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Social Media Marketing
Communication is a basic human need. It is just as important to individuals in their personal lives as it is to marketers and entrepreneurs in their businesses.
Because of social media, constant interaction has become a major way of life.

Social media has indeed simplified communication and with it, opportunities have been created for marketers to reach their target audiences.
Among all the social media platforms, there seems to be one clear winner not just in terms of the number of active users but more importantly, the excellent tools and options it is able to provide for businesses.

Is Facebook advertising worth jumping into ?
Let’s find out as we explore some of the most known benefits and possible drawbacks of using this social media platform for your advertising requirements.

Advantages of Using Facebook as a Marketing Platform Reach a wide audience Facebook undoubtedly has the greatest number of active users among all social media platforms. It is unbeatable when it comes to sheer size and number.

And, more importantly, these are active users, ready to engage and interact using the platform. Excellent targeting options Facebook makes a lot of targeting tools available that allow marketers to reach the right audience.

For a marketer, this reduces your chance of wasting a lot of money reaching the wrong people. Low cost With Facebook, you can advertise for as little as $5 or even $1 a day.
And because of the targeting options, you have a better chance of getting the most value per dollar spent.

Knowledge is Power
Customer loyalty Facebook allows marketers not only to reach more people and increase awareness. It also provides them an avenue to keep their existing customers engaged in order to build loyalty and long-term profitable relationships.

Flexibility There are plenty of ad formats available from single image ads to video ads. Advertisers can also use a carousel of images or tell stories about their brand.

The possibilities are virtually endless with all the tools at your disposal. Easy to Use For the most part, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out Facebook advertising

Admittedly, it does take some getting used to initially but Facebook provides all the necessary tools and information to assist marketers in navigating the features.

Innovation The number one reason why this platform has stood the test of time and keeps getting stronger is innovation.
The Facebook team constantly comes up with new ways to improve user experience.

They also continuously develop new tools that make advertising on Facebook intuitive, easier and much more attractive.

Possible Issues with Facebook Advertising Lesser organic views Facebook has changed the algorithm so that brand message visibility is limited.

This means that among a fan base, only 8% may be able to view your posts. While this is disappointing for marketers, it's actually a good decision that can be very beneficial in the long run.

What Facebook is trying to do is maintain the social aspect of the platform.
This is what makes people keep on using Facebook to document their everyday lives, interact with friends near or far, get information from their feeds, etc.

Cost is an issue Although the minimum cost of Facebook advertising isn’t significant, cost can still be an issue for advertisers with a very limited budget. The good news is there are other ways to reach campaign objectives with free tools.

Although it will take much more time and more effort, it is worth considering and integrating with paid promotions in order to achieve the best possible return on your investment. Requires commitment As with other social media marketing tools, Facebook advertising requires commitment and a lot of effort.

Although Facebook provides the platform and the tools to allow you to market and promote effectively, how you leverage these resources at your disposal is entirely up to you. You have to put in effort to learn.

This book will help you achieve that objective.
29 Incredible Reasons to Use Facebook Advertising As you probably already know, Facebook is an incredible social media platform. At the same time, it has paved the way to the success of many business startups.

The wide variety of tools made available to marketers and business owners make it possible to reach new customers, engage them to build and maintain a lasting relationship.
The best part (and a lot of people aren’t aware of this) is a lot of these tools are free.

Ranging from the custom audiences to lookalike audiences, the Facebook marketing tools offer plenty of features and options to connect with a vast network of audiences.
Here is a list of Facebook tools and features for businesses.

1. Facebook Page
Packed with features such as Messenger chat and appointment scheduling,
Pages is a great way for businesses to connect with potential customers. It can be used for showcasing products and services.

Customers can also rate and add reviews about the business.
The call-to-action buttons are great for inciting a positive response.

2. Page Insights
This analytics tool is valuable for businesses that signed up with Pages. It tracks and analyzes responses from customers including number of likes. Business owners and marketers can also see exactly where those likes are coming from.

