You are a victim of the rules you live by. —Jenny Holzer; artist, thinker, blurter of brilliance Many years ago I was in a terrible bowling accident.

My friends and I were at the tail end of a heated tiebreaker, and I was so focused on making a great show of my final shot—leaping into action, loudly declaring my impending victory, dancing and twirling my way through my approach—that I didn’t realize where my feet were when I let go of the ball. This was the moment I was to learn how serious the bowling community is about penalizing those who roll with one toe over the line.

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They pour oil or wax or lube or something unimaginably slippery all over the alley, and should someone accidentally slide out of bounds while attempting the perfect hook shot, she will find her feet flying out from under her and her ass crashing down onto a surface that even an airborne bowling ball can’t crack.

A few weeks later whilst lolling about in bed with this guy I met at Macy’s,
I explained that ever since my accident, I’m now woken up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain in my feet.

According to my acupuncturist, this is from the nerves in my back getting slammed when I fell, and in order to sleep through the night I’d need a new, firmer mattress.
“I have pains in my feet when I sleep too!” He said, raising himself up for an unreciprocated high five. It’s not just because I’m not into the whole high-five thing that I left him hanging, but also because I was annoyed with him.

I already find mattress shopping to be totally bizarre and embarrassing—lying on your side with a pillow between your thighs for all to see like it’s anyone’s business—but the fact that I had to do it with my salesman lying next to me, begging for a high-fiver, was more than I could handle.

I couldn’t help but notice that all the other salesmen simply stood at the end of the bed, rattling off mattress facts while their clients tested out a myriad of positions, but not mine. He’d lower down next to me on his back, arms crossed over his chest, and thoughtfully chat away, staring at the ceiling like we were at summer camp.

I mean, he was nice enough and incredibly knowledgeable about coils and latex and memory foam, but I was scared to roll over for fear he’d start spooning me. 
Was I too friendly? Should I not have asked him where he was from? 
Did he think I meant something else when I patted the empty space next to me to test the pillow top?

I obviously should have asked Freak Show Bob to get off the damn bed, or found someone else to help me, instead of sneaking out the door and blowing my only opportunity that week to go mattress shopping, but I didn’t want to embarrass him.

I didn’t want to embarrass him! 
This is pretty much how my family was trained to deal with any sort of potentially uncomfortable interaction. Along with the fail-safe method of running in the opposite direction, other tools in our confrontation toolbox also included: freeze, talk about the weather, go blank, and burst into tears the moment you’re out of earshot.

Our lack of confrontation-management skills was no great surprise considering the fact that my mother comes from a long lineage of WASPs. Her parents were the types who believed that children were to be seen and not heard, and who looked upon any sort of emotional display with the same, horrified disdain usually reserved for cheap scotch and non–Ivy League educations.

And even though my mother went on to create a household for us that was as warm, loving, and laughter-filled as they come, it took years for me to finally learn how to form a sentence when presented with the blood-chilling phrase,
“We need to talk.” All this is to say that it’s not your fault that you’re fucked up.

It’s your fault if you stay fucked up, but the foundation of your fuckedupedness is something that’s been passed down through generations of your family, like a coat of arms or a killer cornbread recipe, or in my case, equating confrontation with heart failure. When you came screaming onto this planet you were truly a bundle of joy,
a wide-eyed creature incapable of doing anything but being in the moment.

You had no idea that you had a body, let alone that you should be ashamed of it. When you looked around, everything just was.
There was nothing about your world that was scary or too expensive or so last year as far as you were concerned.
If something came near your mouth, you stuck it in, if it came near your hand, you grabbed it.

You were simply a human . . .
being. While you explored and expanded into your new world, you also received messages from the people around you about the way things are.

From the moment you could take it in, they started filling you up with a lifetime’s worth of beliefs, many of which have nothing to do with who you actually are or what is necessarily true (e.g. the world is a dangerous place, you’re too fat, homosexuality is a curse, size matters, hair shouldn’t grow there, going to college is important, being a musician or an artist isn’t a real career, etc.).

