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The influence that Google wields on the world is immense.
The odds are you probably use Google every day for various purposes.
You might use it to get information on some retailer in your local area or maybe
to learn new things.
Perhaps you might be thinking of something and you need to get an answer so you
go to Google to find it.

Google can be used anywhere.
You can use it on your computer as well as any mobile devices you have.
You could even get a Google Home machines plugged into your home and connected
to a network.

Today you can take advantage of the massive reach that Google has by getting in touch with people through your own listing.

You can create a listing that includes a distinct heading ad copy.
This can help people notice your site making it easier for you to be noticed by the crowd.
You can use traditional search engine marketing or optimization practices to help make your listing more visible.

From creating a new ad on Google to improving upon how your landing page works,
you can do many things to make your site easier more visible.

There is a big problem that many people come across when they are trying to make themselves noticeable on Google.

This is because of the immense amount of competition.
With billions of entries on Google, it can be easy for anyone to become lost.
This can be problematic for people who are trying to run their own businesses and make them stand out in some fashion.

Regardless of how focused or specific your keywords might be, you might still struggle to make your site visible on Google.

Even if you have a local focus, it can still be a challenge to stand out among other people in your local community who are using the same keywords.

The regular SEO practices that you use might not be enough.
You might have done everything possible to make your site visible and easy to find, but your listing is still not showing up as well as you might have hoped.

This is a huge problem if your competition becomes easier to spot and gets more
attention than you.

The challenge to be visible on Google can be solved by using Google AdWords.
This is a popular pay-per-click or PPC advertising solution that provides a simple approach to handling your Google content.

To make Google AdWords effective, you have to know what you are doing and how to do it. This guide will help you understand how to advertise on Google.
The points covered here focus on how Google AdWords can work for you.

You will learn about using AdWords with the right keywords, getting a great copy to work for you, and learn how to budget for using AdWords.
This guide covers information on how to use AdWords on mobile devices.

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More people than ever are using mobile technology to access Google.
It only makes sense to learn how AdWords can be used on such devices.

You might be concerned about the cost of being visible on Google, but you will see that you can get a greater profit as more prospective customers come to your site.

AdWords is not only a smart solution for marketing but also something that will make
your content visible.

What Is Google AdWords ?
Everyone is getting onto Google these days for various purposes.

Some people use it to find information on local retailers while others use it for getting
and sending emails.
You probably have used Google a few times today or this week.
Today Google can work with more than just information.
It can work to support businesses that want to get exposure.

Google AdWords is a popular service that Google offers to help people get online
and be visible.

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Google has been running AdWords since 2000 as a service where people can pay to get online and make their posts more visible.

Understanding the Basic Concept With Google AdWords, you pay to get a small bit of advertising copy displayed on Google.

Specifically, your ad will be displayed in a prominent part of a Google search page.
You pay for each click that someone uses on your site.

In particular, the ad will appear when someone is searching for some content relating to a keyword that you have used.

The intention is to make your content more visible.
By using AdWords, you are doing more than just creating an advertisement - you are getting that ad to be more noticeable.

There is a cost to get your ad fast-tracked onto Google so more people can see this.
This is a popular pay-per-click advertising solution (PPC).
It is so popular that it has become Google’s largest profit driver.

It is estimated that Google earns more than $50 billion a year from advertising.
This helps Google to keep many of its functions operational.

However, Google only collects money from those who create the best possible advertisements that stand out and have meaning and purpose.

If you search for something on Google, you are almost surely going to see an advertisement that was paid for through the AdWords system.

To notice one of these ads:
Type in a keyword into Google.
A series of listings will appear at the top part of the site.
These are the ads that certain groups will have paid for.
The ads will include specific content listing information on not only the name of the site but also what it sells.
It will also include some extra links that take you to other parts of a site.

These include certain spaces that focus on specific topics or concepts that a business
can support.
The simplicity of Google AdWords is an important point to notice.
When you use Google AdWords,
you will make your site more visible and attractive.
This, in turn,
makes people want to click on the link to visit your site and see what you have to offer.

To understand how the AdWords system works, you have to understand the concept of PPC, the basis of AdWords.

How AdWords Has Changed Over the Years Google started working on the AdWords system in 2000 as a monthly advertising service.

