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Network Settings

Most advertisers should not be advertising on the display network. There are a couple main reasons for this. First, display network ads are usually seen while people are doing other things. This requires you to steal the user's attention and focus it on your product or service. Not the easiest thing to do. Second, AdWords includes the display network in its default campaign settings. Because of this, there are thousands of advertisers with display network ads who have no idea they are even on the display network. More advertisers means higher costs per click across the network. While display network clicks are often cheaper than search network clicks, they are still higher than they should be based on how well the traffic tends to convert. In spite of these issues, the display network can work well for some businesses. If you have a product or service that serves a specific demographic, and you are able to target this demographic in AdWords, then the display network is definitely

IQ Business test

Which type of entrepreneur are you? To help you decide, take the following quiz. It will help you evaluate your qualifications. As you take the quiz, though, it is important to be perfectly honest. There is no point in answering the questions “right” if the answers are not true for you. Test Your Entrepreneurship IQ: 1. Are you a self-starter? a. Yes, I like to think up ideas and implement them. (5 points) b. If someone helps me get started, I will definitely follow through. (3 points) c. Frankly, I would rather follow than lead. (1 point) 2. How do you feel about taking risks? a. I really like the feeling of being on the edge a bit. (5 points) b. Calculated risks are acceptable at times. (3 points) c c. I like the tried and true. (1 point) 3. Are you a leader? a. Yes. (5 points) b. Yes, when necessary. (3 points) c. No, not really. (1 point) 4. Can you and your family live without a regular paycheck? a. Yes, if that is what it takes. (5 points) b. I would rather no

Be Smart When Using Your Keywords

Be Smart When Using Your Keywords You really need to be smart when using the keyword in your article, in order to get a high ranking in Google or in any other search engine. Below are few points that you should keep in mind when using keywords your article. Always use the targeted keyword ONCE in the title of your article. Always use the targeted keyword at least once in the various headings of your article. Always use the targeted keyword in the first paragraph of your article. Always remember to insert the targeted keyword in the last paragraph of your article. Make sure that you always use the keyword in the URL of your article. You must have seen few words written below the link of the each website shown by Google in its search result. This is what we call the meta description. Each of your posts has a meta description. This is the description that search engines show in the search results. Using the keyword in the meta description of your post is also highly recommended to get a

Marketing Tips on the Way

How did I wind up here? In January 2013, the vice president of my division informed me that the company I had worked for fifteen years had determined I was “excess.” He asked me to pack my stuff and be gone—within the hour. Boxes had been placed outside my office and a security officer roamed the halls. The VP told me there would be a FedEx package waiting for me at home that explained my severance and COBRA. I had a premonition that the layoff was coming; your boss’s boss doesn’t fly in from Boston every day. I was excess, but I’m betting he didn’t fly coach. Part of me had expected this. I had been watching my “mid-career” friends dropping like flies. I came to this company, like many of my co-workers, through acquisition, and had watched as the old-timers were slowly but steadily removed. As the years passed, I knew the company was becoming something our original founder, a beloved but now-defunct computer pioneer, wouldn’t recognize. I was in the process of making sure that my pe

Feel the fear, but DO IT NOW

What Are You Waiting For? Start Your Business Now! You might have dreamed for years about starting an online business. Or perhaps you woke up just yesterday with a brilliant idea. What are you waiting for? The truth is that the most difficult part of beginning a new endeavor is making the decision to do it. You can easily get bogged down with excuses for why your business won’t happen. To keep you motivated and on track, here’s a list of the top reasons to start an online business now: You can gain financial freedom. One major incentive for owning any business is the potential for a better income. The Internet offers the opportunity to create your own wealth. You have unlimited customer reach. No geographical boundaries exist when you run a business over the Internet. You can choose to sell your products or services in your community, in your own country, or to the entire world. It’s affordable. You can now create a website inexpensively and sometimes for free. The cost to maintain yo

Before Start a Business

Online businesses have finally found a permanent foothold in today’s marketplace, leaving little doubt that the Internet is a viable and often necessary tool for building, managing, and growing a business. Even traditional retailers are consistently seeing their e-commerce sales eclipse in-store sales during major shopping holidays, such as Black Friday. We are excited about the potential that an online business holds and the fact that e-commerce is now thought of as a necessary component of almost any business. Since beginning our own online endeavors, we have had the privilege of meeting and working with a variety of entrepreneurs — people who, much like you, share a dream of finding economic independence by running their own businesses. As you might have guessed, many of them found success on the Internet. The Internet provides not only a legitimate resource for starting a business that will offer a steady source of income for your family but also a nearly endless source of ideas a

Live with Passion

If You Do What You Love, Will the Money Really Follow? There is a saying that goes, “Do what you love; the money will follow.” Although this is noble and possibly true, there is more to small business success than simply doing what you love. Don't get me wrong. Doing what you love is indeed the first prerequisite when choosing the right business, but it is just that—a first step. Live with Passion What is it that you love? In life, we tend to succeed and perform well when we are engaged in something that we really enjoy. Your business should be no different. Richard Branson did not start Virgin Music because he thought that music would be profitable but because he loved it. What about you? By now, you know what excites you, what it is that you love most. You know what you like to do, what your passions are, what is fun for you, and how you like to spend your time. Barbara Winter, in her great book Making a Living without a Job, says that passion leads to purpose: once you get in t


Experience Finally, no education would be complete without some practical, hands-on experience. This can take two forms. First, say you want to open an antiques store. You would be wise to start by working at someone else's. If you already have that sort of hands-on experience in your chosen industry, then skip the rest of this paragraph. But if you have never actually worked in a business like the one you want to start, you are strongly advised to do just that. Your entrepreneurial dream can wait six months while you gain the sort of experience that will make or break your new business. Working in a business like the one you want to create will teach you things that no book could impart. It is a critical step. Second, you need to talk to some business owners in your desired field. But remember, if you seek out entrepreneurs in your potential industry in your own town, the going may be tough—they will likely view you as a potential competitor (rightly so) and thus be reluctant to

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