The main source of this information was, of course, your parents, assisted by society at large. When they were raising you, your parents, in a genuine effort to protect you and educate you and love you with all their hearts (hopefully), passed on the beliefs they learned from their parents, who learned them from their parents, who learned them from their parents. . . .

The trouble is, many of these beliefs have nothing to do with who they actually are/were or what is actually true. I realize I’m making it sound like we’re all crazy, but that’s because we kind of are. Most people are living in an illusion based on someone else’s beliefs.

Until they wake up. Which is what this book will hopefully help you do. Here’s how it works: We as humans have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. Most of us are only aware of our conscious minds, however, because that’s where we process all our information.

It’s where we figure things out, judge, obsess, analyze, criticize, worry that our ears are too big, decide once and for all to stop eating fried food, grasp that 2 + 2 = 4, try to remember where the hell we left the car keys, etc.

The conscious mind is like a relentless overachiever, incessantly spinning around from thought to thought, stopping only when we sleep, and then starting up again the second we open our eyes.

Our conscious mind, otherwise known as our frontal lobe, doesn’t fully develop until sometime around puberty.

Our subconscious mind, on the other hand, is the non-analytical part of our brain that’s fully developed the moment we arrive here on earth. It’s all about feelings and instincts and erupting into ear-piercing temper tantrums in the middle of supermarkets. It’s also where we store all the early, outside information we get.

The subconscious mind believes everything because it has no filter, it doesn’t know the difference between what’s true and what’s not true. If our parents tell us that nobody in our family knows how to make money, we believe them. If they show us that marriage means punching each other in the face, we believe them.

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We believe them when they tell us that some fat guy in a red suit is going to climb down the chimney and bring us presents—why wouldn’t we believe any of the other garbage they feed us?
Our subconscious mind is like a little kid who doesn’t know any better and, not coincidentally, receives most of its information when we’re little kids and don’t know any better (because our frontal lobes, the conscious part of our brains, hasn’t fully formed yet).
We take in information via the words, smiles, frowns, heavy sighs, raised eyebrows, tears, laughter, etc., of the people surrounding us with zero ability to filter any of it, and it all gets lodged in our squishy little subconscious minds as the “truth”
(otherwise known as our “beliefs”) where it lives, undisturbed and unanalyzed, until we’re on the therapy couch decades later or checking ourselves into rehab, again.

I can pretty much guarantee that every time you tearfully ask yourself the question, “WTF is my problem?!”
the answer lies in some lame, limiting, and false subconscious belief that you’ve been dragging around without even realizing it.
Which means that understanding this is majorly important. So let’s review, shall we?
1) Our subconscious mind contains the blueprint for our lives. It’s running the show based on the unfiltered information it gathered when we were kids, otherwise known as our “beliefs.”
2) We are, for the most part, completely oblivious to these subconscious beliefs that run our lives.
3) When our conscious minds finally develop and show up for work, no matter how big and smart and highfalutin they grow to be, they’re still being controlled by the beliefs we’re carrying around in our subconscious minds. Our conscious mind thinks it’s in control, but it isn’t.

Our subconscious mind doesn’t think about anything, but is in control.
This is why so many of us stumble through life doing everything we know in our conscious minds to do, yet remain mystified by what’s keeping us from creating the excellent lives we want.

For example, let’s say you were raised by a father who was constantly struggling financially, who walked around kicking the furniture and grumbling about how money doesn’t grow on trees, and who neglected you because he was always off trying, and for the most part failing, to make a living.

Your subconscious took this in at face value and might have developed
beliefs such as:
• Money = struggle
• Money is unavailable.
• It’s money’s fault that I was abandoned by my father.
• Money sucks and causes pain.
Cut to you as an adult who, in your conscious mind, would love nothing more than to be raking in the dough, but who is subconsciously mistrusting of money, believes it’s unavailable to you and who worries that if you make it, you’ll be abandoned by someone you love.

