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What is Social Media? Why is it Useful?
For all those that are new to the concept of social media, we will look at its meaning and uses in detail.

What is social media?
Social media refers to various platforms that are available on the Internet, which provide users the chance to create their profiles and share and promote content. These social media platforms are all designed to help people and companies establish a social presence and let others know about their products and services. The popularity of social media, as a marketing tool, rose in the last decade as more and more companies realized its true potential and began using it to their advantage.

They understood that it is possible for them to reach out to millions of people, worldwide, and increase their customer base by several folds. Social media is now part of every company’s marketing strategy.

Right from a small store in Japan to a multi-million dollar company in the US, everybody is using the power of the Internet to get noticed and improve their product’s sales. Through the course of this book, you will understand the real use of social media in terms of your marketing strategy and why it is extremely important for you to have a strong marketing plan in place in order to promote your products and services. Let us now look at why social media is useful.

Understanding how social media marketing works Many people, particularly small businesses and upcoming businesses seem to shy away from social media marketing. The reason being that it social media marketing is such a vast area and it is really difficult to know where they can start from, the area that should be targeted by them and their potential audience.  

In order to become successful b making use of social media marketing you really need to get yourself better acquainted with the complex hierarchy that exists and the workings of these platforms. Like it is the case with any online marketing strategy, even in the case of social media marketing it will all have to start with you and your website. Your website will act as the foundation, the base on which you can start building your campaign.

Blogs have been gaining a lot of publicity, if your website has one then that’s good and if it doesn’t then perhaps it’s time that you have added one.
Blogs will enable you to provide regular steams of content that will help you grab and then hold on to the attention of your audience and in order to increase the number of people who are subscribing to your website, increase the number of followers you have got on any social media platforms and for also giving your business a sound online presence, a blog will really come in handy.

You probably would have come across the term RSS feeds and you might have even used them. If you haven’t done so, then you probably should.
RSS stands for Really Short Simple Syndication.
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RSS is really a great tool that can help you sort your content out in a way that provides you with the option of personalization.
The benefit of personalization is that you can sort your content according to different sectors and areas of interest of your audience.
People can always subscribe to your website and they can always agree to receive the RSS feed that will let them view the content as well as let them know of any updates.
When you can personalize the information available you can filter it depending upon the requirements of your target audience.
Then there is the option of bookmarking as well as social sharing.

This can be thought of as the process that lets you tag people and also keys you share certain elements of the content you have got on various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and even Google+ or even on social bookmark sites such as Delicious, Digg or even StumbleUpon.

If you really want this to work, then you will have to ensure that the content that you are wanting to post is of high quality and is relevant to the audience. It really won't work if you are just sharing silly memes or GIFs. If your audience doesn't think the content that you are posting is relevant then it is highly likely that they will stop following you. Social search tools will also be really helpful.

Google Places, Foursquare, Yelp and even Bing Places are some of the popular directories that are available online and you can get yourself listed on these sites.
So that when anyone is searching for your name then your listed address would come up on the search. This will help you draw more attention to yourself and will help you in strengthening your online presence which is really crucial for your business.

Social search tools are highly recommended by me and this will help in acting as a catalyst for improving the publicity for your business.
The top social media platforms to make use of There are very few people who wouldn't have heard of Facebook or Twitter, but these aren't your only options there are a variety of social media platforms that you can make use of.

If you can make use of it in the right way then your marketing campaign will be successful. It is a unanimous opinion that Facebook is the most popular
social media platform.
There are more than 1.2 billion active users on Facebook.
This platform provides you with an opportunity to advertise about different kinds of businesses it can be paid or free advertising.

It also provides you with the option of creating pages dedicated solely to your business and this can help you engage your potential customers.
Facebook ads work according to PPC model that allows you to target certain ads and specific audiences.
You can also share your content and communicate with your audience on a personal level. Twitter is all about Microblogging and it is a networking platform where there are more than 200 million active users.

This is considered to be a very popular platform for businesses, celebrities and entrepreneurs alike. Twitter users can post updates and these are known as tweets.

A tweet cannot be more than 140 characters long and this condition gives twitter the feel of an SMS system. You can create your business stage and you can make use of this for attracting your customers as well as getting updates to your audience without much trouble.

You can also make use of the promoted tweets feature that gives you access
to paid advertising and you can reach a much wider audience by making use of this.

