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Press on the picture to Purchase, Or to Know More..Click BEST AUDIBLE & KINDLE BOOKS ■■■ Myth or incompetency ? “The average sale or decision takes seven visits by a salesman.” Really ? I don’t know if that is true. Beautiful Ladies Store Beautiful Young Ladies Store Health and Personal Care Health and Personal Care ■■■ Maybe it is just a myth to keep salespeople optimistic after hearing “No !” from the same prospect after multiple harassments. We know there are two types of prospects. First, there are prospects who buy right away. Why? #1. Perfect timing. Maybe the timing is so good that the prospect has to make a decision right away. For example, the prospect falls down and hurts his knee. We sell a pain solution. How awesome is that ? Or, the doctor tells the prospect, “Lose weight now!” And we just happen to sell a diet solution. Or better yet. The boss yells at our prospect, the prospect’s co-worker trims his toenails at wor


Press on the picture to Purchase, Or to Know More..Click BEST AUDIBLE & KINDLE BOOKS ■■■ THE GOAL THIRD REVISED EDITION 1 I come through the gate this morning at 7:30 and I can see it from across the lot: the crimson Mercedes. It’s parked beside the plant, next to the offices. And it’s in my space. Who else would do that except Bill Peach ? Never mind that the whole lot is practically empty at that hour. Never mind that there are spaces marked “Visitor.” No, Bill’s got to park in the space with my title on it. Bill likes to make subtle statements. So, okay, he’s the division vice-president, and I’m just a mere plant manager. I guess he can park his damn Mercedes wherever he wants. I put my Subaru next to it (in the space marked “Controller”). A glance at the license as I walk around it assures me it has to be Bill’s car because the plate says “NUMBER 1.” And, as we all know, that’s absolutely correct in terms of who Bill always looks out for. He want