You may then manifest these subconscious beliefs by staying broke no matter how hard you consciously try to make money, or by repeatedly making tons of money and then losing it in order to avoid being abandoned, or in a plethora of other, frustrating ways. No matter what you say you want, if you’ve got an underlying subconscious belief that it’s going to cause you pain or isn’t available to you, you either A)
Won’t let yourself have it, or B)

You will let yourself have it, but you’ll be really fucked up about it.
And then you’ll go off and lose it anyway. We don’t realize that by eating that fourth doughnut or by ignoring our intuition and marrying that guy who’s an awful lot like our low-down, cheatin’ daddy, that we’re being driven by our subconscious minds, not our conscious minds.

And that when our subconscious beliefs are out of alignment with the things and experiences we want in our conscious minds (and hearts), it creates confusing conflicts between what we’re trying to create and what we’re actually creating. It’s like we’re driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake.
(Obviously we all have awesome subconscious beliefs as well, but we’re not talking about those right now.) Here are some other scenarios that may or may not ring a bell:

Conscious Mind: I long to find and marry my soul mate.
Subconscious Mind: Intimacy leads to pain and suffering.
Finger: Ringless Conscious Mind: I want to lose 25 pounds. Subconscious Mind: People aren’t safe; I must build a shield to protect myself.
Body: A fortress of flab Conscious Mind: I’m hot and sexy and want to get it on. Subconscious Mind: Physical pleasure is shameful.
Sex Life: Yawn Conscious Mind: I want to travel the world.
Subconscious Mind: Fun = irresponsible = I won’t be loved Passport:

Blank It’s sort of like not being able to enjoy sitting on your front porch anymore because it totally reeks of something foul out there. You can come up with all these brilliant ways to deal with the problem—light incense, set up fans, blame it on the dog—but until you realize that something has crawled under your house and died, your problems will linger on, stinking up your life.

The first key to ridding yourself of limiting subconscious beliefs is to become aware of them. Because until you’re aware of what’s really going on, you’ll keep working with your conscious mind (think you need to paint the porch) to solve a problem that’s buried far beneath it (dead skunk removal) in your subconscious, which is an exercise in futility.
Take a minute to look at some of the less-than-impressive areas of your life and think about the underlying beliefs that could have created them.

Let’s take the old crowd-pleaser, lack of money, for example.
Are you making far less money than you know you’re capable of earning ?
Have you reached a certain income level that, no matter what you do, you can’t seem to go above? Does generating an abundance of money consistently seem like something you’re not even physically capable of ?
If so, write down the first five things that come to your mind when you think about money. Is your list full of hope and bravado or fear and loathing?
What are your parents’ beliefs about money?
What are the beliefs of the other people you grew up around?
What was their relationship with money like?
Do you see any connection between their money beliefs and yours?

Later on in this book I’m going to give you tools to go much deeper with your subconscious beliefs and fix whatever’s blocking you from living the kind of life you’d love to live, but for now, practice stepping aside, notice what’s happening in the dysfunctional areas of your life and strengthen your almighty awareness muscle.

Start waking up to the stories you’re working with in your subconscious
(I’ll have to do things I hate in order to make money,
I’ll feel trapped if I get into an intimate relationship, if I go on a diet I’ll never get to eat anything fun again, if I enjoy sex I’ll burn in Hell with the rest of the dirty sinners, etc.).

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Because once you see what’s really going on, you can start to drag out the stinky carcasses of your limiting subconscious beliefs and give them the heave-ho, thereby opening up the space to invite the fresh, new, awesome beliefs and experiences that you’d love to have, into your life.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy,
frequency and vibration. —Nikola Tesla; inventor, physicist, supergenius
When I lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico, my friends and I used to hang out at this western bar called Midnight Rodeo. It was the kind of place that had curling irons and hair spray in the women’s bathroom,

Bud Light on permanent special for two bucks a can, and a solid oak dance floor the size of a cornfield.
We were all from the East Coast and were way too cool for country music, so at first we’d go just to snootily make fun of it all, taking great pride in being the first to spot a particularly gigantic belt buckle or a cowboy sporting one of them handlebar mustaches big enough to cover five upper lips.

