, books that you have not read yet, and books that you will read again and again. You can also sell textbooks that you have used at school and old magazines or newspapers.

● Clothes. You can sell those clothes that you have not worn for a year, last season’s clothes, or clothes that are sizes too small or big. If you have kids, you can sell their old clothes that they have outgrown to earn more money.
● Furniture. If you have excess furniture sitting in your garage or attic, you should consider selling them to earn quick money and to free up some space.
● Antiques and collectibles. If you have antique objects  and collectibles at home like furniture, jars and vases, china, toys, paintings, and other rare treasures that are difficult to find and are no longer for sale.

● Home appliances and electronics. You can sell your old TV, fridge, stove, food processor, coffee maker, air conditioning unit, sewing machine, and many more. Just make sure that you no longer need them and are using something else. You do not want to sell those things that you are still using.

● Gadgets. Mobile phones, handheld consoles, video game consoles, MP3 players, and other gadgets will sell like hotcakes online or in yard sales.

● House supplies. You can sell stuff like ceramic displays, tools, plates, glasses, pots and pans, pillows, bed sheets, and other things that you have at home that you think you can live without.

● Baby gear. If your child no longer needs some of his baby gear like his crib, changing table, stroller, baby carrier, bassinet, baby car seat, and other baby gear, you should consider selling them online or offline.

● Supplies for your hobby. If you have special hobbies like playing a musical instrument, mountain climbing, playing sports, and other kinds of hobbies, you should consider selling some of your extra or old supplies and equipment to earn money fast. ● Toys. If you have kids, you can sell their toys that they no longer use or want. Where to sell There are different places to sell your stuff. You can sell them online or offline. Here are some great places where you can sell your things.

● Ebay. You can sell collectibles, rare items, branded items, arts, antiques, and memorabilia, to name a few, on eBay. People who are looking for an item that will complete their collection or an antique object will go to eBay to search for it.
● Craigslist. You can sell large items like baby strollers, cribs, furniture, and refrigerator on Craigslist. People who sell on Craigslist target buyers who live in the same area because the items that they usually sell are too big and will have expensive shipping costs.

● Amazon. The most common items for sale on Amazon are books, although you can also sell other stuff if you like.

● Yard sale. You can also organize a yard sale for some of your things. You can sell things that you no longer want and need in front of your house. This is not only a great way to earn instant cash but also to de-clutter your home.

● Junk shop. You can sell recyclable things in junk shops such as used tires, old newspapers and magazines, and other things that you no longer have any use for.
● Dealers. You can sell antiques, collectibles, vintage items, and other rare items from dealers. Tips for selling You need to take note of these reminders if you want to earn quick cash by selling some of your stuff.

● Sell your things to people who live near your place. This way, you can get the payment right away after giving the item to the buyer. You can also sell to people in other places within your country but be sure to tell them that the payment should be made on the day itself or the next day. Avoid selling your things to buyers outside the country because it will take you a longer time to get your payment.

● Sell more than one item. If you want to earn sure cash right away, you should consider selling more than one item. This way, you will have a bigger chance at making a sale and earning money.

● Lower the price and indicate that the item is on rush sale. To attract buyers, you should indicate that the item is on rush sale and the price is lowered because you need the money right away. People love sales and will take advantage of a good offer. You can check the current prices of similar products and make your own price a little bit lower to turn it into a great deal for buyers. Selling some of your things online or offline is an easy way to earn quick cash, especially if you do it right.

Sell DIY Projects If you are crafty and like to create do-it-yourself or DIY projects, you should consider selling your creations to earn quick cash. It’s about time that you put your crafting skills to practical use that is profitable. A lot of people have been selling their creations for years and you should also do the same thing if you want to earn money right away. Before you consider selling

DIY projects, you should consider the following tips and information.
Considerations If you want to earn quick cash, you need to choose the right
DIY project to make if you are going to make it from scratch. You should avoid those projects that take a lot of time to make if you want to earn money right away. Consider making those easy projects that will only take you several minutes or a few hours to make. Choosing an easy project also allows you to make more than one craft project in a day which gives you a greater chance at earning more money.

Another tip is to use materials that you already have at home so that you do not have to spend money. You can check out your craft supplies or leftover materials from your last art and craft project to see if you can use something to create new

DIY projects that you can sell. If you really need to buy materials, you should at least make sure that the materials are not so expensive. You should also consider selling those projects that you have already made. This will not only save you a lot of time because you do not need to create them from scratch but it will also save you cash because you do not need to spend money buying materials and supplies.

When it comes to selling craft projects, be sure to sell something that you yourself would buy. Do not sell your rejects or those projects that you do not like. Make sure that you only sell your best stuff to impress buyers and make them want to buy more from you in the future. DIY projects to sell Here are some great craft and

DIY ideas that you can sell to earn cash instantly.
● Crocheted baby shoes. If you are good at crocheting and you can do it fast, you can sell crocheted baby shoes to new moms or expecting mothers.
These are small projects and will only take you a few hours to crochet one pair of baby shoes.