Google+ has more than 540 million active accounts and this is considered to be the second largest social media site in this world. It is fully integrated with a lot of other services that Google offers and it is a really good option for businesses as well as individuals who are looking for a platform for their soul a media marketing strategy.

This is a professional platform and it aims at businesses by allowing them to form relationships with their customers, investors and other interested parties.
Your profile on Google+ will be linked to all other Google services that you make use of such as Google places.
LinkedIn has more than 270 million active users and this is aimed for businesses alone.

This is an incredible platform for anyone who is associated with the business world. Unlike all the other social media networking sites that cater to both businesses as well as individual users, LinkedIn solely caters to different businesses.
Using this platform you can create a Company Page and this gives you the opportunity to showcase how well your company is doing and it also gives you a means of reaching out to your potential customers.

This really should be your go to website if you want to develop your business connections, especially if you are involved in Business-to-Business marketing.

This will allow you to find as well as hire employees or even search for any business leads by going through different profiles of likeminded people or people with similar interests. Pinterest is not just a website where people get to pin photos. It is so much more than that.
This is a unique platform it is not like any other social media sites and also social media marketing.
This has around 70 million active users at present, making it a relative teenager in terms of its popularity but that number has been increasing at a steady pace.
This is the place for both business users as well as individuals particularly those who make use of a lot of visual media.
This would be for businesses that are related to the fashion industry like jewelry designers, photographers, any designers or basically any business that heavily relies on visual media.

Pinterest also offers business accounts that come with added features that will let you analyze your pins and also help in promoting particular pins.

Your business profile can also be easily synced with your accounts on other sites such as Facebook or even Twitter. Instagram is another popular social media site that is aimed at social media; it can be either in the form of photographs or even videos. This site has over 150 million active users and it has become the latest fad irrespective of their age.

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This is a perfect option for all those businesses that rely heavily on visual media like fashion businesses, food, design, and travel and so on.

Businesses can opt for either posting photos or videos of their products on Instagram and they can organize different photo or video contests for spreading publicity about their business.
You can link your Instagram account to a business website but you can mention
the same in any of your posts on other social media sites as well.
You can make use of Instagram for generating web traffic for your website and thereby generate more interest.

In a strict sense YouTube really isn’t a social media site but then it is the most visited video sharing site in the world and also the third most frequently visited site as well. YouTube combines a lot of features that make this site a vital tool to make use of in your social media marketing strategy.

This is a free platform that anyone can access and you can make use of this site for publishing any videos that are related to your business or area of interest.

You can also make use of the feature of paid advertising for promoting your products or services and this means that your ads would show up on videos that are posted by other users as well.
Why is social media useful for marketing?
As you know, social media holds a lot of potential and will help in increasing your customer base.
You will see how easy it is for you to reach out to different customers that are based all over the world. Let us now look at some of its real uses to companies.
Reach The first and most important use is the reach that this platform provides to its users.
You will see that it is possible for you to reach out to more people just by making your presence felt on these sites.
When you add one person, you will automatically end up adding another 10.
This is not possible when you advertise in the traditional way.
You will hardly be able to reach a few hundred there whereas here, you can easily reach millions just by clicking a few buttons and uploading pictures of your products and services.

Recognition Your brand recognition will grow in leaps and bounds.
Imagine having a small shop in a remote island and trying to reach out to the world.
It will seem like a herculean task.
But now, you can easily reach out and have our brand successfully recognized by million just by setting up an account on a social media platform.
It is like getting to set up free billboards on every street in the world.

Your brand is sure to be recognized by millions around the world and you will see that it is possible for you to become a global image by establishing your presence on social media.
Costs The costs of marketing can be considerably reduced when you take up online marketing. When you market in the traditional way, you end up spending a lot of money.

Right from paying the advertising company to paying for the different promotional campaigns, there are many costs that will keep accumulating. You have to set up a big fund for it and only then will you be able to afford the traditional method of marketing.

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However, with social media, all of that can be reduced to a bare minimum.
You will see that it is possible for you to promote your products and services with a very small to no budget at all! Imagine the kind of money you can save on just by adopting social media for your marketing needs. Interaction Through social media platforms, you can interact with many people including your customers and potential business partners.

You can bring everyone under the same roof and allow them to interact with each other. You will see that it is easy for you to answer any queries that these people have towards your company, products or services and make it an interactive session.
This type of a setting will go a long way in helping you establish a good connection with your customer base.

