81 Days To Becoming An Online Sales Machine

Sales Secrets from a Former General Motors CEO
Howz doin’? Got a joke for ya: Bill Gates is hanging out with the chairman of General Motors. “If automotive technology had kept pace with computer technology over the past few decades,”boasts Gates, “you would now be driving a V32 instead of a V8, and it would have a top speed of 10,000 miles per hour. Or, you could have an economy car that weighs 30 pounds and gets 1000 miles to a gallon of gas. In either case, the sticker price of a new car would be less than $ 50.”  “Sure,”says the GM chairman, “but would you really want to drive a car that crashes four times a day?”Yup,   the GM chairman got the last laugh there, eh? Although, the GM chairman doesn’t have much to laugh about nowadays, does he?   General Motors is   in a real hurt locker of a situation. However, back in the day, they were the 800-pound gorilla of the automotive industry. They were laughing lots back then. In fact, from 1931 until 2007 (77 years) they were laughing all the way to the bank. How’d they do it? Well, here’s the story: Back in 1924 there was a brawling rivalry going on. It was Henry Ford (Ford) vs. Alfred P. Sloan Jr. (General Motors). Henry Ford was the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world when it came to selling cars. And Alfred P. Sloan Jr. (General Motors’CEO) hated Henry Ford with the fire of 1,000 suns because of it. Alfred P. Sloan Jr. grew tired of getting his ass handed to him by Henry Ford, so Sloan got to thinking how he could knock Ford of his all too comfy perch and become the top dawg. Sloan’s first thought was to knock on Henry Ford’s office door and offer to take their rivalry out into the car park, mano a mano. But Henry had an air of steel-clad-hardassness about him, and Sloan thought better of it. So instead, ol’Alfred came up with a diabolically clever scheme that would catapult General Motors to the numero-uno position in car sales. Success is always the best revenge, right? And Sloan’s scheme was this: Sell to people’s greed glands and ego, and not just to practical need. You see, Ford only made sales when someone’s car almost stopped working because of old age. Sloan killed off that idea by creating new models every year. He was offering people style and an almost customized look for the average car owner. They offered cars in different colors, for one thing. Yup, Ford at the time was only making cars in black for the sole reason of its efficiency—the black paint dried quicker. Henry was fond of saying:  “You can have any color car you want as long as it’s black.”Ol’Alfred wanted to make cars that didn’t make you wanna carve your eyes out with a grapefruit spoon when you look at them.
Sloan soon discovered that people looove new! General Motor’s basically told the American public: “Hey, you need a new car every year!” And the American public replied in bobble-headed unison: “Ohh, OK!” Sloan was tapping into the ever strong river of ego, status, and individuality, whereas Ford was just offering practicality and simplicity. The genius of Sloan was that he copied what was working for Ford, but he also stopped and looked at Ford’s weakness and vulnerabilities. And then exploited them like a mo’ fo’! And that my little marketing crony is what you should do too. Look at your competition— what are they not giving the marketplace that you could? How can you increase the number of sales? How can you tap into people’s desires and wants more? Get your “Sloan” on and dominate the competition. Kelvin Dorsey ~ Email Marketing Maverick.
Day 2
Day 2 Struggling Young Arizonan Salesman Goes from Zero-to-Hero in Less Than a Year! Gotta good story for you about a guy named Joe. Joe Weldon is a top-gun sales trainer and nationally recognized and awarded speaker. His story is a classic case of zero-to-hero. But before his meteoric rise to success, Joe was a long-time resident of Struggleville. To call Joe an “average Joe” during his years in Struggleville would’ve been a compliment. A more appropriate phrase would be “way below average Joe.” Here’s how Joe Weldon started out: Joe was a shy, introverted, and struggling young salesman . Joe had a wife and kids to support and drove an old beat-up Volkswagen , had zero dollars in the bank, was in debt up to his eyeballs, and had creditors knocking on his doors and windows. A real soup-sandwich, wouldn’t you say? Joe was a Nightingale distributor that sold self-improvement tapes and was failing spectacularly. But Weldon wasn’t failing for lack of effort. No-suh. He would make hundreds of calls a day. The hardest worker in his team, in fact. Joe flat out bust his ass. But alas, he always came up empty. That’s right, not a single sale.
Zip. Zilch. Negative. Nopesy. The big ol’ goose egg. The only thing Joe hated more than his prospects saying “no” to his pitch, was going home each night to hear his wife ask: “Did you get a sale today, Joe?”“NO!” was always the reply. To say Joe was a sales failure is a mammoth understatement. I mean, Joe couldn’t sell a life jacket to a drowning man. In fact, he was so bad that the company accountant told him he was the worst salesman he’d ever seen and tried to persuade him to quit. But quitting was also something Joe didn’t know how to do. Then, one day something happened that turned it all around for Joe. Here’s what happened: Joe remembered a guy he used to know who was a very successful businessman. Joe was reluctant to approach him thinking that such a successful guy wouldn’t want or need a product that offered self-improvement. But Joe was beyond desperate and booked an appointment to see him. Long story even longer, the successful businessman loved the self-help tapes so much he bought the whole damn library, plus every upsell Joe threw at him. Here’s how the sale went down: Businessman: “Wow, these are great! You must be sellin’ these like hotcakes?” Joe: “Um, ah, actually, you’re the first sale I’ve made.”
“What! Who are you trying to sell these to?” Joe: “Everybody I can think of that has a struggling business, or failing marriage, or that could benefit from these tapes.” Businessman: “Stop! You’re selling to the WRONG people. You gotta start selling these to “successful” people . They’re successful for a reason. They take action and buy stuff like this. And that one simple insight took Joe from zero-to-hero. Joe went from being at the ass-end of a 1000 sales crew, to the very top salesman at Nightingale-Conant within a year. Not too shabby, eh? And what can you take from this little story? Well, how ‘bout this: The real secret to selling is in targeting the right people. That’s all Joe did differently. He stopped trying to sell self-help to losers, and started selling it to winners. Joe realized you have to sell to people’s wants and not to their needs. For example: Look at who goes to the gym. Fit, healthy people go to the gym. These people don’t need to go the gym, they want to go to the gym. So if you’re selling a “health and fitness” product, who do you target? Do you target fat, lazy slobs who could benefit the most? Or do you target fit, healthy folk who are already looking after their health and fitness? Bingo! You got it. You target the already fit and healthy crowd. Cuz they want those types of products. They’re proven buyers of health and fitness products.
They like them. They buy them. They use them. When selling your product, it’s about who wants them, not who needs them. Nuff said. So there you have it, Amigo. A truly golden selling insight that can take your righteous-self from zero-to-hero just like it did for Joe. Even if you have knuckle-dragging incompetence as a salesperson , just finely tuning your “target market ” can make all the difference in the world. Until next time, be easy. Kelvin Dorsey ~ Email Marketing Maverick

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