But our favorite part was the line dancing.
We’d stare mesmerized by the giant, choreographed mass of Garth Brooks fans, stomping around in synchronized woo-hooery with their thumbs purposefully tucked into the front pockets of their jeans.
It was so hilarious that we started joining in ourselves, waving from the middle of the sea of cowboy hats to our friends—watch this! Then, uh, we’d stay on the floor for the next song, just to try and get that part down where you click your heels right before the spin.

Then we found ourselves sneaking off every weekend to merrily line dance our little achy breaky hearts out.
This is sort of the same way the God thing happened for me.

It started out with much snarkiness and eye rolling, but I was so broke and clueless and sick of being such a weenie about really going for it in my life, that I was open for suggestions.
Which is why, when I started reading books on finding your calling and making money and getting over yourself already, and they all had this spiritual side to them,
I didn’t toss them in the Goodwill pile with my usual this God/spirituality crap is for suckers attitude. Instead I decided to give good old God a chance because I had nothing to lose. Literally.

And lo and behold, some of it wasn’t totally idiotic.
So I started reading more about it.
Then I started studying it. Then I started putting it into practice.
Then I noticed how much better it made me feel.
Then I started believing it. Then I noticed all these awesome shifts starting to happen in my life. Then I became obsessed with it. Then I started loving it.
Then I started radically changing my life with it. Then I started teaching it.
Now I’m basically riding the mechanical bull about it, punching my fist in the air and hollering to the guy manning the controls, “Hit it, Wayne!”

Wherever you happen to stand on the God issue, let me just say that that this whole improving your life thing is going to be a lot easier if you have an open mind about it. Call it whatever you want— God, Goddess,

The Big Guy, The Universe, Source Energy, Higher Power,
The Grand Poobah, gut, intuition, Spirit,
The Force,
The Zone, The Lord,
The Vortex, The Mother Lode—it doesn’t matter. Personally, I find the God word to be a tad too loaded, I prefer Source Energy, The Universe,
The Vortex, Spirit, The Mother Lode (all of which I will use interchangeably throughout this book, FYI).

Whatever you choose to call it isn’t important, what is important is that you start to develop an awareness of, and a relationship with,
the Source Energy that’s surrounding you and within you

(which is all the same energy), and which will be your best pal ever if you give it a chance. Because here’s the thing: All of us are connected to this limitless power and most of us aren’t using but a fraction of it.
Our energy is taking a joy ride in these bodies of ours; learning, growing, and evolving along the way (one would hope, anyway—I suppose, numbing, shrinking and moving back in with our parents is also an option), until our corporal journey comes to an end and we move on . . . thanks for the lift!

This realization, that we’re made up of, and connected to,
Source Energy, made me want to have a deeper understanding of spirituality
so I could make my physical experience as awesome as possible.
And let me tell you, ever since I got into it, it has been awesomeness maximus.
When I’m connected with Source Energy and in the flow,
I am so much more powerful, so much more in tune to my physical world and the world beyond, and just so much happier in general.

And the more I meditate and the more attention I give to this relationship with my invisible superpower, the more effortlessly I can manifest the things I want into my life, and do it with such specificity and at such a rapid rate that it makes my hair stand up. It’s like I’ve finally figured out how to make my magic wand work. If loving Spirit is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

• The Universe is made up of Source Energy.
• All energy vibrates at a certain frequency. Which means you’re vibrating at a certain frequency, and everything you desire, and don’t desire, is also vibrating at a certain frequency.
• Vibration attracts like vibration.
Otherwise known as The Law of Attraction, the basic idea is:
Focus on that which makes you feel good and ye shall find (attract) that which makes you feel good.
We’re all attracting energy to ourselves all the time whether we realize it or not. And when we’re vibrating at a low frequency
(feeling pessimistic, needy, victimized, jealous, shameful, worried, convinced we are ugly) yet expect high frequency, aweawesome things and experiences to come into our lives, we are often disappointed.