Conversion Through social media, you can easily convert people into your customers. Now say for example 500 visit your page on a daily basis.
Out of those, maybe 200 are your existing customers and the rest are new people.
If even half of them, meaning 150 people convert into customers then you will now have 200+150 customers for your products.

That is a great number for you to work with, especially when you are just starting out. That number will only grow over time and before you know it, you will have a big audience base following you.
Loyalty You can establish customer loyalty by being online. You can be in touch with the best customers and get them to be your repeat customers.

Social media helps in establishing a strong customer base and also strengthen your hold over them. Remember that your current customers are extremely valuable as they are who will bring new customers and also give you consistent business. So it is extremely important for you to hold on to your loyal customers and get them to help increase your business.
SEO You can make use of
SEO when you set up an online account.
SEO stands for search engine optimization,
which will help you get noticed.
You can use it to your advantage and turn up as the first search result online.

That will ensure that your page gets visited more often, which will mean more customers for your business.
These form just some of the benefits of using social media for marketing but are not limited to just these.

As and when you start using social media you will be acquainted with the other benefits. Following are the likely benefits and the reasons why you should start making use of social media marketing right now.
Helps in improving your brand authority:

You shouldn't forget the basic of marketing just because you are making use of social media. You will have to keep interacting with your customers on a regular basis and when you do this it shows good faith towards not just your existing customers but your potential customers as well.
With the advent of technology people these days like to brag or even criticize about a particular service or product on various social media platforms.

And when they do happen to post about a particular brand online, they are in fact introducing this brand to several others on an indirect manner and this expands your audience base.
As the number of people who are talking about your brand starts to increase then the publicity of your brand will increase too and it will be perceived as being more valuable. You can always tie up with individuals who are quite popular on social networking sites for the promotion of your product.

This will help in increasing the publicity of your product manifold.
The inbound traffic increases:
Your inbound traffic is generally restricted only to your existing customers and all those users who would have searched for the keywords that currently work for your product or brand. But social media can really help you turn things around.

Every profile that you manage to add on social media will help you create a pub that will directly lead to your website and you every piece of content that you have managed to acquire I'd an opportunity for attracting new customers.

When the quality of the content that you make use of or publish on social media strata improving then it will also help in increasing the chance of generating conversions will also improve. Reduction in the marketing costs:

According to an online report published by Hubpost, approximately 84% of all the marketers had to put in just around six hours every week and they had managed to generate a noticeable increase in their web traffic.
Six hours is comparatively a very small price to pay for the more than proportional increase in your brand recognition.

A little bit of effort can help you reap the benefits of social media marketing.
Even if you are able to spend maybe an hour everyday for developing your content as well as designing the strategy for marketing, you will be able to see results in no time. The option of paid advertising can always be opted for, but whether or not you want to make use of it solely depends upon your goals.

You needn't worry about started out small, it needn't be on a large scale and you needn't exceed your predefined budget.
Once you have acquired an understanding of how social media marketing works, you can slowly start increasing your budget according to your needs and you will definitely be able to improve your conversion rate. Better search engine rankings as well:

SEO can be thought if as one of the best and simplest manner in which you will be able to capture traffic that is relevant to your content and then direct such traffic towards your website.
The requirements of this mode keep on changing constantly.
It is not just about regularly updated the content on your blog, the optimization of the titles used and the distribution of such links that all lead back to your website.

Most of the search engines tend to make use of social media presence for calculating their rankings and most of the established brands also tend to make use of social media in one form of the other. Just being active on social media is sufficient to send a signal of credibility to the search engines regarding your brand.
To put it in a nutshell, if you really want your brand rankings to go up then you will need to have a really strong presence on various social networking platforms. Better customer experience:
Social marketing is a channel of communication that really isn’t much different from the traditional channels of communication such as phone calls or even emails.

Every interaction that you might have with a customer on social media should be considered as an opportunity for you to promote your brand and you can do this by projecting a good customer service experience and it also facilitates in helping you to enrich the existing customer relationship.

If at all a situation arises wherein a customer has taken to Twitter to express their grievance about any particular product then you should be able to take an immediate action and rectify the problem as well as apologize to them in the same public forum. But not all of your experiences are going to be negative.

If any customer expresses their satisfaction and happiness with your product then you can express your gratitude to them and you can also provide them with a list of additional products that you would recommend.