Data like content reach, daily post breakdown and visitor demographic profile among others are monitored. It can also tell you which particular sections of your Page people are actually responding to.

3. Pages Manager App
This app allows you to manage and monitor activity on multiple Pages via mobile.
You can post updates instantly, as well as, respond to messages and comments. Through this app, latest updates on Page Insights are also much more accessible.
The app is available on iOS and Android.

4. Messenger
This is a free app for texting and video calling.

It also allows users to send payments. The platform has undergone many iterations and improvements that have proved useful for businesses. Among those updates include Messenger Links to Pages and Messenger codes that can be used for scanning.
It also lets businesses create customized notes sent automatically to users who try to connect with them.
Knowledge is Power

5. Canvas
Quality content is important in engaging customers.
Canvas makes this possible.

Through this free tool, still images can be combined with videos to create interactive content. In addition, Call to action buttons can also be incorporated. Multimedia ads produced with this tool can be opened to full screen when users click on the ads.

6. Power Editor
This is an excellent tool that advertisers can use for controlling ads, campaigns and ad sets. Multiple ads can be edited through the Power Editor and this can be used across campaigns.

7. Ad Creation Tool
This tool can be used for something more than producing ads. It also lets advertisers control which audiences to show the ads according to age, location, interests and other factors.
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A Facebook ad for instance, can be used to provide store directions. It can also direct a user to download an app, check out videos, add items to cart or any other action on the advertiser's website.

8. Ads Manager
Creating ads is just the first part. Ads Manager allows you not only to manage ads but also to measure its effectiveness.

You can check on the performance of each ad or monitor ad sets
(i.e. multiple ads grouped together).
You also get access to campaign tools like campaign media, audience insights and custom audiences. For large campaigns, you can use the Power Editor.

9. Page Post Engagement Ads
If you want to make sure that more people see, like, comment and share the content on your Page, this is the right tool to achieve those goals.

You can create an ad, pick your objective to "boost your posts" and then choose Page Post Engagement. Select the Page and choose which post you want to boost.

This Facebook tool also allows you to include website address and send it to people.
You can even use a conversion pixel that will allow you to monitor the results.

10. Page Like Ads
This is an incredible tool you can use to boost awareness of your Page.
To use it, create the ad, choose Page Likes from the ad tool, select the Page you want to promote and begin building awareness of that particular page.

11. Clicks to Website Ads
Driving traffic is one of the most important aspects of marketing.

You can use this tool to send more people to your business website through an ad. Upon creating the ad, choose Clicks to Website and add the website address where you want to send traffic.
It could be your website homepage, your online store, or a product page.

12. App Installs and App Engagement Ads If you have an app, this is one of the best ways to promote it. You can use it to drive awareness and encourage people to install your app.

Create an ad specifically for your app and through the App Engagement tool, you can link the ad to specific areas of the app from the registration page itself to the online store where visitors can get more information about the app and make a purchase.

As the ad makes an appearance on News Feeds of your target audience, you provide them with an easy avenue leading to the app you're promoting.

13. Event Response Ads
Facebook changes the way you promote ads.
Instead of creating an invite to your event as an ad, you can use this tool to get users to add your event directly to their Facebook calendar. Once added, they can receive reminders pertaining to your event.
You can then monitor the number of people who have responded to the event.

14. Offer Claim Ads
Creating an offer or a promotion through special deals or discounts is a great way to get people's attention. You can do this more effectively with Offer Claim tool.

With this feature, you can set the duration of the offer, choose the audience and select the number of people who can make a claim to the offer.
To use this feature, create your promo ad and set your campaign objective as "get people to claim your offer" and then select Offer Claims.

15. Video Views
Video ads can be more engaging for the viewers. The challenge is to create memorable ones. This tool proves helpful in this matter.

First, create your video ad and set your campaign objective to "get video views." Upload the video and carefully select an eye-catching thumbnail. This is the first thing people see even before they get to view the ads. It’s an important part of creating an excellent teaser.