You need to raise your frequency to match the vibration of the one you want to tune into. It’s like trying to listen to a certain radio station but tuning in at the wrong frequency.
If you have a hot and sexy date and want to listen to 105.9FM Slow Jamz, but set your dial to 89.9FM National Public Radio, you’re not only going to be Slow Jamless, but you’re more likely to attract a discussion about
immigration laws in the U.S. instead of attracting a relaxed and candlelit body that’s in the mood for love.
The Universe will match whatever vibration you put out.

And you can’t fool
The Universe. Which is why when you’re vibrating at a high frequency, awesome things seem to flow to you effortlessly and you seem to stumble over the perfect people and opportunities all the time (and vice versa).

As Albert Einstein observed, “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.
” When you learn to consciously master the energetic realm, believe in the not yet seen, and stay in your highest frequency, you harness your innate power to create the reality you desire.

So once again, good ole awareness is your key to freedom.
Once you realize that you can dramatically improve your situation by connecting with Source Energy and raising your frequency, you can freakin’ do it already
(I’ll show you exactly how later) instead of opting to stay in the suckhole and feeling like a victim of pathetic circumstances such as microwaving ramen in its Styrofoam cup for dinner or working for someone who makes your flesh crawl.

In order to truly raise your vibration, you’ve got to believe that everything you want is available to you.

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And the best way to keep this belief strong is by staying connected to Source Energy. It’s like we’re surrounded by this big, all-you-can-eat buffet of incredible experiences and insights and feelings and opportunities and things and people and ways to share our gifts with the world, and all we have to do is align our energy with what we want and take decisive action to allow this good into our lives.

And this decisive action part is key.
Sadly, we can’t just float around our neighbor’s pool on a raft with cup-holders, sipping cocktails and being all high frequency while waiting for unicorns to fly down from the sky. We have to take action—hell-bent-for-glory kind of action.

The trick is to have both parts—energy and action—working in unison:
unless your energy is lined up properly with that which you desire, really desire, any action you take is going to require way more effort to get you where you want to go,
if it gets you there at all.
Once in a while you may get lucky doing one without the other, but if you get very clear on what you truly want (rather than what you think you should want), believe that it’s available to you regardless of your present circumstances by staying connected to Source Energy and keeping your frequency high, and take decisive action, you will eventually succeed.

Have you ever had a dream where you’re flying and you’re having such a blast but then you realize, hey, wait a minute, I’m flying—I can’t fly, and then you come crashing back down to the ground and you can’t get yourself back up again? No matter what you try?
This is the way beliefs work.

Even if it seems impossible, you have to have faith anyway, and the second you stop believing, you pop the bubble and stop attracting the magic in your life.
The Force is with you.
This isn’t just about believing and being all high-vibe when the sun is out and the bunnies are hopping around, either.
This is about believing, even when things are at their most uncertain or absolute crappiest, that there is a bright shiny flipside within your reach.
As French author and fearless truth-seeker, André Gide, so aptly put it,
“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.”
This is about believing that we live in a loving, kind and abundant Universe instead of one that’s petty, mean, and likes other people more than it likes you.

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This is about your faith being greater than your fear.
If you are depressed, you are living in the past.
If you are anxious, you are living in the future.
If you are at peace, you are living in the present. —Lao Tzu;
ancient Chinese philosopher, founder of Taoism, could have been one guy
or a mythical compilation of many, nobody really knows for sure
I was in yoga class one day and the instructor told us all to get into Pigeon Pose, which is this pose where you stretch one leg out behind you, fold the other one out sideways in front of you and then bend forward and lie down on top of the whole thing.
It’s fine if you’re a pigeon, but it’s one of the poses I dread most because my hips don’t move that way, it hurts and I’m always scared I’m gonna get stuck. But even though my body has requested otherwise,

I’m in class and going for it, and am determined to
“relax into it” even though I’m really just silently begging the dude to tell us to change into a different pose, which he doesn’t do because he’s too busy talking.