You should make use of social media for improving personal communication with your customers thereby providing them a personalized experience. Improvement in customer insights:
Social media can prove to be really helpful because it also provides you with an opportunity to understand how the customers behave and this can be done through something that is referred to as social listening.

You can do this by opting to monitor the comments that your customers might post; this would give you an insight into their personality and what they think of your business.
Another thing you can do is opting to segment the syndicated content and this will let you understand the content that has been able to generate the most interest and according to this you will be able to post further related content.
Not just this but you can also measure your rate of conversion depending upon the different promotions that you managed to post on different social networking platforms.
Being able to determine the most used social media by your customers will let you understand the media channel that you should actually make use of. You can really make a move to improve your revenue if you know what exactly your customer wants. The above-mentioned are the benefits that you can derive by making use of social media marketing.

Bet if you really aren’t fully convinced even now about making use of it;
then here are some other things that you should really consider before writing it off.
Your competitors are already involved:
You need to understand that your competitors might already be engaged on various social networking platforms and they are making the most of social media.
So, you really wouldn’t want to miss out on any social media traffic.
You should also realize that since your competitors are already involved in social media, they are poaching your potential conversions.
You should also get going and not remain like an idle bystander anymore while your competitors are enjoying all the benefits of social media marketing.

Leveling your playing field must be reason enough for you to give social media marketing a whirl. The sooner the better:
The foundation on which social media marketing is based is relationship building and you can always do this by trying to expand your followers.
This will help you attract more and more customers.
The sooner you start the greater will be the number of audience whom you can attract.
Needn’t worry about potential losses:
If you really think about it, then you will realize that there really won’t be any losses that you will be incurring. The amount of time and money that you will be spending will be an insignificant fragment when compared to the potential profits that you can make. You don’t necessarily have much to lose by making use of this but you do have a lot to gain.

All you need to do is put in a few hours of work and spend a couple of hundred of dollars for getting started.
This is all the investment that you need to make and you will definitely be able to reap way more than you will have to invest.
You really shouldn’t be waiting any longer and should get started as soon as you can. The more you wait the higher are your chances of losing out on potential business.

Social media marketing can really come in handy and help you attract a lot of customers and it can also help in improving your conversion rate.
So, all you need to do is get started.
Take the first step and jump onto the bandwagon, because whatever the cynics might say, social media marketing is here to stay.

Getting Started with Social Media
It is important that you get started with social media by doing all the right things.
In this chapter; we will look at the different steps that you must adopt to start with social media on the right foot. Research The very first thing to do is conduct a timely research on the topic.
You have to seek information on the topic of social media marketing and remain as educated and informed about it as possible.
This book will act as your one true guide and give you enough information on the topic. You will be able to start with your online account by the time you are done reading this book.
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But you must also turn to online sites for information and other books from good publications. As long as the information is genuine, it will help you in a big way, and assist in getting started. Features The next step is to understand the different features of each of the social media platforms.

Each one will have a different feature to offer which you must understand in order to pick it. You will see that it will be an easy process for you to pick the right platform once you understand what each of them has on offer for you.
We will look at it in detail in future chapters of this book and it will help you make your choice. Choosing platform The next step is to choose the best platform that you can use to set up your online presence. It is a good idea to pick all, as that will help you connect with a larger audience.

There are four main types of social media platforms namely Facebook, twitter, YouTube and Instagram and all of these will help you in their individual way.
But if you wish to dominate in just any one then you must pick the best one.
That, you will be able to do, only after you go through all the features of these platforms! If you decide to concentrate your efforts on the most appropriate platforms for your business, how do you go about it?  

Did your parents ever remind you to choose your friends wisely back when you were a kid. When it comes to choosing the best social media platforms for marketing your business, keep the same advice in mind. Because there are many social media platforms that are available out there, it's important that you be able to pick only the best platforms to market your business so you can maximize your limited resources and time. Don't just follow the social media marketing crowd blindly.

When it comes to social media marketing, you're better off taking the same approach in choosing your hangout spots when you were still a kid: asking yourself “Where do the people that I like to be with,
i.e., the cool kids, hang out?” And as you become with social media marketing for your business, you’ll see that the terms “relevant” or “cool” are highly subjective and means a lot of different things for certain people. For effective social media marketing, you must learn as much as possible about your customers and prospects, especially what they are most interested in.

