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Article #1: The ENTREPRENEUR Mindset 100 Ideas

Image Purchase the Great book: Click Here "What You Wiil Read now.. not The Entrepreeur Mind Book" Entrepreneur Mindset INTRODUCTION They say that true success lies in doing business and not in pursuing better employment. And while it is true that some people who pursue better employment did achieve success, they are very few. After all, not everyone can be managers, supervisors, executives, and such. Only a small portion of employed people will make it to the top. Because of this, many people ditched the idea of employment and turned to entrepreneurship instead. And yes, it is true that many people did find success in doing business. And the sweet part is that they get to be their own boss. But just like in employment, not everyone who goes into business will succeed. In fact, there are probably more people who will fail than those who will succeed. Yes, doing business is also tough game. You have to know the tricks if you

2 business Books +2: Entrepreneurship for dummies

Buy the Full Book : Click Here Introduction E ntrepreneurship is a personal thing. It isn’t really about money or starting businesses — sure, entrepreneurs like to make money and start businesses, but that’s not the reason they are entrepreneurs. Great Free course on Youtube: Click Here It’s much more than that. For entrepreneurs, it’s about having a passion for doing something you love; that’s the entrepreneurial spirit. Entrepreneurs like to do things that excite the world, bend the rules a bit, and make us look at something in an entirely new way. They are opportunistic, finding new possibilities at every turn. So entrepreneurship is also about creativity, innovation, and change. Although stereotyped as risk takers, the truth is that entrepreneurs take calculated risks — they are not the gamblers people make them out to be. In their businesses, they assess their options and choose their course based on their probability of success. They’re not