16. Local Awareness Ads
For a more targeted post, this tool allows you to select your locality as well as set the age and gender of the target customers you would like to reach.
All that's left to do to start sending these potential customers to your business is to add the Get Directions button.

17. Slideshow Ads
This is a feature that allows you to easily produce video ads and edit them.
Because slideshows are generally lighter using less data, they can load faster which makes them more accessible to users. It is an important consideration when users are mobile and connected with low bandwidth.
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18. Carousel Ads
Creating a story around multiple products can even be more effective.
The Carousel makes this possible.
It also allows you to showcase multiple products using one ad.

You can take advantage of this feature by introducing the products at various angles and providing important details.
To use this tool, choose multiple images in one ad when prompted to select how you prefer your ad to appear.

19. Dynamic Ads
People who have visited your website or Page, checked out your posts, dropped by your Instagram have already shown interest. Dynamic Ads tool allows you to retarget them by presenting these users with relevant products.

There are some prerequisites to start using this feature and they are as follows:
A product catalog, A Business Manager account, and Facebook Pixel.

Knowledge is Power
Once you launch Dynamic Ads, you can promote your business on Instagram and Facebook, as well as, use Audience Network to showcase your products exactly where potential customers are spending most of their time.

20. Lead Ads
Facebook has made it easier for users to sign up and get information from various businesses in the form of quotes, special offers and newsletters.
This is what Lead Ads are all about.
Through this feature, you can build contact forms within your ads with pre-populated contact info including email addresses.
This will allow you to follow up on leads more efficiently.

21. Canvas Ads
The Canvas app lets you create multimedia adds combining still images with videos and finishing it up with a call-to-action button.
It is a more interactive way of showcasing your products.
With it, users can run through carousel of images, view them from various angles and zoom in on them to access the details.

22. Instagram Ads
Instagram has more than 500 million active users.
It's a little on the short side compared to the number of Facebook users but a combination of these two in your marketing plan can prove to be highly effective.
If you use Instagram, you can manage them using the Power Editor and Ads Manager of Facebook.

23. Business Manager
Security and control are among the things that business owners are concerned about.
With Business Manager, you can easily manage your Facebook assets from your Pages to your ad accounts. It puts all these things together (in one place) and the best part is, it doesn't cost anything to set up !

24. Facebook Pixel
One of the most exciting features of Facebook advertising is the Pixel.
It is essentially a piece of code embedded on your website which will allow you to build your audience for all your ad campaigns, measure and optimize them.
Basically, when a user pays your website a visit, clicks on something or take any kind of action, Pixel records and reports this to you.
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In addition, the pixel will try to find and match the action to a Facebook user. In this case, you will not only know that someone went to your website, you will also find out if the user took such action as a response to your Facebook ad.
You can then choose to retarget this user using Custom Audience.

25. Hashtags
Phrases and topics can become clickable links on posts either on your Page or timeline. Hashtags make this possible.
It will then allow users to locate posts according to your topics of interest.

26. Custom Audiences
Custom Audience can be created to run ads specifically targeted to users you know of.
You can start doing this by uploading contacts from a data file or email list.

You can either copy and paste them or import those contacts straight from MailChimp, Aweber etc. Assign a name and set a description for your Custom Audience.
To run ads for them, choose the Audience field and select the name you created for the Custom Audience.

27. Lookalike Audiences
If you want to grow your customer base, you can use this tool to find more Facebook users that match the traits of your current customers using pieces of information like age, job role, location, gender and interests.
To use this feature, proceed to the Ads Manager and choose Audiences.

Click on the Create Audience button and select Lookalike Audience. From the Source field, choose the Page, Custom Audience you want to manage and the conversion-tracking pixel.

28. Audience Network
This is a good tool for monetizing mobile apps and websites.
It's basically a network of publisher-owned apps and sites where you can show your ads. People spend a lot of their time on Facebook and Instagram.

But they are also spending time on other apps and sites.
Audience Network helps advertisers reach more of the people they care about in the other places where they’re spending their time.

