1. What business should I be in ?
I have no freaking idea. If you are asking this question, then maybe you shouldn’t be in business at all. Most of the time, the true entrepreneurs don’t ask what business they should be in. What they do is they find a problem and solve that problem and turn it into a business.

2. Can you give me product/business ideas ?
YES. Find the top 3 biggest problem in your life and solve it. If you are experiencing this problem, then other people are probably experiencing it too. Solve it for yourself and share the solution to other people. Another tip I can give you is to ask people their biggest problems and then find a solution for them.

3. Should I get venture capital ?
NO You can now start a business for as low as $100. If you need $100,000 to start your first business, then I suggest that you start with a business that doesn’t require as much.

4. What if I don’t have any money ?
Read the book $100 Start-Up.

5. Should I partner with a close friend ?
NO. 85% of Startups fail in its first year. If you’re not willing to sacrifice that friendship, you’d be better off not partnering with her.

6.Nobody’s buying my product ?
Your product probably sucks. Improve it, there’s no excuse for selling a crappy product. Another reason is you marketing sucks. Know that people don’t buy based on logic but rather emotion. Read the book “Scientific Advertising”.

7. How do I know if my idea is a good idea?
If there are other businesses selling the same thing and they are making a profit. You can sell the same thing too.

8. Should I deal with _____?
Do you trust him?

9. Does he have a proven record?
Does your intuition say yes?
Go. Who should I deal with?
10. If you believe in that person.

11. What’s a good office furniture?
LOL. Ikea’s fine.

12. How do I hire good people?
You don’t. At least in the beginning. It’s all trial and error until you found a system for hiring the best.
Read the book Topgrading by Brad Smart.

13. Someone wants to buy my start up ?
CASH. Accept it.
You can always start another business from that cash. Look at what happen to Yahoo. They’re too greedy.

14. What are the things I should learn to grow my business?
EMPATHY. Know your customers, who they are and why they buy from you.

15. Where do I find clients?
Facebook advertising is a good start.
The best way to find long term clients is via personal networking.
Know as many people as you can from various industries. Even industries that aren’t related to your business.

Should I have sex with an employee Only if you love each other. I doubt that my business will make money It’s okay, so are 500,000 other businesses in the world.

16. How do I trump my competition?
Create a superior product and learn to sell well.

Should I quit my job before starting my own business?

When should I quit my job?
Wait till you have at least 12 months of money to live on. My business is affecting my relationship already… Choose one. What’s more important to you? I won’t judge you, it’s your life and you should do what you think is best for you.

22. What books do you recommend for starting a business?
Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki Unbroken.
(has nothing to do with business but everything to do with success).
The 10 Pillars of Wealth by Alex Becker Choose Yourself by James Altucher.

23. What are you reading right now?
The 4 hour chef by Tim Ferriss The Ask Method by Ryan Levesque.
The Start Principle by Richard Koch

24. How do you overcome cynics and doubters?
Show them success.

25. What should I do to my profits? Reinvest it in your business. Don’t immediately buy stupid toys like Ferrari and shit. My business failed, I am broke. Get a job. Start all over again.

26. When should I accept a low offer client payment?
When you need to eat.

27. Should I follow my passion?
Yes, but only if your passion has a market of buyers. Either way, it’s much more important to do what you really love than make money.

28. Biggest mistakes new business owners make?
Not investing in their self-education. (books, seminars, courses, coaching).

29. Who should I hire first?
A bookkeeper

30. What is the greatest secret for success?
There’s no such thing. It’s a combination of the little things.
The grind, the everyday hustle,

30.What’s the biggest trend today?
Bio technology and 3D printing

31. When to start a business?

32.How do you find a mentor?
Find someone who is 10x your level, email him and work for him for free.

33.Success shortcut?
Don’t say there’s no shortcut… Undergo on an apprenticeship
This is the original way of learning and becoming a master at something.
Read the book Mastery by Robert Greene

34.  What should I do outside my business?
Spend as much time as you can with your family, wife, husband, kids & friends.

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