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The search engine originally ran advertising campaigns for people who sent out information with their membership fees.
Over time, Google changed the platform of AdWords to create a self-service setup where users have more control over their marketing.

As AdWords became more popular, Google started to include more features
in its AdWords system.

These features included shopping listings, support for Google Maps and so forth.
AdWords has been fully integrated into just about everything that Google has to offer.

Google has changed to include support for mobile devices as well.
In fact, Google increased the limits that people can use for their daily budgets.

People can use larger budget caps than ever before as more people are becoming reliant on Google and the competition has been increasing.

Everything that Google has done to change AdWords over the years has been with two intentions in mind.
First, Google wants to make it easier for people to control their campaigns.
Second, Google is helping to make the content on AdWords appear in more places.

The number of searches on Google has increased to about 3.5 billion per day on average. Because Google received around 20 million searches per day in 2000, it would be an understatement to say that the search engine has become a big deal.

AdWords makes it possible for people to get the most out of their searches by making marketing efforts a little easier to work with.

Understanding PPC The pay-per-click or PPC setup is the foundation of Google AdWords. PPC is a popular form of online marketing where advertisers pay a certain amount of money each time that an ad is clicked.
In other words, a website pays to get its content listed onto a search engine.

To do this, a business creates a new advertisement that will appear on a search engine.
This includes a unique heading and description alongside other extensions or bits of data one wants to add.

The advertisement is engineered to draw attention and possibly clicks.
the advertisement will appear at the top of a search provided that the keyword matches.

This is the opposite of trying to use organic means to make a website visible.
Those who wish to use PPC solutions have to create the best possible advertisements that are relevant and potentially intriguing to customers, as you will learn throughout this guide.

The total amount of money that a person might spend for a click onto a site can vary based on what one is willing to spend and the quality of the link.

With PPC, it is possible for a site to get a decent return on its investment provided its website is built to encourage people to check something out.

The most attractive and successful advertisements can be posted online with smaller charges. That is, a person might not spend as much on each click if the ad is of the best possible quality. Let’s say that a vacuum cleaner salesman has a website that he wants to promote.

He might pay $3 for each click to his link.
When a customer clicks on the link and buys something on his website or in his physical retail store, that salesman will make a sizable profit.

In other words, it only cost $3 to get someone to buy a vacuum cleaner that might be worth hundreds of dollars.

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With PPC, people can spend as much or as little as they want to get their content visible online. Best of all, people can create limits as to how much money they will spend every day, week or month on PPC efforts.

This ensures that one’s content will only cost a certain amount of money to promote.
An ad will go offline when the monetary limit is reached,
but what matters is that a business will have spread the word about something without having to spend lots of effort in the process.

You could consider PPC to be the fast-track toward getting noticed online.
Instead of using traditional organic methods of making a site visible,
you would spend money to get something to be more visible on Google.

There are many reasons why a business would use PPC to get online:
The competition for a keyword might be incredibly intense.

You might have to use PPC tactics to become visible while marketing your work online.
You might have a perfectly organized website, but you have nothing else to work with. Choosing your keywords within a new PPC campaign may be the best move.

Maybe you might be trying to create a new advertising venture that goes well beyond just using traditional post ads.

Working with a PPC could make your content more intriguing.
Sometimes a business needs to be visible just to get people to notice what the company does. Many PPC ads are produced by smaller or newer companies that are desperately trying to make their businesses easier to spot.

A business might have a very specific type of promotion to highlight.
This might entail a special limited-time sale or the introduction of a new product or service.

A PPC can operate with keywords that are linked to the new campaign.
PPC is a fascinating field of work to undertake.
When working on a PPC project,
you might notice that your work will be more visible than you ever expected.

What It Takes to Succeed You might assume that just paying to get to the top of a listing would help you to succeed, but there is more to working with AdWords.

In particular, AdWords requires you to follow many of the basic tenets
of running a quality campaign.

There are many things that must be followed for your campaign to work:
Your campaign has to be properly organized with the appropriate keywords that are relevant to your content.
You can adjust those keywords to highlight specific content.

