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The Advantages of Working from Home
For all job-holders, “contentment” is one of the essential factors in sticking to a job. Sadly, many people are unsatisfied with their work and rarely exit the corporate world. They want relaxation, more time with family, and eventually more power for themselves, but are still afraid to take that leap and learn about the possibilities from working from home.

If you are an employee, your time and decision-making will often depend on your boss’s schedule. Let’s say your daughter has a school function and she’s begging you to come. But then again, you also have to attend an important meeting at the office the same day. Which is more significant to you?

Who are you going to choose—your boss waiting for your arrival or your daughter yearning for your presence? It’s quite challenging to shut one eye to your obligation as a parent and as a wage earner. You can make excuses and lose a job, or you can turn a deaf ear to your child’s wishes and leave her heart broken.

You do not have to choose if you are working from home; you are your own “boss”, nobody will yell or throw a tantrum whatever your decision may be. Besides, working from home allows you to be flexible with your time. You have control over your schedule. The facts are that more than 92% of American homes have an Internet connection. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2008 more than $133.8 billion was made via the Internet.

There is a lot of money to be had on the Internet on your laptop or home computer. Nowadays, more and more people are quitting their day jobs. We can’t find fault with them. They have their own reasons for leaving. If you’re one of the crowds, you may find it hard to leave your “employee thinking” behind.

But you can start anew this time—not as a wage earner but as an entrepreneur. You’re now a freelancer, someone who sells your own business.
When you were an employee, you rely on your boss or your company when it comes to decision-making. This time, you don’t only have to be decisive.

You also have to be creative if you want to earn extra money. When you were an employee, you enjoy benefits and you really don’t have to be pressured in paying for taxes. It will be automatically deducted from your monthly earnings.

If you want to save a little money or pay for insurances even without a day job, it only takes a little discipline. It allows you to do what you’re passionate about.
Being a freelancer, you can work on the things you love.

This is what most freelancers like about their job.
They enjoy working from home simply because it makes them happy—no pressures or hassles. In the first place, doing something you really don’t like can be stressful and miserable. Now, you have the freedom to choose which projects you want to do. Besides, you won’t be edgy to do things your own way.

With the right tools, discipline, and a bit of hard work, you can be a lucrative writer, online marketer, virtual assistant, and the list goes on. You’ll never stop learning. Since you are in a business, you have to keep yourself updated with new trends, new things in your industry, as well as news around the world.

Therefore, you will never stop learning. You’ll eventually become enthusiastic to learn new knowledge from time to time. Best of all, you can apply those learnings in your personal life as well.

You’ll discover limitless opportunities.
There are tons of money-making opportunities waiting for you online.
From content writing, copywriting, transcribing, up to web designing and the like, you have a number of careers to choose from. It allows you to achieve a work-home balance. If you’re a parent, you know how it feels to miss a single event in your child’s life. But that’s not going to happen if you manage your own time.

You don’t have to worry about cancelling business trips or important local meetings if your daughter has a school function. Being in control of your own schedule also allows you to spend more time with your spouse and your friends.

You choose your rates.
One perk of being a freelancer is you are free to set your own rates.
So far, many freelancers are in doubt how much they should charge. It happens not just to newbies but also to long-time freelancers who would like to rearrange their charges with a client.
To compute for your rates, you have to sum up your personal running costs, business operating rates, as well as taxes divided by the number of hours you worked.

You don’t need a big amount of money to start up.
If you already have a laptop and an Internet connection, you are all set to start working without ado. Unless you’re an online seller and you just utilize the Internet to endorse your products, you don’t need a huge amount of money to start up.
You won’t be laid off by anyone. You are the “boss”.

Yes, you - job, you won’t be fired or “laid-off”.
Just in case things didn’t work with a previous client, you don’t have to worry about losing a job for a week or two.
There are plenty of fish in the sea. Clients are everywhere. Still, it will help to keep in mind that it’s way easier to maintain a client than find a new one.
You only have to communicate very well to avoid misunderstandings with a client.
As a home-based worker, you don’t have to depend on a corporation or on anyone else anymore when it comes to decision-making.

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Things To Keep In Mind If Working
At Home Working in the comfort of your own home does not mean less work. Some people think that it’s one of the advantages of home-based jobs. They eventually gave up their full-time careers to venture into something new, thinking that things will be at ease. In reality, freelancing also comes with obstacles. There will come a time when you’ll get lazy to talk with clients or you’ll lose confidence in your own skills.

Or worse, you might regret leaving the corporate world—one with stable earnings, benefits, and company gatherings. But if you’re already there, in the middle of that jaunt they call freelancing, there’s no room for regrets or laziness or losing confidence unless you don’t have plans to succeed.
The success of your home-based job lies on you.

If you’re planning to become a freelancer or already are, here are strategies you can do to enjoy life while getting paid:
Manage your time accordingly.
As a freelancer, you have the freedom to accept tons of workloads. You may not have a boss to remind you about work being late.
But there are clients waiting for you to update or submit your work.