With Audience Network, you can choose from various formats including banner, standard interstitial and custom native units for video and display.
Furthermore, Audience Network ads use the same targeting, auction, delivery and measurement systems as Facebook ads.

29. Facebook Blueprint
Facebook offers a variety of avenue for you to promote your business and reach customers. You can learn more about what tools you can use and how to boost your results further by using the Facebook Blueprint. From this, you can select courses and customize your training according to your business objectives.

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Facebook Advertising
There are standard Facebook features that most advertisers rely on.

Although the tools mentioned in the previous chapter can do wonders for your business goals, there are actually other features that most take for granted.

Are you merely scratching the surface with the tactic you're currently using ?
You probably are if you’re not using the tools you’re about to see.

You may not have heard about some of them or you're familiar with them but just don't see their great potential yet. Before we go into detail, here's a quick overview.
For content curation, use Save for Later and Interest Lists features.

For page management, use Tagging, Pinning, Post Attribution and Filtering.
For ads management, use Ad Notification, Email Manager and Ad Relevance.

For competitive advantage, use your competition's top posts and Facebook history. No, lets talk more about these features.

1. Save for Later
This Save feature can be used for saving music, TV, movies, places and links.
There are too many link posts that appear on your news feed on a daily basis.
It's quite difficult to keep up with them. How does this feature help your business ?

For one, the saved content can help you come up with more relevant content for your target audience. You may find some interesting ones that you can either reuse or rehash. Two, it can also get you more Likes. To save a link, choose a post and go to the arrow at the top right corner. Click on the arrow and select "Save for Later."
Knowledge is Power

2. Interest Lists
This is a feature that will help you be in full control by staying organized. Keeping up with updates, news and info can be challenging if you're working on multiple projects. Interest Lists make it simpler to cope. With this feature, you don't have to go through the task of finding the best Pages whenever you need to.

You get them in one place, your Interest Lists.
You can create your list according to the following.
By Interests such as books, movies, sports, outdoors, etc.
By Medium, i.e., citizen journalism or traditional journalism
By Industry like consumer goods, aerospace, advertising, etc.
By City/ State/ Country/ Region


3. Tagging Tagging is not just for photos among friends, you can also tag users on your Page. It's a great way of interacting with potential customers. You can use the tagging feature instead of sending a private message or an email to alert them.

You can also tag an influencer when you share their content. Tagging also works for notifying winners when you're running a promotion.

To tag personal profiles of customers on your Facebook Page, follow the steps below: Create a post on your Page.
View the post and look for the downward-facing arrow at the top right corner.
Click the arrow and choose Edit Post from the dropdown menu.

In the textbox, type @ followed by the user's name.
Facebook will automatically offer suggestions.
If you find the user's name from the list of suggestions, click it.

If the user's profile doesn't appear, try typing in the full name. Click on Done Editing.
This will automatically send a notification to the user.

4. Pinning To boost visibility, you can pin some posts and keep them at the top portion of your timeline. If you want to drive attention to a particular post, pinning it to the top will ensure better visibility.
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Follow these steps to start using the pinning feature.
Go to the post and click on the downward-facing arrow from the top right corner. Choose Pin to Top from the dropdown menu.

5. Manage your Fan List.
After Facebook updated user interface for Pages, you can still access and manage your fan list. This will allow you to eliminate fake accounts and pay more attention to the genuine active ones.

Follow these steps to access your fan list and weed out the fakes.
Access your Page Settings.
Choose Banned Users from the left sidebar.
Select Banned from the menu.
Click People Who Like This from the dropdown.

6. Post Attribution
To maintain transparency and credibility, make sure you post on your page with the correct identity.
You can do this using the Post Attribution settings.
For instance, when you use mobile, set the Post Attribution to your Personal Profile. And when you're on your desktop, set Post Attribution to your Page.

To make these changes, follow the steps below:
Access Post Attribution by going to the Page Settings.
From the left sidebar, choose Post Attribution and click your preferred identity.