The content of your advertisement is a necessity to review - how well your ads are laid out and how they stand out to the reader.
Your ad needs to include more than just a clever message.
It should also include a reason for someone to visit your site.

The bidding used should be reasonable but still enough to make your ad visible.
Those who spend more on their ads will more likely get their ads to show up, but those who have top-quality ads might not have to spend as much.
Look at your budget - you do not want your ads to be finished too quickly.

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The ads should also include enough additional extensions and features that make people want to learn more.
Whether it entails telling people to call you or to download your app,
your ad can include extensions that reveal more about what you have to offer.
Everything has to be fine-tuned regularly to give you a better control.

You will have to adjust the settings on your AdWords setup on occasion.
You will need to change them based on what ads are the most popular and what needs
extra attention.

You can use the Analytics features on your AdWords dashboard to see how well
your campaign is running and if you need to change anything.

All of these points will be covered throughout this guide.
You will be amazed at how well you can get an AdWords campaign to work for you.

How Google AdWords Works Google
AdWords is one of the unique solutions to use when promoting content.

What goes into this program and how does it work ?
To make Google AdWords functional and useful:
A business starts by entering in its own unique listing.

This will contend with others getting onto AdWords.
The listing should include all the details that you want to mention within a certain amount of space. The content can be as basic or elaborate as you want it to be.

The business can preview or review the content included in the listing.
With the right extensions and other features,
you can get an AdWords message to be very detailed and unique.

When a person searches for a certain keyword, Google will compare that keyword with the content of sites that are advertising on AdWords.

If you type in the words “florist shop.” Google will notice that you are trying to find flower stores and florists in your area. Google will review a search based on the location.

Google will identify your IP address and match it with florist shops in your area.
For example, a person who lives in Cleveland will be redirected to results that are in the Cleveland area or a national retailer that serves the city.

Meanwhile, someone in Boston will get results that feature florists in the Boston area.
The ad copy will also be reviewed to see how relevant that copy is to what you are
trying to find.

The ad copy needs to include details on everything that a retailer has to offer.
The florist shop’s copy can include details on the types of flowers including
prices and promotions.

The advertisement can be very detailed or just simple, but an ad with more content might be loaded first. The value of the advertisement should also be considered.

Those who pay more per click will be more likely to have their ads noticed.
What you spend will still be factored into the process and Google always rewards the people who put in the most effort to make their ads more distinct and valuable.

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These points are what make AdWords such a valuable service.
Works on More Than Just Google A great part of Google AdWords is that your ads can show up in places outside Google.

You can also use Google’s Search Network search partners to make your content visible.
The Google Search Network is a series of search-related sites where your ad can appear, such as YouTube and various other sites that Google operates.

You can even get your content to appear on many pages that are outside of Google’s reach and have partnered with Google.

There is also the option for you to block certain websites on the Search Network.
Additional details on the Search Network will be included later in this guide.
The network can be an asset to your marketing needs.

The Display Network is also a point that will be discussed later on.
This is a network of sites that Google uses to post many of its ads, but this works differently. In this case, the ads are produced as images or videos.
These can appear on any site that Google partners with.

YouTube is a good example of this.
A Six-Part Process This six-part process for AdWords is designed to create a simple approach for managing content.
Your AdWords account is free.
You will only have to pay for clicks on your ad.

The ad campaign is the main campaign that you will use for promoting
a certain product or service.
You can use as many ad campaigns as you wish.
The key is to keep each of these campaigns separate from one another.
One product or service will be in one campaign and so forth.

Ad groups are attached to each campaign.
Your individual campaigns can have many ad groups.
These include groups that target different people or other subsections of what you want to highlight in your campaign.

Each ad group is separate from each other based on keywords, the content used in each ad and so forth. Keywords must be included in each ad group.
The keywords are vital to have people find your ad.

These keywords must be related to whatever you are trying to market.
Ad text has to be created to establish a visually attractive ad that someone will want to read. Your ad text can include a phrase featuring a keyword you want to target
or a marketing ploy you want to use.

Whatever it is, you would have to make it relevant to your ad group.
The landing page is the last part.
This is where a person will go to after clicking on your link.
The landing page should be something on your website that is useful and viable.
You must create a smart landing page that is appealing and worth reading.
Setting a Budget A budget must also be established for your AdWords account.