● Bookmarks. You can create bookmarks using left over craft supplies like colorful papers, cardstocks, stickers, ribbons, and other scrap materials that you can turn into a bookmark. You should create several pieces that you can sell in packs to earn money faster.

● Accessories. For this DIY project, you can use beads, ribbons, feathers, strings, fabric, wire, and other craft project materials that you already have at home.
For example, you can make cute little headbands using zippers from your old pants or shorts or you can create a bracelet using random buttons from old blouses and shirts.

● Easy sewing projects. You can use assorted fabric from your old clothes like denim pants, cotton t-shirts, and printed blouses and turn them into new creations like stuffed animals, a simple purse, a cute tank top, a cool apron, and so on.

This is ideal for people who know how to sew. You should choose those projects that you have already done before so that you can finish several projects in one day.

● Seasonal crafts. These are crafts that are perfect for the season, occasion, or holiday for that specific month. For example, you can create wreaths using scrap fabrics, pine cones, or dried twigs on December which is perfect for the Christmas holidays. You can create summer picture frames using seas shells or white sand as borders. You can sell these easily if you sell them at the right month.

● Wood products. If you are good at carpentry or creating something out of wood, you should consider selling your products online. For example, you can sell those wooden projects that you have finished using old wooden pallets or wine crates. You should sell those wooden projects that you have already finished if you want to earn money by tomorrow or sooner.

● Food. Food products are not really considered crafts but they are something that you can prepare by hand. You can bake brownies or cookies or prepare a pitcher of lemonade like what you did when you were still a child and sell them in front of your house. You will realize how easy it is to sell food and how fast you can earn money from doing so. Where to sell You can sell your creations online or offline. Here are some great places where you can sell craft projects.

● Etsy. This is a popular website for those people who want to buy and sell anything made by hand. You can sell anything in Etsy that you yourself have made like home supplies, decors, collectibles, pet supplies, stationery, party supplies, storage and organization, food market, accessories for gadgets, and many more. There are many other websites that cater to craft sellers and buyers like ArtFire or eCrafter. However, Etsy is the most popular one.

● Craft shows. You can also join a craft show and sell your crafts to people offline. Make sure that you have registered in advance or you are allowed to register on short notice. It is also important to join a local craft show that is in your area for convenience.

● Family and friends. Your family and friends will be more than glad to buy your creations, especially if they know that you need money badly. After all, this is a whole lot better than borrowing money from them.

● Yard sale. If you think yard sales are only for used and unwanted home supplies, you are wrong because you can also use your front yard for selling your crafts and creations. If you are going to do this, make sure that you have a lot of items to sell to attract passersby. These are some important things to remember when it comes to selling craft projects. This will ensure that you will have a successful experience selling your creations that will help you earn money instantly.

Use Your Artistic Talents Aside from selling craft projects, you can also sell things that you have made using your artistic talent like music, painting, sculpting, and so on.  You can also use your talent to teach other people and earn cash instantly.

You can in fact earn a lot of money by using your artistic talent because art can get really expensive especially once you have established your name as an artist in your area. Whether or not you are a popular local artist or someone who is simply gifted with artistic talent, you should consider using your abilities to earn cash quickly.

Here are some useful tips and information that you need to know. Sell your art You can sell your art such as the ones listed below.

● Paintings. If you are artistic and know how to paint, you can sell your own art like painting, sculpture, or drawing. Many people prefer to buy art pieces from local artists because they are a whole lot cheaper than those created by well-renowned artists. Some also support local artists and their art. Others also choose art from local artists because they are fresh and unique. Unless you can create art from scratch in just a few hours, you should consider selling those that you have already finished doing.

● Photographs. If you love to take pictures and you think you are good at it, you can sell your photographs online or offline. You can sell blowup prints that buyers can use as wall arts. You can also put them in a frame but this will require money on your part. You can also use your photographs on different objects such as ceramic displays, coasters, pillows, and t-shirts.

● Mosaic. You can also sell mosaic art like colorful glass mosaic, paper mosaic, and picture mosaic. This takes a lot of time to finish so be sure to sell something that you already have on hand.

● Sculpture. There are a lot of artists these days that use different materials for making sculptures such as wood, wires, plastic, stones, fruit, and even trash.
You can look around you and create pieces that are unique and artistic. You need to remember that art pieces may take a longer time to sell, especially if they are more expensive. However, it wouldn’t hurt to try selling them, more so if you need to earn money in any way you can. What you can do is to attract buyers by offering them a discount or giving them a freebie when they buy one of your art pieces.

Offer artistic services Aside from selling your art, you should also consider offering your artistic talent as a form of service. Here are some great ideas that can help you earn money right away.

● Teach. One easy way to earn cash using your artistic abilities is to teach.
If you know how to play a musical instrument, you can teach someone or a group of kids who want to learn how to play a musical instrument. If you are good at writing, you can teach other people how to write creatively. You can ask for an initial payment when they register that will give you instant cash.
They can also pay you on an hourly basis if you want to earn money as soon as possible.

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● Perform on the streets. Another great idea is to do a street performance. You can play a musical instrument, dance, sing, or paint on the streets where people can see you. If they are impressed with what you are doing, they will give you a few dollars or loose change as a way to say thank you.