7. Filtering
Manage your post through the filtering feature.
It will help you save valuable time.
For instance, if you want to access your previous posts,
it can take a lot of time to go through your Page.

However, if you filter them by type, you will find it easier to find anything you have posted before. To do this, click on the Activity Log found on the left sidebar and select the post type. Page Posts can be filtered using the following categories.

Offers Events Notes Questions Posts by others Your posts Comments Posts marked as spam Video posts Image Post.

8. Ad Notification and Email Manager
Getting a barrage of emails from Facebook for every approved ad, rejected ad, scheduled ad report and the like can be quite a work to go through.

But do you know that you can reduce the clutter in your inbox ?
You can do this by following these steps.
Proceed to the Ads Manager and choose Settings from the left sidebar to access
Ad account settings.

Go to the Emails Notification section and scroll down. Only select the notifications you want to receive. Find what is necessary for you. For instance, you may still want to be notified about rejected ads so you can quickly address the issue.

9. Ad Relevance
As the name implies, this ad analytic tool measures your ad's relevance and awards a score (from 1 to 10) – the higher the score, the more relevant your ad is.

It helps ensure that you're delivering the right message to the appropriate audience.
This will let you know if you're ads are under-performing, so you can make the necessary improvements to meet your Return on Investment (ROI) goals.

The relevance score allows you to make a pilot test for your new ads even before you set your budget. If the pilot ad receives 500 impressions, your relevance score is measured and reported to you.

Relevance scores also reduce your cost of getting through to your target audience especially in the long run. To check if you can access the tool, you can follow these steps. Proceed to the Ads Manager. From the left sidebar, choose Campaigns.

Click on the name of your campaign and proceed to the ad set.
Check the fifth column from the right side.

10. Check out top posts from your competitors.
This isn't exactly a tool, but Facebook allows you to get a glimpse of your competition.
You can do this within Facebook Insights. Follow these steps.
Click on Posts tab. Choose Top Posts from Pages You Watch.

11. Access Facebook History Keeping track of your Page's history allows you to review all the posts, videos and images you have shared. By doing so, you also access chat conversations and messages.
Knowledge is Power

It will also allow you to review all of your clicked ads, access facial recognition data and check out past information you have shared in your About section. After downloading your Facebook history, you will get to re-access all the information Facebook has saved for you.

Essentially, it will further extend options for your demographic target.
After all, there's more to people than just their age and gender.
To download your Facebook history, follow these steps. Go to Settings.
Choose Download a copy and Download Facebook History.

You will then get an email that will let you know when you can download your archive. When used effectively, these Facebook tools can get you more Likes, save time and significantly improve your ROI.

There are however, a couple of things you should take note of.
Your ads will have to go through the Facebook Ad Review Process.
That said, you have to make sure you follow their advertising policies.
This is what we will look further into the next section.

Creating a Facebook Page You've caught a glimpse of the most powerful Facebook features you can use to boost your business. Among the biggest and most essential ones is a business page. Now we look at the benefits of having one.

Why do you need a Facebook Page ?
In today's world, a Facebook page is essential for organizations and businesses looking to grow their online presence and reach.
Below you will find the top reasons why you need one too.
Connect with your target customers.

A Facebook Page is one of the best ways to connect with your audience.
It's like having a focus group that you don't necessarily have to pay for.
Your audience will be expecting useful information and that's what you have to deliver.
At the same time, you also get to collect useful information from your audience like their needs, pain points, expectations etc.

With the help of Facebook Insights, you get to mine more usable data about how they use your page and interact with your content.
By interaction, feedback, and comments, they can tell you exactly what they want.
You provide them an avenue to directly engage with your brand.

Through Facebook Page, you can humanize your business.
Genuine social connections are what social media is all about.
With a Facebook Page, you give your business a name, a face, and a personality that people will be able to relate to. You get to represent your business but also initiate non-business interaction.

You can build a community. In a Page, existing customers and potential customers can give reviews, testimonials and feedback.
You allow them to share their opinions and voice any concerns they may have.
And you can immediately address them.