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A budget will help you show that you have a plan.
Specifically, your budget will show how committed you are to getting your ad exposed.
A budget will specify a certain total for each click that people make on your ads.

AdWords is programmed so that you will only have to spend money based on the number of times that people click on your ads.

You will also have the option to post a limit on how much you want to spend on
your ads each day.

This could be perfect if you want to keep your funds for a campaign in check.
There is a chance that your ad might be blocked later in the day because you have gone over your budget for the day.

Pros and Cons of Google AdWords There are many positive aspects of Google AdWords that make it a popular choice for people aiming to make their sites visible online. However, there are some issues that need to be considered.

Pros Some of the positive aspects of AdWords that make it a popular choice for your marketing: AdWords helps businesses stay more competitive.

AdWords is engineered to be about more than just how much money you spend on your advertisements. It is also about how well your ads are designed.
You will have to choose the keywords you want to use, the markets you want to target, and how your ad copy is designed.

You are in a competition – to using the right content, to make your site stand out as you contend with others, and to create the best.

You will be encouraged to work harder to be more innovative.
AdWords focuses on ensuring the landing pages of each AdWords link are accurate.

When a site has more unique things or innovations to offer,
it becomes easier for AdWords to promote your site.

AdWords allows you to use very specific keywords,
other bits of ad copy so each ad is unique, and various extensions that you may add.

You have full control over your AdWords experience.
The specific nature of AdWords also ensures that you can reach a greater number of people. You can ask to reach specific people based on factors like location,
market, and various demographics.

AdWords also lets you configure your targets with a simple interface that gives you extra control over your content.
You can measure how well your campaign is running.

The Analytics features that AdWords uses will give you a clear idea of what is happening with your campaign - to find information on how many people are visiting your site,
what you are spending on each click, and which ads are the most effective.
Your link will be more visible when you use AdWords.

Your link will appear online at the top of a search.
The simple design of AdWords ensures that your content will be easy to find.
Your budget can be as big or small as you want.

With AdWords, you can spend anything you want on your daily budget for each click.
You need to decide on a daily, weekly, or monthly budget.
If it is not sufficient, your ad could go offline because you reached your budget.
It is very easy to produce ads.

You just have to get on AdWords and then quickly configure the words you are using or the keywords you want to use.
The interface Google provides gives you easy control over your AdWords experience.
​You also have the right to produce ads about almost anything.

You would still be subjected to some content rules posted by Google about what you
can and cannot do with your site, but the rules are easy to follow.
Cons (and How to Resolve Them) As great as AdWords is, you have to be aware of some of the problems that you could encounter.

The competition for AdWords can be great.
There are multiple businesses marketing similar things on Google.
You might have to spend extra just to get your content to be visible within searches
for some of the more popular keywords. Watch for your advertising budget.

AdWords has alleviated this issue by allowing you to spread out your daily ad budget
over much of the day.

However, it only takes a burst of traffic at one time to deplete your daily budget and have your ad removed the rest of the day.

The good news is that you can use some parameters when creating your ads for when you want them to show up and how they will appear.
There is always a chance that your ads will be targeted to the wrong people.

These include people who are not in your target demographics.
You might spend money on clicks from people who would not have an interest
in what you are offering.

Google lets you configure your ads to target people in certain geographic areas or people in specific demographics.

These configurations help you to keep your content from being shown to the wrong people. You have to monitor the Analytics on your campaign carefully to ensure that you are not spending more money on certain ads than what you can handle.

There are limits to your ads. In addition to limits on what types of content you can promote, there are also limits on how big your ads can be. You can only use 80 characters for the description of an ad, for instance.

The character limits are even shorter for other bits of content including extensions.
This requires you to be precise and cautious when trying to create ads that stand out.
You cannot afford to ignore your landing pages.

People who use AdWords often assume that their landing pages aren’t a concern.
Google values these landing pages and AdWords will analyze the landing pages of its
ads and then rank those ads based on how effective the content is.

You have to analyze your landing page to see that it flows perfectly and is easy to load.
The page must also relate to the content you are trying to promote.

These pros and cons of AdWords deserve to be explored as you look at how well
AdWords can be used.

To be continued
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