As you do, you will need to narrow down the social media platforms that your customers and prospects are most likely to use.
Here are some of the most popular platforms for social media marketing today as well as what types of businesses can most benefit from them.

You can use this as a guiding principle in choosing your business's particular social media platform. Facebook If you're just starting to build the social media presence of your business or if your main goal History Channel people as possible and social media, Facebook is obviously the right platform for you.

Although it's reported to be losing grip on many of its younger users, more than 70% of adults you are always online are still participating actively on Facebook, which makes it still the biggest and most popular social media platform today.

Aside from just having the most number of active members or users, Facebook is also the social media platform that has the highest engagement levels as indicated inept status as the most frequently used platform.

The only potential drawback or limitation when using Facebook as platform for social media marketing is it primarily relation of nature,
i.e., it's used mainly for personal relationships with friends family and colleagues.

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In this your primary objective for using this platform is to engage people with your business, there's a small possibility that it may not necessarily be the best or most effective platform to promote your business and social media. Instagram and YouTube If your products, services and customers are the type that are highly visual, Instagram and YouTube maybe the best social media platforms for your social media marketing campaigns.
Particularly with Instagram, it interesting to note that it can overlap with Twitter and Facebook and as such, you can use Instagram as part of an excellent triple-edged social media sword. Instagram is a great platform for social media marketing especially for targeting key niches because its appeal extends to specific ethnic segments and is very popular with people located in highly urbanized areas.

Now, Make That Choice(S)
After reading about the most popular platforms for social media marketing, it’s time to decide.  Such a decision or decisions include looking for prospects, being where they are most likely and posting the right content, whether it’s someone else’s (with proper acknowledgment of course), yours or simply shared from other trusted sources like news, sports and entertainment websites, among others.  Such decision making also means you must be realistic in terms of what you plan to do as well as how much to do when it comes to interacting or engaging prospects and customers.  

Keep in mind that social media is one that’s reciprocal that demands your participation in what prospects and customers deem to be as sensible and relevant conversations. Setting up The next step of the process is to set up your social media platform.
You have to work on your profile, your display picture, upload pictures of your products, write descriptions etc.

All of these will help you set up the best profile for your products and services and help your audience connect with your brand.

You have to take your time when you indulge in this step. Don’t be in a hurry to set it up and be done with it. Regard this as one of the most important steps of the process and pay keen attention to all the small details of the step.

Target audience The next step is to understand who your target audience is.
You have to cater to them if you wish to increase your sales.
You have to make the effort to find out who your target audience is. It can be just a few or many depending on how many products and services you have on offer at your company. Your target audience should be grouped in certain groups so that it is easy for you to cater to them individually.

Promotion ideas
The next step is to have your promotional ideas in place.
These ideas will help you reach out to a lot of people and get them to like your products and services. You have to think up unique things that are not what most of the other companies are adopting.

Try to keep it simple yet intriguing. Everything should be appealing and capture your customers’ imagination. With time, your promotions will start getting better and your audience will start buying more and more of your products.
You have to learn to back link all your products with your website so that people can visit the website and buy the products.
Market research The next step is market research.

You have to conduct timely research on your products and services and how your audience perceives them.
You have to see if they like your promotional activities and if it is getting across the desired message. You should ask them questions and get them to answer them to the best of their knowledge about your products and services.

Once they give you the feedback you can make the changes in your marketing strategies and satisfy your customers’ needs.

Timing It is always important for you to time your entry into the market and also your promotions.
You should see when it is a good time for you to promote a certain type of product.
You have to look at when your competition releases a product and time yours accordingly. In fact, you should promote it well in advance and release it slightly before they release theirs.
Goals The next step is for you to set goals for yourself. Ensure that they are reasonable and gettable goals that you can easily attain.

Try to set a new goal each time a previous one is attained.
You have to write down your goals and tick them off one by one.
These form the different steps that you must follow when you wish to set up a social media presence. These have been mentioned in a stepwise manner and you must follow the same if you wish to see quick results.
But if you have a plan of your own in mind then you can follow it by using this as a guideline.

Master Facebook Facebook
is the world’s biggest social networking website with more than 1 billion users that login on a daily basis!
Not just that, it also invites a billion likes a day and millions of comments on the different posts.
Consider too, the following statistics as of 20 September 2015 from - 1,440,000,000: total number of active users monthly; - 874,000,000:
Total users of Facebook on mobile; - 12 %: Increase in members
in 2015; - 640,000,000: Total minutes spent monthly on the platform; - 48 %: Percentage of total users who log on to their accounts daily; - 18 minutes:
Average duration of Facebook visits; and - 74,200,000: Total Facebook pages.