Overlooking deadlines can only mean one thing—losing a client. And losing one also means losing money and opportunity. It’s way easier to keep a client than try to search for a new one. Organize your workplace. While home is the most comfortable place to work at, you can’t help but find yourself sleepy or lazy at times.
To become extra productive, it helps to work in a place where you won’t be tempted to sleep or lie down. As much as possible, do not work in your bedroom.

But if you really don’t have a choice, you can set up a mini office in your own room. Most importantly, organize your space so that you can become more productive to work. Set your boundaries. Online gigs can be addictive. Genuinely speaking, it will demand some of your time, effort, and money.

You might be too passionate with your online business that you forget other things in life. Next thing you know, you’ll find yourself exhausted the way you do when you’re still a regular wage earner. So set up your boundaries before your home-based gig consumes all of your time, resources, and energy.

Ask around to confirm the credibility of the sites you visit. As with anything on the Internet, you have to be extra careful especially now that illegitimate and bogus sites are on the rampage. Some websites offer rates that seem too good to be true.

To avoid online swindlers, research first about your employer’s websites and check them out before signing up for a job. You should price accordingly. Establish a reasonable hourly or fixed rate.

One of the biggest blunders a freelancer makes is come up with a very cheap rate.
If you’re new to home-based business, it’s logical that you set up affordable rates for your clients. But if that’s too cheap that it does not match your workload,
it won’t hurt to increase your rate. After all, your rate also signifies your service value. On the contrary, it will be a challenge to attract clients if your rates are too high especially if you are a newbie.

Therefore, it’s important to look at standard rates for the service your providing and adjust it for what you need. Use a time-tracking app so you won’t forget about deadlines. This time, nobody else will remind you to submit your work.
You have to be meticulous in following deadlines especially now that some of your projects are urgently needed for submission.

But as human nature, you might forget that you only have a few hours remaining for a certain assignment. Thus, you can download a time-tracking app that reminds you of your commitment as a freelancer.
Remove distractions.

Unless you are an online seller who uses Twitter or Facebook to promote your business you may have to bump off unnecessary stuff (time wasting sites, Facebook, email, etc.) in the workplace to increase productivity.
Inevitably, one of the most intriguing questions you’ll have in mind is “Can I earn decent money working from home?”

The answer is yes, it is conceivable for anyone to get passive income with home-based jobs.
Depending on your income needs, you can choose to work full-time and earn sufficiently.
Anyone would like to know how much he or she could earn with freelancing. If you are just starting out, you surely want to know how you can earn money quickly.

Needless to say, freelancing isn’t a get-rich-quick job but it makes sense to say that many people earned serious money working in the comforts of their own homes.
You too can join the flock of thriving home-based workers.
As a freelancer, getting at the top of the tree is a conspiracy of skills, motivation, and hard work. The first thing you have to do is know what you’re really good at.

From there, you can start selling your stuff or your services online.
Again, how much you’ll get will only depend on you. More labor only means more money. Christine, a work-at-home mom, started a travel agency right from her home office in 2006. She’s now working as a travel agent while enjoying more time with her kids. As a home-based travel agent, another perk of her job is that she gets great discounts when she decided to take her family on a vacation.

But the story does not end here. As much as we’d like to think that home-based job is a dream job, we have to think again and come back to reality. As an entrepreneur, you’ll still be paying taxes. More than half of employed Americans own a small business and many of them have home offices.

Apparently, they also pay contributions.
The Skills Needed Communication skills Effective communication is a necessary in any kind of job.
If you are planning to work as an online English tutor, call center representative, or transcriptionist, you have to be proficient in understanding several accents and slangs.
Plus, you’ll be negotiating with your clients from time to time so you have to communicate very well in order to avoid false interpretations.

Creativity One of the good things about home business is that it allows you to use your creativity.
If you want to get more out of your home-based career, you have to exert more crecreativity especially in promoting your products or services.
If you are a freelance writer, you may set up a blog about freelance writing and have your friends know about it. If you’re an online marketer, you may sign up on various social media websites to inform others about your business.

Office skills If you’re planning to become a virtual assistant, you have to handle administrative tasks. But this time, you don’t have to pressure yourself in getting the hang of several accents or dialects. You won’t be required to answer or make phone calls. You simply have to do things via e-mail. Editing skills Proofreading and editing skills are a must for copywriters.
If you want to venture into copywriting and focus on direct marketing or advertising, it’s time to work on your grammar and language expertise. Aside from copywriting, content writing and transcribing jobs also entail high attention to detail.

- Using the Internet to open the door to fresh opportunities
The Internet is not only there for our entertainment. The good news is that we can now use it as a source of income. And it won’t really take a lot of stake—just have a computer with a high-speed connection and you’re all set. During these trying times, you have to be more creative in finding many ways to earn.

By a happy chance, you can have the Internet as your gateway to new opportunities. Here’s how you can maximize its use and eventually get additional income: It allows you to promote yourself. With free blogging platforms such as WordPress and Blogger, you can put up your online portfolio to publicize your products and services.
You can do it yourself or hire someone create it for you.

You just have to make sure that you own a professional URL for employers to browse. It will also help to have your online résumé brief and updated. Once you start getting regular or large amounts of visitors to your blog (which can take sometimes 6-months to a year, depending on how much marketing you do) you can begin making money with Google Adsense, where you post a code to your blog or website and Ads will appear.