Building a community around your brand through a Facebook Page isn't rocket science. You can do it in many ways including the following.
Post relevant, useful, and interesting links to articles, videos etc.

Initiate conversations by asking your fans for comments, opinions etc Encourage them to participate through promotions, giveaways and contests,
Set a section for them to leave feedback and reviews Provide incentive for staying active on your Page (i.e. most active member award, recognition, gift cards etc.)

It's a great way to attract new customers and build a relationship with them.
If you are successful in bringing them together, you can count on a loyal following that you can keep on growing and nurturing. You can also use your Facebook Page for Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Creating a page isn't just a venue for you to drive traffic to your blog and website.
SEO is a longer-term advertising strategy that you can maximize through your Page.
Your links, posts and activities published on the Page are all indexed in search engines like Google. It can contribute to your SEO efforts and attract more traffic to your business.

To achieve your SEO goals, make sure to fill your Page with rich and relevant content. These things will help improve your search engine rankings.
Make your business accessible to customers and clients every single day. Most people log in to Facebook every day and plug in to their favorite Pages.

This means it is crucial for you to regularly update your status, share videos and links as well as other pieces of valuable information. It will strengthen your connection with your customers. To date, Facebook has over 2.2 billion active users and the number is steadily growing.

There are also an increasing number of users that use Facebook to search for brands, products and services. Your presence in the platform makes it easier for them to find you. When they find you and connect with you, they are more likely to stick with you.

When you manage to keep them interested and satisfied, they'd be more than happy to remain loyal and even share their connections with you.
Your competition has one.
Why should you create a Facebook Page to represent your business ?
Why not when your competition has one?
Absence in social media leads you to miss out on opportunities.

If your competitors have one and you don't, then they have a significant edge over you. A Facebook Page is one of the most powerful and effective ways to broaden your reach. It is also a cost efficient way to increase awareness of your business.

Most importantly, it allows you to build a genuine connection with your current customers, your potential customers and your fans.

How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Business ?
This Page will be attached to your Facebook personal profile.
It is a separate entity, it works with an independent presence and can be used effectively to promote your brand, business or any cause.

There are many features available to a Page that are not accessible to personal profiles.
Among them are post scheduling, advertising and analytics. To get started, here's how to create your business Page.

1. Go to your personal profile.
To begin, you have to log in to your personal Facebook profile. Once you're logged in, proceed by clicking on the Create button, which you will find next to your name and the Home button. In the window that appears, choose Page.

2. Enter your business information.
After clicking on Page, you will be prompted to choose between Business or Brand and a Community or Public Figure. Choose Get Started under Business or Brand. You will then have to fill in the following information.

Page Name Category Address (Street Address, City, State and Zip Code) Phone Number You will be given a choice not to show the address. If you choose to tick the box, Facebook will only show that your business is within the city, state region.

3. Upload a profile picture and cover photo.
The next step is to add a profile picture that represents your business well.
An attractive image can draw attention to your page.

Consider using a product photo.
For instance, if you're running a restaurant, adding a delicious looking dish from your menu may be a good idea. If you're promoting a beauty salon, try using a fabulous hairstyle. Another idea is to use your business logo or any image that customers can easily associate with the business like a storefront or street sign.

The same applies for the cover photo. It has to represent the business but also be of great quality, as well as, visually appealing. To look the best, it has to be 828 by 315 pixels. Canva is one of the resources you can use for this.

It allows you to create a quality image with the right dimensions.
When choosing the image either for your profile picture or the cover photo, you should keep the following rules in mind. Pick something visually appealing.
It should represent your business.

It must be a high-resolution image.
A profile photo should be at least 170 by 170 pixels.
A cover photo should be at least 828 by 315 pixels. Don't skimp on the images.
If you have the budget, hire a photographer for product shots. You can outsource the job on websites like Fiverr or Upwork.