There are a lot of street performers who have been doing this to earn money and also to entertain people.

Just make sure that you ask the permit of your local government to allow you to perform on the streets. You do not want to have a brush with the law that will do you more harm than good.

● Perform at events. If you are a good singer or a great dancer, you can offer your artistic talent at an event like a wedding or birthday.
You can perform at these events and get the partial payment before the performance and the full payment after the event.

● Photography. Aside from selling your prints, you can also offer your photography skills at special events like birthday parties and weddings.
If you are an avid photographer, you most likely have a cool camera that allows you to produce great pictures. Using an automatic digital camera or your mobile phone’s camera is out of the question.

Be sure to lower your fees if you want to attract clients. You can also offer your services to your friends, coworkers, or neighbors who need a photographer but do not have enough cash to pay for a professional.

Tips and ideas
There are so many different things that you can do to earn quick cash using your artistic abilities.
You need to remember the tips below for a successful money making scheme using your art.

● One important tip is to create art that people want to buy. Do not think that just because you are an artist you should starve yourself—and your family—to death.

You need to be practical in these times of needs and if you need quick cash. If you are still bothered with creating art for the sake of earning money, what you can do is to create art for earning money and art for art’s sake alone.

● If you have not yet established a name in the local art scene, you should sell your art pieces or offer your talents at a lower fee. You can later on increase your rates as your name become widely known in your local area.

● You also have to be excellent in everything you do.
You need to sell them your best pieces and give them your best performance if you want to impress your customers. This way, your name will become known in your area as an artist who is one of the bests in his craft.

Be Prepared If you want to be an interesting guest at a dinner party, you should come prepared. Being prepared means planning everything before the party—from thinking about what outfit to wear to planning how you will behave with the other guests. Socializing with other people is not always spontaneous.

It requires careful planning especially if something is at stake—like a promotion or your reputation. When attending a dinner party, you need to prepare to ensure that you will be an interesting guest.

You can check out the following tips on how to prepare for a dinner party. Know the details of the party It is important to be prepared by knowing the details of the party. You need to take note of the date and time, venue, theme (if there’s one), hosts, and probable guests.
You can find the details in the invitation sent out to you.
You can also ask the host about other important information not included in the invitation. Knowing these details will help you prepare for the party beforehand.
Date and time
You should take note of the schedule of the party by writing it down in your planner. You might also want to write down a reminder at least one day in advance to give you plenty of time to buy a gift for the hosts or find the right outfit for the dinner party.

On the day of the party, you should arrive on time because it shows good manners and consideration.
Forget about arriving at the party fashionably late.
This is no longer true, unless you are a teenager going to a friend’s casual party. If you are a matured adult who has been invited by fellow adults to attend a dinner party that they will organize, you should arrive on time and not let other people wait for you, no matter how important you think you are.

You will appear more interesting in the right way if you show good manners from the beginning. Learn how to drive to the place If you are not familiar with the venue, you should consider getting a map to avoid getting lost and being late at the party. Usually, hosts are thoughtful enough to include a map in the invite especially if the party is held at an obscure place.

You can also ask the host for directions just to be sure. It is also important to take note of the host’s contact number just in case you get lost and need to call someone. Wear the right clothes To be interesting at any party, you need to plan your outfit carefully. This does not mean that you can wear something outrageous to attract other people’s attention.

Remember that you want to be interesting and comfortable at the dinner party, not ridiculous and out-of-this world that will surely make you unforgettable but in a negative way.
Do not wear your Halloween costume or a burlap sack to look interesting.
Dinner parties are usually formal. A nice formal suit for men and cocktail dress for women will do. Whether the party is formal or not is usually mentioned in the invitation. Or when in doubt, you can always ask the host.

And if you really have no idea, a safe option would be a smart casual outfit that can be worn at either a casual or formal party, like khaki jeans with blazer or a short dress. It is also important not to try to out stage the host or the guest of honor.

De-Clutter & Sell on Ebay
If you are like most people, then you probably don’t realize that you already have a ton of wealth already at your fingertips, and right under your nose.
Take a look around your living space – how much stuff do you own that you don’t actually use?
Old Christmas or birthday presents that you never even took out of its box?
Those gadgets and appliances that you thought looked a good deal in the sales but never quite made it to the shelves?
As they say, one man’s poison is another man’s drink, or in our case one person’s clutter is what someone else is just dying to own.

Why not kill two birds with one stone by de-cluttering your house and make some easy money at the same time? 
Selling on eBay is easy, all you need are a digital camera and access to a computer. 

Set up an eBay seller account (free), and take a few pictures of the items you want to sell. Within a few clicks and with an attractive sentence description, you can soon have people from all over the world bidding for your old items. 

You get to set the minimum price (so you don’t have to worry about being cheated on a good deal), and the customer pays the shipping and handling, added onto their charge. All you have to do is wrap it and take it to the postal service! Alternatively, you can have a yard sale, jumble sale or a stall at your local market. 

Some people make a living buying and reselling at country markets up and down the nation, and with little lay out, you can see why!

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