He’s blabbing on and on and on about our connection to The Universe and our breath and the path to true enlightenment and holy fucking shit dude will you hurry up I think I’m going to rip something.

I really do oh my God I think I’m actually stuck how am 
I going to get out of this pose he’s gonna have to come over here and lift me out of it because I really truly am stuck and then whoosh . . .
I breathe into it. I shut off the relentless yammering in my brain, get quiet, and surrender. I feel my body shift and go deeper into the pose than it’s ever gone before.

The pain is gone. The panic is gone. I am one with The Universe. But then I realize that I really do think I’m stuck and seriously what the hell dude are you going to talk all night we’ve been in this freakin’ pose for five minutes for real and by the way my knee just got all hot and you really are not going to shut up even though I keep thinking you finally are but then you keep going and then, whoosh . . .

I reconnect. I’m back in The Zone.
I melt deeply into this pose and feel such bliss and true connection to something much larger than myself.
This flip-flopping between freaking out in our heads and “breathing into the Now”
is basically how most of us go through life.
Instead of worrying about the possibility of dislocating a hip (the future) or about how bad I was at this pose (the past),
I could have luxuriated in the magnificence available to me in the moment.
It never ceases to amaze me the precious time we spend chasing the squirrels around our brains, playing out our dramas, worrying about unwanted facial hair,

seeking adoration, justifying our actions, complaining about slow Internet connections, dissecting the lives of idiots, when we are sitting in the middle of a full-blown miracle that is happening right here, right now. We’re on a planet that somehow knows how to rotate on its axis and follow a defined path while it hurtles through space!
Our hearts beat! We can see!

We have love, laughter, language, living rooms, computers, compassion, cars, fire, fingernails, flowers, music, medicine, mountains, muffins!
We live in a limitless Universe overflowing with miracles!
The fact that we aren’t stumbling around in an inconsolable state of sobbing awe is appalling.
The Universe must be like, what more do I have to do to wake these bitches up?

Make water, their most precious resource, rain down from the sky?
The Universe loves us so much, and wants us to partake in the miraculous so badly, that sometimes she delivers little wake-up calls. 

Like in the movies when someone narrowly escapes death and is so overjoyed and grateful that they take to the streets, skipping and laughing and madly hugging everyone in sight. Suddenly all their “problems” fall away and the miracle of being alive, today, in this moment takes over the screen.

I know someone who got sucked through a dam and almost died who now speaks about it as one of his most profound and life-changing experiences. Not that I’d wish that on anyone, but take heart in the fact that should you require some sort of catastrophe for your transformation, it can be cosmically arranged.

The Universe has also surrounded us with the perfect teachers.
Animals, for example.
Animals are in the present all the time, and their secret power is to pull us in with them. My friend’s dog is so happy to see her every single time she walks in the door it’s like she’s about to free him from forty years of imprisonment. Even if she’s only been gone for an hour.

You’re here. I’m here. I love you. I’m gonna pee all over the floor about it. Little kids are also excellent guides. Kids get so wrapped up in the joy of drawing or pretending or discovering that they’d rarely eat or bathe or sleep if we didn’t make them.

They are constantly creating in a state of free-flowing, concentrated bliss, they haven’t yet learned to worry about what other people think of them or that perhaps they’re not as talented at finger painting as Lucy next door is.

They are in the moment.
There is fun in the moment.
End of story.
We would be wise to take more of our cues from the beasts and babies.
All the stuff we’re so worried about creating and fixated on becoming is already right here, right now.
The money you want already exists; the person you want to meet is already alive; the experience you want to have is available, now; the idea for that brilliant song you want to write is here, now, waiting for you to download the information.

The knowledge and insight and joy and connection and love are all wagging their hands in your face, trying to get your attention.
The life you want is right here, right now. What the hell am I talking about?
If it’s all here, where is it?
Think of it like electricity.

Before the invention of the light bulb, most people weren’t aware of electricity’s existence.
It was still here, exactly the same way it is right now, but we hadn’t yet woken up to it. It took the invention of the light bulb to bring it to our attention. We had to understand how to manifest it into our reality.