So it would be a no-brainer for you to have a Facebook account in lieu of your company if you wish to reach out to billions.
Facebook is an easy to use website that is also fun to navigate.
All it takes is a few minutes for you to register and you will be lead to your home page. There, you can customize your profile and make it as attractive as possible.
It is important that you personify your company and make it look like your company is operating the page.

Once you get started, you must send the link of the page to all your contacts so that you can add them in your friend’s list.
You have to inform that the page belongs to the company and ask them to contribute to its growth.
Rest assured, you will be able to amass quite an audience within no time at all.
After all, the odds will be in your favor when you are working with numbers that run into billions.

Within no time will you start to see that there are hundreds that are adding you and liking whatever you are posting on your homepage. It is extremely easy for you to reach out to your target audience through Facebook.
You can club them together into the same groups and send out-group messages to them. You have to keep it as interesting for your audience as possible.
Try to use all the best quality pictures and give a proper description of whatever you are uploading.
All of it will go a long way in helping you amass a large audience.
You have to be as transparent to them as possible and keep them informed about everything that is ongoing in your company.

Don’t keep it to just pictures and text; you also have to add in videos and gifs to make it interesting for your audience.
They have to feel attracted to your page in order to visit and use it.
Once you set up a Facebook profile for your company, you have to move to the next step, which is to create a page for it. Let us look at that aspect in detail. Why Facebook Marketing?
While it's certainly not the case that all 1 billion ++ plus Facebook users can be your actual prospects and possible customers, its huge membership base implies that there's no other social media platform on the face of the earth that's better than Facebook in terms of exposure. But wait, there's more!

This is just the tip of the iceberg and let's take a look at why Facebook marketing just makes so much sense.

Here's a cool piece of trivia info: did you know that Facebook contains a huge, huge database on practically anything and everything that can be related to all of its users? Interests, location, favorite things, age and more ...
talk about intimacy! Now, what am I driving at here?
There are two ways that you can advertise or promote your business on Facebook: for free and through paid advertisements.
The database or the information that I mentioned a while ago is of particular use for paid advertising. Why?
The usual or traditional way of advertising such as TV, print ads or radio employ what is called a shotgun approach,
i.e., mass advertisements with very little opportunities to choose the audience that can view the ads. Unlike traditional advertisements, Facebook gives you the ability to focus your paid advertisements on specific niches or markets.

An example of this would be a Japanese restaurant located in Nevada.
Let's assume that this Japanese restaurant is rather unique in that it wants to focus specifically on people who love Japanese food who practically worships K-Pop artists. This restaurant can be advertised on Facebook and target it to Facebook users who live in Nevada, who love K-Pop music and who gorge on Japanese food. Nevada however, is a very large area.

As such the owner of this restaurant would be better off narrowing down further his or her target audience to those living in say, Reno.
That's how specific or targeted Facebook advertisements can be.
Let's say you’re a public speaker who specializes in giving talks and seminars on relationships, particularly marriages.

You can market your services or your upcoming talks and seminars on Facebook with paid advertisements and target people who are between 25 - 35 years old who would like to learn more about how to make their marriages beautiful or better.
And if you are a bit chauvinistic, you can even limit or target the advertisements to the husband. Facebook advertising can be that specific – segmented – compared to traditional advertising.

Cost Management It's relatively easy and practical to keep your advertising budget under control with Facebook marketing campaigns.
You're not just able to control the maximum money that you'd like to spend for campaigns, but you can also control how long those campaigns will run for and how much to spend on them every day.

Say for example you only have a budget of $30 tops for a Facebook marketing ad campaign that you want to run for 30 days. Given those parameters, Facebook automatically puts a maximum spending amount of only $1 per day on your advertising for the next 30 days to help you stay within budget.

With Facebook advertising, you need not worry about mindlessly blowing your budget. Facebook Pages Facebook gives you the option of creating a separate Page for your company.
This means that you can create a page and send the links out to people to like and follow.
This is unlike a regular profile that you create, as there is no adding of people.
You can create a page to use as a platform to tell your customers about your products, schemes and promotions. Here is a step-by-step guide for you to get started with it.

No marketing, no Business.

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