4. Complete your business details.
When you're done with all the steps above, Facebook will offer you tips on how to maximize the potential of newly created business page.
While a visually appealing profile picture and cover photo can paint a thousand words, it is still essential that you complete the details and provide as much information as possible in order to bring life to your page.

Short Description - Tell your target audience what you are all about.
This is your opportunity to humanize your brand or business.
Write a quality description with smart use of keywords relevant to your industry/niche. Keep it short and concise. As much as possible, do not exceed one to two sentences.

You can describe your page's or business' focus.
Business Hours - Let your potential customers know your store opening hours. Username – Your chosen username will be attached to your Facebook URL (
Because of this, you should choose an easy and memorable one.

This will help people find your page effortlessly.
Website Link – If you have one, do not forget to add your website URL.
Get attention from potential customers through Facebook and drive them to your website. Create a Group – This is definitely something you should consider.

Create a section for your audience to connect with each other. It will give them a chance to talk about your business, your products and services. We will talk about this further in the next section.

5. Add call to action buttons.
If you look at the upper right hand corner of the Page, you will find the option
to Add a Button.

Take advantage of the traffic you're getting to prompt visitors into taking action and get the results you hope to achieve e.g. visit your website, visit your online e-commerce store etc. Book Service - There are two options for buttons here.

Book Now is ideal for traveling agencies, hotel or B&B's.
The second button is Start Order which is appropriate for businesses in the food industry or any business offering products. Get In Touch - The following five button options will direct them to various points of contact you make available.

Call Now - Let people call you without memorizing a number. Sign Up or Contact
Us - These buttons will direct users to your website and a form for their details.
It's best for subscription capture and lead generation. Send Message - This allows users to send you a private message through your page.

Send Email - For lengthy messages, customers can use this button to use email from the Page itself. Learn More - Use this button to provide more information about an offer, a product or service or anything about your brand or business.

There's also an option to Watch Video for people who want to see a full video post on Facebook itself or viewed from your website. Make a Purchase or Donation - You can use this button to take them to your product page.

Link it to your website. One click can take them where they need to be and purchase products or avail themselves of your services. Download App or Game - This is best used if you're promoting or using an app to improve user experience.

The Play Game button can also make your Page more interactive.
You have several options. Feel free to explore them all before you decide which is best for your business.

6. Adjust privacy and security settings.
Whether or not you're getting help in managing your business page, it's incredibly important to ensure the security of your Page.
We'll look into the different settings you can customize.
General Settings This is where you control your page.

You can access the General Settings page by clicking on Settings located at the top right corner above the Page cover picture and next to Help.

It should contain the below information: Shortcuts Page is pinned to shortcut Edit Page Visibility Page Published Edit Visitor Posts Anyone can publish to the page Edit News Feed Audience and Visibility for Posts.

The ability to narrow the potential audience for News Feed and limit visibility on your posts is turned off Edit Messages People can contact my Page privately Edit Tagging People Only people who help manage my page can tab photos posted on it Edit Others Tagging this Page People and other Pages can tag my Page Edit There are a couple of essential things you must do on this page and they include the following.

Shortcuts This is about saving time by pinning your page to shortcuts section.
One click from your personal profile will take you directly to the business page.
Visitor Posts In this section, you can allow your visitors to post, add photos or publish videos to the page.

At the same time, you can review the content first to make sure no inappropriate content goes through. To do this, tick the box for reviewing the posts made by others.
This will give you a chance to either approve or disapprove posts before they get published. Messages You have to make sure that visitors are allowed to send you messages through Messenger.In fact, you should encourage them to.

You can get started by checking the box for Messages. Others Tagging This Page Allowing individuals and businesses to share and tag the page can further expand your audience.
Tick the box to allow it. Age Restriction If you're selling or promoting age-sensitive products like tobacco and alcohol, it is necessary to prevent minors from accessing your page.

Page Moderation and Profanity Filter If it's important for you to keep things clean, it would be wise to edit these settings.
Blocking comments containing words you may consider offensive or inappropriate will help you control published content.
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