It’s not that the things and opportunities that we want in life don’t exist yet. It’s that we’re not yet aware of their existence (or the fact that we can really have them).

The more practiced you become at being present and connected to Source Energy, the more available you are to download ideas and seize opportunities that you might miss out on if you’re all wrapped up in the endless chatter in your head.

There’s a great Hindu story about a lady who wanted to meet the god Krishna.
So she went into the forest, closed her eyes, and prayed and meditated on making the god appear and lo and behold, Krishna came wandering down the forest path toward her.

But when Krishna tapped the lady on the shoulder, she, without opening her eyes, told him to get lost because she was busy meditating on a very important goal.

When we get so wrapped up in our heads, we miss out on what’s available to us right now in the moment. Stop and notice how you feel right now. Feel your breath moving in and out of your body.
Feel the air on your skin.
Feel your heart beating. Your eyes seeing.
Your ears hearing. Notice the energy inside and outside of you buzzing. Shut off your thoughts and feel your connection to Source.

Even if you’ve got bone-chilling credit card debts or you haven’t spoken to your mother in six years, right now, in this moment, you can find peace and joy in that which simply is.

As adults with responsibilities 
like bodies to care for and mortgages to pay, there’s some value in taking a side trip away from the present moment every once in a while; sometimes we need to think about and plan for the future, as well as study the past in order to learn from it or laugh about it or to bury it out back and let it go forever.

And if we just stopped by for the occasional visits to the future and past,
that would be one thing, but the amount of time we spend chewing on junk-food thoughts about what-ifs and how-comes—Lawd help us!

The more time you spend in the moment, the richer your life will be.
Being present gets you out of your head and connects you to Source Energy, which raises your frequency, which attracts things of like frequency to you.

And all of those high-frequency things and experiences are already here, just waiting for you to join the party, all you have to do is shut up, show up, and usher them in.

Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are. —Kurt Cobain; you know who this one is, right?
When I first started getting into self-helpery, there was lots of talk about something called the “Ego” that confused the hell out of me.

I always thought that Ego was about being conceited and braggy and all, “I’m gonna talk on and on and on about how great I am and then I’m gonna show you my muscles.” Meanwhile, even though arrogance and conceit

(which are different from self-love and confidence, BTW) are part of the Ego, they’re not, as I later learned, the whole dealio. In the self-help/spiritual community, “Ego” is used to refer to the shadow self, or the false self, or the self that’s acting like a weenie.

It’s the part of us that’s driving the bus when we do things like sabotage our happiness by cheating on our husbands or wives because deep down we don’t feel worthy of being loved, or that refuses to follow our hearts and pursue an acting career because we’re terrified to be seen for who we really are or that goes on and on and on and on about how great we are and shows off our muscles because we’re insecure and need lots of outside validation that we’re good enough.

In other words, there’s more than one way to go on an ego trip. From here on out, I’m going to refer to the Ego as the Big Snooze. Or BS for short.

I think it’ll be less confusing. Plus I think it’s more appropriate, since the leading cause of sucking (staying broke, dating morons, uncontrollably crying in public because we hate our lives) is that we haven’t yet woken up to how truly powerful we are or to how massively abundant our Universe is. Alrighty, so, moving forward.

The Big Snooze operates according to your limiting false beliefs.
This is the garbage that was stuffed into your subconscious as a kid that doesn’t ring true for you, as well as the decisions you’ve made about yourself that are less-than flattering or empowering.
It gets validation from outside sources
(I’m doing this to win your love, your opinion of me is more important than my opinion of me), it’s reactive (My circumstances control my life, I am a victim), fear-based, and extremely committed to keeping you safely confined within the reality you’ve created based on these limiting false beliefs (otherwise known as your comfort zone).

The Big Snooze lives in the past and in the future and believes you are separate from everything around you. Your true self or your higher self or your superhero self (your non-BS self) Read Full book on Amazon.

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