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Every time someone clicks on that ad and buys the product, you’ll get a commission. You can earn more without investing much. Internet home-based businesses are easy to set up. You don’t need an angel investor to cash in on your first step.

There is a site called Kickstarter where people post ideas that they are passionate about and try to raise money for the project.
A few of the categories include Film, Dance, Fashion, and Food. The most successful projects usually have videos talking about the cause or how passionate they are about the project.

You don’t need a formal education to launch your business.
You can even start even without a computer. With smartphones featuring email services and fast browsers, you can get started with the least amount of expense and make money even if you’re not at home. It allows you to resell your stuff online.
You don’t have to throw stuff out that works. You can sell it at a cheap price over the Internet. You can also start a buy and sell business online, using E-bay or Amazon.

The Types of Jobs Available (Including 12 Jobs & 33 Websites)
Now we get to the juicy stuff – the actual things you can do for a career at home.
This section will cover jobs that you can work both part-time and full-time, depending on your life schedule.
Content Writer These days, many companies need writers to market their products and services.

There are a number targeted websites for particular niches you can actually write about—travel, health, beauty, and so on.
All you have to do is write articles on a range of topics.
Afterwards, you’ll be asked to submit your written work via e-mail or online portal.

There are many sites that freelance writers use nowadays including:
- Absolute Write
- a ton of quality content and thousands of international listings
- FWO Intl- free site with thousands of listings
- Media Bistro- an upcoming site that more and more people are going to each day
- Pro Blogger
– for people who love to blog, and want to make an income out of it If you love writing and enjoy all-types of writing, including article-writing, stories, movie scripts, and blogs be sure to check this out to earn good money.

Affiliate Marketing In this you are essentially the middleman.
In this business you set it up, for example a website platform, and the business runs itself.
The affiliate receives a commission for referring customer from their website platform to the merchant- usually a percentage of the sale.
Amazon Affiliates for example are common and have been highly successful.
The affiliates would establish their own website and use a code generated by Amazon to sell Amazon’s products.

When a sale was made, both the affiliate and Amazon would make a percentage of the sale. For an affiliate marketing website to be successful, it needs to have high traffic, The more traffic and more clicks and affiliate can generate, the higher the earnings. One of the advantages is that once you have a successful affiliate site up, it almost becomes a passive income and you will be able to put it on autopilot while you create and launch another affiliate website.

You are able to both sell products you’ve created, as well as sell products that are created by other companies.
A few of the best sites
(besides Amazon Affiliates – as mentioned above) to check out for products include:
1. Clickbank  - which is the most popular database for online affiliate products
2. JV Notify - which gives a list of hot and upcoming products in the affiliate market.
3. Warrior Forum - which is a huge Internet Marketing Forum, and an excellent way to get connected with other entrepreneurs.
4. JV Network- which has thousands of products according to their niches, and is a great resource for finding product launches Here are a few books for beginners to Affiliate Marketing that I recommend:
One is by Patrick Kennedy titled,

How To Make A Ton of Money With Affiliate Marketing,  
which covers the details about how to get started with affiliate marketing so that you can be on your way to making a passive income.
The other one I wrote in 2013. It’s titled, Make Money With Clickbank, where I cover the details about getting started with Clickbank – which again, is the largest affiliate marketing database. It gets you off to a quick start, skipping over several of the months of trial and error that I went through when first starting out a few years ago.

If you’re interested in getting started affiliate marketing,
I highly recommend you watch this video. It was designed by Patric Chan, who has become a top-seller on Clickbank Affiliate Marketing.

Click Here To View It. Also, beware of the get-rich-quick schemes. Much of starting out in affiliate marketing will be trial and error and simply finding out what works and what doesn’t.
Online Tutor With the foray of Asians wanting to learn English in order to become more competitive in the global job market, this gig is very in-demand right now.
Also, math and science are fields that are challenging for many, so tutoring jobs in these fields are common too.

There are websites that people seek out to find tutors for these areas – which you can place yourself on if you’d like to tutor. Many people have launched businesses via Skype in order to learn English with people from other countries.  

Of course it also involves advertising and getting your business out there, which can be done through many social media websites including:,, and your own website.
One side-note I wanted to mention, is that there is a way to make money online using Facebook – why not make money if you are on FB anyway, right?

Anyway click here to watch a short video on how to make money using
Facebook. However, your working hours will depend on your student’s time zone.
That can either become an advantage or disadvantage for you depending on your
set-up. You can choose to take it on a part-time or a full-time basis.
A few of the best sites for freelancers include:

- Class Do - Freelancer Fiverr One of the newest websites launched in 2011 is  
This is an excellent source that allows people to use their own talents to make money. This could include proofreading a document of 1000 words, doing SEO for a website, or singing happy birthday to a video camera.

The options seem endless. All projects start at $5, and can take as little as a few minutes, and other projects can take a few hours and you can earn anywhere between $5 and $60. All “Gigs” start at $5 the first month, and if you have a good customer status and feedback you will be promoted to making more money.

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